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Torino: Artissima 3 - 5 Nov. 2017
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90. Kirkeby, Per.

Signatur 29.

Remagen: Theo Rommerskirchen, 1998.

Square folio, 56 pages (Japanese bound) with double page colored illustrations, one original colored lithograph and loosly laid in a four page text that prints correspondence between Rommerskirchen and Kirkeby. All together in thick protective plastic holder.

- First edition. One of 990 signed (on front cover) copies with original colored and signed lithograph. With short bio- and bibliography. Signatur is published twice a year. (isbn 3-926943-599).

euro 250

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091. Kirkeby, Per - Meier-Graefe, Julius.

Eugène Delacroix. Essays zur Kunst. Mit Vignetten von Per Kirkeby. Aus dem Franzosichen von Julius Meier-Graefe. Mit nachwort von Siegfried Gohr und Gunda Luyken.

Kleinheinrich: Siegfried Gohr und Gunda Luyken, 2001. 

Small quarto, 256 pages, with frontispiece and 14 full page colored "vignettes". Illustrated and colored wrappers.

- First edition. One of 10 copies with 2 original engravings (21 x 15 cm) initialed and dated by Kirkeby. The engravings are printed on Japanese paper by Niels Borch Jensen in Copenhagen. This translation by Julius Meier-Graefe was first published by the Insel Verlag, Leipzig in 1912 and is the only available translation of Delacroix' texts in German. ISBN: 3-930754-23-1.

euro 1.200

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092. Klug-Berninger, Irmtraud - Coryllis, Peter.

Ganz zuletzt. Kurzprosa und andere kleine Texte.

Offenbach a. M.: Self published, 1987.

Small quarto. A 7 page Leporello made in a mixed technique using etchings, blind stamping and collage. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 10 unica's, numbered and signed by Klug-Berninger. Coryllis' text is at the basis of this artists' book.

euro 180

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093. Knoblauch, Urs.

Genauer Erfassen.

Zuerich: Galerie und edition Annemarie Verna, 1975.

White card board box (2,8 x 15,8 x11,5) that ccntains a colophon page + 12 white heavy card board cards with a verb printed in the center of each card (BEOBACHTEN, BEFRAGEN, FORSHEN, ENTDECKEN, EXPERIMENTIEREN, ANALYSIEREN, üBERPRüFEN, BEWUSSTWERDEN, ERFASSEN, EMPFINDEN, FüHLEN, ERLEBEN).+ 13 folded pieces of cardboard to be glued to the back of the cards.

- First edition. One of 50 copies, numbered and signed in pencil by Urs Knoblauch.

euro 100

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kostelan extrapo

094. Kostelanetz, Richard.


Brooklyn - Des Moines: self published, 1975.

Leporello, 24 pages, (folded 10 x 10 cm + 10 x 220 cm unfolded, printed with a serial abstract pattern that changes throughout the lenght of the leporello.

- First edition. One of 400 copies (12 were numbered and signed). This is one of the two leporello's produced by Richard Kostelanetz. The title of the other leoperello being 'Modulations, published in the same year in an edition of 300 copies.

euro 160

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095. Kostelanetz, Richard.

Reincarnations. Photography by Sam Kasakoff.

N.p.: The Future Press, 1981.

Octavo, 64 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies. Kostelanetz writes: “Reincarnations is based on a favorite photograph of myself, here cut apart and recomposed by various roughly systematic principles; and although the pictures appear in a certain order, I could imagine other combinations beyond the stable cover, which is the original photograph cut apart, but not recomposed.”

euro 200

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096. Kosuth, Joseph - Sarah Charlesworth and Anthony McCall.

International Local. A Che Punto Sei?

Venezia: Biennale, 1976.

Poster, being a color lithograph (140 x 99 cm) folded in original printed envelope. Fine.

- First edition of this critical 'road map' to visit the Venice Biennale.

euro 250

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097. Kosuth, Joseph - Di Pietrantonio Giacinto - Vattese Angela (a cura di)

Joseph Kosuth. Norme e significati. Rules and meanings. Un'installazione An installation. Visiting professor Joseph Kosuth. Lavoro localizzato. Located work. Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Corso superiore di arte visiva, 1995.

Milano: Skira, 1997. 2 Volumes, both small octavos.

Volume I: 94 pages, 2 3 page fold out illstrated pages + 14 pages printed against a black background.

Volume II: 153 pages, 24 illustrations inblack and white + one double page in color. Both volumes greenpaper over boards and both together in green printed sli case.

- First edition.Volume I includes, next to the installation views of Rules and meanings, a biography, selected solo exhbitions, selected group exhibitions, selected curated exhibitions, and curated installations as works, selected architectural and public projects, public collections, selected bibliography + selected books and catalogues. Volume II contains the description + illustration of all 24 participants of the workshop * text contributions by Iwona Blazwick, Francesco Bonami, Nicholas Bourriaud and Viktor Misiano.

euro 60

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098. Kounellis, Jannis - R.H. Fuchs (curator)

'La Stanza Vede'. Elements from Drawing 1970-1990.

The Hague: The Haags Gemeentemuseum, 1990.

Half cloth portfolio, 24 pages, 9 plates. Printed boards.

- First edition. One of 2750 copies.

euro 50

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099. Lagarde, François.

Genève:  Images Nuit Blanche,1978.

Printed portfolio containing colophon page + 5 photographs (17 x 23,50 cm) in black and white, stamped + dated and initialed in pencil on the rear.

- First edition. One of 25 copies numbered and signed in pencil by François Lagarde.

euro 350

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100. Lapicque, Charles - Estienne, Charles.

O et M. roman. Illustrations de Lapicque.

Paris: Le Soleil Noir, 1966.

Octavo, 154 pages, frontispiece and 12 full page illustrations. Silk screened wrappers. Original glassine. Uncut copy. In black cardboard slip case. A mint copy.

- First edition. One of 150 numbered copies 'dans la serie " club " du " Soleil Noir "', on "offset Licorne des papeteries Arjomari ", with a numbered and signed silk screened cover by Lapicque.

euro 250

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101. Locci, Bruno.

Il gallo di gallura. The cock of gallura. Text in Italian and English.

Milano: Giancarlo Politi editore, 1976.

Small oblong quarto, 74 pages, numerous illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. one of 1000 copies. A book compiled with fictionalized 'found photographs'.

euro 60

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102. Lombardi, Daniele.

Albumblätter 13 fogli mobili per pianoforte (a Stéphane Mallarmé).

Cavriago: Edizioni Pari e Dispari, 1978.

Narrow quarto size printed portfolio containing 19 printed cards on heavy stock. Loose as issued.

- First edition. One of 400 numbered and signed copies.

euro 120

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103. Lora Totino, Arrigo

Sìnose. No 3 della serie fonemi plastici 1967.

Torino: Multiart,1968.

Plastic multiple produced with white, black and transparent squares (21,2 x 10,5 x 10, 5 cm). In original multi shaped printed and numbered card board container.

- First edition. One of 100 numbered copies.

euro 700

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104. Lucebert - Jan Van Toorn - Adri Boon.


Amsterdam: Stichting Octopus, 1969.

Metal can (29x 22,5 x 8,5 cm) with metal screw top covered with paper wrapper designed by Jan van Toorn. The unopened can (a can-opener is pasted on top of the can contains a 244 page book published on the occasion of a theatre performance that travelled through several cities in the Netherlands and was broadcasted on television on the evening of june 4 1969. The theatre piece was an effort to create a ‘total theatre' in which all the arts are involved and inspired by a short story by Jorge Luis Borges. Some image-sequences were adapted of Borges, mixed with texts by Lucebert (‘tijdtafel en geslachtstabel', ‘aldus belde ik de welbekende dolores hawkins op', liefde, ‘de soldatenmoeder'..) Music: Bruno Maderna; Mise en Scene: Adri Boon; Set design: Woody van Amen, Hans Hollenbach, Adri Book, Pat Andrea and others. The television registration was done by Fred Bosman.

- First edition.

euro 500

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105. Lucia, Alberto (descritto da) - Ferrari, Agostino (visto da).

L' Angolo convesso.

Napoli: Alberto Marotto Editore, n.d.

Octavo, un paginated. illustrated throughout (printed in blue). Black printed wrappers.

- First edition.

euro 80

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106. Mallarmé, Stéphane - Honorine Tepfer.

Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hazard. Edition inspirée par un jeu d'épreuves corrigé par Stéphane Mallarmé lui-même.

N.p.: Self published, 1989.

Folio, a 28 page leporello, kept in a stiff white portfolio.

- First edition. One of  48 (58) numbered and signed copies ‘sur vélin d'Arches, comportant un gaufrage original.’ The ‘gaufrage’ (embossing) is numbered signed in pencil by Honorine Tepfer.

euro 650

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107. Manzoni, Piero.

Alcune realizzazione. Alcuni esperimenti. Alcuni progetti.

(Milano): M comunicazione 1, 1962. Thin octavo, 14 pages, 8 photographic illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition of this rare publication of Manzoni. On the last page of this little booklet Manzoni writes about the works he has made since 1957, starting with his ‘achromes’ +  since 1960 how he started working with ‘threads’, his ‘space sculptures’, his ‘fingerprints’... On the left hand pages of this booklet fragments of this text are reproduced and on the right hand page these ‘objects’, or ‘realizations’ are reproduced.

euro 650

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108. Mark, Phyllis.

Words. Color Meditations.

N.p.: Self published, 1973.

Narrow quarto size leoprello, un paginated (20 pages) of which 10 pages are printed in color. The leporello is kept in stiff loose wrappers that fit into a printed grey slip case. Slip case soiled and used.

- Edition size unknown.

euro 60

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109. Mayer, Jürgen.

Gästebuch – Guestbook.

Düsseldorf: Edition Wolgang Wittrock, 1996.

Quarto, un-paginated and interleaved with rice paper. Printed stiff wrappers.

- First edition. One of 250 numbered and signed copies. Gästebuch – Guestbook is published on the occasion of the exhibition Disappeared in the Randoph Street Gallery, Chicago, and is part of the installation Housewarming ll. Text by Cornelia Vismann and Tilman Baumgärtel. ‘Das Gästebuch ist ein Gebrauchsgegenstand. Die seiten des Buches sind mit einem Datensicherungs-muster bedruckt. Die benutzte Farbe ist temperaturempfindlich: bei direkter Berührung verändert sich die Druckfarbe mit der Körpertemperatur zur Durchsichtigkeit. Eintragungen weden lesbar, die sonst hinter der datenverdeckung verschwinden....”

euro 100

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110. Meireles, Cildo.

Zero Dollar, ( 2 x )

Offset lithograph on paper. (6.6 x 15.8 cm.) Executed in 1978-1984.

This work belongs to the series Árvore do dinheiro (Money Tree, 1969) in which Meireles analyzes the paradox of symbolic value versus the real value of things and he questions the differences between real, symbolic and exchange value. In order to go further into this analysis of value, from 1974 to 1978 he ventured onto the terrain of artistic falsification and produced, as a parody, Zero cruzeiro (Zero Cruceiros) and Zero centavo (Zero Centavos), reducing the value of money to nothing. He also replaced the illustrious figures who usually decorate banknotes with two individuals who are theoretically on the fringes of Brazilian society: an inmate of a psychiatric hospital in Trinidad and a Kraô Indian. En Zero dollar (Zero Dollars, 1978–84) and Zero cent (Zero Cents, 1978–84), he delves into the meaning of the monetary, by understanding foreign currency as an iconic representation of a country. In these works money becomes a paradigm of the relationship between matter and symbol, since it can be both things at once.

"By using the dollar in my work, I specifically hoped to escape from the stereotypical association of Brazilian money with inflation by doing a direct, simplistic thing. That didn't happen with the dollar - it was more universal. Because in , the problem is isolated even further. People pick up the bank note and ask: 'What is a cruzeiro? What language is this?'." Cildo Meireles


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111. Menan, Manuel.

1: 13.500.

Amsterdam: Da Costa, 1981.

Painted plan of the city of Amsterdam (unfolded 104 x 87 cm) attached to a printed black cloth container.

- First edition. One of 25 numbered and signed copies.

euro 200

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112. Meyer, Melissa – Allen Gurganus, M.D. Robert Klitzman (texts)

Sketchbooks 1993 -1995.

New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1997.

Quarto, un paginated, (68 pages), illustrated throughout. Half cloth with pasted on title label. Cloth covered slipcase.

- First edition. One of 75 signed copies of the deluxe edition, that contains an original signed watercolor.

euro 650

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113. Miccini, Eugenio.

Caro ogetto. Videoteche 1979.

Firenze: La Piramide, 1979.

Printed portfolio (14 x 10,1 cm) containing title page, colophon page, one page about the project “arte in scatola’ initiated by the Galleria La Piramide, a text by Eugenio Miccini + 20 illustrated postcards representing boxes made by Miccini.

- First edition.

euro 60

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114. Moog, Pitt - Rozewicz, Tadeusz.

Blicke. Mit 4 Original lithographien von Pitt Moog. Nr. 5 in the series Tangenten. Text translated from the Polish by Karl Dedecius.

Köln: Haake Verlag, 1966.

Squarish octavo, with four original illustrations. Printed wrappers. Original glassine.

- First edition. One of 100 copies with four original numbered and signed lithographs (20 x 20) by Pitt Moog.

euro 60

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115. Morellet, François.

90° - deux trames –

Amsterdam: Multi art points, 1976.

Quarto, un paginated (182 pages), illustrated throughout. Off-white wrappers with handwritten title.

- First edition. One of 750 numbered and signed copies.

euro 950

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116. Nakai, Katsumi


Milano: Edizioni del Naviglio, 1971.

Duodecimo, un paginated. Painted cloth.

- First edition. One of 50 numbered and signed copies.

euro 480

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117. Nannucci, Maurizio.

A Green Journey: Botanical Gardens.

Florence: Centro Di, 1994.

Small oblong quarto, un paginated, 34 colored plates on right hand pae. Illustrated paper over boards.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies.

euro 50

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118. Nasu, Koichi.


N.p.: Self published, 1982.

Large oblong folio, 40 pages of which 10 vellum sheets. Blank wrappers somewhat soiled.

- First edition. One of 20 numbered and signed copies.

euro 600

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119. Neumann, Max - Nooteboom, Cees.


Munster: Kleinheinrich Verlag, 2000.

Large folio, unpaginated, 10 reproduced monotypes Max Neumann and 16 poems by Cees Nooteboom. Half cloth and paper over boards. Slipcase with black paper over boards.

- First edition. One of 150 numbered copies, signed by both Max Neumann and Cees Nooteboom

euro 450

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120. Niederberger, Jörg

Volumen, Farbe, Zeichnung

Köln: Valerian Maly, 1990.

Cardboard slipcase that contains one small quarto size book with 86 pages and numerous colored illustrations, white paper over boards and illustrated wrappers + one printed cardboard box that contains a painted plaster Multiple (1 x x 17, 5 x 13, 5 cm).

- First edition. One of 14 numbered and signed copies with painted and signed Multiple.

euro 160

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121. Nordman, Maria.

Various surroundings in two countries depending on the sound of the voice : Fragment from the Notes of Maria Nordman. (English version 1968/German 1977.)

Munchen: Kunstraum, 1977.

Oblong octavo, un paginated (56 pages). Grey wrappers.

- First edition. Edition size unknown.

euro 30

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122. Novak, Gianni - Giò Pomodoro.

Cavallo imperatondo, disegni di Giò Pomodoro.

Milano: All'Insegno del Pesce d'Oro (Scheiwiller), 1968.

Small square duodecimo, 71 pages, 6 full page illustrations of which 4 in black and red. Embossed wrappers and original illustrated acetate wrappers. Mint.

- First edition. One 1000 numbered copies.

euro 50

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123. Olbrich, Jürgen O – Achim Schnyder.

Collaboration Collapse. An International artists' stamp project.

Kassel: Kunstraum / Zentrum fur kunstlerischen Perforation, 1985-1987.

Large silk screened cardboard envelope containing two large crystal paper envelopes in which one page that lists the participants + 9 perforated sheets of colored artists' stamps and one envelope with colophon + 10 sheets of colored artists' stamps.

- First edition. One of 100 numbered copies, signed by both Olbrich and Schnyder. Participating artists: Hajo Antpöhler, Arno Arts, Mark Bloch, Wolfgang Hainke, Crag Hill, Axel Kretschmer, Richard Meade, Niall Monro, Georg Mühleck, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Mark Pawson, Geer Pouls, Günther Ruch, Achim Schnyder, Kurt Schwitters, Rod Summers, Chuck Stake, Manfred Stirnemann, Sandra Tivy and Franz-Josef Weber.

euro 300

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oldenburg mouse

124. Oldenburg, Claes - Bruggen, Coosje van - Rudy Oxenaar.

Claes Oldenburg: Mouse Museum/Ray Gun Wing.

Otterlo/Keulen: Rijksmuseum Kröller Müller/Museum Ludwig, 1979.

Illustrated cardboard box, (29,5 x 21 x 2,5 cm) , containing a text-sheet and quarto size oblong catalogue with 136 pages, illustrated throughout. Black printed wrappers. Near fine.

- First edition. This copy initialed by Oldenburg through title on title page of catalogue.

euro 180

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125. Ontan,i Luigi.

La ci d'Arem la maschEra. Collaborazione di Emilio Cremonesi. Fotografie di Giorgio Colombo.

Milano: Edizioni Franco Toselli, 1987. Small oblong duodecimo, un paginated (24 pages), color illustrations throughout. Illustrated glossy nwrappers.

- First edition. One of 1500 copies.

euro 40

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126. Opie, Julian.

Immagina di esserti perso/ Imagine that you are lost.

Messine: Carte d'Arte, 1994.

Small oblong duodecimo, 42 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies. In this artists' book on the left hand page a ground plan in which a small black triangel is placed, representing the placement of a security camera. On the right hand page the image that corresponds with the point of view indicated on the left hand page.

euro 150

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127. Orr, Eric - James Lee Byars.

ZERO MASS: the art of Eric Orr.

Lund: Anders Tornberg Gallery & AB Propexus, 1990.

Styrofoam cushion package (27,5 x 29 x 8 ), containing large octavo, 320 pages, 43 colored and numbered plates, numerous text illustrations. Blue steel covered boards. James Lee Byars's “The sphere of Generosity”, (a clay globe, 6 cm in diameter) fits into an opening in the Styrofoam box and was handmade by Keramikgruppen, Lund. “The Matter of O” was rubberstamped with Eric Orr's blood. The “skull page” paper was handmade by Yoshio Ikezaki of Los Angeles, using kozo fibers and a powdered mummy's skull, which was provided by the Benes Christmas Fund, New York City. The red color was screen-printed by Reklamtechnik AB, Malmo. The main sections of the book are: Johnny the story (page 31); Empty set (page 79); Light Space and Silence; (page 105), Thomas McEvilly on Eric Orr (page 129); Hearsay (153); Warning! (161); Artworks (1981-1990 )- this section has 43 colored plates with art works-; Nexus (259) and Johnny's Mailbag (277). All together in publishers' card board box. A mint copy.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies.

euro 450

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128. Palmery, Gianfranco.

La Luna.

Roma: Lerici, 1969.

Narrow small quarto, 112 pages, with 20 illustrations and 40 photographic illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Book design and wrappers by Magdalo Mussio.

- First edition. Contains a two part photo album. part 1. Photographie tu es la fumée de l'ardeur . part 2. Photographie tu es l 'ombre de la lune.

euro 30

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129. Pasmore, Victor. (1908-1998)

The dance of man. In Modern Times. Questions without an answer. / La Danza dell'Uomo. Nei Tempi Moderni. Poesi con dieci incisione die Victor Pamore. Edizione a cura di Eleonora e Walter Rossi. Traduzione italiana die Giovanna Zamboni.

Rome: 2RC Editrice, 1972.

Large square folio (50,5 x 50,5 cm), 44 pages, ten illustrations (etching and aquatint). Illustrated wrappers. The book fits into a protective plastic box that fits in a a publisher's wooden shipping crate.

- First edition. One of 95 copies, numbered and signed by Victor Pasmore. This wonderfully illustrated book starts with the poem: ‘Deep inside/ I looked,/ said the microscope,/ but of the soul/ I could not find a sign./ God is dead,/ said the telescope,/ it is only the stars/ that shine./ But having dreamed/ he was a bird/ the emperor/became uncertain.”

euro 4.000

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