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001. Alinovi, Francesca, Renato Barilli, Jane Bell, Rosella Bonfiglio and Pamela Zulli.

PER/FOR/MANCE. Settimana delle Performance Art americana. Text in English and Italian.

Firenze: Teatro Affratellamento, 1980.

Large square octavo, 97 pages, 33 photographic plates. Illustrated wrappers. Smaal tape residu to left top of front wrapper, otherwise fine.

- First editon of this catalogue published on the occasion of a week organised from march 1-6 in the Teatro Affratellamento. Participating artists: Laurie Anderson, Chris Burden, Julia Heyard, Paul McCarthey, Richard Newton and Martha Wilson & Disband. Short biography + performance list for each artist.

euro 60

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002. Andersen, Eric.

182550 - 182949 / 1st, August 1971 - ∞ by Eric Andersen.

Cardboard box (31,5 x 22,5 x 1,2 cm) containing 15 piecec of printed matter in different sizes.incl. publications, , 50 copies,

Berlin: Edition Hundertmark, 1971. Two edges of carboard top damaged, otherwise fine.

- First edition. One of 50 copies.

euro 200

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hundertmark artists books


Artist's Books. (Hundertmark)

Berlin/Köln: Edition Hundertmark, (1976-1982). Card board slip case containing ten booklets by the following authors/artists:

Bernhard Johannes Blume (16 pages, 1 of 80 numbered and signed copies),
Claus Böhmler (28 pages, 1 of 300 signed copies),
Rudolf Bonvie (16 pages, 1 of 80 numbered and signed copies),
Henri Chopin (16 pages, 1 of 500 signed copies),
Hansen, Al (16 pages, 1 of 500 copies),
Jones, Joe (16 pages, 1 of 80 numbered and signed copies),
Maciunas, George (32 pages, 1 of 500 copies),
Pick, Peter (16 pages, one of 80 numbered and signed copies),
Tót, Endre (16 pages, 1 of 80 numbered and signed copies - 2nd edition),
Valoch, Jiri (16 pages, 1 of 300 copies).

- except for Tót's booklet, all first editions.

euro 450

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004. Ben (Ben Vautier) 'BEN DOUTE DE TOUT'

A collection of 8 early postcards by Ben Vautier. All postcards 10,5 x 14 cm except for II BEN DECLARE.. which measures 7,5 x 12,7 cm.


'Depuis que dada a décrété que TOUT EST ART. l'idée est art… BEN 1967.' on reverse side: 'BEN DOUTE DE TOUT (Art Total-Fluxus)' + address etc.


'La Galerie BEN DOUTE DE TOUT présente: Le Samedi 10 Janvier 1070, IGLOO (idée de Jean MASSE)...'

'le 8 mars 1970, a 7 h 30 du matin, est né François Malabar Vautier….' on reverse side: 'BEN DOUTE DE TOUT (Art Total-Fluxus)' + address etc.

'durant le mois de juin 1970 je vais opposer dans plusieurs endroits différents… ' (printed on one side)

'si vous désirez être régulièrement tenu au courant de nos activités,…' (this card with on the rear a 'what to list' in Ben's handwriting (marker) : assurance sociales / tel. maison des artistes….etc.)

'A LA FENETRE. Noëlle Tissier - Du 20 juillet au 6 Aout 1973.' (this card with on the rear in Ben's handwriting (pencil) Paris Valois →Lelon →Templon→)

ben i declare ben depuis

ben de la prehistoire ben igloo

ben le 8 mars ben durant

ben si vus desirez ben a a fenetre

euro 300


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005. Ben (Vautier)

a little book of Ben.

Stuttgart: Albrecht D. Reflection Press, n.d..

Dueodecimo, un paginated, (32 pages entirely in photocopy). Self wrappers.

- First edition. Edition size unknown.

euro 40

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beuys italien

006. Beuys, Joseph.

Joseph Beuys: Spuren in Italien. Introduction by Martin Kunz.

Luzern: Kunstmuseum Luzern 1979.

Quarto, un paginated, black and white + color illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Prints: “Gespraech mit Joseph Beuys", the article ‘Christus Kreuz und Braunkreuz and reproduces in the rear in photolithograph the "Braunkreuz-serie".

euro 80

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007. Beuys, Joseph. Jorg Schellmann (editor).

Joseph Beuys: Die Multiples. Werkverzeichnis Der Auflagenobjekte und Druckgraphik.

Munchen/ New York: Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH/ Edition Schellmann, 1992.

Thick quarto, 592 pages, 860 illustrations of which 320 in color. Grey printed cloth. Illustrated wrappers. Near mint.

- Seventh revised edition. Added: a one page original pricelist form Galerie Schellmann from around 1970, listing 14 items (...Intuition 8 dm, 'filzanzug' 1200 dm..) + a one page pricelist from 1977/78 with 6 stapled leaves with detailed descriptions of 6 of the 16 Beuys items listed in the pricelist.

euro 300

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008. Beuys, Joseph - Lucrezia De Domizio Durini.

Joseph Beuys: The Art Of Cooking. Text in Italian and English.

Milano: Edizioni Charta, 1999.

Quarto, 208 pages, 335 black and white illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Photographs by Buby Durini.

euro 100

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009. Blume, Bernhard Johannes


Köln: Self published, (1971)

Quarto, un paginated (20 pages), illustrated in black and white + one double page printed in green. Stiff illustrated wrappers.

- First edition.

euro 120

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010. Boehmer, Konrad.

Neue Wege elektronischen Komponierens 14 I 66.

Düsseldorf: Asta der staatlichen Kunstakademie, 1967.

Small square duodecimo, with photographic portrait of Boehmer and a double page reproduction of his sheet music. Purple colored wrappers with circular cut out. Fine

- First edition.

euro 25

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011. Böhmler, Claus.

Blätter fur Licht- und Tonbilder.

Hamburg: Produzentengalerie, 1981.

Large folio, un-paginated (176 pages), 100 illustrations, being photocopies in black and white line drawings by Böhmler. White glossy wrappers and illustrated vellum dust wrappers with a reproduction of a drawing by Böhmler.

- First edition. One of 20 numbered and signed copies. Loosely laid in a folded sheet that contains two text pages by Jurgen Vorrath, with an introduction to the exhibition and this accompanying publication. (glasmeier nr. 078)

euro 350

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bohmler maler

012. Böhmler, Claus.

Der Maler P. par Claude Boehmler.

Berlin: Wiens Verlag, 1999.

Transparent plastic box (2,5 x 21,8 x 15,8) containing colophon page + 1 booklet,(16 pages +7 illustrations)+ 1 CD.

- First edition. Numbered copy, signed in pencil by Böhmler(Auflage nach bedarf). The booklet prints a 1 page text by Susanne Weiß.

euro 40

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bohmler ablesen

013. Böhmler, Claus.

über das Ablesen von Farben.

Berlin: Wiens Verlag, 1999

Transparent plastic box (2,5 x 21,8 x 15,8) containing colophon page + 1 booklet, (6o pages + text illustrations) 1 CD + 1 toy harmonica.

- First edition. Numbered copy, signed in pencil by Böhmler(Auflage nach bedarf).

euro 40

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014. Brecht, George - Robert Filliou. 

Games at the Cedilla, Or the Cedilla Takes Off.

New York: Something Else Press, 1967.

Octavo, unpaginated, numerous illustrations. White cloth with red and black printed spine. Original printed wrappers. Wrappers discolored toward spine, otherwise fine.

- First edition. One of 1945 copies. ‘This book is a selective distillate of the notebooks kept by George Brecht and Robert Filliou, the one an American artist and scientist (in whose name there are a number of industrial patents at Washington, D.C.) and the second a southern French sceptic, Robert Filliou, among whose other credits are work on the United Nations white paper on the post-Korean War economic recovery for South Korea and also other economic theses, as well as various uniquely reputed poems, plays, art exhibitions and rev­olutionary exploits. The Cedilla it­self is la Cedille qui Sourit, a shop they operate at Villefranche-sur-mer on the cote d'azure where small works of avant-garde art are sold along with postcards, jewelry (by Donna Jo Brewer/Jones) and all kinds of things which do or do not have a cedilla in their (French) name. And at the Cedilla the notebooks are kept, as the researches are devel­oped, in the manner appropriate to the investigations, with a bottle of either the cheapest pleasant wine or the pleasantest cheap wine, depend­ing upon the occasion. In this way that dread disease to all artists, humorlessitis, is prevented from ap­pearing, and the artists involved (and the others too) remain in good aesthetic health.” (from the back flap).

euro 200

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015. Brecht, George.

The Book of the Tumbler on Fire. Twenty Footnotes to Volume I.

Köln: Galerie Rudolf Zwirner Cologne, 1969.

Octavo,  8 pages, 2 plates. Wrappers with the Z of Galerie Zwirner on front wrapper.

- First edition. The booklet presents  Chapter 14 of The Book of the Tumbler on Fire 'that presents 20 works from a total of 35 footnotes from Volume 1.' Henri Martin writes in An Introduction to George Brecht's Book of the Tumbler on Fire: " Most of George Brecht's objects belong to a continuing and ever-growing collection of works he calls The Book of the Tumbler on Fire, begun in 1964, but later retroactively expanded to include works from as early as 1962. Brecht tells us, «I was thinking of doing a construction which would have consisted of a faucet attached to a white porcelin tank, perhaps like the water reservoir of a toilet. The idea was that when the tap was turned on, fire would come out of it instead of water. At the same time I was doing a series of boxes (such as those used for presenting dead butterflies) containing various small objects, which I had been calling "exhibits." It then occured to me that these boxes, being relatively flat, were like "pages," implying a "book ." This idea became uer and uer until I found myself looking for a book title. The " fire-faucet" came to mind, and through a series of associations the ultimate title became fixed."

euro 80

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016. Brecht, George - Hermann Braun - Wolfgang Feelisch.

Fluxkit Null (Fluxnullkit).

Berlin: Edition Hundertmark, 1978.

Cardboard box with title label that contains text-sticker, containing a 2 page reproduced text by George Brecht and Hermann Braun about The Null Propeller; a 2 page reproduced handwritten letter from Hermann Braun to George Brecht;one copy of a handwritten letter (Braunn's handwriting) about Testkorper für Ferro fluxprüfungen; 2 folded pages with reproduced drawings; one reproduced drawing with on three sides an 3 attached drawings; a 4 page photocopy that informs about Deutro fluxgeräte; and 9 reproduced pages from Tiedes K9 "Testkörper fur magnetverprüfungen " + one colophon page. Mint.

- First edition. One of 200 hand numbered and signed copies. Signed by George Brecht, HermannBraun and Wolfgang Feelisch.

"Es wird oft gefragt: "Wer ist Fluxus und wer ist nicht Fluxus?", und "Wohin geht Fluxus?". In diesem Karton finden Sie alle Hintergrund-Materialien und Erklärungen, die Sie brauchen, um diese wichtigen Fragen zu "beantworten:

(1) "FLUXEN", Oder (unsere neue) "HOMAGNA-FLUX- RAUMZEITVERHäLTNISPRUFUNG" . Studieren Sie die theoretischen und praktischen Einlagen, dann die nötigen Geräte zur Hand und Sie kon- nen selber bestimmen ob ein gewisser Jemand "Fluxus" ist Oder nicht!

(2) "DER NULL-PROPELLER" . Siehe beiliegenden Text. Sie werden sehen wohin FLUXUS führt!

euro 500

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017. Brecht, George - Martin, Henry.

Conversazione con George Brecht / A Conversation with George Brecht. Parte Prima: Mai cambiare niente. Che i cambiamenti accadano. Einfallen. Es fällt mir ein. Parte Seconda: Mai dire mai. / Part One: Never change anything. Let changes fall in. Einfallen. Es fällt mir ein. Part Two: Never say never. 

Bologna: exit edizioni 1979.

Octavo, 55 pages printed on different colored stock. printed wrappers.

- First edition. One of 700 copies. "This text was prepared at the request of the Bern Kunsthalle and results from a conversation that was taped in George Brecht's appartment in Köln on June 24 and June 25, 1978.'

euro 60

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brus trunkene

018. Brus, Günter.

Trunkene Triebe, Zeichnungen 1983.

Dusseldorf: Galerie Heike Curtze, 1983.

Quarto, un paginated 25 color (one fold out) black and white reproductions. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 1500 copies. Signed G. Brus on title page.

euro 80

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brus wundharmonika

019. Brus, Günter.

Die Wundharmonika.

Eindhoven: Van Abbemuseum, 1984.

Oblong quarto, un paginated (36 pages), reproducing text + drawings in black and white. Brown blind stamped cloth.

- First edition. One of 500(100) copies.

euro 80

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brus ausblick

020. Brus, Günter.

Der Ausblick. Zeichnungen 1985 - 1986.

Dusseldorf: Galerie Heike Curtze, 1986.

Quarto, un paginated 32 color (one fold out) black and white reproductions. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 1200 copies. Signed by Brus on title page.

euro 80

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brus rainer vertiefung

021. Brus, Günter.

Arnulf Rainer. Vertiefung mit Bewölkung.

Dusseldorf / Wien: Hamburger Kunsthalle und der Galerie Heike Curtze, 1986.

Quarto, 144 pages, 104 color illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Texts by Werner Hofmann, Eckhard Schaar, Arnulf Meifert, Lucie Schauer. Signed G.Brus on first title page and signed by Arbulf Rainer + Brus on title page.

euro 120

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brus uberblick

022. Brus, Günter.

Der überblick.

Salzburg: Residenz Verlag, 1986.

Quarto, 163 pages, 99 illustrations in black and white and in color. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Texts by Günter Brus, Arnulf Meifert, Dieter Ronte, Gerhard Roth, Peter Weibel. Signed by Brus on first title page.

euro 100

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023. Brus, Günter.

Weisser Wind.

Klagenfurt: Ritter Verlag, 1995.

Quarto, 72 pages, numerous colored illustrations of drawings by Brus. Book glued into printed paper over boards cover.

- First edition. One of 450 copies. Signed in pencil by Günter Brus. Published on the occasion of an exhibition held in the Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt in 1995.

euro 180

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024. Chiari, Giuseppe.

Musica Madre.

Milano: Giampaolo Prearo, 1973.

Quarto, 136 pages printed on different colored stock (with on the yellowish stock the Italian and on the greenish stock the English text), 6 illustrations. Printed wrappers. Wrappers slightly soiled.

- First edition. Text in Italian and English

euro 80

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025. Chiari, Giuseppe.


Brescia: Banco / Nuovi Strumenti, 1974.

Octavo, un paginated (80 pages), numerous photographic plates. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition.

euro 65

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026. Chiari, Giuseppe - Claudio Cerritelli.
Il Giuoco Dei 10 Nomi. Platone, Aristotele, Agostino, Tommaso D'Aquino, Galileo, Cartesio, Leibniz, Newton, Kant, Hegel.

Reggio Emilia: Edizioni Echo 1990.

Folio, 126 pages + portrait photograph in frontispiece + 4 photographic Illustrations. Printed wrappers.

- First edition. One of 100 copies with an original stamped work (in black, red, green and blue), signed and numbered by Giuseppe Chiari. Prints interview between Chiari + Cerritelli in English and Italian.

euro 180

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four suits

027. Corner, Philip - Knowles, Alison - Patterson, Benjamin - Schmit, Tomas.

The Four Suits.

New York/Paris/Cologne: Something Else Press, 1965.

Large quarto, xvi +191 pages, numerous illustrations. Off white printed cloth + original mylar. Tiny tears to corners of mylar, otherwise fine.

- First edition.

euro 60

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028. Cunningham, Merce -  Frances Star (editor)

Changes: Notes on Choreography. 

New York: Something Else Press, 1968.

Small quarto, un-paginated, illustrated throughout. Off-white cloth. Illustrated wrappers. Very fine copy. 

- First edition. One of the most extraordinary designed books by the Something Else Press.

euro 300

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E.A. (E.u.E.O.u.E.) Electronic Art. Elektronische und elektrische Objekte und Environments. Neon Objekte. Kalender 69

Düsseldorf: Verlag Kalender, 1969.

Octavo, unpaginated (116 pages printed on heavy stock), numerous illustrations in black and white and in color. Black printed wrappers and black cloth taped spine. Mint.

- First edition. One of 500 copies. With work by Nam June Paik, Charlotte Moorman, Wolf Vostell, Maurizio Kagel, Markus Raetz, Hans Joachim Dietrich and Bruce Nauman (electric and electronic objects and environments) and neon objects'' by Bruce Nauman, Keith Sonnier, Richard Serra, Mario Merz and Neil Jenney.

euro 200

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030. Filliou, Robert – Georges Brecht.

La Cedille Qui Sourit.

Eine ausstellung in drei teilen/An exhibition in Three Parts/ Une exposition en trois parties.

Mönchengladbach : Städtisches Museum, 1969.

Oversized match box ( 16,4 x 20,6 x 2.1 cm) containing a smaller matchbox with 4 metal ‘cédilles‘ (hooks) , 19 file cards printed on white and yellow colored stock; a 24 pages text, stapled and printed on green stock with Brecht’s ‘vorspiel zum cedille’; a 16 page stapled and illustrated booklet + a 8 page text stapled on green stock entitled ‘la cedilla qui sourit’. A fine copy of this carefully produced catalogue.

- First edition. One of 440 numbered copies. Introduction by Johan Cladders, who writes about the exhibition that took place from june 18 – july 27 1969: ... ‘Die Kunst des „Cedille” bedarf weitgehend der Mitschöpferschaft. Für die Zeit in Villefranche lassen sich Autor und Co-Autor jeweils kaum trennen. In den Notizbüchern wechseln die Handschriften von Brecht und Filliou, an der Verwirklichung von Werken beteiligen! sich auch noch andere Hände. Freiwillig oder unfreiwillig; denn nicht Art und Weise des Zustandekommens von Beziehungen sind entscheidend, sondern das, was Relationen auslöst. Relationen überspannen das Leben wie ein Netzwerk. Auslösbarkeiten finden sich also in unendlicher Zahl, zeitlich und räumlich unbegrenzt. Sie sind der Gegenstand des „Eternal Network”, des „Fete Permanente”, des „Ständigen Geschehens”.‘ Cladders ends his introduction: ‘Unter diesen Voraussetzungen ergeben sich (..) keine Formprobleme. Sie stellen sich von der Sache her nicht. Die „Dokumente” dieser Ausstellung, Briefe, Plakate, Notizzettel usw. sind daher so wichtig wie die „Werke” auch, die sich in vielen Fällen sogar ausdrücklich als Dokumente verstanden wissen möchten.’

euro 1.250

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031. Filliou, Robert.

Lehren und Lernen als Auffuehrungskuenste / Teaching and Learning as Performance Arts.

Köln/new York: Verlag Gebr. Koenig, 1970.

Oblong quarto, 228 pages, illustrated. Brown illustrated and printed wrapper, Spiral bound. Very fine.

- First edition. Unter Mitwirkung von/ with the participation of John Cage, George Brecht, Dorothy Iannone, Allen Kaprow, Marcelle, Diter Rot, Benjamin Patterson, Vera, Bjössi, Karl Rot and Joseph Beuys. With: 3 examples of action poetry; collective poem (1963) for Rafael Jesus Soto, and in Chapter I: Reflections on the working of the system; Robert Filliou’s Whispered art history; l’Autrisme (action-manifest). Chapter II : The governmental sculpture. Chapter lll: the artistic proposition. Interviews with John Cage/ Allen Kaprow/ Benjamin Patterson/George Brecht/Diter Rot/Dorothy Iannone/Joseph Beuys. Chapter IV Doing it yourselves.       

euro 250

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032. Filliou, Robert.


München: Galerie Buchholz, 1973.

Quarto, 12 pages, 15 illustrations (wrappers included). Illustrated wrappers. Slightly soiled, but still very good

- First editon of this invitation for an exhition held from may 8 - june 16 1973.

euro 60

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033. Filliou. Robert.

Der 1.000.010. Geburtstag der Kunst 17. Januar 1973. Text in german, French and English.

Aachen: Neue Galerie Stadt Aachen, 1973.

Quarto size portfolio containing 52 leaves, printed on both sides. A near fine copy.

- First edition. With Robert Filliou's 'whispered art history', many reproduced documents, photographs all related to the party held on january 17 1973 in the Neue Galerie.

euro 120

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filliou gibson

034. Filliou, Robert.

Robert Filliou: Telepathic Music. N° 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (1976).

Announcement card. (10.2x15.3 cm) for exhibit at the John Gibson Galleryon Broadway that took place from May 1-29, 1976. with rubber stamp "Principle of Equivalence - Permanent Creation".

euro 50

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035. Filliou, Robert.

Robert Filliou zum Gedächtnis 1926-1987. Herausgegeben von Hans-Werner Schmidt.

Düsseldorf: Städtische Kunsthalle , 6. August - 11. September 1988.

Small quarto, 149 pages, illustrated throughout in black and white and in color. Printed wrappers with little square aluminum paper pasted on. Slight rubbing towards edges.

- First edition. Presentation copy signed 'Jürgen' (being Jürgen H. Meyer) Texts by Robert Filliou, Wolfgang Becker, Rene Blok, Johannes CLadders,Wolfgang Feelisch, Jürgen H. Meyer, Daniel Spoerri, Emmett Williams and others.

euro 80

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036. Filliou, Robert.

Le siege des idees. Analyse logique de Edwige Regenwetter.

Bruxelles / Hamburg: Edition Lebeer Hossmann, 1977. Narrow octavo, 27 pages printed only on the right hand page. Printed wrappers. Very fine.

- First edition. One of 900 (925) hand numbered copies.

euro 120

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037. Filliou, Robert.

Mister Blue from Day- to- Day.

Hamburg: Edition Lebeer Hossmann, 1983.

Oblong quarto, un paginated, 26 pages, 15 illustrations. Blue wrappers with printed title label.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies. Drawings by Dieter Roth, Stefan Wewerka, Björn Roth, Jan Voss, Emil Schult and Andre Thomkins. Text in German and Englisch. (Glasmeier 020)

euro 40

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038. Palazzoli, Daniela (introduction)

Fotomedia. Die Erfahrungen Italienischer Künstler im Umgang mit Foto und Videotape.

Dortmund: Museum am Ostwall 1974.

Quarto, 75 pages, illustrated throughout. Numerous illustrations. Perforated printed wrappers. Wrappers by Bruno Di Bello.

- First edition. Exhibited works by  Agnetti, Di Bello, Bertini, Mariani, Paolini, Parmiggiani, Patella, La Rocca, Schifano, Tagliaferro and Vaccari.
euro 40

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039. Fricker, H.R.

I AM A NETWORKER (SOMETIMES) Mail Art und Tourism im Network der 80er Jahre.

St. Gallen: Verlag Vexer, (1989).

Small folio, 125 pages, 122 illustrations in black and white and in color. Stiff white wrappers. Illsutrated wrappers. Small repaired tear to top of rear wrapper, otherwise fine.

- First edition. One of 90 copies, numbered and signed on title page (of a total edition of 1000 copies)+ loosely laid in an envelope with pasted on original stamps, numbered and signed on the lower edge in pencil. The envelope contains a folded sheet with the text ‘damned to be a tourist’ ….printed in red and blue. Exhibition from july 2 – august 28, 1989.

euro 260

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040. Goetze, Jochen - Klaus Staeck – Jochen Gerling. intermedia '69.

Heidelberg: Edition Tangente, 1969.

Quarto, 169 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. 1,5 inch tear in last page, otherwise fine.

- First edition of this catalogue published on the occasion of the Intermedia exhibition held in Heidelberg from 16.05 - 22.06.1969. Agentzia (Bory, Gerz, Mohn), Altorjay, Bueys, Brehmer,Christo, Dibbets, Filliou, Higgins, Knizak, Palermo, Pistoletto, Uecker, Vautier, Verheyen and others.

euro 60

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041. Gosewitz, Ludwig.

Knud Pedersen, der Kampf gegen die Bürgermusik.

Köln: Michael Werner, 1973.

Small duodecimo, 172 pages, one illustration in frontispiece. Wrappers with pasted on, titled label.

- First German edition. The first Danish edition Kampen mod Borgermusikken, was first published in Copenhagen in 1968. This book translated by Ludwig Gosewitz, together with Knud Pedersen and has been completed with an index, compiled by Christoph Nierth.

euro 70

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042. Hansen, Al. 

A Primer of Happenings & Time / Space Art.

York: Something Else Press, 1965.

Octavo, 145 pages, numerous illustrations. Blue cloth with gold printed spine. Original illustrated dust wrappers.

- First edition.

euro 80

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043. Have, Henrik.


N.p.: Edition After Hand, 1977.

Black card board box (3,8 x 23,8 x 17,5) with printed title label pasted on, containing one wooden board with oval stamp and more then 150 printed text pages (mostly one line, or just one or a few words), and approximately 10 pages with reproduced images.

- First edition. One of 150 numbered, dated copies, signed in pencil by Henrik Have.

euro 140

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044. Higgins, Dick.

Classic Plays. Text in Englsich and French.

New York: Unpublished Editions, 1976.

Octavo, 4 + xlvii pages, Illustrated wrappers. Tiny dent to bottom right corner.

- First edition.

euro 30

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045. Hutchins, Alice.

Magnetic Attractions.

Koln: Edition Hundertmark, 1993 (136th box-edition).

Plastic box with transparent top (2 x 9,2 x 14,2) that contains an oblong folded card (8,5 x 12,5 - folded) representing an image at the court of Queen Elizabeth. On the inside of the card is a little magnet that holds approximately 10-15 little washers on the front of the card.

- First edition. One of 40 titled, numbered and signed copies. With a handwritten text y Alice Hutchins, commenting on the image reproduced on the front of the folded card: ‘In 1600 William Gilbert of Colchester demonstrates Magnetic attraction to Queen Elizabeth at her court'.

euro 180

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046. Le Groupe Imact  - Henri Barbier, Serge Marendaz, Jean Otth, Jean Cl. Schauenberg.

Impact Art Video Art 74 – 8 jours video.

Lausanne; Musée des arts décoratifs de la Ville de Lausanne, 1974.

Loose - leaf portfolio containing approximately 150 pages, illustrated throughout. Front wrapper of portfolio lightly sunned.

- First edition. Published on the occasion of the – 8 jours video. Manifestation. Contributing artists: Vito Acconci, Vincenzo Agnetti, Gianno Colombo, Eric Andersen, Eleanor Antin, Mike Barnard/David Green, Rene Baumeister, Christian Boltanski, Trisha Brown, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Groupe Cap, Center of Art an Communication. Third World Editions CAYC, Giuseppe Chiari, Andrea Daminos, Douglas Davis, Tom Dean, Dimitri Devyatkine, Antonio Dias, Nusa Dragan & Sreco, Don Druick, Bill Atra & Louise, Valie Export, Luciano Fabro, Herve Fischer, Fred Forest, Simone Forte, Jochen Gerz, Luciano Giaccari, Paul Goede, Dan Graham, William Gwin/Warner Jepson, Bruce W Hale, Ron Hayes, David et Hompson, peter Hutchinson, Taka Iiumura, Norio Imai, Sanj Ivekovic, Warner Jepson/William Roarty/William Rosenquist, Joan Jonas, Maurizio Nannucci, Allan Kaprow, Ku-lim Kim, Jannis Kounellis, Shikego Kubota, Jun Kwak Duck, Suz Lacy, Richard Landry, Barbara & Michael Leisgen, Jacques Lennep, Les Levine, Jacues Lizene, Niels Lomholt, Urs Luthi, Renato Meastri, Andy Mann, Dalibor Marinis, Mario Merz, Gerald Minkoff, Missin Link, Antonio Muntadas, Muriel Olesen, Denis Oppenheim, Jean Oth, Nam June Paik, Charlemagne Palestine, Luca Patella, Romano Feli, Norman Perryman/Emile Ellberger,, Alberto, Pirelli, Yovonne Rainer, William Roarty.Don Hallock, Martha Rosler, Eric Salzman, Sarkis, Helmut Schweizer, Allen Sekula, William Gary Smith, Francoise Sullivan, Skip Sweeny, Tape, Francesc Torres/ Ribe Angels, Janos Urban, Woody Vasulka & Steina, Bill Vazan, Nill Viola, Wolf Vostell, Peter Weibel + Frank Gilette.  Text in French, Englisch and Italian.

euro 400

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047. Johnson, Ray - John Willenbecher.

Ray Johnson - John Willenbecher.

New York: Between Books, (1977).

Quarto, 20 pages, illustrated  throughout. Stiff illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Reproduces mail art pieces by Ray Johnson + texts by Bil Wilson and John Willenbecher.

euro 50

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048. Johnson, Ray.
Ray Johnson.

New York: Between Books (1977).

Quarto, un paginated (16 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Front and rear cover photographs of Johnson by Toby Spiselman. Inlcudes texts + reproduced works by Johnson + several texts by Bill Wilson.

euro 50

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jones five bells

049. Jones, Joe.

Five Bells.

Berlin: Edition Hundertmark, 1982.

Quarto, 20 pages, 7 illustrations. Ilustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 500 copies.

euro 30

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050. Pontus Hulten (introduction) - Jorge Glusberg (text)

Journées interdisciplinaires sur l'art corporel et performances.  centre national d'art et de culture georges pompidou - / centre d;art et communication de buenos aires.

Paris: Musée National d'Art Moderne. 1979.

Quarto, un paginated, 54 pages, 27 plates. Printed black wrappers.

- First edition. One of 3000 copies. Manifestation held  from 15 - 18 february,1979. Contributing critics: Gregory buttock, germane celant, Gillo Dorfles, Jorge Glusberg, Otto Hahn, Abraham Moles, Akain Sayag, J.P. van Tieghem, Lea Vergine……Contributing artists: Vito Acconci. Giuseppe Chiari, Benni Efrat, Fred Forest, Jochen Gerz, Les Levine, Bruxe Mc Lean, Mario Merz, Antonio Muntadas, Dennis Oppenheim, Nam June Piak, Valie Export….Text in French

euro 60

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051. Kaprow, Allan.

Allan Kaprow. Activity-Dokumente 1968-1976.

Bremen: Kunsthalle Bremen, 1967.

Octavo, 28 pages, 24 illustrations. Printed black wrappers.

- First edition. Published on the occasion of an exhibition held from may 2 – May 23, 1976.

euro 20

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052. Kaprow, Allan.

geschichten, happening - und activity – dokumente 1956-1986.

Dortmund: Museum am Ostwall, 1986.

Oblong quarto, 152 pages (text printed on grey stock), numerous photographic plates. Decorated corrugated boards, secured with two screw bolts.

- First edition. Numbered copy (edition not known). Contributions by Milan Knizak, Jaques Lebel, Robert Morgan, Pierre Restany. Photographic contributions by Eric Andersch, Ken Heymann , Dick Higgins, Peter J. Moore, and others.

euro 150

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