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053. Katase, Kazuo.


Göttingen: Städtischen Museum , 1982. Text by Hanz Thiel.

Octavo, un paginated, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Catalogue design by Katase.

- First edition of this catalogue published on the occasion of an exhibition held in the Städtischen Museum im Alten Rathaus from mai 21 - august 1, 1982. Signed and dated on title page by Kazuo Katase.

euro 60

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knizak action

054. Knizak, Milan.

Action is a lifestyle. Auswahl der Aktivitäten 1953-1985.

Hamburg: Dingwort, (1986).

Quarto, un paginated, printed on different colored stock, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Catalogue published on the occasion of exhibitions held in the Hamburger Kunsthalle 10. Oktober - 5. November 1986 and in the Museum Bochum 6. September - 18. Oktober 1987. The text ‘Lauter ganze Hälften' written by Werner Hoffmann + text ‘Ein Regenschirm vom Piccadilly' by Thomas Strauss + bio- biliography printed on pink stock.

euro 40

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055. Knowles, Alison.

Gem Duck.

Cavriago / Reggio Emilia: Edizioni Pari & Dispari, 1977.

Octavo, 270 pages. Illustrated throughout. Printed wrappers with on the rear a reproduced photograph of the 'friends of cavragio'. Near mint.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies.

euro 70

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056. Kultermann, Udo.

Leben und Kunst. Zur Funktion der Intermedia . Tübingen: Verlag Ernst Wasmuth, 1970.

Large squarisch octavo, 56 text pages, 180 pages with illustrations + 8 fold-outs. black cloth. Illustrated wrappers. Wrappers with some repaired tears and some chafing, but still a very good copy.

- First edition. With major attention for the 60s. happening, mixed media, underground cinema, orgien *materialaktionen, land art etc. numerous illustrations of performances etc by yves klein, piero manzoni, joseph beuys, wolf vostell, merce cunningham, otto muehl, charlotte moorman, allan kaprow, gunter brus, carolee schneeman etc.

euro 40

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057. Levine, Les.

What can the Federal Government do for you?

New York: Anna Canepa Video Distribution, Inc. (1975).

Quarto, 16 pages. Illustrated wrappers by Les Levine.

- First edition of this video sales catalogue listing videos by Eleanor Antin, Les Levine, Taka Iimura, Terry Fox, Dennis Oppenheim, Charlemagne Palestine, Allan Kaprow and Roger Welch.

euro 50

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058. Levine, Les.

Media: The Bio-Tech Rehearsal for Leaving the Body.

Calgary: Alberta College of Art Gallery, 1979.

Small quarto, 112 pages, illsutarted in black and white. Printed red wrappers. Edges slightly scuffed, but very good..

- First edition. Prints also: What can the government of Canada do for you?; What can the federal government do for you?; Camera Art; The Information Fall-out; Urban Guerilla Learning + Artistic.

euro 40

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059. Mekas, Jonas (editor in chief)

Film Culture No. 19. New York: Film culture, 1959.

Octavo, 100 pages. Layout and cover design by George Maciunas.

- First edition. Texts by Lewis Jacobs,Weinberg, Andrew Sarris, Jonas Mekas, John Cassavetes...

euro 60

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060. Mac Low, Jackson & Young, La Monte (eds.) – George Maciunas (design)

An Anthology.

New York: Jackson Mac Low & La Monte Young, 1970.

Small quarto, printed on different colored stock, with many tip-ins, inserts and fold-outs. Red printed wrappers. Spine discolored and small chafed spot on rear cover, otherwise fine.
- Second edition. Contributions by Yoko Ono, George Brecht, Claus Bremer, Earle Brown, Joseph Bryd, John Cage, David Degener, Walter De Maria, Henry Flynt, Simone Forti, Dick Higgins, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Ding Dong, Ray Johnson, Jackson Mac Low, Richard Maxfield, Nam June Paik, Terry Riley, Diter Rot, Malka Safro, James Waring, Emmett Williams, Christian Wolff and others.

euro 400

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v tre

061. Maciunas, George.

Fluxus Vacuum TRapEzoid, (Fluxus newspaper # 5).

Black print on brown wrapping paper. (folded 56 x 43,2 cm) Published March, 1965. 4 printed sides. Near mint.

- First edition. " The fifth newspaper, Fluxus Vacuum TRapEzoid, New York, March 1965, has no editorial credit, but was edited and designed by George Maciunas with a page given to George Brecht. Continuing a system introduced in the previous newspaper, Maciunas uses an entire page for a dual purpose poster, and another for a catalogue/advertisement for Fluxus Editions. It contains: page 1 Anonymous [George Maciunas] Graphic Cover, page 2 poster: Perpetual Fluxfest" at Cinematheque, 85 E. 4th St., NYC, page 3 Advertisement: for Fluxus Editions at Flux Shop & Mail Order Warehouse, page 4 « Peter Longazzo»George Brecht « Science River Wax Science »

euro 700

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062. Maciunas, George - Berger, Ute and Michael (ed.)

Mr. Fluxus. Ein Gemeinschaftsporträt von George Maciunas. 1931 - 1978. Aus persönlichen Erinnerungen gesammelt von Emmett Williams und Ay-O und montiert von Emmett Williams und Ann Noël.

Wiesbaden: Harlekin Art, 1996.

Quarto, 373 pages, numerous illustrations. Black printed cloth with pasted on image. Illustrated wrappers. Near mint copy.

- First edition. One of 31 numbered and copies with pasted on, signed and numbered statement by Emmett Williams and Ann Noel on last flyleaf. Loosely laid in an original signed and dated drawing ('a portrait of george maciunas' 21 x 15 cm) by Emmett Williams.

euro 300

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063. MacLow, Jackson.

Stanzas for Iris Lezak.

Barton / Millerton / Berlin: Something Else Press 1972.

Quarto, 424 pages. Yellow cloth. Illustrated wrappers + original orange wrap around. Photograph on wrappers by Peter Moore. Small tear in wraparound band otherwise very fine copy.

- First edition.

euro 100

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064. Moore, Peter.

Peter Moore Photographs.

Tokyo: Gallery 360', 1989.

Quarto, 44 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Fine

- First edition. Published in conjunction with an exhibition held at the Gallery 360', Tokyo.

euro 60

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065. Muehl, Otto.

MAMA & PAPA. Materialaktionen 63-69.

Frankfurt am Main: Kohlkunstverlag, 1969.

Quarto, 29 + 27 + 85 pages with numerous photograph plates. Printed brown wrappers. Near mint.

- First edition in book form.

euro 220

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066. Muntadas

Films, Videotapes, videocassettes. Relacion y Caracteristicas 1971-1974.
Madrid : Galerie Vandres, 1974.

Quarto, 28 pages (1 fold-out page), numerous illustrations, Printed wrappers.

- First edition of this distribution catalogue of works produced between 1971-1974.

euro 40

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067. Muntadas

Muntadas: subjectividade/objectividade : informação privada/pública.

Lisboa: Galeria de Belém, 1979.

Folio, 60 pages, 8 illustrations. Printed wrappers.

- First edition. Exhibition opening November 10, 1979. With text by Richard Simmons, a conversation with Anne Bray + Ferol Breymann., Jo-Anne Brinie Danzker. Text in Portuguese + English.

euro 40

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nitsch orgien

068. Nitsch, Hermann.

Das orgien mysterien theater 1960-1983. Introduction by Rudi Fuchs. Text in Dutch, English and German.

Eindhoven: Van Abbemuseum, 1983.

Quarto, 135 pages illustrated throughout. Brown printed wrappers.

- First edition of this catalogue published on the occasion of a retrospective of Nitsch's work held from 28. 8. – 2.10. 1983 in the Van Abbe Museum.

euro 30

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069. Nitsch, Hermann.

Hermann Nitsch. La Pittura dell' Orgien Misterien Theater. Rudy Fuchs, Hermann Nitsch and Gian Piero Bona (texts).

Torino: Franz Paludetto, 1984.

Quarto, un paginated, (50 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Tiny bump to top of spine, otherwise very good.

- First edition.

euro 30

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070. Noël, Ann.


Berlin: Rainer Verlag, 1982.

Thick quarto, 412 pages of which 406 full page reproduced drawings. Illustrated paper over boards.

- First edition. One of 130 numbered and signed copies, with a loosely laid in and folded 4 color off-set print. The book prints on each page the lower case «i» in all its variations.

euro 400

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071. Paik, Nam June.

Art for 25 Million People. Bon Jour, Mr. Orwell. Kunst Und Sattelliten in der Zukunft.

Berlin: Daadgalerie, 1984.

Quarto, un paginated (approximately 180 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Very fine

- First edition. One of 750 copies. Published on the occasion of the first live satellite broadcast of video art. The exhibition was held in the Daadgalerie: Good Morning Mr. Orwell. from november 28 - december 9 1984 (und der gleichzeitig staatfindende OECD-Konferenz 1984 und danach). Contributions by Laurie Anderson; Joseph Beuys, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Salvador Dali, Teddy Dibble, Leslie Fuller, Peter Gabriel, Kit Galloway, Allen Ginsberg, Phillip Glass, Pierre-Alain Hubert, Jugglers, Maruricio Kagel, Takehisa Kosugi, Mitchel Kriegman, Le Combas, Yves Montand, Charlotte Moorman, Peter Orlovsky, George Plimpton, Shierrie Rabiowitz, Judson Rosebush, John Samborn, Sapho, Studio Bercot, Thomson Twins, Yasunao Tone, Urban Sax, Ben Vautier, Jacques Villiers, Yuki Watanabe and Dean Winkler.

euro 200

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072. Pane, Gina.

Gina Pane. Opere 1968 - 1990.

Milano: Edizioni Charta, 1998. Texts by Michel Baudson, Valerio Dehò, Anne Tronche + Marisa Vescovo. Text in Italian and English.

Quarto, 111 pages, 75 illustrations in black and white + 12 color plates. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Catalogue of exhibition held in the Chiostri di San Domenico in Reggio Emilia from October 30 – January 17, 1998.

euro 80

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073. Parkinson, Carol - Joseph Nechvatal and Cid Collins.

It is time for artists to intervene and demand a re-evaluation.

New York: Public Arts International/Free Speech, 1979.

Large staple octavo, 78 pages, illustrated throughout. Printed wrappers. Design catalogue Willoughby Sharp, Frederick Steinway and Carol Parkinson.

- First edition of this catalogue for the Public Arts International/Free Speech Performance festival that was held from may 15-19, 1979.

euro 40

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074. Ohff, Heinz - Künstlerhaus Bethanien.

Performence - Eine andere Dimension / Performance - Another dimension.

Berlin: Frölisch & Kaufmann, 1983. Text in German and Englisch.

Quarto, 223 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Catalogue documenting 2 performance festivals in the Künstlerhaus Bethanien from May 5 - 20, 1981 + March 19 - 30, 1982 organized by Michael Haerdter + Barbara Heinisch. Artists include: Marina Abramovic / Ulay, Dieter Appelt, Reiner Bergmann / Johan Lorbeer, Wojciech Bruszewski, Bennie Efrat, Bonita Ely, Terry Fox, Hanna Frenzel, Jochen Gerz, Peter Gilles, Fritz Gilow, Barbara Heinisch / Egon Schrick, Mike Hentz, Nan Hoover, M.atthias d’Huart / Carole Muriel, Robert Jantz, Aanne Judd, Wolf Kahlen, Jurgen Klauke, Harrie de Kroon, Michelarcangelo de Luca, Tom Marioni, Bruce McLean, Kees Mol, Andrea Morein, Gina Pane, Lydia Schouten, Joseph Semah, Hinrich Sickenberger, The Theatre of Mistakes, Stephen Turpie, Veeresh, Albert van der Weide, Emmet Williams.

euro 50


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de ridder

075. Ridder, Willem de - William Levy.

De Ridder retrospective.

Amsterdam: Holland Festival/Groninger Museum/ van Wulften, 1983

Quarto, 80 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Portrait on front cover by Anna Beeke.

- First edition. Exhibition in the Groninger Museum inJuly-August 1983. Text in Dutch and Englisch. With conversations, interviews, cartoons + an article on de Ridders radiowork.

euro 40

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076. Gasowski, Ron etc.

Phoenix 5.

Tempe: Intermedia department of Arizona State University, 1979.

Oblong folio (30 x 9 cm) 38 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Each page consists of a set of post cards separated by a perforation. The viewer is invited to tear away the outer card for use in correspondence. "Phoenix 5: is a group of artists working and teaching within the Intermedia program, Department of Art, Arizona State University. Our Mutual interest in art as communication has led to this collaborative edition: the second in a series of artists books. We are asking you to participate by using the outer postcards in your correspondence. Ron Gasowski, Denis Gillingwater, Muriel Magenta, James Antonie”

euro 120

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077. Rona, E.

+ - 0 (Plus Minus Zero) Anno VII, Numéro 28. Novembre 1979. Périodique Trimestriel.

Genval: E. Rona, 1979.

Folio, 39 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.Very good.

- First edition. With a 2 page article on Fluxus International & Co, a traveling exhibition; an article by Ben: Fluxus a Nice; a five page documentation on fluxes with short biographies, dates etc.; a 2 page article on Stephan Themerson... and more.

euro 30

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078. Saito, Takako
Vuoi fare una passeggiata tra i fiori.  (do you want to walk with me in between the flowers)

Cavriago: Pari & Dispari. 1978.

Wooden box ‎(Ø 20,5 cm - 5,3 cm high - top included) with glued in dried flowers at bottom of box with two wooden beads. Pasted on photocopy on top of box.
- First edition. One of 10 numbered and signed copies. Text of multiple hand written on inside of top + numbered and signed in pen.

euro 850

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079. Sandor, C. L.

Alinea Eine Partitur zum aleatorischen Gebrauch.

Zürich: Edition Galerie Howeg, 1976.

Oblong quarto, un paginated, illustrated throughout. Half cloth. Printed grey boards.

- First edition. Divided in 16 sequences, illustrated and commented.

euro 80

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080. Ehrenberg, Felipe - Mayor, David and Jean Clarence Lambert (ed.).

French Schmuck No.6.

Cullompton: Beau Geste Press, 1975.

Quarto, unpaginated (98 pages) numerous illustrations and inserts. Printed in two sections, the card wrappers of the back of one being the front wrappers of the other.

- First edition. With two sections part A. put together Jean Clarence Lambert, the "Dossier Francais" with contributions by Robert Filliou, Jean le Gac, Christian Dotremont, Marcel Broodthaers, Christian Boltanski, Alain Fleischer, Jochen Gerz and Emilio Galli + Lambert's "Le Rachis dans son Ensemble".The section: the "French Collection", put together by Mayor and Ehrenberg with contributions from Ben Vautier, Alin Anseeuw, Bernard Anseeuw, Liu Gazes, Henri Chopin, Noel Dolla, Alain Fleischer, oland Flexner ,Jochen Gerz, Paul-Armand Gette, Gervais-Bernard Jassaud, Maurice Lemaitre, Jean Claude Moineau, Herve Wurz and others.

euro 150

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081. Schmit, Tomas.

Katalog Tomas Schmit Band II.

Berlin / Hanover : Daadgalerie / Sprengel Museum, 1987.

Octavo, un paginated, conatining nrs. 200 - 311 from Schmits 'Katalog', numerous illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

_ First edition. One of 2000 copies. Loosely laid in a folded sheet (in 6, printed on one side): soeben in november 1989 erschienen / tomas schmit: "erster entwurf (einer zentralen ästhetik").

euro 40

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082. Schneemann, Carolee.

Video Burn.

San Francisco: San Francisco Art Institute, 1992.

Trade paperback (US). 24 p, Very good. No dust jacket as issued. As new, with only slight bump to bottom r/h corner of cover.

euro 80

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083. Shiomi, Mieko.

Fluxus Balance.

Np: np, 1993.

Blindstamped portfolio containing 2 sheets loosely inserted in portfolio pockets. a bag with string and weights for adjusting the balance and 68 cards.

- First edition. One of 100 copies signed and numbered by Mieko Shiomi.


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084. Sohm, Hans.

happening & fluxus. materialien. Zusammengestellt von H. Sohm.

Köln: Kölnischer Kunstverein 1970.

Large octavo, un paginated (more then 300 pages), illustrated throughout. Printed black wrappers.

- First edition. Published on the occasion of an exhition held in the Kölnischen Kunstverein, Köln, 6.11.1970-6.1.1971. Loosely laid in a 2 page text by Uwe M. Schneede and Harald Szeemann that was published as part of the introduction to the 'Kölner Katalog- Verzeichnis'.

euro 80

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085. Ross, David A. (introduction)

Southland Video Anthology.

Long Beach: Long Beach Museum of Art,1975.

Small quarto, 44 pages, numerous illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Exhibition June 8 - September 7, 1975. Artiss included: Alan Ackoff, Billy Adler, Dave Anderson, Eleanor Antin, Dede Bazyk, John Baldessari, Lynda Benglis, Chris Burden, Thomas Burton, Sgelly Chamberlain, Brian Connel, Lowell Darling, David Dashiell, Susan Davis, Ken Feingold Charles Frazier, Roberta Friedman, John Gordon, Eileen Griffin, Thomas Jancar, Bryan Jomes, Aan Kaprow, Donals Karwellis, Stanton Kaye, Rodger Klein, John Knight, Lisa Koper, Shigeko Kubato, Suzann Lacy, Willam Leavitt, Jane Logemann, Joan Logue, Fred Lonidier, Bruce Lyon, Cynthia Maughan, Jay McCafferty, Paul McCarthy, Susan Mogul, Bruce Nauman, Tim Owens, Nam June Paik, Michael Portis, Tom Radloff, Raindance, Anthony Ramos, Martha Rosler, Allen Ruppersberg, David Salle, Van Schley, Michael Scroggins, Ilene Segalove, Alan Sekula, Barry Singer, Barbara Smith, Nina Sobel, Philip Steinmetz, Marc Stern, Wolfgang Stoerchle, John Sturgeon, Telethon, Bart Thrall, Michael Tucker, Peter van Riper, William Wegman + James Welling.

euro 60

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086. Spoerri, Daniel - di Maggio, Gino (curator).

Daniel Spoerri from A to Z.

Milano: Fondazione Mudima, 1991.

Quarto, 176 pages, illustrated throughout in black and white and in color. Illustrated stiff wrappers.

- First edition. Published on the occasion of an itinerant exhibition. Includes interwiew by G.C. Politi, lexicon, bio-bibliography + exhibitions lists.

euro 50

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087. Spoerri, D. - Violand-Hobi, H. E.

Daniel Spoerri. Biographie und Werk. Text in German.

München: Prestel, 1998.

Quarto, 144 pages with 170 illustrations of which 76 in color. Illustrated silver colored paper over boards. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition.

euro 40

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088. Spoerri, Daniel.

Anekdotomania. Daniel Spoerri über Daniel Spoerri.

Ostfildern-Ruit: Hatje Cantz 2001.

Small quarto, 304 pages, 167 illustrations of which 74 in color. Blind stamped paper over boards- Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. 'Für Anekdotomania hat Daniel Spoerri seine wichtigsten Texte zusammen­gestellt, die er seit seinen künstlerischen Anfängen um 1950 verfasste, und sie mit aktuellen Schriften bereichert. Das Ergebnis ist ein sehr persön­liches Künstlerbuch mit zahlreichen Anekdoten und Essays, Kochrezepten, biografischen Exkursen sowie Erinnerungen an die vielen Künstler, mit denen ihn einen lebenslange Freundschaft verband, darunter Arman, Joseph Beuys, Niki de Saint Phalle, Dieter Roth und Jean Tinguely.'

euro 30

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089. Steiger, Dominik - Brus, Günter.

Die Schastrommel 12 - Biometrische Texte 1 - 147.

Stuttgart / London/ Reykjavik:Edition Hansjörg Mayer. 1974.

Small quarto, 190 pages, illustrated throughout. Wrapers and title page by Brus. Tiny tear to right side of front wrapper, otherwise fine.

- First edition. One of 500 copies.

euro 150

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090. Tót, Endre.

TóTalJOYS 1971-75.

Genève/Hinwil: Écart Publications/Edition Howeg, 1976.

Oblong quarto, 12 pages, 19 photographic illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of numbered 650 copies.

euro 30

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video art

091. Schneider, Ira - Beryl Korot - Mary Lucier (editors)

Video Art - An Anthology.

New York / London: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1976.

Square thick quarto, 286 pages, Illustrated throughout. Printed wrappers.

- First Edition, 1976. Artists include: Vito Acconici, Ant Farm, Eleanor Antin, John Arvanites, Mary Ashley, John Baldessari, Stephen Beck, Lynda Benglis, Jmes Byrn, Eric Cameron, Peter Campus, David Cort, Douglas Davis, Dimitri Devyatkin, Tom DeWitt, Juan Dwoney, Ed Emshwiller, Bill nad Louisa Etra, John Fleming, Terry Fox, Charles Frazier, Hermine Freed, Dieter Froese, Davidson Gigliotti, Frank Gillete, Joel Glassman, Dan Graham, Ernest Gusella, Julia Heyward, Ralph Hocking, Nancy Holt, Rebecca Horn, Joan Jonas, Daile Kaplan, Beryl Korot, Paul Kos, Jack Krueger and Paula Bar, Shigeko Kubota, Les Levine, Alvin Lucier, Mary Lucier, Andy Mann, Susan Milano, Antonio Muntadas, Dennis Oppenheim, Nam June Paik, Charlemagne Palestine, Tony Ramos, Steve Reich, Bill Ritchie, Lynda Rodolitz, Ire Schneider, Ilene Segalove, Richard Serra, Willoughby Sharp, Michael Snow, Nina Sobel, Keith Sonnier, John Sturgean, Skip Sweeney and Joanne Kelly, Anne Tardos, Ben Tatti, Paul Tschinkel,Woody Vasulka, Bill Viola, Bill Wegman, Bob Wiegand, Ingrid Wiegand, Walter Wright and Jud Yalkut.
Texts – Broadcast and Closed-Circuit Exhibition - by Shigeko Kubato, Rebecca Lawrence, George Bolling, Robert Steams, James Beck, Russel Connor – Commentary – by David Antin, Stephen Beck, Eric Cameron, Douglas Davis, Anne Focke, Pater Frank, Hermine Freed, Davidson Gigliotti, Frank Gilette, John Hanhardt, Wulf Herzogenrath, Bruce Kurtz, David Ross, Willougbhy Sharp, Bill Viola and Ingrid Wieland.

euro 150

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092. Janus (catalogo a cura di)

Videoarte a Palazzo dei Diamanti. Ferrara 1973/1979.

Torino: n.p., 1980.

Square quarto, 159 pages, numerousplates and text illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Exhibition held in the Foyer della Camera di Commercio, Torino aprile 1980. Catalogue divided in 5 sections: I. Gruppo Videoarte (Fabrizio Plessi, Claudio Cintoli, Armando Marocco, Nanda Vigo….) II. Gruppo Vidoregistrazioni. (Cavallini, Chiari, Beckett, Abramoci/Ulay, Demetrio Stratos, Corrado Cosata….); III Videodibatti (Sebastian Matta, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Luigi Veronesi…) IV Videosociale (Rafael Alberti, Empio Malara, Armando Marocco, Vittorio Gobbi…) V Videodidattica (Emilio Vedova, Carla Carra, Jim Dine, Vittorio Guarneri….)

euro 80

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093. Herzogenrath, Wulf (editor).

Videokunst in Deutschland 1963-1982. Videobander, Installationen, Objekte, Performances. Text in German.

Stuttgart:Verlag Gerd Hatje,1982.

Octavo, 320 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Fine.

- First edition. Published on the occasion of an exhibition that travelled through 9 German institutions during 1982-1983. Important catalogue with texts by Herzogenrath, Gerry Schum, Beuys, Nam June Paik, Bazon Brock and presentation of the work of numerous video and performance artists.

euro 60

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094. Vostell, Wolf.

Prager Brot.

Remscheid: VICE-Versand, 1968. A bread with on the top a rectengular cut-out in which a blue bathtub thermometer has been placed. One side of the bread has been painted with a gold colored paint. (26 x 14x 9). Very well conserved.

- First and unlimited edition. Signed by Vostell on the bottom of the bread on an orange colored VICE-versand label. Schmieder writes about the history of this multiple: “Dieses Objekt hat seinen Ursprung in den Ereignissen des August 1968. Feelisch und Vostell sahen beide im Fernsehen die Bilder vom Einmarsch der russischen Truppen in Prag. In vielen Fernsehberichten wurde auch der Widerstand der Bevölkerung gegen den Einmarsch gezeigt, solange die Berichterstattung zu diesem Thema noch möglich war. Einer dieser Berichte zeigte auch einen Blick in eine Prager Bäckerei, in der Brote hergestellt waren, die auf der Oberseite aus zusätzlichem Teig Buchstaben aufgebacken hatten, die dann Worte bildeten wie Dubcek oder das tschechische Wort für Frieden. Beiden, Vostell und Feelisch, war auch das sogenannte „Russische Brot” geläufig, ein Backspezialität aus dunklem Teig, bei Kindern beliebt, die einzelne Buchstaben als Gebäck formte. Auf dem Hintergrund der empörten Gefühle anläßlich des Einmarschs ergab sich der dringende Wunsch Vostells, eine Arbeit zum Thema Tschechoslowakei anzufertigen. Zunächst sollte die Arbeit in Anlehnung an die originalen Prager Brote in Remscheid gefertigt werden, Recherchen Feelisch ergaben jedoch, daß sich keine Bäckerei in der Lage sah, solche Brote mit Buchstaben herzustellen. Als Vostell dies erfuhr, machte er einen Alternativvorschlag: Man solle sich doch einfach handelsübliche Brote besorgen, diese in Anspielung auf den Beinamen Prags als „Goldene Stadt” mit Gold bestreichen und ein Fieberthermometer in die Brote stecken, um zu zeigen, hier kocht etwas, hier ist es heiß. Fieberthermometer, die Zehntelgrad anzeigen, waren jedoch zu teuer, und so griff Feelisch auf die preiswert in großen Stückzahlen zu besorgenden Badethermometer zurück. Die Sorge um das Schicksal der Tschechoslowakei verband sich mit konkreten Befürchtungen für das Wohlergehen der dort lebenden Künstler namentlich Milan Knizäk. Daher lautete der bis heute unpublizierte Untertitel der Arbeit auch „Hommage an Milan Knizäk”.

euro 2.200

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095. Vostell, Wolf.

Vostell Happening & Leben. LD/Luchterhand Typoskript.

Berlin: Luchterhand, 1970.

Thick quarto, 344 pages, including many black and white illustrations. Stiff illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. This copy signed in pencil by Vostell on title page.

euro 180

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096. Vostell, Wolf.

Autopsie eines Happenings. Befragung von Wolf Vostell. (3.) Zeitung der 7. Produzentengalerie.

Berlin: Produzentengalerie, (1972).

Quarto, 24 mimeographed and stapled pages. White printed envelope.

- First edition. Signed by Vostell on envelope.

euro 140

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097. Vostell.

Mania. Zyklus von 40.

Berlin: Galerie van de Loo, 1973.

Quarto, 48 pages, 41 photographic plates. Illustrated stiff wrappers.

- First edition. One of 500 stamped, numbered and signed copies. This copy signed and dated also on title page. The book as an exhibition space takes a rather literal meaning in this book. The full page illustrations are indeed images of the boxes as exhibited in the Galerie van de Loo. Vostell made drawings, erased or glued ob­jects on the photographic background in the boxes. Werner Rhode writes about these boxes in his foreword: „Man konnte … die Ma­nia-Kasten Aufbewahrungsorte fur die Ikonographie des weltweiten Wahnsinns nennen, oder Unheils- Reliquiarien.“

euro 160

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098. Vostell, Wolf (+ Gespräch mit Hans Otte)

4 Elektronische Environments + 1 Happening Pro Musica Nova.

Bremen: Kunsthalle, 1974.

Oblong quarto, 22 pages, 9 full pages illustrations inblack and white. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Catalogue published on the occasion of this performance in the Kunsthalle, Bremen 3 Mai -16 Juni 1974. This copy signed in felt on title page by Vostell.

euro 65

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099. Vostell, Wolf - Jörn Merkert (ed.).

Vostell. Retrospektive 1958 - 1974.

Berlin: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein e. V. / Nationalgalerie Berlin - Staatliche Museen Preußischer Kulturbesitz., 1975.

Oblong quarto, 328 pages, illustrated throughout in color and in black and white. Stiff illustrated wrappers. Fine copy.

- First edition of this catalogue published on the occasion of exhibitions held in the Nationalgalerie Berlin and the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein e. V. Contributions by Wolf Vostell, Wieland Schmied, Achille Bonito Oliva, Jörn Merkert und Astrid and Rainer Wick. With section on Vostells's happenings, environments, films/vido/ manifests + biography and bibliography. This copy signed by Vostell on first title page.

euro 180

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100. Vostell, Wolf.

Wolf Vostell. Introductions by Eugen Thiemann, Wieland Schmied and Carl-Albricht Haenlein.

Hannover: Kestner-Gesellschaft, 1977.

Square octavo, 183 pages, illustrated throughout. Stiff printed wrappers. Very good copy.

- First edition of this catalogue of an exhibition held in the Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund, from February 24 - April 24, 1977, the, Hannover from May 12 – June 19 1977and in the Centro Miro Barcelona, Barcelona in October 1977. This copy signed in pencil on title page by Vostell.

euro 50

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101. Vostell, Wolf.

25 Jahre Zeichnungen 1952 - 1976.

Dortmund: Museum am Ostwall 1977.

Quarto, 183 pages, illustrated throughout in black and white. Illustrated colored wrappers.

- First edition. Catalogue published on the occasion of an exhibition held in the Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund (24.2.-24.4.1977) - Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hannover (12.5.-19.6.1977) and the Centro Miro, Barcelona (Oktober 1977). This copy signed by Vostell on title page.

euro 80

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102. Vostell, Wolf - Ohff, Heinz.

Meine Susse Augenweide…

Berlin: Galerie Ars Viva, 1979.

Small square quarto, (45 pages), illustrated throughout.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies. Exhibition held from 9/9 – 3 11 1979. With sections - hamlet - jesus – muerto – fluxus + interview with Vostell. Signed on first free endpaper by Vostell and with stamp of the “Happening Archive Berlin – Malpartida de caceres”.

euro 40

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103. Vostell, Wolf - Heyme, Hansgünther.

Shakespeare: Hamlet. Inszenierung H. Heyme - Medienkonzept, Bühnenbild, Kostüm-verfremdung W. Vostell - Fotos Stefan Odry, David Vostell.

Köln: Schauspiel Köln, 1978/79.

Octavo, 119 pages, illustrated throughout with many fold out plates + interleaves with text printed on vellum. Stiff illustrated wrappers. The first three pages loose, but in fine condition. Overall a fine copy of this fragile and beautifully produced book.

- First edition. Loosely laid in the program leaflet of the Cologne performance. Signed also by Vostell on first title page.

euro 120

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104. Vostell, Wolf.

Garten der Lüste. Introduction by Peter H. Schiller + reproduced text by Hans Ohff (orig. published in Der Tagesspiegel).

Berlin: Ars Viva, 1981.

Square octavo, 116 pages with numerous illustrations in color and in black and white.

- First edition. The book reproduces the following very sensitive and sensual drawing groups: Fluxus Zug Projekte; Die Engel I; Die Engel II; Endogene Depression; TV – Butterfly; Die Phoenizierinnen; Joana La Loca and Sibiria Extremena. Presentation copy signed and dated in 1982.

euro 80

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105. Vostell, Wolf - Heyme, Hansgünther.

Hamlet Phönizierinnen. Württembergisches Staatstheater Stuttgart.

Stuttgart: Druckhaus Münster. 1982.

Quarto, 158 pages, numerous plates. Illustrated cloth with silver and gold printed titles.

- First edition of this publication with images of Heyme + Vostell's Hamlet + Die Phönizierinnen (Jochen Berg). This copy signed by Heyme + Vostell on first free endpaper.

euro 100

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106. Vostell, Wolf.

Vostell und Berlin. Leben und Werk 1971-1981.

Berlin: DAAD, 1982.

Octavo, 196 pages, illustrated throughout, interleaved with images printed on vellum. Stiff illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies. This copy inscribed, signed and dated (7.5.02) by Vostell on title page on the occasion of the Pro Nova festival held in Bremen.

euro 60

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107. Watts, Robert.

6 postcards.

Tokyo: gallery 360' / the estate of Robert Watts, n.d. (2002).

Small printed portfolio containing 6 colored postcards after works by Robert Watts + short biographical information. In transparent plastic pouch.

euro 20

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108. Williams, Emmett.


Berlin:Rainer Verlag, 1983.

Quarto, 141 pages text printed on the right hand side and 141 drawings on left hand side. Red brown linen with printed spine. Acetate wrappers with printed title.

- First edition. One of 130 numered and signed copies.

euro 420

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