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001. Adzak, Roy.

N.p.: Guy Schraenen éditeur, (1976). 

Tiny (6,5 x 4 cm) hand made book, 24 pages with in its center 2 metal screws that leave an imprint through several center pages. Black wrappers with handwritten title.

- First edition. One of 20 numbered, dated and signed copies.

euro 140

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002. Agnetti, Vincenzo.

Tesi. (Text by Tomasso Trini.)

Milano: Giampaolo Prearo Editore, 1972.

Small quarto, unpaginated, with two loosely laid in printed strips (one with numbers, the other with words) measuring 5, 5 x 21 cm. With a seven page insert of Tomasso Trini's text Pausa alla letture , printed on a different stock. Dark blue printed cloth, with original red printed banderole. Mint.

- First edition. One of 2000 copies.

euro 100

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003. Alechinsky, Pierre - Suzy Embo - Reinhoud - Rene' Bertholo.

Titres et Pains Perdus. Notes sur les disparitions, les pertes de sens, les difficultés de transmission, les oublis, les manques et les persistances inutiles.

Paris : Denoel, 1965.

Small square octavo, un paginated (approximately 140 pages) numerous illustrations among which many photographic plates printed in black, brown and blue. Illustrated paper over boards. Very fine.

- First edition. ‘Survivances photographiées par Suzy Embo, figurines en mie de pain modelées par Reinhoud, miettes ornementales dessinées par Rene' Bertholo'.

euro 120

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004. Arman - Verdet, André.


Venezia: Edizioni del Cavallino, 1966. (fondate da Carlo Cardazzo).

Duedecimo size leporello, 12 pages silkscreened in black and blue, printed in goldcolor, with 6 die cut pages. Gold printed stiff cloth boards and original printed gold colerd stiff banderole. Minor edgewear towards goldcolored banderole, otherwise a mint copy.

- First edition. One of 200 numbered and signed copies. '21 Mars...Mon paysage intérieur est en fête. Au fond de mes globules les microsillons tournent en cadence stellaire au rythme du printemps les sources ouvrent les écluses de l'herbe les oiseaux rétablissent les limpides dans l'air... '

euro 450

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005. Armleder, John M

“Niente Portroppo" (Quelques Objects Volant 1954-75)

Carouge / Genève: Galerie Gaetan & Ecart Publications, 1975.

Small quarto, 20 pages, illustrated throughout and printed on yellow stock in red and blue. Stiff wrappers + illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 650 ‘un numbered’ copies from a total edition of 690.

euro 120

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006. Arp, (Jean).

On My Way. poetry and essays 1912 - 1947. Text in French, German and English. The Documents of Modern Art, no. 6.

New York: Wittenborn, Schultz, Inc. 1948.

Quarto, 148 pages, 37 plates, 2 original colored woodcuts. Illustrated wrappers. Book design by Paul Rand. In protective glassine wrappers. Very fine copy.

- First edition of this important title, with prefatory note by Robert Motherwell, biographical note by Gabrielle Buffet-Picabia and bibliography by Bernard Karpel.

euro 150

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007. Barnett, Peter H.

Time Trap.

Brooklyn: Assembling Press, 1980.

Quarto, 48 pages with a thread that traverses the center of the booklet. With a 2 page reprint taken from A critical Assembling (1979). All together in grey envelope with pasted on title label.

- First edition. “Time Trap ….. is composed of twelve 8 1/2" by 12" sheets folded and stapled in booklet form. A loop of thread connects the midpoint of each page. The work explores various dimensions of the book form through four series of diagrams accompanied by texts and instructions. These graphic-textual progressions migrate over the outer margin of adjacent pages, through the gutter on the inside of a folded sheet, through the gutter on the outside of a folded sheet, or across the gutter from one page to the next. Three of the graphic progressions are v-forms which narrow and elongate as they migrate. The fourth a string of numbers 1-12. The texts associated with each progression express attitudes of waiting, disorientation and entrapment. The four progressions are all there at once, but never meet: only one progression can be pursued by the interactive reader at a time, hence the title. The accompanying introduction, "Open Structure for a Philosophical Experiment" originally appeared in An Eighth (Critical) Assembling.” See:

euro 60

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008. Baruchello, Gianfranco.

La quindicesima riga. Introduction by Nanny Cagnone. Text in Italian. Marcalibri 1.

Roma: Lerici, 1968.

Large octavo, un paginated (136 pages) several pages printed against a red background. Printed wrappers. In printed paper slipcase. Book design Magdalo Mussio. Mint.

- First edition. The book reproduces a text that seems to be printed on small stripes of paper against a dark grey background (visually very reminiscent of Queneau's ‘Cent Mille Milliards de Poèmes'.

euro 60

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009. Barry, Robert - Germano Celant and Pierluigi Pero (a cura di)

no title.

Torino: Sperone editore - Edizioni Editarte, 1970.

Octavo, un paginated,(approx. 100 pages). White boeard and white wrappers with printed spine. Mint

- First edition of Robert Barry's first book.

euro 450

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010. Barry, Robert.

It is. it isn't.

Paris; Yvon Lambert, 1972.

Narrow octavo, un paginated 76 pages. Stiff white printed wrappers. Fine.

- First edition. Each page with a centered word on the middle of the page.

euro 200

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011. Barry, Robert.

Robert Barry

Amsterdam: Art and Project 1974.

Narrow quarto, 20 pages, 5text pages + 5 illustrations printed on right hand page. Printed wrappers. Near fine.

- First edition. One of 300 copies.

euro 120

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012. Barry, Robert.

Robert Barry. Texts by Jan Debbaut and R.H. Fuchs.

Eindhoven: Van Abbemuseum, 1977.

Quarto, 7 pages. White printed wrappers.

- First edition. Text in Dutch and English.

euro 35

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013. Baumann, Suzanne.

Werke Sammlung.

Aargau : Aargauer Kunsthaus, 1992.

Quarto, 159 pages, 55 colored plates and numerous illustrations in black and white. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 20 numbered and signed copies with original colored lithograph + collage, numbered, dated and signed by the artist. With an interview about collecting and numerous images of objects and art works of friends are included in this monograph. The images are of art works by Philippe Schibig, Meret Oppenheim, Kurth Fahrner, Jurgen Klauke, May Fasnacht, Anna Oppermann, Hanna Frenzel, Andrea Tippel…

euro 260

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014. Baumgarten, Lothar - M. Oppitz.

T'E-NE-T'E. Eine mythologische Vorführung.

Düsseldorf: Konrad Fischer, 1974.

Octavo, un paginated (48 pages) 10 illustrations and several text illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

-First edition.

euro 200

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015. Bayrle, Thomas.

Big book.

Köln: Verlag Walther König, 1992.

Folio, 431 pages printed on different colored stock, illustrated throughout. Printed yellow wrappers.

- First edition.

euro 200

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016. Bellmer, Hans.

Die Puppe. 1. Die Puppe 2.Die Spiele der Puppe 3. Die Anatomie Des Bildes.

Berlin: Gehardt Verlag, 1962.

Square quarto, 190 pages, 10 tipped in black and white illustrations +15 tipped in color plates + several text illustrations in black and white. Illustrated wrappers + clear plastic dust jacket. Near mint.

- First edition. One of 200 numbered copies. Loosely laid in printed sheet in which the buyer of the book has to declare that he/she is more then 21 years old. Requested is also the name, place, signature of the buyer + stamp of the bookseller.

euro 500

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017. Belloli, Carlo - Antonio Calderara.

unità organizzate - antonio calderara.

Milano: edizioni salto, 1961.

Large folio, un paginated (18 pages + 9 color plates. Printed wrappers. Lay out by Luigi Veronesi.

- First edition. Text in Italian, German, French and Englisch. With list of reproduced works, a short bio- and bibliography + colophon.

euro 450

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018. Bertini, Gianni.

Comunicazioni interdisciplinari. 

Milano: Edizioni Castelli & Rosati, 1972.

Oblong quarto, un paginated, (130 pages) illustrated throughout + entirely printed in green ink. Printed brick colored wrappers. Wrappers with light sunning towards spine.

- First edition. One of 1200 copies. .

euro 460

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019. Beuys, Joseph - Caroline Tisdall.

Joseph Beuys / Coyote. Text in German.

München: Schirmer/Mosel, 1976.

Oblong quato, 162 pages, illustrated throughout. Printed paper over boards. Illustrated wrappers. Fine.

- Third edition.

euro 60

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020. Blank, Irma.

No words.

Livorno: Belforte Editore Libraio, 1994. Collana: Le brache di Gutenberg.

Cronaca ; n.s., 31. 16 mo, 160 pages with on the left hand pages parts of Gertrude Stein’ ’Everybody’s autobiography’ and on the right hand pages a parallel indistinct transcription by Irma Blank, followed by an Italian translation of Stein’s text by Fernanda Pivano. Printed white wrappers. In original publishers’ paper slipcase.

- First edition. One of ‘36 numerati alla romana I-XXXVI’ (of a total edition of 963 copies numbered in Arabic) with a loosly inserted original work titled, numbered and signed in pencil.

euro 400

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de blauwer

021. de Blauwer, Katrien

I do not want to disappear silently into the night.

Paris. Edition AVARIE, 2014.

Quarto, 178 pages, 22 duotone and 118 color plates. Swiss bound. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 50 numbered and signed copies with two original pasted in images.

'Through Katrien de Blauwer's collages and their short circuit effect in our ways of seeing, the book intends to explore and deepen the concept of void and its visibility, proposing a work that's situated at the border of different artistic disciplines, from photography to cinema to performance and to painting. Photographer without a camera, KDB collects and re-uses pictures and supports from old magazines and papers, engaging them in a vision that occurs directly in the hand, becoming thereby more physical and tactile.' Manik Katyal.

euro 950

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022. Bochner, Mel.

Primer. The Complete Catalog of Twenty-One Demonstrations from a Theory of Sculpture: (Counting) - Abecedario. catalogo completo di ventuno dimonstrazioni da Una Teoria Della Scultura : (Contando)

Milano: Flash Art Edizioni, 1973.

Small quarto, un paginated (50 pages), illustrated throughout. Printed wrappers. Yellowing to wrappers, otherwise fine.

- First edition. One of 2000 copies.

euro 150

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023. Boudinet, Daniel.

Un paysage. ou 9 vues du jardin de Ian Hamilton Finlay.

Jouy-en-Josas: Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain,1987.

Small octavo, un paginated (32 pages), 9 color plates

- First edition. One of 1000 copies. Published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Ian Hamilton Finlay et Daniel Boudinet du 20.09 au 13.12.1987 a Jouy-en-Josas.’

euro 30

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024. Brouwn, Stanley

This way Brouwn : 25-2-61 : 26-2-61. Zeichnungen 1. 

Köln – New York: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König, 1971.

Quarto, un paginated, (124 pages), 49 illustrations on right hand page. Printed wrappers. Original protective glassine Some browing towards spine of glassine wrappers, otherwise a near mint copy.
- First edition. One of 500 numbered copies.

euro 1.800

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025. Brouwn, Stanley

Stanley Brouwn. Whitechapel Gallery 1977)

London: Whitechapel Gallery, 1977.

Quarto, 24 pages, Printed white wrappers.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies.

euro 140

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026. Brouwn, Stanley
1 x 1 Royal Cubit.

Köln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König, 1999.

Vertically folded sheet (52,5 x 52,5 cm (unfolded) kept in printed white cardboard cover.

- First edition. One of 500 copies. ‘The cubit is an ancient unit of length based on the length of the forearm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. Cubits of various lengths were employed in many parts of the world in antiquity, during the Middle Ages and as recently as Early Modern Times. The term is still used in hedge laying, the length of the forearm being frequently used to determine the interval between stakes placed within the hedge.’

euro 180

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027. Brouwn, Stanley

Preussische Maasse und Gewichte.

Berlin: haubrokshows / wiens verlag, 2013.

Square duedecimo, un paginated. Printed wrappers.

- First edition. One of 500 copies.

euro 50

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028. Buczak, Brian.

Twelve Illustrations from paintings 1976 – 1979.

New York: Money for food press, 1980.

Quarto size leafs: title page + 12 pages and two ‘endpapers' kept in a folded and printed hand made paper. All together in plastic pouch.

- First edition. One of 150 (200) copies, numbered and signed by the artist.

euro 60

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029. Caramelle, Ernst.

Josef Troma schläft heute. (Marginalien) PA-RA-BÜ 11.

Frankfurt: Patio, 1978.

Octavo, 34 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition.

euro 30

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030. Caramelle, Ernst.

Blätter 1973-1978.

Frankfurt: Frankfurter Kunstverein / Peter Weiermair, 1981.

Two volume set. Both large octavos, un paginated. Volume one, (32 pages), 12 illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Volume two, more then 125 colored plates, printed on the right hand page. Illustrated wrappers. Both volumes in card board slipcase, with pasted on title label.

- First edition. Texts by Jean Christophe Ammann, Thomas Bayrle, Peter Weiermair, and Denys Zacharopoulos. Volume two inscribed by Ernst Caramelle on title page + signed also by Thomas Bayrle in first volume.

euro 150

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031. Chambas, Jean-Paul etc.

Paroli di: Arpino, Porzio, Laude, Sanesi e Bosquet.

Disegni di: Bonelli, Cagnone, Chambas, Keizo e Peverelli

Milano: Galleria Rizzardi, 1974.

Octavo size portfolio containing 12 pages with poetry and illustrations on the right hand page. Printed wrappers.

- First edition. One of 60 copies numbered I – LX signed by the authors and illustrators + 5 original numbered and signed etchings, printed by Giorgio Upiglio.

euro 240

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032. Clemente, Francesco.

Ex libris.

Madras 41: Kalakshetra Pess. 1994.

Octavo, with 108 drawings on 54 pages hand made paper, interspersed with Hindu imagery. Red printed cloth and red gold printed dust wrappers.

- First edition. Published on the occasion of the Exhibition at the Château de Chenonceau in France, (June 25 to November 5, 1995). No mention of this exhibition in this copy.

euro 100

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033. Conde, Manuel – Arnáez (José Manuel Rodríguez)

Vertice de la Sombra. 5 Dibujos Originales de Arnaez. Presentation Leopoldo Rodriguez Alcalde.

Madrid: Fernán-Górnez Arte y Ediciones, 1983.

Tall portfolio, containing 5 folded sheets with poems by Manuel Conde with loosely folded in an original colored and signed drawing  by Arnaez (paper by Meirat) + folded sheets with title and colophon page. All together in printed green colored portfolio.

- First edition. One of 75, numbered, dated and signed copies.

euro 1.800

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034. Cooney, Robert.

A.O.U.L.I.T.S. #1.

New York : self published, 1977.

Quarto, un paginated (40 pages), 6 color copy illustrations + 1 tipped in sandpaper sheet. Black wrappers. Ring bound.

- First edition. With a quote by Robert Murdoch; a fragment of a text by Jonathan Swift; a list with the 'Worlds Worst Railway Accident'; a 'reproduced' 'worst disaster report' edited from 'The Australian Women Weekly' and a form for the 'Auxiliary Police Volunteer Enrollment'.

euro 120

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035. Cucchi, Enzo – Schwander, Martin – Wetter, Trix.


München/ Bruxelles : Bernd Klüser and Zaira Mis, 1988.

Quarto, 96 pages with numerous illustrations. Laid in a booklet with 46 pages, numerous illustrations and text in English. Yellow latex binding attached to black, cloth binding. Book design Trix Wetter. Cover design by Enzo Cucchi.

- First edition. One of 500 (2000) copies signed and numbered by the artist. (Of the total edition of 2000 copies, 1000 were produced in red, 500 in grey, and 500 in yellow).

euro 250

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036. Cucchi, Enzo.


Zürich: Bruno Bischofsberger, 1997.

Large quarto, 159 pages, with 66 colored plates of paintings by Cucchi. Printed greenish cloth. Illustrated dust wrappers. A mint copy. ISBN: 3-905173-42-5.

- First edition, one of 1000 copies numbered and signed by Cucchi on first free endpaper. With short biography, exhibition and publication list.

euro 150

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037. Dahn, Walter.

The Phoenix Year. Arbeiten 1989 – 1990. (Walter Dickhoff editor)

Köln: Galerie Monika Sprüth, 1990.

Octavo, 38 pages, photographic frontispiece and 17 colored plates. White printed wrappers.

- First edition of this catalogue published on the occasion of an exhibition held in Gallery Monica Spruth in the summer of 1990. This copy with original stamps in blue and red by Walter Dahn on title page.

euro 300

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038. Dall'O, Arnold Mario.

barocco, barock, baroque. (text in German, Italian and English).

Vienna: Folio Verlag, 1997/1998.

Dudodecimo, 240 pages, illustrated throughout. Printed wrappers.

- First edition. One of 50 numbered copies with silver colored silkscreen print on front cover and signed and numbered on the inside cover by Dall'O. This copy also wrapped in a silkscreened tissue, being a dated, numbered and signed multiple by Dall'O. Loosely laid in a folded vellum with a text by Danilo Eccher. The artist writes “ The medium of this publication is a school book with the title ‘Bilogica Generale”. The drawings are from 1994-1997 and are individual elements in a picture which consists of 240 pieces.”

euro 80

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039. Dekkers, Ger.

Planned landscapes: 25 horizons.

Bentveld: Landshoff, 1981.

Small oblong quarto, un paginated, (62 pages ), reproducing 25 dutch landscapes each across 2 pages in a series of 7 color pictures. Illustrated wrappers.

- Second edition.

euro 25

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040. Dermisache, Mirtha.

Cahier No. 1.

Antwerpen: Guy Schraenen éditeur, 1975.

Quarto, unpaginated, (20 pages), printed with unreadable graphics. Un-printed wrappes. Original wrap around band with colophon. Loosely laid in.

- First edition. One of 130 (150) numbered and signed copies.

euro 200

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041. Diacono, Mario - Villa Emilio.

Per Ettore Innocente. XYZ A 1 Take One 1970 XYZ A 2.

Pollenza-Macerata: La Nuova Foglio Editrice, (1971).

Artists publication in a calendar like shape (67 x 11cm), 12 pages with tear sheets and alternating texts by diacono and villa, and silk screened illustrations printed on transparent paper.

- First edition.








euro 400

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042 Dietz, Eckhart.

Verformung des Würfels. Two volumes.

Bern: Galerie Lydia Megert, 1975.

Two octavo size volumes. Teil I: Der gesamtprozess. Unpaginated. Teil II: Verwandlung des gleichzeitigen Dreiecks. Unpaginated. Both volumes with white numbered wrappers.

- First edition. One of 150 numbered and signed copies. Published on the occasion of an exhibition in Lysia megert's Gallery. “Die “Komputerzeichnungen” sind Kopien eines and den Computer angeschlossennen Speicher oszillographen.” Both books are illustrated throughout with minimal comments.

euro 80

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043. Disler, Martin.

Invasion durch eine falsche Sprache.

Zürich: Edition Galerie Stähli, 1979.

Quarto, unpaginated, 44 full page illustrations in black and white. Thick boards with white illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 20 signed copies, with an original numbered and signed drawing (29,8 x 20,8).

euro 650

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044. Downsbrough, Peter.

Two Lines/Five Sections. Due linee/Cinque sezioni.

Milano: Franco Toselli, 1975.

London: Jack Wendler, 1974. Duodecimo, un paginated, 60 pages printed on graph paper. Grey printed wrappers. Mint.

- First edition.

euro 30

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045. Downsbrough, Peter.


Geneva: Adelina von Furstenburg / Ecart publications, 1976.

Small octavo, un paginated,
(64 pages). Printed blak wrappers. Stamped date on first free endpaper, otherwise near fine.

- First edition. One of 600 copies.

euro 70

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046. Droese, Felix - Arnulf Rainer. 

Halbe Wirklichkeit 1980-1990. 

(Düsseldorf): Edition Klöckner,1991. Droese used a catalogue of the work by Arnulf Rainer entitled Reste Remnants. (Zugemalte Ubermalungen 1954 - 1978). Painted-over overpaintings 1954 - 1978) published by Edition Hansjorg Mayer in 1978, painted spine and front wrapper with mat black ‘tusche’ and made in the center of the book a cut out in the shape of a little devil. In black cloth clam shell box with illustrated paper over boards front cover.

- First edition. One of 11 signed and numbered copies, signed on the rear cover.

euro 950

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047. Dubuffet, Jean

La Fleur de Barbe.(Paris): Chez l'Imprimerie Duval,1960. 

Large folio. (49,2 x 32,5 cm), 16 un-numbered leaves, including title and colophon page, 4 full-page 'barbes'. Loose as issued in original publisher's printed wrappers and grey endpapers. Slipcase missing. Very fine.

- First edition. One of 500 hand-numbered copies printed by 'phototypie' after Dubuffet's original manuscript and drawings in ink.

euro 850

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048. Egan, Joseph.

Paint to color.

Zürich: Annemarie Verna Galerie, 1999.

White cardboard box (32,5 x 23 x 4,5 cm) containing an un-paginated catalogue + 8 pieces of painted wood (2 x 4,5 x 21 cm) - 7 of the pieces have been painted on one side and lettered on the rear (a-g), while one piece has been painted on all sides. The catalogue (42 pages) has 13 color illustrations + texts by Gianfranco Verna, Joseph Egan and Volker Baumeister.

- First edition. One of 22 copies of de deluxe edition. The catalogue has been titled, signed and numbered by Egan in the rear and has an original colored circular painting (Ø 3cm). Loosely laid in a photocopy ‘Colours of the world', also with an original colored circular painting (Ø 3cm) and numbered and signed in pencil by Joseph Egan.

euro 400

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049. Eluard, Paul - Ernst, Max. 

A l'Intérieur de la vue. 8 poèmes visibles. 

Paris: Pierre Seghers, (1948).

Octavo, 114 pages. Illustrated wrappers. A very fine copy in specially made decorated portfolio that fits into equally decorated slip case.

- First edition of this collaboration, illustrated by Max Ernst. One of 600 numbered copies on Alma Marais in a total edition of 610; the reproductions printed by Mourlot Freres. The eight 'poemes visibles' by Max Ernst were composed in 1931 and, to translate the colophon, have been illustrated as faithfully as possible by eight 'poemes visibles' de Paul Eluard in 1946. This copy signed by Paul Eluard on title page.

euro 1.800

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050. Ernst, Max.

Fiat modes - pereat ars.

Berlin: Rainer Verlag, 1970.

Brown printed portfolio containing 8 offset reproductions (44,5 x 32,5 cm) of the lithographs, first published in 1919 by the Schlömlich Verlag, Cologne. Fine.

- Facismile edition. One of 100 copies published.

euro 120

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051. Farrer, Julia.

Moments of Anxiety.

London: Tetra Press, 1988. One of three volumes.

Quartos, each volume is a 16 page Leporello, with an 8 page geometric and colored illustration. Illustrated wrapper. Black cloth slipcase. Mint copy of this wonderful production.

- First edition. One of 15 numbered copies, signed and dated by the artist. "Each book was printed from two copper plates reworked for each successive volume. The plates were printed and hand colored by the artist on 250 gram Arches. The letterpress was set by Vivien Hendry. 

euro 450

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052. Federle, Helmut.

Helmut Federle 5 + 1. Text in German and English.

New York: Peter Blum Edition, 1990.

Quarto, 67 pages, 6 plates plus 8 text illustrations. Printed card board covers with black cloth spine. Cardboard slip case. A mint copy.

- First edition. One of 140 numbered copies with an original dated, numbered and signed linocut. Texts by Eva Badura-Triska, Erich Franz, Kieter Koepplin, Donald Kuspit, Friedrich Meschede and Theodora Vischer and introduction by Peter Blum.

euro 400

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053. Ferro, Luigi.

Tong. Testi introduttivi di A.C. Quintavalle e I. Tomasoni. Geiger sperimentale n. 32.

Torino: edizioni geiger, 1974.

Small square quarto, un paginated (96 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Wrappers slightly soiled.

- First edition. One of 450 numbered copies. tong = cave = to penetrate, to communicate, to comprehend (secret, unconscious things) = the alchemists' crucible = an initiatory place of second birth = ritual receptacle containing cooked = food (spiritual nourishment). (dematteis- maffei 1185)

euro 100

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