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hamilton finlay

054. Finlay, Ian Hamilton - Edeline, Francis.

Ian Hamilton Finlay. gnomique et gnomonique.

Liege: atelier de l"agneau / yellow now, 1977.

Octavo, 55 pages, numerous illustrations. Illustrated rappers.

- First edition of this monograph on the work of Hamilton.

euro 40

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hamilton finlay



055. Finlay, Ian Hamilton - Martyn Greenhalgh


Firenze/ Lugo: Exempla / Exit, 1990.

1 illustrated folded sheet (25,8 x 76 cm) in large printed envelope (25,8 x 19 cm)

- First edition. One of 150 numbered copies, signed in pencil by Ian Hamilton Finlay.

euro 500

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056. Fisher, Joel.

Instances of Change: Four Years.

Bari: Marilena Bonomo Editions, 1975.

Small quarto, 68 pages, illustrated throughout. Printed wrappers.

- First edition. Summary: Four Works: 1) Six to Six, 2) Double and Divide, 3) Four and Twenty, 4) The Serpent.

euro 40

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057. Fisher, Joel.

Joel Fisher.

Mönchengladbach: Städtisches Museum, 1975.

Printed cardboard box (20, 5 x 16 x 2, 8) containing a 3 page introductory text in typo script by Johannes Cladders; an octavo size catalogue, unpaginated with many illustrations, that describes and documents the conceptual history of the exhibition. Catalogue designed by Joel Fisher.

- First edition. One of 550 numbered copies. Introduction by Johannes Cladders. Exhibition eptember 23 - october 26, 1985. Here with an extra copy of the catalogue + a 2 page typed letter that was sent to : 'anyone who owns one or more of my paper pieces....' This letter addressed in handwriting "Dear Thomas' (being Thomas Deeke) + stamped 09 oktober 1975.

euro 180

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058. Fisher, Joel.

Joel Fisher,

Warsawa: Galeria Foksal PSP, 1978.

Three small quarto sized illustrated catalogues, each 15 pages + numbered on the front cover I,I: I,2 + I,3. All three catalogues held togehter with printed wraparound band. Catalogue designed by Joel Fisher.

- First edition. One of three hundred copies. Text in English.

euro 250

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059. Furlenmeier, Lina.

Incantation 2000…

Bale: Atelier Fanal, 1979.

Quarto, 40 pages, 8 etchings of which one printed in red. Loose sheets in red clam shell box covered with printed continuous paper for computer printing.

- First edition. One of 20 (28) hand numbered and signed copies on ‘velin d'arches 250 gr'. - les cuivres on ete rayes après tirage.

euro 400

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060. Geiser, Janie.

The tornado treaty.

Atlanta: Nexus Press, 1985.

Small square duodecimo, un paginated (84 pages). Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition.

euro 20

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061. Gelatin.

The B -Thing. Text by Tex Rubinowitz.

Köln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2001.

Large octavo, un paginated, 62 pages of which 2 fold out pages + 23 photographic plates. Illustrated paper over boards. Mint.

- First edition. Rubinowitz:” …And then the surgical intervention in the World Trade Center in New York City. Everything top secret and illegal of course. In days of conspiratorial work, somewhere on the 148th floor and using building site refuse they had tediously smuggled into the building under their pullovers, they constructed a functioning load-bearing balcony. In a long complicated process they scratched putty from the tall heavy window, which couldn't be opened. Then they extracted it using suction pads, shunted the balcony out, posed on it at 6 in the morning and had themselves photographed there from a helicopter for their nearest and dearest back home. They kept very mum about it all, because if word had crept out about their coup they could have been fined very heavily for sabotaging a national treasure. Even if it was built by the Japanese. Incidentally, as proof that they were there, there is now a piece of old chewing gum stuck to the outside of the building at a dizzy height….”

Moukhtar Kocache Director of Visual Art & Media: “Dear Colleagues, The purpose of this letter is to categorically deny and refute Gelatin's (the Austrian art collective) preposterous claim to have removed a window and installed a balcony from the 91st floor of Tower 1 in the World Trade Center, while guests and in residence at World Views, LMCC's internationally acclaimed studio program. No one in his or her sane mind would believe such an account! Talk about this action has recently taken on plague proportion in the sensation driven and rumor hungry art world. Rumors and claims that are concocted by no one else but Gelatin's adolescent-like members. Anyone that is familiar with their work knows very well that these boys thrive on shock value and attention. They are pranksters in real life and often aim to introduce an element of doubt and disbelief in their art; they are in fact masters of deception and their real art for the program at the World Trade Center has been to fabricate this action and promulgate it as an urban myth….”

euro 400

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062. Gerz, Jochen.

Nachtbilder. Ein Workshop von Jochen Gerz an der Ecole des Arts Decoratifs von Strasbourg 1979, dokumentiert im Kasseler Kunstverein 1980.

Kassel: Kasseler Kunstverein, 1980.

Oblong quarto, un paginated, (24 pages) , 20 illustrations. Printed wrappers.

- First edition. Catalogue that documents a workshop (december 7, 1979) where 12 people , while being in a dark room, made 463 drawings. With text ''Jochen Gerz fordert Bazon Brock auf, Fragen zu stellen''. This copy signed in mirror writing on front wrapper.

euro 65

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063. Graeser, Camille - Peer, Andri.

Tschich illustraziuns / Vainchot Poesias. Text in 'Engadiner Romanisch' and German.

Turich/Zurich: Ediziun Adolf Hürlimann, 1977.

Small quarto, 28 pages, three illustrations + two colored, numbered, and signed silk-screen prints. Illustrations loosely laid in. Printed wrappers. Fine copy.

- First edition. One of 150 (#4) numbered copies, signed by Graeser, Peer and publisher Hürlimann. Silkscreens numbered and signed by Graeser. With 28 'rätoromanische' poems (Engadiner Romanisch) by Andri Peer, German translation by Herbert Meier and the author.

euro 850

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064. Greenaway, Peter - Sciolli, Armin

Eisenstein Mexican's Ghosts

Locarno: Il Rivellino, 2015

Tall folio (320x400mm), 114 pages, 98 illustrations in color. Illustrated paper over boards, Japanese stab binding. All together in large illustrated card board portfolio with a pasted in CD (inside front cover)  entitled ‘Architorti’, a music study for Eisenstein in Guanajuato by Peter Greenaway. Prokofiev reworked.

- First edition. One of 92 numbered and signed copies, Text in English .

'The Russian Soviet film director Sergei Eisenstein, arguably the worlds’ greatest cinema practitioner travelled to Mexico in 1931 to make a film called "Que viva Mexico!". He was fascinated by the Museum of the Dead in the Mexican silver-mining town of  Guanajuato, which like the whole of Mexico celebrates an intimate and fearless association with Death, one of the two unavoidable and non-negotiable characteristics of everyone’s life on this planet of seven billion people in that inevitable connection of Eros and Thanatos, sex and death.

Eisenstein was excited by the marriage of Aztec and Spanish cultures in Mexico and to imagine what might be happening in Eisenstein’s head after his visit to the Guanajuato Museum of the Death, Peter Greenaway has made ninety-two drawings in pen and ink on paper to encapsulate a possible Eisenstein fascination in the matter, feeling that it might be yet another way to compliment the film EISENSTEIN IN GUANAJUATO premiered at the 2015 Berlin Film Festival before being seen around the world.'

 euro 900

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065. Griffa, Giorgio.

Non c'e rosa senza spina. Introduction by Maurizio Fagiolo.

Torino: Martano Editore, 1975.

Small quarto, un paginated (108 pages), 10 pasted in colored plates. Printed wrappers.

- First edition.

euro 80

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066. Groeber,  Elisabeth.

Farbmaterial Farbraum.

Stuttgart: Edition Unika, 1982. 

Large folio, un paginated, 14 pages with 6 tipped in prints on Japanese paper, each protected with crystal paper * 1 tipped in page with title page. Stiff white wrappers.

- First edition. One of 12 numbered and signed copies of this wonderful minimal work.

euro 600

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067. Guijorro, Celedonio – Qijano  - Dibujos originales de..

Salomon. El Cantar de los Cantares. Version libre establecida por Fátima Sordo Juanena y Raul Chávarri.

Madrid: Fernán-Górnez Arte y Ediciones, 1982.

Narrow extra tall portfolio, containing cover wit h 10 folded sheets including title and colophon page. 7 double pages + 1 single page with combined drawings and woter colors by Celedonio Guijorro and Qijano + 10 pasted in text fragments printed on vellum. Blue brocade covered boards with square cut out in front cover revealing original drawing + title and original signatures by Celedonio Guijorro and Qijano 

- First edition. One of 75 copies numbered and signed by both Celedonio Guijorro and Qijano 

euro 2.600

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068. Gudmundsson, Kristján Kristján.

Sundays Next Century.

Mönchengladbach: Städtisches Museum Abteiberg, 1993.

Quarto, un paginated (14 pages. Printed front cover. Spiralbound with protective acetate wrappers.

- First edition.

euro 40

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069. Hamilton, Richard.

Polaroid Portraits. Volume 2.

Stuttgart / London / Reykjavik: Edition Hansjörg Mayer, n.d.

Duodecimo, 78 pages with 32 photographic illustrations in black and white and color. Off white cloth. White printed wrappers.

- First edition. (moeglin-delcroix 221)

euro 80

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070. Harvey, Michael.

White Papers (1968 - 71).

(New York): Self published, 1961.

White card board box containing 71 printed cards with several compositions and concrete poetry. Box soiled and piece of rear missing, otherwise very good.

- First edition. Harvey: 'There is no order or hierarchy to the cards, their relation to each other, and the thoughts created by those relationships are serendipitous and arbitrary. Those thoughts are the art.'

euro 120

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071. Harvey, Michael.


(New York): Self Published, 1972.

Duodecimo, 32 pages, pages with various squares of numbers  are alternated with quotes by  Allan Poe, Burckhardt, Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound, Henry James, Erasmus etc. Illustrated wrappers. Vellum  wrappers with on front wrapper a reproduction of Luca Pacioli's 1494 woodcut with Italian finger symbolism.

- First edition. One of 200 hand numbered copies.

euro 60

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072. Have, Henrik.


N.p.: Edition After Hand, 1977.

Black card board box (3,8 x 23,8 x 17,5) with printed title label pasted on, containing one wooden board with oval stamp and more then 150 printed text pages (mostly one line, or just one or a few words), and approximately 10 pages with reproduced images.

- First edition. One of 150 numbered, dated copies, signed in pencil by Henrik Have.

euro 120

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073. Hiller, Susan.

Sisters of Menon.

London: Coracle Press, 1983.

Quarto, unpaginated, printed in blue ink. Illustrated boards with pasted on title label. Grey taped spine.

- First edition. One of 750 copies. Published on the occasion of an exhibition held in the Gimpel Gallery mars/avril 1983. "Hiller’s fascination with language, voices and writing is evident throughout her work. Her first experience of automatic writing occurred spontaneously while engaged in a group experiment called ‘Draw Together’ intended to explore the notion of telepathy and the transmission of ideas and images. ‘What had begun as a kind of aimless scribble turned into a text, or anyway a stream of words in handwriting that wasn’t my own.’ Hiller initially regarded Sisters of Menon 1972–9 as a set of drawings and only some years later began to analyse and annotate them. The voice of the ‘Sisters’ who refer to themselves variously as ’I’ or ’we’, can be deciphered in the drawing/writing. The messages point to the possibility of an extension of individual identity to the plural or collective..." (Tate)

euro 350

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074. Hinterreiter, Hans.

Die Kunst der reinen Form. Eine Formenlehre für moderne Künstler.

Amsterdam / Ibiza: Ediciones Ebusus, 1978.

Thick quarto, 818 pages with more then 700 illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition of the 'Faksimile-Ausgabe der Originalmanuskripte von 1936-1948'. One of 500 numbered and signed copies.

euro 350

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075. Hockney, David.

Six Fairy Tales. from the brothers grimm with original etchings by…

London: Petersburg Press in association with the Kasmin Gallery, 1970.

32mo, un paginated (61 pages), 39 plates. Blue leather binding lettered in gilt.

- First edition.

euro 80

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076. Hoinka, Manfred.


München: Ottenhaus Verlag, 1979.

Square quarto, 34 pages, 15 original 'graphite-works'(24,5 x 23). Black cloth with pasted on label. Original black slipcase.

- First edition. One of 15 numbered and signed copies with a minimal intervention of Hoinka: a small quantity of graphite blown onto each page.

euro 500

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077. Huisman, Hetty.

A long letter for a long lasting love.

Amsterdam: Da Costa/Hetty Huisman, 1983.

Plastic yellowish transparent tube with screw top that contains a brown piece of transparent acetate that is covered with powdered clay. The piece is doubled with a somewhat larger and longer piece of protective Japanese paper with the following handwritten text: ‘Amsterdam/ jan 1983/ a long letter for a long lasting love'. The paper is also signed in pen at the bottom: Hetty Huisman / Void distributors' and is stamped ‘a DA COSTA edition / © Hetty Huisman / Amsterdam 1983/ this is number 3/20. The plastic tube has a cord attached with at the end a lead seal of Void distributors.

- First edition One of 20 numbered, titled and signed copies.

euro 350

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078. Huisman, Hetty.

Ter Bezinking.

Amsterdam: Void Distributors, 1982.

Oblong octavo, 20 pages of which 8 sheets crystal paper with reproduced handwriting on one side. White printed wrappers.

- First edition. One of 150 numbered and signed copies.

euro 50

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079. Ibou, Paul.

Quadri - Structures. Iboubook 4.

Nijlen: self published, 1975.

Small duodecimo, un-paginated, (36 pages), illustrated throughout. Printed wrappers.

- First edition. One of 999 numbered and signed copies.''quadri-structures' is number four of a series of book experiments in visual communications.'

euro 25

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080. Immendorff, Jörg.

Lidl 1966 - 1970.

Eindhoven: Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, 1981.

Quarto, 95 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. ‘This book is a documentary: it presents photographs, drawings, texts and original manifestoes related to a certain activity of Jörg Immendorf (with help of many friends) which he named LIDL'.

euro 30

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081. Immoos, Franz.

Vocabulary. English-Xaoh, Xaoh-English.

Amsterdam: Rubberbooks Stempelplaats, 1978.

Octavo, un paginated (10 pages), of which six vellum pages printed with rubber-stamp. Loose as issued. Stamped boards with on the inside of the front board an affixed rubber-stamp (XAOH).

- First edition. One of 100 copies handstamped.

euro 60

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082. Jacobi, Heinz.

A colllection of 3 artists' books by Heinz Jacobi. Each book is made of bound in sealed envelopes that contain a printed piece of paper, cut out of a magazine, labels, …….. related to the subject that is announce by the title of the book. In most of the books is a one page photo copy that lists the books that are for sale. The list is divided in the following groups : Sexuality; Politics, Superstition, Science, Literature, as well as several books that are offered for sale as unique copies. All books are octavo size and have the imprint of the Euphorion verlag and are published in 1968-69.

Das Große Schweinebuch für das deutsche Schwein. Die geschichte vom Bäuerlein und seiner triebhafter Sau. 1968. 77. auflage. 52 sealed blue envelopes with a stamp of a little swine at the lower right corner. Silver colored aluminum paper wrappers. Loosely laid in a folded photocopy of publications of the euphorion verlag.

Das Große Liebes- Ehe- und Sternenbuch für den deutschen Mann. Lisenz ausgabe mit freundlicher Genehmigung des St. jakobus verlages. 1968. 33 sealed blue envelopes. Silver colored aluminum paper wrappers.

Wundertüten von euphorion. Matrassenpresse. N.d. 20 sealed envelopes, with 14 pasted on labels of wine and beer bottles, ‘Aral' lotto stickers and stamps. Silver colored aluminum paper wrappers.

euro 160

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083. Johnson, Ray.

The Paper Snake. Text on book flaps by William Wilson.

New York: Something Else Press, 1965.

Small oblong quarto, un paginated (50 pages), illustrated throughout and printed in several colors. Illustrated cloth. Illustrated wrappers. A very fine copy.

- First edition. “Ray Johnson makes eggs out of omelets and Dick Higgins eats them”.

euro 180

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084. Johnston, Alan.

Torn Bough.

Edinburgh: Graeme Murray, 1983.

Narrow duodecimo, 54 pages, 11 colored etchings, printed on every second right hand page. Light beige cloth. Printed spine. Fine copy of this very subtle work.

- First edition. One of 50 numbered and signed copies. Printed by Alfons Bytautas.

euro 220

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085. Kaminsky, Thomas.

Thomas Kaminsky. Introduction by Marianne Heinz, Sabine Fehlemann and Wolfgang Vomm.

Kassel: Staatliche Museen Kassel, 1998.

Small quarto, 157 pages, numerous colored plates, and illustrations. Red printed cloth.

- First edition. One of 25 (1000) dated, numbered, and signed copies with an original dated and signed watercolor (23,3 x 15,6) loosely laid in. With texts by Marianne Heinz, Lorenz Dittmann, Stefanie Heraeus, Petra Oelschlägel, Wolfgang Vomm, Sabine Fehlemann, Herbert Maurer, Claudia Grasse, Dieter Kühn und Peter Schalmey. Catalogue for exhibitions held from 19.04.-12.07.1998 in the Staatlichen Museum Kassel, from 14.06. - 30.08.1998 in the Von-der-Heydt Museum Wuppertal and from in the Städtischen Galerie Villa Zanders in Bergisch Gladbach.

euro 240

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086. Kaminsky, Thomas.

Thomas Kaminsky. Introduction by Marianne Heinz, Sabine Fehlemann and Wolfgang Vomm.

Kassel: Staatliche Museen Kassel, 1998.

Small quarto, 157 pages, numerous colored plates, and illustrations. Red printed cloth. A fine copy.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies. With texts by Marianne Heinz, Lorenz Dittmann, Stefanie Heraeus, Petra Oelschlägel, Wolfgang Vomm, Sabine Fehlemann, Herbert Maurer, Claudia Grasse, Dieter Kühn und Peter Schalmey. Catalogue to exhibitions held from 19.04.-12.07.1998 in the Staatlichen Museum Kassel, from 14.06. - 30.08.1998 in the Von-der-Heydt Museum Wuppertal and from 24.10.1998 - 3.01.1999 in the Städtischen Galerie Villa Zanders in Bergisch Gladbach.

euro 40

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087. KAWS (Brian Donnelly)

The Kimpsons.

Seattle: Neverstop, 2002.

Octavo, un paginated, (44 pages printed on heavy boards), illustrated throughout.Black illustrated wrappers. Near mint.

- First edition. One of 3000 copies. 'The Kimpsons, subverted the famous American cartoon, The Simpsons. KAWS explains that he “found it weird how infused a cartoon could become in people's lives; the impact it could have, compared to regular politics. In addition, KAWS has reworked other familiar icons such as Mickey Mouse, the Michelin Manand the Smurfs.'

euro 650

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088. Kienholz Edward.

The Art Show: 1963-1977. Edward Kienholz. Introductary note by Pontus Hulten.

Berlin / Paris: Berliner Kunstlerprogramm/DAAD – Centre Nationale d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, 1977.

Quarto, un paginated, (64 pages) illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Text in English, German and French. Signed by Kienholz on title page.

euro 140

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089. Kippenberger, Martin - Albert Oehlen.

Gedichte. Zweiter Teil.

Berlin: Rainer Verlag, 1987.

Duodecimo, 69 pages with frontispiece photograph of both autors. Stiff boards with printed wrappers. Minor chafing towards edges

- First edition. One of approximately 600 copies.

euro 200

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