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001. Hagen, Charles (editor)

Afterimage. A Publication of the Visual Studies Workshop. Volume 7, numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10. (7 issues in total)

Rochester: The Visual Studies Workshop, October 1979 - May 1980. Published monthly except June, July and August. Published as a small folded tabloid.

Volume 7. Number 3. October 1979. 24 pages. Summary: Camden conference looks at "The Published Photograph" by Elizabeth Lindquist-Cock; Arles 79: Ten years of "Les “rencontres internationales" by Estelle Jussim ; A Flaherty celebration by Marita Sturken; Film and video in the Whitney Biennial by Deirdre Boyle; "Attitudes": Surveying the 70s by Hal Fischer . CORRESPONDENTS: New Mexico: Work by women "outside the mainstream" by Meridel Rubenstein; Washington: Photography at the Corcoran by James Casse. REVIEWS: Light Reading and Photography & Fascination(reviewed by James Kaufmann); 'The Champion Pig (reviewed by Maren Stange); Jerry McMillan(reviewed by James Hugunin).

Number 4. November 1979. 20 pages. Summary: Center Builds a Photography Archive in Tucson by Jan Zita Grover; CAPS Videotapes: Wegman, Kolpan, Hocking, Hill, Lucier; Jack Fulton's Puns and Anagrammatic Photographs by Van Deren Coke; The Rigors of Business: Mathew Brady's Photography in Political Perspective by Jennifer Todd. REVIEWS. 1O NEWS. Living in L.A. by James Hugunin; A Yank at Oxford by David Reed.

Number 5. December 1979. 20 pages. Summary: Siskind honored at Northeast SPE by David Trend; In New Haven, art meets sociology by Catherine Lord; American Studies conference: Lots of smoke, some fire by James Kaufmann; Linda Connor: Solos and landscapes. Reviews by Dana Asbury and James Hugunin; Film und Foto, 1929: Towards a language of silent film by Jan-Christopher Horak; Jane Wenger: The dialectics of sexuality by Carole Harme. REVIEWS: Alfred—the Great? by David L. Jacobs; From formal to family by Anthony Bannon; Nevadaby Sally Eauclaire; Heroic journey by Jeanne Riley Forstenzer.

Number 6. January 1980. 20 pages. Summary: NEA announces photography fellowships for 1980 by Charles Hagen; Whitney film conference: back to the beginning by Scott MacDonald; Edward Steichen: always modern, always traditional by Anthony Bannon; Women and photography: some thoughts on assembling an exhibition by Catherine Lord; Art between the covers by Adam Weinberg; New electronic technology: and for whom by Peter Mitchell; Doherty resigns as Eastman House director by Charles Hagen.

Number 7. February 1980. Summary: It was video, video, video at Athens Festival by Deidre Boyle; James Byrne's video environments by Marie Cieri; Rachel Youdelman: a pleasant sense of ennui by James Hugunin; An interview with Robert Huot by Scott MacDonald. REVIEWS: Brassai's Paris by David Reed; Art and Commerce by Terence R. Pitts.

Number 9. April 1980. 24 pages. Summary: Media independents push for access by Marita Sturken; Filmmaker's expo: animation, documentaries shine by Scott MacDonald; Photographs and time by Charles Hagen; Cameras can't see: representation, photography and human vision by Marx Wartofsky; Reflections on art in photography by Alan Trachtenberg; Jenny Wrenn: the photograph as imprint by James Hugunin. REVIEWS:The academy by Andy Grundberg; A capital decade by Marguerite Welch; Space invaders by Michael Costello. CORRESPONDENTS. Chicago: Barbara Karant's elegant interiors; Jerry Uelsmann's recent work by Carole Harmel.

Number 10. May 1980. 24 pages. Summary: SPE buckles down in the Borscht Belt by Catherine Lord; Film tribe powwows at anthro conference by Marita Sturken; Ugo Mulas: Verifications by Ulrich Keller (article covering 8 pages); REVIEWS Variable vision by David Reed. NEWS NOTES. ICP: Color is the subject by Judith Gerber; 22 RIT: but for how long? by Cindy Furlong.


- all first editions and in fine condition.

euro 160

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002. Vandegeerde, Andre (ed.)

Amenophis 12. (nr. 12 of 38 nrs. published)

Bruxelles: Self published, 1968 - 1993. nr. 12. Made in Italy 1971. Yellow printed envelope containing 5 mimeographed contributions printed on different colored stock. Contributions by Salvatore Passarella, Sergio Dangelo, Nicolas, Besozzi and Emilio Cremonesi.


- First edition of this early artists’s publication.

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de appel


de appel

003. van Droffelaar, Josine - Wies Smals (editors)

De Appel. 1982. nrs. 1,2 + 3.

No. 1. Text in Dutch and English. Amsterdam: de Appel, 1982. Quarto, un paginated (38 pages), Illustated throughout. Front cover by Barbara Bloom.

One of 2.500 copies. With text of conference by Hetty Huisman; a text on James Lee Byars by Paul Hefting; an interview with Larry Miller and more. Loosely laid in a folded page with three illustrations by Silvia Steiger ‘Walk over’ + a transparent 7 inch 33 rpm record Keychord (Breath of the machine) Notation fom ACCORD by Larry Miller.

No. 2. Text in Dutch and English. Quarto, un paginated (39 pages), Illustated throughout. Front cover by Barbara Bloom. Rear cover Larence Weiner.

Summary: Guy Rombouts: De vijf Zinnen fotovrslag van een serie installaties..; Hetty Huisman: Van leegte naar Leegte...; Krijn Giezen; Hans Koetsier.. a secret announcement..

No. 3. Text in Dutch and English. Quarto, un paginated (51 pages), Illustated throughout. Design by Marijke Mooy.

Summary: Larry Miller: Akkoord; Ron Haselden: Thames Porjekt; Maria Nordman; Sef Peeters: Zes Operafragmenten; Willem de Rodder: The Walk; Johan Cornelissen: Azoren; Harm van de Wal; Hans-Thies Lehman, Thiszoom en Machine; Hans Koetsier; Frank Gribling: Art for the Millions; Barbara Bloom.


- First editions.

euro 150

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004. Cook, Peter (ed.)

Archigram nine. (nr. 9 of 9,5 issues published ) fruitiest yet….

London: Archigram, 1970. Oblong folded and stapled folio, 22 pages printed on different colored stock and printed in different colors, illustrated throughout. Self wrappers. Cover and story by Tony Rickaby. A near mint copy. “Free Seed Offer” missing.

Summary: introduction: we are following our dreams yet further and seeing now a gentler, softer, and more tantalizing environment…., archizone 1 with archizone questionnaire; archizone questionnaire part 2; rupert spade: keep moving; the cedric price column; instant city strikes again, drawings by ron herron and peter cook; letter from a friend by mike webb; dreams come true in explanatory sheet C9 13, explanation sheet 17 2 AZ; the bot. machine transient in the landscape; room of 1000 delights by peter cook; ….the medikit project as presented to…the paris biennale of 1969; archizone 3: scandinavia; archizone 4: sovjet union; enviro-pill by ron herron; books; oskagram, the questions about the city; archizone 8: japan; archizone 2: Europe; archizone 7: asia; archizone 10: latin america problem; archizone 11: australasia; announcements for a summer event in baden + a summer session in the international institute of design; tuned suburb: ron herron; archizone 9 : north america + a note on the cover story ‘outgrowth’ by tony rickaby. Loosely laid in a folded AD Architectural Design publicity printed in red on orange stock + a folded announcement for ‘an instant city workshop’ printed in red on white stock.


- First edition.

euro 900

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005. Pluchart, Francois (directeur)

ArTitudes International. Publication mensuelle de la s.p.e.b.

The first 3 issues of 45 issues published between october 1972 - november 1977.
Saint-Jeannet: Self published. All three issues quartos.

Numero 1. octobre/novembre 1972. 48 pages. Couverture de François Pluchart
Sommaire: Editorial; Vito Acconci: Notes for a performance at Documenta 5 / Notes pour une action à Documenta 5; Gina Pane: Je; Terry Fox: Pont. Le grand cérémonial de Terry Fox; Takis, Horloger de l’électro-magnétisme; Travaux d’artistes; Manifestations internationals; Un festival d’automne à Paris; Entretien avec Girolamo Arrigo ; Le cinéma au festival d’automne; Une rentrée littéraire brillante; Rose-poussière,de Jean-Jacques Schull.Poster détachable : Pour une pratique artistique socio-pédagogique, par Hervé Fischer.

Numero 2. décembre 1972/janvier 1973. Couverture : Alain Kirili (photo Jean Ferrero).
Sommaire: Entretien avec Alain Kirili; Sarkis: Opération Organe; Michel Journiac: Sept lieux communs en forme de parti-pris; Re-reading of Lao Tseu by Daniel Smerck; Relecture de Lao Tseu par Daniel Smerck; Acconci’s performances; Marcel Broodthaers: Correspondance; Lecture de Jean-François Bory; Le Grand Départ, de Martial Raysse; Anastasie, Trash, shoot et Cie; Dieter Schnebel : une odyssée du soufflé; Manifestations internationals; Poster détachable: Cadeau pour les partisans de la peine de mort, par Henri Maccheroni

Numero 3. février/mars 1973. Couverture : Gina Pane (photo Augustin Dumage)
Sommaire: Editorial: Gina Pane: Le corps et son support image; François Pluchart: Trois aspects de l’art corporel : Actions de Gina Pane Gilbert & George, sculpture vivante Les métamorphoses d’Urs Lùthi; Entretien avec Jacques Martinez; Correspondance avec Harald Szeemann; David Askevold: Intermediates stages; La stratégie de Mauro Staccioli; Travaux d’artistes; Manifestations internationals; Collections : Patrice Trigano et Gladys Fabre experts associés; Cinéma : Psaume rouge de Jancso; Poster détachable : Le peintre et le
modèle par Gérard Fromanger.


- All first editions. Present Herve Fischer’s folded poster, missing the inserted poster for nr 2 and 3. Very good copies.

euro 180

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006. Hundertmark, Armin, Kudwig Gosewitz, Dietmar Kirves ( editors)

Ausgabe. Ein Literatur- und Kunstagazin. Nos. 1- 7 (all published)

Berlin/Köln: Ausgabe Verlag und den Autoren, 1976-1984. Texts in German. Numerous illustrations. All small quartos.

No. 1. May 1976, 127 pages.
Contributions by: Eric Andersen, Gunther Brus, Henry Flynt , Ludwig Gosewitz, Birgit Hein, Dick Higgins, Marcel Janco, Joe Jones, Mauricio Kagel, Per Kirkeby, Dietmar Kirves, Boris Lurie, Ladislav Novak, Harold Rosenberg, Dieter Roth, K.B. Schäuffelen, Tomas Schmit, Dominik Steiger and Stefan Werweka.

No. 2. September 1976, 144 pages.
Contributions by: Eric Andersen, George Brecht, Gunther Brus, Carlfriedrich Claus, Philip Corner, Pieter Engels, Henry Flynt , Ludwig Gosewitz, Dietmar Kirves, Alison Knowles, Arthur Koepke, Boris Lurie, Heran Nitsch, Ben Porter, Dieter Schwarz, Andreas Seltzer, Paul Sharits and Jiri Valoch.

No. 3. October 1978, 124 pages. Front cover by Jutta Karow.
Contributions by: Eric Andersen, Bernhard Johannes Blume, Vladimir Boudnik, Gunther Brus, Philip Corner, G.J. de Rook, Henry Gaudier – Breszka, Jochen Gerz, Ludwig Gosewitz, Al Hansen, Dick Higgins, Joe Jones, Per Kirkeby, Dietmar Kirves, Lutz Rathenow, Gerhard Ruhm, Margot Schliwa, Andreas Seltzer, Paul Sharits, Henry Stazewski and Jiri Valoch.

No. 4. November 1980. 118 pages. Front cover by Anne Blume.
Contributions by: Christian Ludwig Attersee, Bernhard Johannes Blume, Claus Böhmler, Gunther Brus, Davi Det Hompson, Joe Jones, Dietmar Kirves, Ladislav Novak, Karin Pott, Gerhard Ruhm, Hella Santarossa, Wolfgang Schluter, Fritz Schwegler, Andreas Seltzer and Dominik Steiger.

No. 5. May 1979. 122 pages.
Contributions by: Bernhard Joh. Blume, Claus Böhmler, Gunther Brus, Jochen Gerz, Taka Iimura, Dietmar Kirves, Milan Knizak. Peter Pick, Karin Pott, Gerhard Rühm, Takako Saito, K.B. Schäuffelen, Fritz Schwegler, Endre Tót, Inez Vandehinste, Gottfried Wiegand.

No. 6. September 1982, 128 pages. Front cover by Claus Böhmler.
Contributions by: Bernhard Joh. Blume, Claus Böhmler, Rudolf Bonvie, George Brecht, Gunther Brus, Jochen Gerz, Hansjurgen Bulkowski, Henry Flynt, Al Hansen, Antonius Höckelmann, Joe Jones, Dietmar Kirves, Milan Knizak. Peter Pick, Karin Pott, Egon Prantl, Gerhard Ruhm, Takako Saito, Dominik Steiger, Gottfried Wiegand.

No. 7. October 1983. 160 pages. Front cover by Ludwig Gosewitz
Contributions by: Bernhard Joh. Blume, Claus Böhmler, George Brecht, Gunther Brus, Hansjurgen Bulkowski, Henry Chopin, Henry Flynt, Ludwig Gosewitz, Al Hansen, Joe Jones, Dietmar Kirves, Milan Knizak. Tesumi Kudo, Boris Lurie, Herbert Molderings, Ladislav Novak, Peter Pick, Takako Saito, Fritz Schwegler, Dominik Steiger, Johannes Stuttgen, Henry Tauber, Andrea Tippel, Endre Tót, Stefan Werweka, Gottfried Wiegand and Emmet Williams, E. Williams.


- All first editions. Near mint condition.

euro 320

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007. Schraenen, Guy (editor)

AXE. Volume 1-3 (all published).

Antwerp: Guy Schraenen, 1975-76. All three volumes quartos.

AXE 1, avril 1975: with contributions by Roy Adzak, Degottex (with dated, numbered and signed silkscreen) , H. Chopin + Brion Gysin with 45 rpm vynil record (side A: ‘Air vibratoire for Jean’ (6’58) 1973 by Chopin and ‘where is the word’ (1974) ‘in the beginning was the word’ (1960) ‘n a palace, in a palace, spoon, spoon, spoon’ by Gysin), L.J.P. Schelfhout (with three “pliages”, of which one is numbered and signed), Ung No Lee (with two reproduced photographs taken in lee’s studio + a dated, numbered and signed silk screen “Le centre du coeur”), Eduard Bal +
Guy Schraenen (with reproduced photographs form the film “ornithology”), Bernard Heidsieck, Bram Bogart, Mitha Dermisache, Niko van Daele, Paul van Ostaijen.

AXE 2, novembre 1975: with contributions by Rene Guiette (a numbered and signed silk screen), Plessi (with 9 photographic reproductions on three pages of a performance “Water art’. 9 manieres de couper l’eau), Esmeraldo, François Dufrêne + Brion Gysin with 45 rpm vinyl record (side A: ‘Crirythme pour Tinguely’ novembre 1970 by Dufrêne and: ‘where is the word’ (1974) ‘in the beginning was the word’ (1960) ‘n a palace, in a palace, spoon, spoon, spoon’, by Gysin. Gysin’s recordings were not registered in AXE 1 because of a technical error ), Hugo de Clercq,
Antoine de Bary (with original dated, numbered and signed silk screen), Maurice Benhamou, Bernhard Heidsieck.

AXE 3, decembre 1976: with contributions by Brion Gysin (with numbered and signed silkscreen), Arrigo Lora- Totino with original numbered and initialed print), Stan Hanson with 45 rpm vinyl record (side A: ‘Oips’ with voice of Ellika Linden (part I) and ‘Oips’ with voice of Ellika Linden (part II)), Klaus Ritterbusch (with 4 tipped-in reproduced photographs of mountains, each photograph taken on a different day), Jo Delahaut, Françoise Mairey, John Giorno, Bernhard Heidsieck. Covers by Jean Degottex (AXE 1, a folded silkscreen), René Guiette (AXE 2, illustrated gold colored wrappers) and Brion Gysin (AXE 3, illustrated silver colored wrappers). All three issues in printed card board slip case. A near mint copy.


- First edition. One of 120 (130) numbered copies of the deluxe edition. The total edition being 500.

euro 2.200

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008. Palazalloli, Daniela (direttore responsible)

b˚t.(10 numbers in 9 volumes)

arte oggi in italia / art: what’s happening in Italy today. B˚t è publicato in italiano con testo a fronte in inglese /B˚t published in English with parallel Italian text. Daniela Palazzoli Dirretore responsabile / Editor. Comitato editoriale.

Editorial council: Germano Celant, Mario Diacono, Daniela Palazzoli, Tommasso Trini. Vol. 1 nos. 1-6; Vol. 2 nos. 1-4. Milano: ED. 912. 1967 - 1968.

A rare and nearly complete set (missing only the insert in Nr. 2. anno II: un manifesto sulla pop-music internazionale...) of this important Italian Art magazine. Except for some superficial soiling to the first issues, some abrasions to front and rear of Vol.I, nr 6 and a light dicoloration to one edge of Vol II, nr 1, all issues in near fine - fine condition.

Nr.1. marzo/march 1967. 31 pages. Illustrated wrappers. Front cover with detail from painting by Francesco del Cossa. Texts by daniela palazolli (hic et nunc); mario diacono (passivita e tendenza / passivity and tendencies); eugenio battisti Arte e informazione: radiografia di una situazione / art and information: radiography of a situation): enrico filippini (après); bruno munari (una lettera da…/ a letter from… Notes on: the international youth salon and exhibitions or performances by enrico baj, jannis kounellis, gianni-emilio simonetti, piero dorazio, dan flavin, alighiero boetti, michelangelo pistoletto and others. Illustrations of works by jannis kounellis, mario schifano, mimmo rotella, victor brauner/wilfredo lam, bruno munari, valerio adami, ugo nespoli.....

Nr. 2. maggio/may 1967. 31 pages, illustrated wrappers. Front cover with photographs of a fluxus concert held on april 27 in the teatro stabile. Texts by gastone novella (sul linguaggio / onlanguage); jon phetteplace (dalla tribuna del coro al jukebox / from the choirloft to the jukebox) ; mario diacono (dall’opera aperta all’improvivisazione / from open work to improvisation); gianni-emilio simonetti (a floresta e jovem e cheja de vida) lamberto pignotti (il gruppo 70 a teatro / group 70 theatre) + a reportage on the concert fluxus / art total. Notes on exhibitions or performances by enrico prampolino paladino, mesculiam, hartung arman gruppox gisoetta fiorini jan vass george brecht, biasi/del pezzo/fergola, cy twombly, robert Indiana, ben, nicholson, feininger..... Illustrations of works by arman, brecht, cage, ciacelli, del pezzo: gallina, marchetti, marzot, matti, nespolo, novella, pignotto, rzewsky, twombly, vos + reportage su / on concert fluxus / art total in turin.

Nr. 3/4. giugno/june luglio/july1967. 34 and 34 pages in “tête-bèche” binding. Front cover of nr 3 with illustrations of works by by getulio alviani, umberto bignardi and paolo sceggi; front cover of nr. 4 by simonetti and bob watts (from a fluxkit)

Nr. 3 Texts by alfredo leonardi (cinema directe), ugo nespolo (paradise now), enrico filippini (il gruppo 63 a fano), a letter from sergio dangelo. Notes on: the premio silvestro lega/silvestro lega price; the prima esposizione internazionale di manifesti, first international poster; panorama autour du surrealisme; museo sperimentale con lode/experimental museum advanced: furthermore notes on exhibitions or performances by tinguely, alexander calder, ettore innocente, tano festa, tom wesselmann, accardi, nigro, klein, manzoni, tapies, fontana, fabro, twombly, soto, castellani, noland + mappa delle mostre estive in italia - map of thè summer exhibitions in italy. Illustrations of works by leonardi, hill, mekas, filippini. sanguinetti, giuliani, testa, mondobeat, cohen, cremaschi, fontana, mon, niikuni, lora-totino, garnier, filippini, blaine, calder, innocente, festa, wesselmann. merz, alfano.

Nr. 4 Texts by daniela palazzoli, alviani, scheggi, boetti. gillo dorfles (notes on pittura-oggetto/picture-object); maurizio fagiolo (lo spazio dell’ immagine the space of the image; nuove tecniche di immagine/new image techniques); renzo margonari (fuoco, immagine, acqua, terra/fire, image, water, earth) Notes on exhibitions or performances by gianfranco pardi, concert fluxus - art total, arakawa, baruchello, bauermeister, brecht, falhstròm, simonetti + calendario delle mostre/calendar of exhibitions copertine interne/inner covers. Illustrations of works by alviani, scheggi, boetti, colombo, pardi, tilson, dine, d’arcangelo, pascali, kounellis, concert-fluxus, arakawa, baruchello, bauermeister, brecht, fahlstròm, simonetti.

Nr. 5. novembre/november 1967. 36 pages. front cover with pietro gallina’s ‘dipingi di giallo il to poliziotto’. Texts by germano celant (arte povera / poor art + gianni stirone), pino pascali, luciano fabro, giulio paolini, piero manzoni e la cool art / cool art and piero manzoni + tekst free dimension by manzoni, alberto savino (occhio n. 3) + daniela palazzoli: schifano e tutte le stelle del mondo / schifano and ali thè stars of thè world + 15° premio lìssone / lissone prize + intervista con lucio fontana / interview with lucio fontana. guido ballo: livio marzot, + due interviste / two interviews: sergio lombardo, carmen gloria morales. incontro con maria volpi. Notes by giulio carlo argan: franco grignani; notizie da torino; la p.s. ha sempre ragione: marc’o a reggio emilia; venezia d’estate / summertime in venice; g. e. simonetti: elogio della meravigliosa cathy / i fiori appassiscono la rivoluzione continua; scoop! il « botto » da un mese / a thirty days blow; a letter by ben vautier; nespolo: grazie mamma kodak + man... if est action / per una sociologia del manifesto in italia by daniela palazzoli. Illustrations by fabro, paolini, manzoni, savinio, schifano, marzot, adami, fontana, lombardo, marc’o, alviani, guevara, nigro, ben vautier, chopin, nespolo.

Nr. 6. Dicembre/December 1967. 36 pages. Front cover by Gianni Sassi. Texts by daniela palazzoli (il quando / the when + multipli / multiples); maurizio fagiolo (ii sin-teatro dì balla / balla’s syn-theatre); l’immagine di mario ceroli; michelangelo pistoletto (l’immagine e il suo dop(pì)o / the image and its double); germano celant (una rivoluzione in serie) (uno sta a x come l’idea all’ideazione); renato mambor (la sensazione e il suo modulo / thè sensation and its module); gian carlo celli (alcune ipotesi del dionislo teatro / theatre-off rome); umberto bignardi (l’illuminazione può anche essere un aufklarung); massimo crevari cinema: il mestiere di undermaker / on film + una lettera di joseph rykwert + an ‘idiotgram’ by dieter rot (1966). Notes by mario diacono (con temp l’azione / cum temp(o) l’action); paolo fossati (le muse inquietanti); jean michel (a proposito del fantastico da ricuperare); giorgio forti (arte viva / alive art); g. e. simonetti (la geometria di klee rivista da achille perilli); g. e. simonetti (se lei è ‘beat’ allora lui è guardia rossa); emilio tadini (la natura a ferro e a fuoco di jannis kounellis); emilio tadini (vita di voltaire); gillo dorfles (luce e movimento in europa); wassily kandinsky; un disco sotool’ulivo; i giochi al loro posto di enzo mari; decultura plastica: alighiero boetti. Illustrations by alviani, arp, balla, bignardi, boetti, ceroli, colombo, ernst, kandinsky, localclli, mambor, mari, mondino, nespolo, pardi, pistoletto scheggi, simonetti, tadini, vasarely.

Nr. 1. anno II. Aprile / april 1968. 40 pages. Texts by massimo crevani (il rock contemporaneo come ‘ mitopoiein’: i miti dei divi del pop/contemporary rock as ‘ mythopoeia ‘ : the mythos of thè pop stars); daniela palazzoli (l’aria e le strutture gonfiabili / thè air & inflatables structures); marisa volpi (in margine a un dibattito: america o europa?; d. s. bonset (il delirio di aldo mondino); daniela palazzoli (verso una immagine fredda e politica); gianni berlini (dalla mec-art alla lavorazione in serie; u.f.o.: useless flying objects; experiment in art & technology); ... anche l’arte è una tigre di carta / ... even art is a paper tiger: un paio di occhiali veri in regalo per i lettori / a great free gift. Recensioni di / reviews by: palazzoli, trini, simonetti: (merz, vedere attraverso / look through; come una dichiarazione di marisa merz; l’ottusa verità: piacentino; peverelli: 11 mestiere come personaggio; dove l’oggetto d’uso si incontra con l’oggetto d’arte; giuseppe chiari: analisi del giornale «la nazione»; genealogia e araldica: pino stefa-noni; gino marotta: la moltiplicazione è formatività; la natura sensuale di mr. pozzati; note notizie lodi e delazioni.

Nr. 2. anno II. maggio / may 1968. 54 pages. Front cover BAT.h.APE by Getulio Alviani.
Texts by - a cura della redazione dell’ed912 - (orazione per rudi dutschke e julius campai); daniela palazzoli (the american ponderatio); ufo (useless flying objects); massimo crevani (i miti dei divi del ‘ pop ‘ / thè mythos of thè pop stars; un regalo per voi: un manifesto sulla pop-music internazionale a great gift for you: thè who’s who of thè pop-music); sandra pinto (le compenetrazioni iridescenti di balla); tullio catalano (confronto ‘ cesare tacchi); saverio vertone (luciano fabro: avanti dietro destra sinistra); ds bonset (mario ceroli: le scene del riccardo iii ed altre cose); tommaso trini (marcelle morandini: sensorium); emilio vedova (risposta a fontana).
Illustrations by tony smith, bob morris, bladen, andre, dan flavin, trova, filippini, lichtenstein, ceroli, morandini, fabro, ulrichs, marzot, bob cobbing, cordioli, parmeggiani/spatola, garnier, del pezzo.

Nr. 3. anno II. giugno / june 1968. 115 pages. Front cover taken from a poster by Jokisch / Chadwick Hall, London.
Texts: i document! e il programma ufficiale della 14a triënnale di milano; la storia dell’occupazione minuto per minuto con tutti i document! elaborati dall’assem-blea d’occupazione; ufo: programmi e date / ufo conspiracy: useless flying objects; alberto conti (pesaro: schermo rosso, piazza gialla, citta nera); 34a biennale di venezia: editoriale, documenti della contestazione; otto artisti invitati: pistoletto, aricò, pascali, king, marzot, colombo, lindblom, svodoba; documenta 4 kassei: prospettive; georg jappe (tribunale degli artisti e boicottaggio dei mercanti d’arte / gericht der künstler un boykott der kunst handler); i documenti della contestazione; happening: alviani (testo di franco forti), baj (testo di tommaso trini), simonetti, vostell.
This issue with a pasted-in still taken from a film by Giacomo Balla, - a silk screen print on tinfoil.
Illustrations by pistoletto, simonetti, pascali, colombo, baj, alviani, vostell, marzot, trova, nevelson, bell, warhol, higgins, nespolo, icaro, spadari, christo, de maria, dider rot, samaras, sol le witt, chryssa, kolar + fotografie inedïte

Nr. 4. anno II. 1968. 56 pages. Texts: Hermine Demoriane (Jean-Lue Godard: Un’intervista con); Graham Stevens e Mike Me Innerney (Buckminster Fuller: Un’intervista con / ein Interview mit); Tiebbe Van Tijen ( Living Atmosphere / Leisure Time (part one)); Letters to the Editor: Lea Vergine Quale contestazione? Ca Ira a Francoforte + A proposito della tolleranza; Mark Boyle e il suo laboratorio sensuale; Parole incrociate; Illusioni ottiche; Fuochi d’artificio (elementi di pirotecnia). Lezione prima; Ugo Nespolo ovvero l’elogio delle pagine gialle. Three pages printed in white on black stock with texts in memory of the students + workers killed by the policie in Mexico City; one page in memory of Luciano Fontana; Leoncillo + Pino Pascali + one page in memory of Marcel Duchamp.


- All first editions in fine or near fine condition.

euro 2.600

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blank page

009. Dobree, Philip and Adrian Self (editors )

Blank Page. 5 volumes (of 6 published, missing volume II).

London: Philip Dobree & Adrian Self, 1988-1991.

Large folios, unpaginated. Blank Page was published in 6 volumes over a period of three years and contains original work by 110 different contributors from all over the world. Blank page was published and designed by B4 publishing and printed at Book Works, DJ Litho, Aldgate Press, and various artists studios. The artists represented:

Vol. I. Selima Hill, Michael Symmons Roberts, David Powell, Alan Bold, Patricia Conolly, Nicholas Rawson, A R Lamb, Norman MacAffee, Douglas Allsop, Matthew Tyson, Teal Trigs, Francesca Lowery, Childe Roland, Volker Strater, Matteo Adinolfi, Marco Bettoni, Josephine Pryde.

Vol. III. Juan Agudelo, Nubia Arcia, Bosco Centeno, Jonny Chavarria, Elvis Chavarria, Ivan Guevara, Donald Guevara, Pedro Pablo Meneses, Felipe Pena, Olivia Silva, Charles Bezie, John Carter, Gottfried Honneger, James Juszczyk, Claude Pasquer, Yves Popet, Nico W. Pot, Perry Roberts, David Saunders, Francisco Soto Mesa, Jaak Vuylsteke, Elizabeth Willmoth.

Vol. IV. Andrew Benjamin, Geoff Bennington, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Stephen Melville, Timothy Murray, Peter Osborne, Douglas Allsop, Richard Bell, Marian Bruce, Tam Giles, John Goodyear, Rity Jansen Heijtmeijer, James Hugonin, Ray Masters, Dora Maurer, David Rubello, Albert Rubens, Clifford Singer, G R Thomson, Ian Tyson, Opy Zouni.

Vol. V. Dietrich Mahlow, Mirella Bentivolgio, Peter Downsborough, Heinz Gappmayer, Pierre Garnier, Ilse Garnier, Bohumila Grogerova, Josef Hirsal, Wilfred Huet, Angelika Janz, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Ann Noel, Mari Orensanz, Andrzej Partum, Jadwiga Przbylak & Janusz Bakowsky, Eino Ruutsalo, Takahashi Shohachiro, Yves de Smet, Grzegorz Sztabinski, Bernar Villiers, Emmett Williams.

Vol. VI. Stephen Bann, Andrew Benjamin, Adrew Wilson, Marcel Baugniet, Charles Biederman, Cesar Domela, Marcel Floris, Anthony Hil, Gottfried Honegger, Michael Kidner, Max Mahlmann, Francois Morellet, Aurelie Nemours, Gudrun Piper, George Rickey, Michel Seuphor.


- All volumes first editions. Each volume is one of 150 numbered copies and each work of art (screen print, relief print, collage, visual poetry, wood cut, lithograph, blind block or drawing) is numbered and signed by the artist. All volumes are in near fine condition.

euro 3.000

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ca ira

010. Van Essche, Maurice - Clément Pansaers and Paul Neuhuys (editors)

Ça Ira. Revue mensuelle d’art et de critique

No. 7. Octobre 1920. Antwerp: Eeckeren, 1920. (20 issues published between april 1920 – January 1923). Quarto, 16 pages (pages 161-176). Illustrated wrappers.


- First edition. Summary: Communisme et Art dramatique by H. Roland Holst; Réceptivité by Léon Chenoy; La Sirene by Paul Joostens; Guymauve by Paul Neuheys, and Soirs by Jean Karol.

euro 140

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011. Robertson, Clive.

Centerfold. Vol. 2. No 2&3.

Alberta: Arton’s, 1978. Tabloid size artist’s paper (folded), un paginated, 28 pages, illustrated throughout. Self wrappers.


- First edition. Summary: HP Rolls out Relican; Steve MacCaffery gives Medical Opinion Once Held; Robert Filliou proposes….Interview with Carl Loeffler of La Mamelle / with Kate Graig on Western Front Video / with Dennis Tourbin on CBC/FLQ. Reviews: General Idea and the Metaphive; CCMC and the ‘listener’; LE/LA and Canadian Spacific; Don Mabie stakes his claim; Cryteria weeps for all… Plus: The Strategist Manifesto…

Centerfold Founding editors: Clive Robertson and Marcella Bienvenue. Continued as FUSE after the November 1979 issue.

euro 40

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012. Arnaud, J.R. (directeur), J . Alvard, R. V. Gindertael, M. Ragon, P. Restany. (redaction)

Cimaise. revue de l’art actuel.

Paris: Librairie Arnaud, 1956 - 1961.

A run of 5 consecutive years, starting september 1956 - december 1961, beiing 29 nrs. in 28 issues. All in original illustrated wrappers. Nr. 55 with repaired spine, otherwise a very fine set.

quatrieme série:

no.1. septembre - octobre 1956. 46 pages. Couverture de Staritsky.

Summary: R.-V. Gindertael : Hans Hartung; Herta Wescher : La biennale de Venise. The Venice biennal; Julien Alvard : Van Haardt; Michel Ragon : Sugaï; Michel Ragon : Premier Festival de l’Art d’avant-garde. The First Festival of avant-garde Art.

no.2. novembre - décembre 1956. 50 pages. Couverture de Yunkers.

Summary: Dore Ashton : La peinture actuelle à New York. Painting today in New York; K.-B. Sawyer : Les galeries de New York. The New York galleries; K.-B. Sawyer : Jackson Pollock (1912-1956); R. Goldwater : La sculpture actuelle à New York. Sculpture today in New York; Julien Alvard : Potentiel américain The American potentiality. Herta Wescher : Vitalité de Paris. Vitality of Paris.

no.3. janvier - février 1957. 50 pages. Couverture de Atlan.

Summary: Michel Ragon : Atlan; Pierre Restany : Le poème-objet. The poem-object; Herta Wescher : Voyage en Allemagne; Michel Ragon : La réalité confirme la fiction; J.-L. Thibault : Martin Barré; Herta Wescher : Pierre Fichet; Pierre Restany : Voyage en Italie; Michel Ragon : A propos du Premier Festival d’Art d’avant-garde.

no. 4. mars - avril 1957. 50 pages. Couverture de Hans Arp.

Summary: Herta Wescher : Le cosmos de Arp. Arp’s cosmos; A. Wogenscky : L’homme et l’architecture. Man and architecture; Michel Ragon : Architecture et Arts abstrait. Architecture and abstract Art; Dore Asthon : Lettre de New York. Letter from New York; Michel Ragon : Guitet; R.-V. Gindertael : Vulliamy.

no.5. mai – juin 1957. 50 pages. Couverture de Feito.

Summary: Pierre Restany : Tal Coat; Herta Wescher : Portraits d’artistes de Denise Colomb. The portraits of artists of Denise Colomb; J.-R. Arnaud : Frankie des Batignolles; Michel Ragon : Marta Pan; Julien Alvard : Entretien avec Benrath. Interview with Benrath; Dore Ashton : New York, avril 1957. New York, april 1957.

no.6. juillet - août 1957. 39 pages. Couverture de Flavio Tanaka.

Summary: Pierre Restany : Robert Delaunay; Dr Jacques Ménétrier : Dialogue avec la peinture. Dialogue between a spectator and a work of Art; Herta Wescher : L’âge des salons; Le Corneur : Expression nègre et peinture actuelle à propos d’analogies; Dore Asthon : Le printemps à New York; Julien Alvard : L’infini turbulent de Michaux.

cinquième série:

no. 1. septembre - octobre 1957. 50 pages. Couverture de Corneille.

Summary: J.-R. Arnaud : Cerner le présent. Encircling the present; Herta Wescher : Servir l’Art. In the service of Art; Michel Ragon : Petit bilan pour tous. A little balance-sheet tor Everyone; Julien Alvard : Solitude et singularité. Solitude and singularity; Pierre Restany : Le geste et le rythme. Gesture and rhythm.

no. 2. novembre - décembre 1957. 50 pages. Couverture de Pierre Fichet,

Summary: Herta Wescher : Max Ernst; François-Albert Viallet : Rôle, dangers et chances de l’Art abstrait. The rôle, dangers and the hopes of abstract Art; Michel Ragon : Camille; Dore Ashton : Lettre de New York.

no. 3. janvier - février 1958. 50 pages. Couverture de Jean Dubuffet.

Summary: Michel Ragon : Jean Dubuffet; Herta Wescher : Eaux vives et sources tartes. Rushing waters and driep-up springs; Herta Wescher : Don Fink; Pierre Restany : Delahaye; Dore Ashton : Lettre de New York.

no. 4. mars - avril 1958. 52 pages. Couverture de Prassinos.

Summary: Herta Wescher : Regards sur la sculpture actuelle. Some views on present-day sculpture; Michel Ragon: Notes de voyage. Notes on a récent trip; Georges Boudaille: A la découverte de Luis Feito. Exploring Luis Feito; Pierre Restany : Claude Bellegarde; Herta Wescher : Staritsky; Dore Ashton: Lettre de New York; Pierre Restany: Notes Milanaises.

no. 5. mai - juin 1958. 50 pages. Numéro spécial Japon. Couverture de Sugaï.

Summary: Michel Ragon : Le Japon et nous. Japan and us; Shinichi Segui : L’aventure de l’Art abstrait dans les quatre îles du Japon. The adventure of Art in Japan’s four islands; Shiryu Morita: La conception du signe dans la calligraphie. The concept of the sign in calligraphy; Georges Boudaille: Que viennent chercher à Paris les peintres japonais ? Why do Japanese painters come to Paris; Pierre Restany: Japan made in Paris; Dore Ashton : Le printemps à New York.

no. 6. juillet - août - septembre 1958. 52 pages. Couverture de Mathieu.

Summary: Herta Wescher : La Biennale de Venise. The Venice Biennale; Georges Boudaille : Estève; Herta Wescher : Tendances actuelles; Michel Ragon : Belgique, année 1958.

sixième série:

no. 1. octobre - novembre 1958. 52 pages. Couverture de Delahaye.

Summary: Michel Ragon : Réhabilitation de Kupka. The rehabilitation of Kupka.; Pierre Restany : Wols; Herta Wescher : Dada, vivant ou mort ? Michel Ragon : Marfaing; Pierre Restany : Tapies.

no. 2. décembre 1958. 52 pages. Couverture de Arnal.

Summary: J.-R. Arnaud, G. Boudaille, M. Ragon, P. Restany, H. Wescher : Voir l’Art. Seeing Art; Martan Pan : Ecrits d’artistes. The words of the artist; Marie-Louise Talsin : Ecrits d’amateurs d’Art; Giuseppe Panza di Biumo; The words of the collector; Dore Ashton : L’automne à New York. Letter from New York; G. Boudaille : Les décorations de l’Unesco.

revue de l’art actuel / review of present day art.

no. 3. janvier - février - mars 1959. 54 pages. Numéro spécial : U.S.A. Couverture de Marca Relli.

Summary: Michel Ragon : L’art actuel aux Etats-Unis. Art today in the United States; Pierre Restany : U.S. go home and come back later; Dore Ashton : Hans Hofmann.

no. 4. avril - mai 1959. 52 pages. Couverture de Huguette Arthur Bertrand.

Summary: F.-A. Viallet : Compréhension et incompréhension de l’art abstrait.
Compréhension and incompréhension of abstract art; Michel Ragon : Sonderborg; Georges Boudaille : Cortot; Pierre Restany : Degottex; Herta Wescher : Penalba.

no. 5. juin - juillet - août 1959. Couverture de Gilioli.

Summary: Herta Wescher : Barbara Hepworth; Michel Seuphor : Promotion de la sculpture. Promotion of sculpture; Pierre Restany : Les coulisses de l’âge de fer.
In the side-scenes of the iron age; Dore Ashton : Regards sur la saison new yorkaise. Report on the New York gallery Season 1958-59.

7e année:

art et architecture actuels / present day art and architecture / aktuelle kunst und architektur / arte y arquitectura actual.

nos. 45-46. septembre - octobre - novembre 1959. 132 pages. Couverture d’après un collage de Nicolas de Staël.

Summary: A nos Lecteurs.
Arts Plastiques.J.-R. Arnaud, G. Boudaille, M. Ragon, P. Restany, H. Wescher : Faut-il tuer les Salons ? Should Salons have an end? Dore Ashton : Gabriel Kohn; Herta Wescher : Documenta II, Kassel; Pierre Restany : La jeune peinture espagnole rentre en scène. Young spanish painting cornes back on stage.
Architecture. Les cimaises de l’architecte / The four walls of the architect.
André Wogenscky : Manifeste; André Wogenscky: Architecture active. Michel Ragon: Architects nouveaux: Jean Dubuisson.

no. 47. janvier - février - mars 1960. 138 pages. Couverture de Capogrossi

Arts plastiques.Michel Ragon : Peinture en mouvement et sculpture animée dans le ballet contemporain Painting in movement and animated sculpture in contemporary ballet; G. Boudaille, M. Ragon, P. Restany, H. Wescher : Après la première Biennale de Paris Following the first Paris Biennal; Georges Boudaille : Pierre Dmitrienko; Dore ashton, K.B. Sawyer: Lettre de New York; P. Restany: L’Actualite en Italie; P. Restany: Un luxe du passé.
Architecture. André Wogenscky : Brasilia; Michel Ragon : Le problème des grands ensembles. The problem of large housing …

no. 48. avril - mai - juin 1960. 138 pages. Couverture de Atlan.

Arts plastiques. Guido Ballo : Lucio Fontana et le Spatialisme; Dore Ashton : Louise Nevelson; Alan Bowness : Peter Lanyon; Georges Boudaille: Mathieu Matégol; Pierre Restany: Antagonismes.
Architecture. Michel Ragon : Bernard Zehrfuss; André Wogenscky : Le théâtre torique The toric theater.

no. 49. juillet - août - septembre 1960. 130 pages. Couverture de Soulages.

Arts plastiques. François-Albert Viallet: La fin du tableau ? (un examen de cons¬cience)
The end of easel painting? (and examination of conscience); Georges Boudaille : Jacques Duthoo; Pierre Restany : Peter Brüning; Michel Ragon : Etienne Martin; J.-R. Arnaud, Benrath, Chavignier, Fichet, Levée, d’Orgeix : Les artistes dans la société.The artists and Society.
Architecture. Michel Ragon : Guillaume Gillet; Michel Ragon : Le nouveau siège social Saint- Gobain.

no. 50. octobre - novembre - décembre 1960. 156 pages. Couverture de Michaux

Numéro spécial : XXX” Biennale de Venise.

Summary: Michel Ragon : Hans Hartung; Giulio Carlo Argan: Jean Fautrier; Pierre Restany : La XXXeme Biennale de Venice; Umbro Appollonio: Emilio Vedova; Nello Ponente : Pietrto Consagra; François Mathey : Luis Feito; Lawrence Alloway: Edoardo Paolozzi; Georges Boudaille: Pierre Courtin.

huitième année 1961:

no. 51. janvier - février 1961. 146 pages. Couverture de Vasarely.

Arts plastiques. Pierre Restany : Julius Bissier; G. Gassiot-Talabot : Les sources du XX’ siècle. Sources of the XXth century. Michel Ragon : Asger Jorn; François-Albert Viallet : Notes d’un carnet de voyage en Europe. European diary; Georges Boudaille : Paul Kallos; Pierre Restany : Notes de voyage. Travel notes.
Architecture. G. Gassiot-Talabot : Georges Candilis; Architecture Visionnaire. Visionary Architecture.

no. 52. mars - avril 1961. Couverture de Carrade

Summary: Pierre Restany : Mathieu; René Déroudille : Approche du Divers. The Approach to the Various; Michel Ragon : Zoltan Kemeny; Dore Ashton : Plus ça change…; Michel Ragon : Notes de Voyage; Georges Boudaille: Yasse Tabuchi.
Les cimaises de l’architecte / The four walls of the architect. André Wogenscky: Agissante. Active; Michel Ragon : Emilio Duhart; G. Gassiot-Talabot: Murs-Rideaux et panneaux de façade dans l’architecture moderne. Curtain walls and façade panels in today’s architecture.

no.53. mai - juin 1961. Couverture de Sonderborg

Summary: Michel Ragon : Raoul Ubac; Rolf Wedever : Peinture expérimentale. Expérimental painting; Michel Ragon : Key Sato; Pierre Restany : Messagier; Pierre Restany : Rhénanes 1961. Rhinelanders 1961; Dore Ashton: Franz Kline.
Les cimaises de l’architecte / The four walls of the architect. André Wogenscky : Architecture-Sculpture-Peinture. Architecture-Sculpture-Painting; Michel Ragon : La nouvelle aérogare d’Orly. The new airport at Orly; G. Gassiot-Talabot: La maison extensible « Mex ». “Mex” extensible House

no. 54. juillet - août 1961. Couverture de Gillet.

Summary: Michel Ragon : Gustave Moreau; Jean Cathelin : Notes de voyage. Travel Notes; Georges Boudaille: Bissière; Michel Ragon. Huit jours à Londres. Eight days In London; Pierre Restany : Damian et la légende des icônes informelles.
Les cimaises de l’architecte / The four walls of the architect. André Wogenscky : Energie architecturale. Architectural energy; G. Gassiot-Talabot : Jean Prouvé; Michel Ragon : L’aluminimum dans l’architecture. The use of aluminium in architecture.

no. 55. septembre - octobre 1961. Couverture de Downing

Numéro spécial : Visites d’ateliers. Summary: G. Gassiot-Talabot : Hultberg; Georges Boudaille :Harold Cousins; Michel Ragon : John Franklin Koenig; Boudaille : Maryan; Pierre Restany : Un nouveau réalisme en sculpture. César. Ragon : Jan Lebenstein; Georges Boudaille : Appel; Michel Ragon : Marino di Teana; Pierre Restany : Mattia Moreni. Un grand stule dans l’affirmation de soi; Michel Ragon : Dusan Dzamonja; Pierre Restany : Jasper Johns et la Métaphysique du lieu commun.

no. 56. novembre - décembre 1961. Couverture de Degottex.

Summary: Pierre Restany : Mark Tobey, le pragmatism en calligraphie; F.-A. Viallet : Leçon d’un tour du monde en 35 jours. Lesson of a trip around the world in 35 days; Georges Boudaille: Henri-Georges Adam; J.-P. Hodin : Jannis Spyropoulos; Michel Ragon, Pierre Restany : Biennale de Paris 1961. Paris Biennale 1961; Pierre Restany : VIe Biennale de Sao Paulo. Vlth Sao Paulo Biennale.

Les cimaises de l’architecte / The four walls of the architect. André Wogenscky : Dialogue; Michel Ragon : Henri Bernard; Pierre Restany : Brasilia 1961. Un problem humain; G. Gassiot-Talabot: Matières plastiques et Architecture. Plastics Matériels and ...


- First editions.

euro 950

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013. Crick, Philip (editor) Lawrie Moore (artwork) Bob Cobbing (production)

Cinim 1 + 2. (2 of a total of 3 issues published) Journal of the London Filmmakers Co-operative 1968–70.

Cinim 1. Quarto, 20 pages printed on different colored stock. Tape bound with black tape.

Summary: Editorial by Philip Crick; Waiting for Yesterday to end by Simon Hartog; Open letter to Film-Makers of the World by Jonas Mekas; Report by Bob Cobbing: Symposium on Godard: 1. Jean Luc the Baptist by S.R. Sheridan 2. Eight Asides on Godard by Raymond Durgnat 3. Film Fou by Philip Crick; Aestheticians of the Cinema by Simon Hartog + Pan is Alive by George Andrews.

Crick, Philip (editor), Stephen Dwoskin (art production)

Cinim 2. Quarto, 16 pages. Illustrated manilla wrappers.

Summary: Editorial Philip Crick; Aestheticians of the Cinema: 2 by Simon Hartog; Against Secrecy by Philip Crick; If a Film by Stephen Dwoskin; Film as Continuous Static Graphic Images by J . Shaw, T. van Tyen and W. Breuker; From: The Filmmakers’s Cinematheque by Jonas Mekas; Report by Bob Cobbing; Notes from the Wee Book by Ron Geesin; Cinimations.


- First editions.

euro 450

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014. Carapezza, Paolo Emilio and Antonio Titone (a cura di)

Collage: dialoghi di cultura. (2 issues of a total 9 published in 8 volumes between 1963 - 1970) Rivista trimestrale di nuova musica e arti visive contemporanee.

Palermo: G. Denaro, 1963-1970.

n. 1 (7) Anno 2.: dicembre 1963. Quarto, 96 pages, illustrated throughout. Printed red wrappers. Lightly soiled and edgewear towards spine.

collazione. S. Bussotti: « Mi travolse una remota esistenza » (da « Torso »); F. Evangelisti: e i (da « Ran-dom or not Random ») ; verifica. (Paolo Emilio Carapezza) ; Domenico Guaccero : Una conclusione provvisoria. ; Heinz-Klaus Metzger : Ueber Schallquellen. Le sorgenti sonore. letture. R. Kayn: Schwingungen (N. Sgro); D. Schnebel: Glossolalie (D. Schnebel); E. Macchi: Parabola (E. Macchi). asterisco 1°. La nuova musica dopo la « 4 ‘ Settimana » di Palermo (P. E. Carapezza); Notizie. confronto. F. Bacon e J. Johrn (M. Calvesi) ; Lawrence Alloway : Six painters and the object. Sei pittori e l’oggetto. ; Maurizio Calvesi : Ricognizione e reportage. Recognition and reportage. Scheda. Mimmo Rotella (a cura di Vittorio Rubiu). asterisco 2° Aforismi sulla maniera di dipingere (Franco Nonnis). « Aspetti dell’arte contemporanea » all’Aquila; Christo alla Salita di Roma; Millares all’Odyssia di Roma; il « Teodelapio » di Calder. (V. Rubiu). Notizie.

n. 6: settembre 1966. Quarto, 98 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Wrappers with light foxing.

summary: (Musica) collazione. Juliusz Luciuk : Pacem In Terris ; Domenico Guaccero : Klaviatura. verifica. Paolo Emilio Carapezza : verifica pratica ; Dieter Schnebel : Das Formproblem in der Neuen Musik ; Dieter Schnebel : Mahlers Spätwerk als Neue Musik ; Henri Pousseur : Elementi Realistici della Musica Elettronica ; Jacobo Romano : La Nueva Musica Argentina ; Norbert Weiss : Film in der Oper ; Giuseppe Chiari : alcune opere, alcuni scritti. scheda 6. Frederic Rzewski ; letture ; Jean Barraque’ : Sequence (Paolo Renlmosto) ; Gilbert Amy : Epigramme Pour Piano (Paolo Renosto) ; Vittorio Gelmetti : Nous Irons à Tahiti (Giuseppe Chiari) ; Svenskt Musik 60-Tal (Paolo Emilio Carapezza) ; Domenico Guaccero : Negativo (Domenico Guaccero).asterisco *. Gabriella Mulachié : Inattualità della Danza ; Paolo Emilio Carapezza : Premio Italia 65. lettere e notizie.

(arti visive)
verifica. Otto Hahn: Critique = compréhension, compréhension = action; Mario Diacono : Antimetaphisica ; William S. Wilson : Ray Johnson: Vibration and Reverberation ; Ann Wilson : .... from a patchwork history: 1958 ; Maurizio Fagiolo : La Ragion Purapratica di Lichtenstein ; Martial Raysse : J’ai mille choses à classer.... ; Heinz Ohff : Gernot Bobenik ; Cesare Vivaldi : La Scuola di Pistoia ; Henry Martin : Flowers, facades and IBM machines ; Peter Bruning und Manfred de la Mott : Légendes ; Vittorio Rubiu : I falsi giocattoli di Pino Pascali. letture. Dick Higgins : Jefferson’s Birthday and Postface (Juliet Arning Siragusa) ; asterisco * *. Daniel Spoerri : * Una topografia aneddotica del caso ; Emilio Vedova : Interventi ; Seiichi Niikuni - Pierre Garnier : Troisième manifeste du spatialisme pour une poesie supranationale.

musiche di Luciuk, Guaccero, Chiari, Rzewski ; pitture, disegni e sculture di Lichtenstein. Tilson, Brecht, Kounellis, Johnson, Raysse, Bobenik, Barni, Buscioni, Natalini, Ruffi, Nesbitt, Bruning, Pascali, Topor, Vedova, Innocente, I. e P. Garnier, Kolàr ; in copertina: J. Kounellis, Paint, 1966; F. Rzewski, dal Requiem.


- First editions. Collage used to be a ‘spoken periodical’. With nr. 1 (7) the printed version of this magazine came into existence. ‘Da una rivista ‘parlata’ a una stampata: “Collage” costituisce un raro esempio di ‘esoeditoria’, di una pubblicistica, cioà, gestita direttamente da artisti al fine di promuovere un’alternativa alla cultura dominante, nata a Palermo nel corso degli anni Sessanta. Se “Collage. Dialoghi di cultura” (1962-64), fondata da Paolo Emilio Carapezza, Antonino Titone e Gaetano Testa, affrontà un’ampia panoramica di argomenti riguardanti la cultura palermitana basandosi su veri e proprio indici che fungevano da scaletta per gli interventi orali dei partecipanti, la versione stampata (1963-70) fu sviluppata secondo un doppio binario, quello della nuova musica e delle arti visive, con due redazioni parallele e una fitta rete di prestigiosi collaboratori internazionali. L’esperienza di “Collage”, rimasta un unicum in Sicilia per l’ampiezza di respiro che la caratterizzà e per la capacità di cogliere con prontezza fenomeni cardine dell’arte contemporanea, dalla Pop Art all’Arte Povera, dall’happening alla danza/teatro/azione, offre un interessante spaccato della Palermo degli anni Sessanta, al centro di un momento d’oro di risveglio culturale che non si à pià ripetuto.’ Marina Giordano in ‘teCLa’.

euro 250

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015. Willats, Stephen.

Control Magazine.
No. 4 - 19. (16 issues of 19 published so far)

London: Control Magazine, 1968 - 2014. All quartos and each issues 20 pages with numerous illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Very fine set.

Issue Four, 1968
Contributors: Victor Burgin; Norman Toynton: ‘For Children, Students and Older Children’; Derrick Woodham: ‘Control’; John Sharkey: ‘Concepts Media Elements Control‘; Logie Barrow; ‘A Run-in to some Discussion of Artistic Tactics’; Stephen Willats; Douglas Sandle: ‘Art and Consumer Technology’; Don Mason; Eric Brown, ‘Rabbit Sculpture’.

Issue Five, 1969
Contributors: Laurie Burt; Don Mason; Logie Barrow, ‘A Too-Summary’; John Sharkey, ‘The Art of Controlled Tradition’; Rick Oginz, ‘The Artist’s Role when Machines Think’; Roy Ascott, ‘Behaviourables and Futuribles’; Douglas Sandle, ‘Society and the Behavioural Artist’; Stephen Willats, ‘The Artist as a Structurist of Behaviour’;Artists Placement Group, ‘APG since 1965 … from various papers’.

Issue Six, 1971 Contributors:Stroud Cornock, ‘Towards a General Systems Model of the Artistic Process’; Jan Kopinski, ‘Artists and Functional Process’; Stephen Willats, ‘Man From the Twenty-first Century’, ‘Cognition and Control; Project’, ‘Cognition and Control’, ‘Visual Meta Language Simulation’; John Sharkey, ‘Inside the Innersphere’; Andy McKay, ‘Preliminary or: If I Stand in a Circle with Myself Where do My Ends Meet’; Ernest Edmonds, ‘Communications Game’; George Mallen, ‘An Approach to the Concept of an ‘Art System’’; Jack Shotbolt, ‘Behavioural Maze Project No. 1’; David Budgen, ‘Dissemobile’.

Issue Seven, 1973
Contributors: Kevin Lole, ‘Art and its Behaviourism’; Peter Smith, ‘Behaviourism as an Hermenuetic of Art (A Pragmatic Variant)’; Stephen Willats, ‘Concern of the Centre for Behavioural Art’, ‘Social Model Construction Project’, Prescriptions for Task Orientated Methodologies in Constructing Operational Models of Art Practice’, ‘West London Social Resource Project’; Howard O’Conner, ‘Some Correlations Between the Behavioural Artist and Verbal Learning Models’; John Stezaker, ‘Two Instances of Institutional Determinacy of Art’

Issue Eight, 1974
Contributors: Kevin Lole, ‘A Work Involving Attention and Understanding’, Erling Steen Petersen, ‘A Conceptual Outline’, Joe Wilson; Andrew Ironside; Stephen Willats, ‘Meta Filter; The Externalisation of Models in Art Practice’; Gerald Laing, ‘Hybrid’; John Stezaker, ‘Ideal Types and Utopias’.

Issue Nine, 1975
Contributors: Peter Smith, ‘The Language of Art-A Critique’; Dan Graham, ‘Income (Outflow) Piece 1969 plus Various Other Texts’; Herve ischer, ‘Manifesto No. 2 for Sociological Art’; Stephen Willats, ‘A State of Agreement’ ; Landfried Schroepfer, ‘Signs and Systems’ ; Alan Sondheim, ‘Nature and Discourse: 1975 Project’ ;Kevin Lole, ‘Survey of Distance Models of Art’ ; John Walker, ‘Diagrams: Their Relevance to Art’

Issue Ten, 1977
Contributors: Jon Bird, ‘Ideology: A Sign of the Times’; Peter Dunn & Loraine Leeson, ‘Adjusting Culture to Practical Function: Reflections and Projections’; Jane Kelly, ‘Some Observations on the Role of the Critic in Art Practice’; Mary Kelly, ‘Notes on Reading the Post-Partum Document’; Stephen Willats, ‘Between a Symbolic World and a Contextual Reality; The Artwork as a Vehicle for Forwarding Counter-Consciousness’

Issue Eleven, 1979
Contributors: Tony Rickaby, ‘Looking at Buildings’; Stephen Willats, ‘The Counter Consciousness in Vertical Living’; Ray Barrie, ‘A Question of Paternity’; Mary Kelly, ‘On Femininity’; Fern Tiger, ‘Assorted Writings’; Dieter Hacker, ‘The Artist’s Political Work Begin with his Work’; Gallerie in Friedrichstrasse, ‘The Association for Research into the Full; Employment of the Unnoticed ‘; Peter Dunn & Loraine Leeson, ‘The East London Health Project’; Dan Graham, ‘Projects’; Raimund Kummer & Hermann Pitz, ‘Lutzowstrasse Situation’

Issue Twelve, 1981
Contributors: Lili Fischer, ‘Fieldwork’; Stephen Willats, ‘Working with Life and Institutions’; Helen Chadwick, ‘Model Institution’; Michael Peel, ‘Walking Waiting Working’; Bernhard Sandfort, ‘Augenladen’; Fred Forest, ‘The Territory’; Gallerie in Friedrichstrasse, ‘The Artist as Collector / The Collector as Artist’; F & F Schule fur Experimentelle Gastaltung Zurich, ‘Project Loam Pit’.

Issue Thirteen, 1982
Contributors: Bill Woodrow, ‘TV Blind’; Glenys Johnson, ‘Agent Orange’; Jenny Holzer; David Evans & Sam Burford, ‘Blocks’; Kate Blacker, ‘Taking a Walk’; Jean-Luc Vilmouth, ‘Man Pointing in a Crowd’; Stephen Willats, ‘Contexts for Freedom’; Sue Arrowsmith; Tony Bevan, ‘Emblems and Portraits’; Tony Cragg,’Building Bricks’; Anish Kapoor.

Issue Fourteen, 1990
Contributors: Mark Lewis, ‘What is to be Done ‘; Andrew Wilson; Daniel Dewaele, ‘Experiences with Art and Society 1977 - 1990 ‘; Lawrence Weiner; Rita Pacquee, ‘Madam at the Second Hand Market on a Sunday Afternoon’; Andreas Seltzer, ‘Bilderdienst’; Dennis Adams, ‘The Proscenium’; Marc Scheppers, ‘Themes that Occupied …’; Stephen Bann & Bob Chaplin, ‘Notes from the Social History of Seeing’; Martha Rosler, ‘The Rewards of Money: Brunch a la Loft’; Stephen Willats, ‘White Towers’; Ivan Dusanek, ‘Private Paths’; Michael Gibbs; Christian Phillip Muller; Endre Tot, ‘Total Joys by Tot’; Ernest Edmonds, ‘Video Construct Communication Systems’; Simon Cutts & Colin Sackett, ‘Allotment’; Art Creating Society–Symposium at the MOMA Oxford. June 1st–3rd 1990.

Issue Sixteen, 2001
Contributors: Jakob Jakobsen: ‘A New Table, which might not be Understood as Clean in Modern Terms’; David Goldenberg: ‘A Platform for People to Speak for Themselves’; Jesus Cruzvillegas, ‘M.V.C.’; Art Lab, ‘Support Strategies’; Nils Norman, Elinor Jansz, Christabel Stewart & Emily Pethick:‘Super Clinic’; Hamish Fulton: ‘Is It Today, Yesterday or Tomorrow’; Sarah Staton: ‘A Gardening Project’; David Beech: ‘Past Noc/Erge/Propter Hoc’; Heinrich Sachs: ‘Neus Leben (New Life)’; Stephen Willats: ‘Multichannel WorkshopPractice in the Art Museum’; Wolfgang Spanier.

Issue Fifteen, 1996
Contributors: Poster Studio; Edwin David, ‘La Ronde’; Stephen Dillemuth, ‘Our TV Station’
Alan Murray, ‘My Statement in the Gallery is the Reason for the Successful Manual in the Box’; Denise Hawrysio, ‘F.T.S.’; Oliver Whitehead, ‘Splice’; Alan Kane & Jeremy Deller, ‘Chat Up’; Sarah Staton, ‘‘Art Market’–A Practice Towards a Theory’; Mathew Higgs, ‘Local News’; Oliver Cieslik & Barbara Schenk, ‘(Control) Controlled’; Mat Vaassen; Les Levine, ‘Of Sex and Violence: Mask Change See Face’; Liam Gillick, ‘The What If? Scenario / A Parallel’; Stephen Willats, ‘Private Journeys’; Katie Bowden & Helen Eger, ‘Bus Catcher’

Issue Seventeen, 2007
Contributors: FrenchMottershead: ‘Shops’; Jakob Jakobsen: ‘Free Class, Copenhagen 2005–2006’; Dan Kidner: ‘City Projects’; Langlands & Bell; Emma Hedditch: ‘A Pattern: A Portable Video Camera’; Nils Norman; Miriam Steinhauser: ‘On the Prowl’; Elly Clarke: ‘Hackney to Siberia’; Fritz Haeg: ‘Buildings, Gardens & Happenings’; Stephen Willats: ‘Parallel Worlds’; Johnny Spencer: ‘If I Say It’s Not Art, It’s Not Art’; Chris Hammond: ‘The Disappearing Artist’.

Issue Eighteen, 2009
Contributors: Vito Acconci: Preliminary Proposal for museum lawn, Williams College; Karolin Meunier; The Reference has Vanished; Stephen Willats: The Diagram as a Speculative Modelling Tool in Art Practice; Erwin van Doorn: Something is Missing, Basel/Kassel/Eindhoven 2007 – 2008; Dan Mitchell: The Black and White pages of Control and Social Psychology; Annette Krauss: Hidden Curriculum; Thomas Hirschhorn: Presence and Production; Harmen de Hoop: Life in the Fast Lane or: Relax a Little; Steve Rushton: Self-performance in the Social Studio; Ricardo Basbaum: 9 Choreographic Diagrams; Phil Coy: Notes for a Self-generating Script.

Issue Nineteen, 2014
Contributors: Christian Nyampeta: The Rest; Rosalie Schweiker: Dilemmas in Art; Ricardo Basbaum: re-projecting (London); Andrea Francke: On how art should help us imagine different futures and how art discourse could be stopping us from getting there; Emma Smith: Rehearsal; Stephen Willats: The Oxford Community Datastream; Eva Weinmayr: Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve; Ross Taylor & Madalina Zaharia: Walls With Holes In; Luke Cohen: Charivari; Laura Wilson: 800 Lights in 177 Years.


- All first editions. ‘Published and edited by Stephen Willats, this pioneering magazine has documented the work of many artists, both from the UK and abroad and encouraged a wide discussion of artists’ practices. ... Since 1965, the magazine has published work and writing by over 150 artists, including John Latham, Roy Ascot, Anthony Benjamin, Dan Graham, Mary Kelly, Helen Chadwick, Tony Cragg, Dennis Adams, Lawrence Weiner, Anish Kapoor, Martha Rosler, Jeremy Deller, alongside collectives and collaboratives such as Gallerie in Friedrichstrasse, Artists Placement Group and early producer’s galleries such as that of Dieter Hacker. ..’

euro 1.200

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016. Aminoff, Judith (ed).

Cover. (nr. 1 of a total of7 published) a magazine of art. Volume 1 Number 1. May 1979.

New York: Standart Publications, 1979. Small square octavo, un paginated ( 36 pages), 13 plates. Typographic wrappers. Fine.


- First edition. Presentation copy. Dated and signed by Judith Aminkoff in 1981. Contributions by Lea Douglas, Les Levine, Suzanne Harris, Richard Nonas, Barbara Kruger, Micha Laury, Gerard Hovagimyan, Dennis Oppenheim, Peter Fend, Rebecca Howland, Tom Otterness, B Movies, Anthony Thompson, David Salle, Alan Moore, Lisa Kahane, and Ralph McRae.

euro 140

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dau el set

017. Tharrats, Joan Josep – Joan Brossa.

Dau Al Set. (nr. 7 of 56 nrs published in total) Decembre de 1952.

Large octavo, 6 pages, 4 tipped in illustrations by Joan Brossa. Illustrated wrappers. Spine split, wrappers lightly soiled, inside fine.


- First edition.’Some 56 numbers of ‘Dau el Set’ were published of which only up to the number from October 1951 – corresponding to the exposition ‘Dau al Set’ in the Caralt Salon – can be considered the work of the group and in accordance with their desires...the rest....were often catalogues of personal expositions or events celebrated at Club 49, are curious and interesting typographic designs by Tharrats.’ However it may be, this is a very interesing issue of this extrmely rare Catalan magazine. Loosely laid in a printed card that reads:”en vous désirant les meilleurs voeux pour l’année 1960 Joan-Josep Tharrats vous offre un vieux numéro de DAU EL SET que vous connaissez peut-être pas.” Members of Dau al Set included Joan Brossa, Antoni Tàpies, Joan Ponç, Arnau Puig, Modest Cuixart, Juan Eduardo Cirlot and Joan-Josep Tharrats. Antonio Saura, Enrique Tábara, and Manolo Millares.

euro 300

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018. Dermisache, Mirtha.

Diario № 1. Año 1.

Antwerpen: Guy Schraenen, 1975. Tabloid size (47,5×36,5 cm). Folded.


- Third edition. Signed in pencil by Mirtha Dermisache.

euro 80

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dot zero



dot zero



dot zero

019. Malone, Robert (editor) – Mildred Constantine (consulting editor) – Massimo Vignelli (design)

Dot Zero. Nos. 1- 5. (all published)

New York: Dot Zero, Inc., 1966-1967.

‘Finding Dot Zero When I first was thinking of a name for a contemporary magazine of design, there came to my mind Dotsero, a town on the Colorado River, where the Rio Grande railroad joins the Royal Gorge Route. From this point a survey was made of the Colorado River in 1885. As the initial point, it appears on the record as “.0” (dot zero). Hence the name. Zero, the figure “0” in the arabic notation for numbers, meaning naught, is the origin or point of departure in reckoning. It is the
point of nullity that would symbolize the unbiased point of view, devoid of influence and coloring, which an informative and impartial magazine assumes in the selection and presentation of its editorial material. Furthermore, O is to the eye and to the ear a memorable and expressive mark suited to stand as symbol for the topics of design theory and practice. In the nullity of the constant .0, which is less than any assignable magnitude or quantity, lies the analogy with the magazine Dot Zero, which plans to assume an unattached attitude by starting from naught and freeing itself from the impediments of taking sides. It is dot zero hour from which the planned movement of the magazine will start. Herbert Bayer’

Dot zero 1. 1966. Quarto, 48 pages, illustrated throughout in black and white + one colored double page. Embossed front and rear wrapper. Very light soiling towards white stiff wrappers.

- First edition. Contents: Editorial Statement ; Decline of the Visual, by Marshall McLuhan ; Graphics, by Maurice Constant ; Variations on the Face, by Bruno Munari ; Psychology of the Visual, by Martin Krampe ; Printing as an Art Form: Eugene Feldman ; Questions of Legibility, by Bror Zachrisson ; Alternatives to Architecture, by Arthur Drexle ; Book Review, by Douglas MacAgy.

Dot zero 2. 1966 Quarto, 48 pages, illustrated throughout in black and white. Black illustrated stiff wrappers. Cover design by Eugene Feldman.

- First edition. Contents: Editorial Statement ; Trademark Design, by Jay Doblin; Corporate Identity as a Systern, by Nan Adams ; Flag, by George Bain ; Museum Graphics, by Allon Schoener ; All That Glitters is not Stainless, by Reyner Banham ; Visual/Verbal Rhetoric, by Gui Bonsiepe ; Economics and Environment, by Dr. John Kenneth Galbraith ; Book Review—The Bettmann Portable Archive.

Dot zero 3. 1967 Quarto, 48 pages, illustrated throughout in black and white. Illustrated stiff wrappers.

- First edition. Contents: Editorial Statement ; The Plastic Parthenon by John McHale; Will Newspapers Ever Enter the Twentieth Century? by Clay Felker ; The Hybrid Medium; an Interview with John Diebold ; Paperbacks as a Mass Medium by Germano Facetti ; Photography and the Mass Media by John Szarkowski ; Film—An Essay by Gordon Hitchens ; Mass Media: The Stimulation System by Jay Doblin ; Book Review, Frederick, by Leo Lionni; by Mildred Constantine ; The Living Line by Thomas George.

Dot zero 4. summer 1967 Quarto, 48 pages, illustrated throughout in black and white. Illustrated stiff wrappers. Cover photo credit: George Cserna.

- First edition. Contents: Editorial ; A Theory of Expositions by Umberto Eco ; The Concept of Environmental Management by Serge Boutourline ; Designing “Creative America” by Ivan Chermayeff ; Creating Emotional Involvement in Geography, Geology and Space Science: an Interview with Rudolph de Harak ; Thoughts on Three-Dimensional Science Communications byWill Burtin ; Alpha Chambers by Kenneth Isaacs ; Expo 67 Puts You in the Picture by Bosley Crowther ; Five Films at Expo by Willard van Dyke.

Dot zero 5. october 1967 Quarto, 48 pages, illustrated throughout in black and white. Illustrated stiff wrappers. Cover photo credit: United press.

- First edition. This issue devoted to the Symposium “ Transportation Graphics: Where am I going? How do I get there?” held at MOMA New York October 23, 1967. Contents: Editorial ; Introduction by George Nelson, Chairman of the Symposium ; Lowell K. Bridwell ; Jock Kinneir ; Pierre Bourgeau ; Henry A. Barnes ; Will Burtin ; Jonathan Barnett ; Donald Appleyard ; Peter Chermayeff ; Bob Noorda ; Charles M. Haar; Harmon H. Goldstone ; Daniel T. Scannell.


- First edition.

euro 950

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020. Tobiès, Renate + Silex, Christoph.(ed.) - Erich Buchholz

Eau de cologne. Der guten Kunst gewidmet.

nr. 1. (all published). Köln: Eau de cologne Verlag, 1968. Squarish quarto, 55 pages, numerous illustrations. Stiff illustrated wrappers.


- First edition. One of 200 numbered copies with an original signed woodcut by Erich Buchholz (probefläschen 4711 missing) With a special section on Erich Buchholz, reproduced articles written by Buchholz from the twenties on + text and reproductions by Kassak, Carl Laszlo, Tairow, The living theatre, and more.

euro 200

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021. Portoghesi, Paolo. (ed.) - Piergiorgio Maoloni (progetto grafico)

Eupalino. Cultura della Citta & della Casa Rivista Trimestriale. City & House Culture Quarterly magazine. Text in Italian and English. Large folio with illustrated wrappers. Text in Englisch and Italian.

Roma: “L’ERMA” di Bretschneider, 1984 - 1988.( the first 10 of 12 issues published). Large folios. A very fine set, except for nr. 6 that has minor dent to the top of spine.

Nr. 1. Inverno 1983/1984. 56 pages, illustrated throughout in color and in black and white. Stiff wrappers.

- First edition. Ruggero Guarini & Paolo Portoghesi: Perché Eupalino - Why the name Eupalino; Claudio d'Amato: L'immagine di una Fanciulla di Corinto - Picture of a Young Girl of Corinth; Alfredo Passeri: Aldo Rossi: La Scuola Media di Broni - Aldo Rossi: Broni's School; Alessandro Anselmi: La Scena Naturale - The Natural Scenery; Jacques Lucan: Un'idea di Teatro - Un'idee De Théatre; Giancarlo Priori: Il Tempo Ritrovato - Time Recaptured:Paolo Portoghesi: Nel Centro Della Cultura - In the Centre of Culture; Italo Calvino: Deve Ritrovare I Suoi Dei - His Gods must be Redescovered; Domenico Cecchini: Leggendo New York - Reading New York; Richard Pluntz & Marta Gutman: Il Ring di New York - The New York Ring; Guglielmo Bilancioni: Scheerbart e Taut - Scheerbart & Taut; Maddalena Sisto: Luca Scacchetti/Piccola Città - Luca Scacchetti/Small Town.

Nr. 2. Primavera 1984. 56 pages of which 2 foldout pages, illustrated throughout in color and black and white. Stiff wrappers with on front cover an image of a frame designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

- First edition. Content: Pasquale Chessa – Giorgio Agamben: The Philosophy of the period; Antonio de Bonis: Under two cultures; Valerio Magrelli: The shape of the house; Paolo Portoghesi + Ludovico Quaroni: Return to the city; Pietro Gallina: A Temple on the water; Carlo Aymonino: The Rome Colosso; Pierluigi Eroli: Through the eyes of William Morris; William Morris: News from nowhere; Gugliemo Bilancioni + Gian Paolo Consoli: The tale of an ancient; Achille Bonito Oliva: Assassin the hope of art; Francesco Cellini + Enrico Valeriai: Images for the Biennale; Constantino Dardi: The scene of things.

Nr. 3. 1984. 56 pages of which 2 foldout pages. Illustrated throughout in color and black and white. Stiff wrappers with on front cover a decorative detail of the facade of the Palazzo Farnese.

- First edition. Content: Gerard George Lemaire + George Cargouste: Mythe et Nécessité; Henry N. Cobb : Portland Museum of Art ; Michale Graves : The Humana Building ; Paolo Portoghesi : Parallel Signs ; Francesco D’Amato : Machado & Silvetti; Valeria Magrelli: Stations: Giorgio Caproni; Guglielmo Bilancioni: The Rock of Cities; Pietro Gallina: geometry and ruin; Angela Marino: Rafaello: Architetural painting; Christian Norberg Schulz: Heidegger sull’Architettura; Costantino Dardi: The House of Things.

Nr. 4. 1984. 56 pages of which 2 foldout pages. Illustrated throughout in color and black and white. Stiff wrappers with on front cover a plate from Palladio’s Four Books of Architecture (Isaac Ware, London, 1738).

- First edition. Content: Francesco Perego + Andrea Carandini: the fad of Archeology; Robert A.M. Stern; Giancarlo Priori: The Living frame; Giancarlo Leoncilli: The Transarent Velarium; Luca Quattrocchi: Giovanni Michelazzi’s Intimate Architecture; Arduino Cantafora: Rome as a Painting: Paul Valéry: Paradoxe sur l’Architecte; Sergio Terracina: Valery Prophet of the Art Nouveau?; Pietro Gallina: The Silent Structures: Valerio Magrelli: “The Bedroom Chamber” by Attilo Bertolucci; Fabio Mariano: The Architectural Alphabet by J.D. Steingruber; Guglielmo Bilancioni: Emblemata Moderna.

Nr. 5. 1985. 64 pages of which 2 foldout pages. Illustrated throughout in color and black and white. Stiff wrappers with on front cover a reproduction of Arduino Cantafora’ s painting “Memories”.

- First edition. Content: Goffredo Petrassi + Pietro Callina: The Mechanical Nightingale; Antonio de Bonis: Ricardo Bofill/The Force of Clarity; Dario passi’s City; Claudio d’Amato: Plain Chant; Francesc Cellini + Nicoletta Cosentino: A Dream, A desire...; Valerio Magrelli: Antonio Porta/Between Body and Matter; Guglielmo Bilancioni: Michel de Klerk/one’s own Household (Eigen Haard); Gianni Contessi: Eulogy of Old-Fashionedness; Fulvio Irace: Alessandro Mendini/ Under the Sign of Doubt; Costantino Dardi: Platonic Solids; Gian Paolo Consoli: Bade Runner: at the gates of Tannhauser; Egidio Eronico: in this future/notes on Philip K.Dick; Paolo Portoghesi: Antonio Donghi Painter.

Nr. 6. 1985. 64 pages of which 2 foldout pages. Illustrated throughout in color and black and white. Stiff wrappers with on front cover a reproduction of a drawing by Francesco Cellini.

- First edition. Content: Gianni Vattimo + Carlo Olmi: Philosophy of the City; Vincenzo Pavan: Léon Krier’s Theophanies; Léon Krier: An Idea of a City; Léon Krier: the Completion of Washington; Alessandro Anselmi: the Necessary Myth; Giancarlo Priori: Giannfranco Caniggia/ Method and continuity; Nicola Pagliara: Marble Tv’s; Luigi Serafini: The Architect Bird; Lucia Bisi: Tomaso Buzzi/ Stoen Dreams; Constantino Dardi: The House of Art; Egisto Macchi Domenico Guaccero; Valerio Magrelli: Franco Fortini: Landscape with Snake.

Nr. 7. 1986. 64 pages. Illustrated throughout in color and black and white. Stiff wrappers with on front cover a reproduction of a drawing by Dario Passo.

- First edition. Content: Conversazione tra Giovanni Michelucci & Paolo Zermani: The Wealth of Ideas; Helmut Jahn: Gothic Crystals; Paolo Portoghesi: Luciano Semerani/ An Ordered Complexity; Luciano Semerani: Portraits pour une ville. Le bateau Blanc; Gianni Eronico: Gabetti & Isola/The Courtesy of Blades; Egidio Eronico: Sandr Giani/ Emotional Architecture; Stefania Tuzi: Giancarlo Priori/Like Words; Paolo Zermani: Theatres of Other Times; Valerio Magrelli: Mario Luzi/ For the Baptism of Our Fragments; Giancarlo Priori: hans Hollein/Dream & Reality; Bruno Adorni: Alesso Tramello/Heir to the Lombard Bramante Tradition; Paolo Portoghesi: Gino Marotta/ between Art and Science.

Nr. 8. 1987. 63 pages of which 2 foldout pages. Illustrated throughout in color and black and white. Stiff wrappers with on front cover a reproduction of Purini’s ‘Barbaric Skyscraper’, 1984.

- First edition. Content: Attilo Bertocluci & Paolo Zermani: The Province of Thins; Peter Eisenmann: Conflicts of the Modern trend; Costantiono Dardi: The Space Plots; Antonino Terranova: Franco Purini and Laura Thermes/ Problematic Intersections; Romano Burelli: Type ad Pollution; Paolo Portoghesi: Apollodoro; Giancarlo Priori: Michael Graves/ The return to the Archetypes; Piergiacomo Bucciarelli: Fritz Höger/The expressionist Verb; Guglielmo Bilancioni: Giuseppe sacconi/The Tomb of the Unkown Soldier; Valerio Magrelli: Carlo Bettochi/ Words and Feelings; Maurizio Marini: Marco Rossati: The Allegories and Enigmas.

Nr. 9/10. 1988. 92 pages of which 2 foldout pages. Illustrated throughout in color and black and white. Stiff wrappers with on front cover a reproduction of Franz Prati’s ‘o seasons, o castles’, 1986.

- First edition. Content: Oswald Mathias Ungers & Mario Pisani: The flight od Reality; Paolo Portoghesi: Roger Ferri/The Roads of Imagiantion; Alessandro Latour & Tom Stetz: James Stewart Polshek/The integrity pf Architecture; Giancarlo Priori: Robert Stern/To rediscover one’s Idols; Stefania Tuzi: Robert venture/Historical Sense; Gérard-Georges Lemaire: Paolo Farina/The Architect’s Dream; Claudio D’Amato: A. Mason. V. Pavan, C. Roncoletta/Architectural reasonings; Sandro Benedetti: The essence of Truth; Paolo Porthogesi: Claudio Dini/The identification in nature; Guglielmo Bilancioni: Joseph Hoffmann: The Sphinx of The Modern Art; Christian Norberg Schulz: The Need for a Contemporary Architectural Language; Mario Messins: The Neoromantic Sound; Sergio Terracina: Silvia Ferretti/The Demon of Memory.


euro 400

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022. Franklin Furnace. (founded by Martha Wilson in 1976)


New York: Franklin Furnace, September 1980-1982

The Flue: Volume I, No. 1. Tabloid format. 12 pages (Flexidisk missing).

Contributions: Conrad Gleber, Gail Rubini and Jim Snitzer of Chicago Books. Contents: “Artists’ Books,” by Clive Phillpot, and other material related to the Chicago show.

The Flue: Volume I, No. 3. Tabloid format. 10 pages. Artist/Designer: Barbara Kruger.

Centerfold by Barbara Kruger, Louise Lawler, and Sherrie Levine + an interview by Clive Phillpot and Lynne Tillman with Charles Henri Ford, curator of part two of The Pages As Alternative Space, 1930-49; an article by Jon Hendricks and Barbara Moore, curators of part three of The Page as Alternative Space, 1950-69; and Franklin Furnace news.

The Flue: Volume I, No. 4. Tabloid format. Illustrated. 8 pages. Artist/Designer: Carla Liss.

Includes: Interview with Wies Smals of De Appel; printing and publishing information for artists; list and photographs of participants in “We’ll Make Up A Title When We Meet” (a.k.a. LA/London Lab) series; Sonia Knox, Linda Montano, Salley Potter, Leslie Labowitz, Linda Nishio, Carlyle Reedy, Suzanne Lacy, Hannah O’Shea, Nina Sobel, Nancy Angelo, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Susan Hiller, Rose English, Cheri Gaulke, Tina Keane, Caryn Faure-Walker, Vanalyne Green, Laurel Klick, Martha Rosler, Moira Roth, and Franklin Furnace news.

The Flue: Volume II, No.1. (editor Martha Wilson – Deborah Drier) Tabloid format. 32 pages, illustrated throughout. Saddle-stapled. Designed by John Copoulos. Cover by Louise Lawler.

l“(Con) Text: Update on the Collection/International Mail Art” by Jill Medvedow; “Love, Death and Freedom in Roumanian Dadaism and Surrealism” a poetical essay by Valery Oisteanu; “Russian Avant-Garde Book Design” by Gail Harrison Roman; “Sterilization/Elimination: Chilling “Homage” to Genocide” by Anne Pitrone; “Performance Criticism: Studying Mad Pursuit” by Barbara Baracks; artists’ pages by Agnes Denes, Beverly Feldmann, David Hammons and Dawoud Bey, Dieter Froese, Kay Hines, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Jack McCaslin, Ana Mendieta and Jack Parker. Interviews on the pitfalls of documenting performance art with Linda Burnham, John Howell, and Bill Gordh, calendar insert, Franklin Furnace news.


- First editions.

euro 180

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023. Maciunas, George.

Fluxus Vacuum TRapEzoid.

Fluxus newspaper # 5. Black print on brown wrapping paper. (folded 56 x 43,2 cm) Published March, 1965. 4 printed sides. Near mint.


- First edition. “ The fifth newspaper, Fluxus Vacuum TRapEzoid, New York, March 1965, has no editorial credit, but was edited and designed by George Maciunas with a page given to George Brecht. Continuing a system introduced in the previous newspaper, Maciunas uses an entire page for a dual purpose poster, and another for a catalogue/advertisement for Fluxus Editions. It contains: page 1 Anonymous [George Maciunas] Graphic Cover, page 2 poster: Perpetual Fluxfest” at Cinematheque, 85 E. 4th St., NYC, page 3 Advertisement: for Fluxus Editions at Flux Shop & Mail Order Warehouse, page 4 « Peter Longazzo»George Brecht « Science River Wax Science »

euro 700

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024. Hendricks, Geoffrey (editor) - Sara Seagull (design)


No. 11. Saturday, March 24, 1979.

New York: Fluxus Editorial Council, 1979.

Tabloid size newspaper. Unfolded (37,7 x 29 cm), 16 pages, Illustrated throughout.

Contributions by Peter Moore, Robert Watts, Henry Flynt, Ben, Mieko Shiomi, Emmeet Williams, Knizak, Wolf Vostell, Geoffrey Hendricks, Jon Hendricks, Takako Saito, George Brecht, Alison Knowles, Bici Forbes, Daniel Spoerri, Ken Friedman...


- First edition. Here unfolded with the Bob Watts correction slip + loosely laid in also the List of illustrations of George & Billie’s Flux Wedding, Flux-Feast of the Erotic food & Flux Cabaret.

euro 400

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the fox




the fox

025. Charlesworth, Sarah, Joseph Kosuth, Michael Corris, Andrew Menard, Preston Heller and Mel Ramsden (editors)

THE FOX. 1, 2, 3. (all published)

New York: The Art & Language Foundation, Inc., 1975 -1976. Very fine set.

Volume One, Number One. 1975. Tall quarto, 144 pages printed on newspaper stock, 13 illustrations in black and white. Green printed wrappers.

- First edition. 'It is the purpose of our journal to try to establish some kind of community practice. Those who are interested, curious, or have something to add (be it pro or con) to the editorial thrust…the revaluation of ideology…of this first issueare encouraged, even urged, to contribute to following issues…'

Number Two. (the name of Ian Burn has been added to the editorial staff)
1975. Tall quarto, 163 pages printed on newspaper stock, 23 illustrations (of which 4 double page) in black and white. Red printed wrappers.

CORRESPONDENCE & NOTES: Bruce Kurtz: A Conversation With Robert Smithson; Stefan Morawski: Concerning an Attack by Sandra Harrison; Letters from Jean Toche, Robert Horvitz, Paul Kagawa, Annson Kenney and others
ARTICLES: DIRECT SPEECH - David Rushton and Paul Wood; 1975 - Joseph Kosuth; DOING ART HISTORY - Terry Smith; MEDIA MADNESS - Andrew Menard and Ron White; LOOKING BACK, GOING ON - PART 2 - Terry Atkinson; DON JUDD - Karl Beveridge and Ian Burn; YET ANOTHER PALACE REVOLT IN THE BANANA REPUBLIC? - Michael Corris; ON SAMUEL BECKETT'S 'WAITING FOR GODOT' - Trevor Pateman.

Number Three. 1976. Tall quarto, 186 pages printed on newspaper stock, 29 illustrations in black and white. Blue printed wrappers.

CORRESPONDENCE & NOTES Letters from Robert Witz, Joshua Neustein, Guerrilla Art Action Group, J. Byron Kearns and others. May Stevens: Art & Class; Jane Klion & Julie Wolf Students Fighting Faculty at WU; Mayo Thompson: Natural Alliances; For the Sensitive; Stefan Morawski: Thèses on Aesthetics.


- First editions.

euro 350

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026. Muz Murray (ed.)

Gandalf’s Garden. Earth’s first civilisation reawakens in…Mystical Scene Magazine.

Issue Six. (last of 6 issues published)

London: Gandalf’s Garden, 1969. Quarto, 32 pages printed on different color stock illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers by Henk t’Jong. Fine.


- First edition. Summary: Voices in the Wilderness, editorial by Muz Murray; The Cosmic Continent by Colin Bord; Quintessence by Legolas; Define Your Terms Young Man! (glossary of hip terminology); Strider’s Initiation by Philip H. Senior; Herakleitos of Ephesos (c.500 B.C.) (aphorisms of); The Instant Insect; Message to the Galaxy by Oliver L. Reiser; God’seye on Gandhi by Herbert Read; Krishna Commune; Tathata Centre by Peter Twilley; Reviews: School of Non-Violence ed. by Satish Kumar; Thunderbolts of Peace of Liberation (poetry); Book Magic by Deric R. James; Aardvark’s Quest by Harry Harmer); Seedbag (letters by Miguel Grinberg, Mary Pett, Tony Askey, Mykal Robertson, Gary Hill, Alan, Stephen Spicer, George L. Beaumont, Peter and Marillyn; The Underground Press Loves You by Thomas King Forcade; The Cosmic Circuit (magazines) + Breaking Ground (events diary for 3 November to 19 December 1969)

euro 60

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027. Patella, Luca.

Gazzetta ufficiale di Luca Patella. (4 of 19 issues published)

N. 1. marzo 1972. ‘’Analisi di psico vita’’ Reattivo di interco-involgimento culturale, psicologico, ecc. Dinamica dello svolgimento. Testi del test. Precedenti.

Roma: Edizione Laboratorio Lezioni di Luca Patella, 1972. Small quarto, 14 pages. Printed orange wrappers.

N. 2. maggio 1972. Indicazioni, a cenni sul “libro” di L.P. (1970-’72) “Io sono qui” “Avvenire & Cultura”.

Roma: Sargentini Publisher, L’Attico, 1972. Small quarto, 8 pages. Printed green wrappers.

- Numero speciale della “Gazzetta Ufficiale di L.P.” per la presentazione del “libro” suddetto alla 36a Biennale Internazionale di Venezia.

No. 4. april 1975. Small quart, 12 pages. Wrappers with pasted on title label.

Roma: Edizione Laboratorio Lezioni di Luca Patella, 1975.

No. 7. Semaanticamente.

Roma: Luca Patella, 1976. Small quarto, 2 illustrations. Orange colored wrappers with pasted on title label.


- First editions.

euro 180

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028. Bachmayer, Hans – Lothar Fischer - Reinhold Heller – Florian Kohler - Heino Naujoks – Heimrad Prem – Helmut Rieger – Helmut Sturm – Hans-Peter Zimmer.

Geflecht. Antiobjekte 1965/1966.

Nr. 2 (of 2 published) Antiobjekte von juli bis april 1966. Introduction by H. Rieger.

Munchen: Gruppe Geflecht, 1966. Oblong folio, un paginated, (40 pages), 15 black and white plates, 4 color illustrations and  17 photographic reproductions. Illustrated wrappers.


- First edition. One of 2000 copies. "Im April 1965 schlossen sich die Gruppen SPUR und WIR zu einer neuen Gruppe zusammen, die sich 1966 den Namen GEFLECHT gab. Aus dieser Zusammenarbeit entstanden 1965 die ersten Antiobjekte. Die sich daraus ergebenden Aspekte einer experimentellen Integration weiterzuentwickeln ist das Ziel der Gruppe Geflecht." Prints also the manifest of Gruppe Geflecht, signed in print Oktober 1965.

euro 200

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029. Spatola, Adriano - Franco Beltrametti - Arrigo Lora Totino. (a cura di)

Geiger 10. per Adriano Spatola. Antologia sperimentale. 1966 - 1996. L’antologia e dedocata ad Adriano Spatola: 1941-1988.

Illustrated clamshell box (31.5 x 24 x 3.5 cm), containing colophon page, a 4 page text by Maurizio Spatola + 103 original signed + numbered contributions.


- First edition. One of 300 (nr 221) numbered copies. Contributions by: Ferdinando Albertazzi, “Surrealismo fiorito”; Marcello Angioni, “Dicevamo anche...”; Nanni Balestrini; Gianfranco Baruchello; Dino Bedino, “L’infinito”; Franco Beltrametti, “Quattro momenti...”; Franco Beltrametti, “A”; Mirella Bentivoglio, “Object”; Gianni Bertini, “Omaggio”; Gianni Bertini, “Banca della felicità e dell’amore”; Carla Bertola, “Poema son-oro”; Tomaso Binga, “Il confessore elettronico”; Gerald Bisinger, “Die Jahre Vergehn”; Julien Blaine, “1 année parmi tant d’autres!”; Irma Blank, “Poem for Adriano Spatola”; Nenad Bogdanovic, “Networker Gallery”; Marisa Bonazzi and Fiorenza Giacopini, “L’arte della performance in discoteca”; Antonino Bove, “La pianta della memoria”; Paolo Brunati; Camillo Capolongo; Alberto Cappi, “Sordello da Goito”; Luciano Caruso, “Magic...”; Tommaso Cascella; Laura Castagno; Philippe Castellin; Betty Danon, “Sum is ics umsic us”; Sandro De Alexandris, “Geiger 10”; Giuliano Della Casa; Avelino De Araujo, “Manifesto 17”; Klaus P. Dencker, “Zan Gen Poème tr. vis”; Lia Drei, “I’m looking at you”; Pablo Echaurren; Fernanda Fedi, “Omaggio a Pavese”; Giovanni Fontana, “Sound Poem”; Giovanni Fontana, “Due testi per Adriano”; Heinz Gappmayr; Ilse Garnier, “L’oiseau dans la trasparence”; Pierre Garnier, “La neve”, Marco Gastini; Jochen Gerz, “Marcel I want my pissoir back”; John Gian, “trecento A per Adriano”; Gino Gini, “Volo”; John Giorno, “Il peggio è quasi passato”; Milli Graffi, “Che manca”; Carmen Gregotti, “Vorrei essere così: rossa”; Ezio Gribaudo; Bohumila Grogerova, “Les Mots sound...”; Francesco Guerrieri, “Vernissage”; Elisabetta Gut, “Ed-Era”; Pedro Juan Gutierrez; Vaclav Havel, “Pamàtce Vladimìra Kafky”; Bernard Heidsieck and F. Janicot, “Durante tutta la...”; Dick Higgins, “I.e., or vice versa”; Josef Hirsal, “La vie la mort”; Kurt Hofer, “Geheimnisvolle Grenze”; Stefan Hyner, “Nient’altro che il vuoto”; Richard Kostelanetz, “In memoriam A. Spatola”; Steve Lacy, “Absence”; Giancarlo Locatelli, “Wu Tao Tzu”; Ugo Locatelli, “Progetto per Apparenze e Apprizioni”; Arrigo Lora Totino; Federica Manfredini; Stelio Maria Martini; Eros Bonamini and Eugenio Miccini, “Ex libris”; Enzo Minarelli, “Divagazioni segniche”; Mario Molinari, “Geiger”; Franz Mon; Jean Monod; Lilia Morales y Mori; Massimo Mori; Leonardo Mosso; Maurizio Nannucci, “Let’s talk about art”; Giorgio Nelva, “Nidificando in tonemi”; Giulia Niccolai, “Homage to John Cage”; Giulia Niccolai, “Franco”; Sean O’Huigin, “Abraccasusunum”; Maurizio Osti, “Alfabeto”; Clemente Padin, “Loye”; Elio Pagliarani, “Poker con Adriano”; Giancarlo Pavanello; Lamberto Pignotti, “Gusto e gusto”; Daniele Poletti, “Panneggio neo plastico”; Antonio Porta, “L’Unità 14/12/88”; Tom Raworth, “Gin chez sky”; Antonio Ria, “Vive...”; Gian Paolo Roffi, “abcdefg...”; Gian Paolo Roffi, “Lectura”; Claudio Rotta Loria; Edoardo Sanguineti, “Rebus”; Evelina Schatz; K.B. Schauffelen, “So Steht es Gerade”; Valeri Scerstjanoi; Siegfried J. Schmidt; Carlo Alberto Sitta, “Print Poem per Adriano”; Maurizio Spatola, “Per/pour/for/Fur Franco Beltrametti”; Pete Spence, “Adriano, sbigottito...”; Endre Szkàrosi, “The language as...”; Hirishi Tanabu, “Light...”; F. Tiziano, “Recycled Poetry”; Franco Vaccari, “Azione a distanza n. 2”; Paul Vangelisti, “Unicorn”; Dario Villa, “A per Franco Beltrametti”; Emilio Villa, “da E/mana/azione”; Alberto Vitacchio; Rodolfo Vitone; Clotilde Vitrotto, “...Da maglia a magliaa...” William Xerra, “Apparizione”.

euro 1.400

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030. Frye Burnham, Linda (editor)

High Performance. The performance art quarterly.

Los Angeles: High Performance, 1979 (published from 1978 -1997)

Issue 6. Vol. II, No. 2, 1979. Carolee Schneemann’s meat Joy. Quarto, 40 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

Summary: Spaces: The Death of Close Radio / A Literal Exchange; Carolee Schneemann: Meat Joy / Interior Scroll / Homerunmuse; Bob & Bob Get Serious: Interview by Michael Kurcfeld; Peter Frank: Where We Mean / Fortune’s Mills; Donna Henes: Interview by Linda Burnham: Artist’s Chronicle

Issue 8. Vol. II, No. 4, 1979. Quarto, 55 pages, many illustrations Illustrated wrappers.

Summary: Spaces: The Death of Close Radio / A Literal Exchange; Carolee Schneemann: Meat Joy / Interior Scroll / Homerunmuse; Bob & Bob Get Serious: Interview by Michael Kurcfeld; Peter Frank: Where We Mean / Fortune’s Mills; Donna Henes: Interview by Linda Burnham: Artist’s Chronicle.

Issue 9. Vol. III, No. 1, 1980. Quarto, 63 pages, many illustrations Illustrated wrappers.

Summary: Stephen Seemayer: Profiled and interviewed by Linda Burnham; Jerry Dreva, An Introduction, A Letter, Dreva Questions Dreva.: Artist’s Chronicle: Phil Berkman, Robin Yvonne King, John Sheridan, Julie Wallace Keller/Valerie Bechtol, Anne Mavor / Marianne Bonetti, John Duncan, Ross Muirhead, Darryl Sapien/Performance Foundation . . ., Richard Alpert, Danny Devos, Bill Cordh, Barbara T. Smith, Rachel Rosenthal, Linda Nishio, Jerri Allyn, Diane Holland, John Ryskamp, Ruedi Schill, Sandra McKee, Bob & Bob, Planstudio Siepmann, Mark Smith, John Boone/BarbaraCavaliere, AI Payne.

Issue16. Vol. IV, No. 4, 1981. Quarto, 79 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

Summary: PERFORMANCE HISTORY:San Francisco Post-hep by MO David / Some Russian Performances by Margarita Tupitsyn; POETRY: Nips Poems by John M. Bennett; PERFORMANCE TEXT: TABOO SUBJECTS / Performance and the Masochist Tradition by Rache Rosenthal / Insanity and Death by Sue Dakin / Don’t Like Mondays by Giuditta Tornetta; NEWS: TACIT by Steven Durland; PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Nightclubbing with Burroughs, Giorno and Anderson by Lewis MacAdams; SPECIAL FEATURE: FOOD AND ART edited by Linda Montano ; INTERVIEWS: Linda Montano interviews eleven artists; PERFORMANCE SCRIPT: Fear of Dining and Dining Conversation by Ellen Zweig ; ESSAY:Food and Anthropology by Diane Rothenberg; ARTISTS PORTFOLIO: A portfolio of food/performance photographs.


- First editions.

euro 50 e.a.

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031. Mangurian, Robert (princiap designer) – Lisa Taylor (introduction) .

Immovable Objects Exhibition. An outdoor exhibition about city design on view throughout lower Manhattan from Battery Park to Brooklin Bridge.

New York: Cooper Hewitt Museum od Design - Smithsonian Institution, 1975 (giugno).

New York: Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design 1975. Tabloid size catalogue (folded once0 and guide to the “outdoor exhibition about city design on view throughout Lower Manhattan. From Battery Park to Brooklyn Bridge from 6.18. to 8.8. 75.” 32 pages in selfwrappers, many illustrations. Near fine.


- First edition of this interesting exhibition and well documented catalogue. Summary: The Tallest Building in the World, 1913-1930; The growth of the World Trade center; The Story of a Block: One Liberty Plaza; A short History of Zoning: The Origins of the Skyskraper; Wall Street; Recycling Older Buildings; The Canging Shape; Two Interviews About Office Buildings; Saving the Sauth Street Seaport; From Steeples to Slabs: A survey of Style; Are Plaza for Buildings or People? ; Balancing Public & Private Interests; Streets for People.

euro 100

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032. Pierpaolo Saporito dir. / Ugo la Pietra - Gilda Bojardi + Vincenzo Ferrari (ed.)

IN. Argomenti e Immagini di Design.

n. 5. (maggio-giugno) Distruzione e riappropriazione della città. Text in Italian with Englisch summary. Milano: S.E.R.T., 1972. Quarto, 109 pages, illustrated throughout. Stiff illustrated wrappers by Ugo la Pietra.


- First edition. Summary: Editoriale; Superstudio; Braco Dimietrijevi: Salvataggi di centri storici italiani; Archizoom Associati; Buti, Galli, Preti, Raggi, Sani; Ore 11; Ettore Sottsass jr.; Coop. Himmelblau(d) sic.; II decollo di Vienna, Villa Rosa, città tascabile, II pallone inquiete; Ugo La Pietra; Strumenti e metodi per la riapproj zione e l’uso della struttura urbana; Vincenzo Ferrari; II problema è di fare connessioni anziché distinzioni; Collettivo autonomo della Facolti Architettura di Milano; Gianni-Emilio Simonetti; International psicarchidelic amalgamia Max Peintner; A proposital for eternity world the other Jim Burns; Ant Farm; Street Farmer; Convegno per una Università del sign ambientale; Product Design; La casa dei superricchi; Pierpaolo Saporito Sprecodesign a Colonia; Concorso Dupont.

euro 200

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in piu

033. Floriano di Angeli dir. / Ugo la Pietra - Vincenzo Ferrari (ed.)

Progettare INPIU’. ( nr 1 + n 2 - anno II of a total of 10 issue published from 1973-1975)
Interventi e Analisi dell’Ambiente e del Sistema Culturale. L’uso della Ogetto. Per un comportamento creativo nei processi di riappropriazione dell’ambiente. saggi monografici bimestriali.

n. 1. anno I. Ottobre / Novembre. Text in Italian and Englisch. Milano: Jabik Editori, 1973. Quarto, 86 pages, illustrated throughout. Stiff illustrated wrappers.

Summary: Editorial; Monografia; Ugo La Pietra: II desiderio dell’oggetto ; Almerico De Angelis : Metadesign. Per una architettura eventuale ; Gruppo RNF (Salocchi, Ferrari, Carrega) : Lo stato della creatività.

n. 10. anno II. Dicembre / Gennaio. Text in Italian and Englisch. Milano: Jabik Editori, 1975. Quarto, 40 pages, illustrated throughout. Stiff illustrated wrappers. Wrappers slightly soiled.

Summary: Editorial. Documenti; I designers in penitenza by Gruppo Cavart ; La porta pedonale by N. Mikac, N. Polak, A. Laszlo, Z. Kovacic; Galateo. Luddismo. Cottimo by Carlo Guenzi; Avanguardia e Avanguardismo by N. Ciardi, G. Columbu, G. Composti, M.C. Giuffra, E. Pasculli; Rilevamenti nella logica del pòtere by Patrizia Pataccini; II mercato come strumento by Maria Teresa Baldoni; Poter essere cosi all’istante stesso in cui si desidera essere by Franca Sacchi. Ricerche: Urbanismo Unitaire by Mirella Bandini; Comunicazione orale a Ombriano by Paolo Ghilardi; La nostra casa. I domes. Le costruzioni alternative by Ugo La Pietra; Creatività collettiva by Ugo La Pietra. Analisi: A proposito di un libro sul design by Claude Schnaidt; Radicalizzazlone teorica, fondatezza dello specifico by Raffaele Perrotta; Le vite parallele: Kissinger e Warhol by Achille Bonito Oliva.


- First editions.

euro 400

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034. Reynolds, Charles (editor) – (Brodovitch)

Infinity: Volume 14, Number 7: July 1965.

New York: American Society of Magazine Photographers 1965. Quarto, 29 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Near fine.


- First edition. Summary: Ballet by Brodovitch. A graphic impression of a legendary picture book with an appreciation by Irving Penn; Nuts and Bolts: Bill Pierce on various and sundry photographic topics; 12 Photographers. Two reviews by Alfred Gescheidt and Ralph Hattersley of the first photographic show at New Yorks’s Gallery of Modern Art; Letters; Photography in films. William K. Everson on spy thrillers past and present; Charles Pratt. portfolio; Grapevine. Regina Benedict.

euro 100

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035. Innocente, E – M. Mochetti.

17,5 x 25. diciasettevirgolacinqueperventicinque.

Milano: G. Politi, Giugno 1972. Quarto, 36 pages, illustrated throughout in black and white. Illustrated wrappers.


- First edition and first and only issue of this magazine that was never distributed. Includes illustrations of work by Bent Larsen, Jan Dibbets, Maurizio Mochetti, Walter de Maria, Kasimir Malevich, John Cage, Fred Sandback, Cecco Angiolieri, Giulio Paolini, Ettore Innocente, Geraldine Hooper, Ettore Innocente, Sol Lewitt Goldestein Zvi…

euro 420

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036. Heubach, Friedrich Wolfram. (ed.)

Interfunktionen No. 5.

Köln: Verlag Heubach, (1970). Quarto, 169 pages, illustrated throughout.
Illustrated wrappers. Fine.


- First edition. One of 1000 copies. Summary of this issue: KUNST ALS KONTEXT. (Oppenheim, Smithson, Hutchinson, Weibel, EXPORT, Dibbets, George & Gilbert, Baldessari, Schuldt, Brecht, Nemetschek, Fulton, pulsa-group, Ehrenberg, Christo, Insley u.a. ) ZUR THEORIE. Michael Oppitz: Architektur als Doppelndes Lottchen Keith Arnatt: A Specification For An "Art Condition' JOSEPH BEUYS: 'CELTIC’ (SCHOTTISCHE SYMPHONIE) Aktion zusammen mit Henning Christiansen, Edinburgh 1970, Protokoll: Johannes Stüttgen LIT. TEXTE Friedr. Wolfr. Heubach: 'zum schreiben’ Oswald Wiener: Ein Verbrechen das auf dem Papier begangen wird Claus Böhmler: 'Grant' (Ein Bildroman) Tomas Schmit: Fragebogen NEUE LEUTE Lothar Baumgarten, Vita Acconci INFORMATIONEN Giuseppe Penone: Aktion Johannes Stüttgen: Aktion Keith Arnatt: Is it possible for me to do nothing as my contribution to this exhibition ?  Dan Graham: several works. außerdem Materialien von LIDL, Kagel, Vasteil, Lindow, Hädicke, Saree, Immendorff, Brehmer, Prangenberg u.a.

euro 240

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037. Buchloh, B.H.D. (editor and publisher)

INTERFUNKTIONEN. Zeitschrift fuer neue Arbeiten und Vorstellungen / Paper for New Visual and Verbal Works / Revue des Travaux Théoriques et Pratiques. No. 11 (of 12 published).

Cologne,1974. Quarto, 140 + 28 un- paginated pages, illustrated throughout. Original wrappers by Daniel Buren + original printed crystal paper wrappers. Crystal paper wrappers attached to spine with some minor foxing, ohterwise a very fine copy with the crystal wrappers intact.


- First edition. Inhalt/Contents/Sommaire: Cover: Avis/Ansicht/View — Marcel Broodthaers; Jörg Immendorff. Kritik entfalten!; A.R. Penck. Der Adler; Roman Jakobson. über die verbale Kunst des William Blake undanderer Dichter-Maler; Lawrence Weiner. With an advance declined; Marcel Broodthaers. La Seance. Film de M.B.; Michel Claura. Vorwort zu 'Book as Artwork'; Germano Celant. Das Buch als Kunstform 1960 - 1970. Book as Artwork - Bibliographie 1960 - 1974; Dan Graham. The Book as Object; Daniel Buren. Encre sur Papiers (a work printed on different stock. Buren's stripes introduce each individual contribution and then reappear as a group in the back of this issue) ; Bruce Nauman. Instructions for a mental exercise; Italo Scanga. San Francesco di Paola; Bill Beckley. Sea Sick.

Marcel Broodthaers' text on first page (in German, French and Englisch) : 'VIEW according to which an artistic theory will be functioning for the artistic product in the same way as the artistic product itselfis functioning as advertising for the rule under which it is produced There will be no other space than this view, according to which etc. ... For copy conform'

Here with the first edition of "Ink on Papers" that was refused by both Buchloh and Buren because of the bad printing job. Both the editor and Buren printed on the rear chrystal paper wrapper the following text: 'The editor of this magazine and myself think it necessary to notify the reader that technical faults which had occured during the realisation of "Ink on Papers" have changed the intended sense of the work (see p. 120). As the work by itself is materially bound to the other contributions, which would be affected by simply taking out the work "Ink on Papers" as well as by withholding the whole issue (these are two solutions which have been considered by the editor himself) I have prefered to leave this issue as it is, however not without adding the present supplement and with the intention to realise the project again in the next issue, profiting from the mistakes of this one.'

Buren's "Ink on Papers" was indeed republished in the next and last issue of Interfunktionen.

euro 350

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038. Neaderland, Louise (editor)

THE I.S.C.A. QUARTERLY. Journal of the International Society of Copier Artists, Ltd.

V.1 No. 3a . January, 1983. (missing 3b) - V.9, No.3, spring,1991.

New York: 1983 – 1991. 32 issues of a total of 84 published.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.1 No. 3a . January, 1983. (missing 3b) Green portfolio with pasted on title.

- First edition. Introduction by Louise Neaderland. Includes work by the following artists: Stetser, Carol; Lovin-Basch, Carole Ann; Moore, Claire; Baik, Kum Nam; Welch, Chuck; Bogs, David; Campbell, Clayton; Women’s Studio Workshop; Smuda, Gail, List, Larry; Gould, Karen; Fricker, H. R.; Taussig, Arthur;; Walczak, O’Donnell, Dennis; McAdams, Dona; Lambert, Kate;
Smuda, Gail; Torchia, Dick

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.1 No. 4, April, 1983. The Anniversary Issue. Quarto. paginated. Ringbound.

- First edition. Two page editorial note by Neaderland. Includes work by the following artists: Thomson, Kay; Jarvis, David; Gifford, Jessie Nebraska; Ierubino, T. Anton; List, Larry; Seltzer, Phyllis; Stuckey, Rebecca; Roller, Janet; Holloway, Virginia; Moore, Claire; Goodfriend, Penelope; Palaia, Franc; Resnik, Susan; Neaderland, Louise; Aitken, Al; Torchia, Dick; Gross, Charles; Bennett, Colleen; Chaiklin, Amy; Kissane, S.F.; Hoare, Tyler; Rose, I; Minoy; Sterrett, Jane; Welch, Chuck; Siegel, Judy; Hyatt, Michael; Berry, Carolyn; Curtis, Betty Ruth; Reddy, Michael; Arndt, Diane; McLure, Steve; Weisz, Florence; Doukas, Thalia; Tyler, Hoare; Lambert, Kate; Lovin-Basch, Carole Ann; Becker, Millie; Campbell, Clayton; Bleus, Guy; Egger-Schlesinger, Anna; Palaia, Franc; O’Donnell, Dennis; Gould, Karen; Imhoff, Rosemarie; Blurr, BuZ; Handorf, Joel; Sterling. Michael; Whitesel, Steve; Tisa, B.J; Jones, Edward Powis; Lauria, Treesa; Mc Adams, Dona; Finkel, Rose Brein; Turbett, Tom; Becker, Millie; Fricker, H. R.; Demarest/ DeSando.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.2 No. 1, 1983. Quarto, Ringbound.

- First edition. Editorial note by guest editor Tom Turbett. Includes work by the following artists: Turbett, Tom; Malzenski, Charles; Turbett, Tom; Stuckey, Rebecca; Siegel, Judy; Smuda, Gail; Sipos, Susan; Stetser, Carol; Beckman, Bob; Fricker, Hans; Gould, Karen; Arndt, Diane; Thomson, Kay; Torchia, Dick; Jackson, Sarah; Montoya, Robert; Welch, Chuck; Palaia, Franc; Rose, I.; La Follette, Curtis; Bechtol, Nancy; Sterling, Michael; Mc Adams, Dona; Jernigan, Candy; Rosenberg, Marilyn; Jones, Edward Powis ; Gifford, Jessie Nebraska; Gifford, J. Nebraska; Aitken, Al; McLean, Desmond; Hyatt, Michael; Reddy, Michael; Whitesel, Steve; Sipos, Joseph; Hoare, Tyler; Christensen, Judith; Ciani, Piermario; Lovin-Basch, Carole Ann;, Edward; Minoy; Goodfriend, Penelope; Cohen, Ryosuke; Sun, May; Lessig, Carl; Solomon, Nancy; Neaderland, Louise; Blurr, BuZ; Egger-Schlesinger, Anna.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.2 No. 2, 1984. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Editorial note by Clayton Campbell and Luise Neaderland. Includes work by the following artists: Goodfriend, Penelope; Schlesinger, Anna Egger; Campbell, Clayton; Funck, Zella; Neaderland, Louise; Women’s Studio Workshop; McLean, Desmond; Weisz, Florence; Crawford, Claire; Whitesel, Steve; Wible, Becky; Gifford, Jessie Nebraska; Bonagura, Joan; Humphrey, Mitzi; Cardella, Joe; Ondo, Glen; Turbett, Tom; O’Donnell, Dennis; Katchen, Michael; Jones, Edward Powis; Berry, Carolyn; Roller, Janet; Minoy; Palaia, Franc; List, Larry; Roller, Janet; Arndt, Diane; Moore, Claire; Moore, Claire; Goodfriend, Penelope; Berry, Carolyn; Gould, Karen; Beckman, Robert; Aitken, Al; Weinberg, Jonathan; Rose, I; Lessig, Carl; Malzenski, Charles; Moore, Claire; Jernigan, Candy; Duff, S.K.; Bechtol. Nancy; Roller, Janet; Valiunas, Julius; Torchia, Dick; Forster, Claire; Dovan, Dots; Katchen, Michael; Campbell, Clayton; Janicki, Mietek; Curtiss, Betty Ruth; Welch, Chuck.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.2 No. 3, 1984.. Quarto, Ringbound.

- First edition. With press release + photocopy of an article that appeared in The Sunday Democrat and Chronicle Rochester, March 18, 1984. Includes work by the following artists:
O’Donnell, Dennis; Blurr, Buzz; Smuda, Gail; Banish, Joe; Janicki, Mietek; Doukas, Thalia; Pittore, Carlo; Malzenski, Charles; Beckman, Bob; Elinski, Catherine; Gifford, J. Nebraska; Egger- Schlesinger, Anna; Crawford, Claire; Minoy; Jones, Ed Powis; Welch, Chuck; La Follette, Curtis; Lauria, T.H.; Hoffman, Michelle; Rosenberg, Marilyn; Turchin, Gary; Ondo, Glen; Cranston, Meg; Becker, Mildred; Sweet, Steve; Moore, Claire; Sipos, Susan; Gould, Karen; Stuckey, Rebecca; Arndt, Diane; Katchen, Michael; Hoare, Tyler; McClure, Steve; Stetser, Carol; Berry, Carolyn; Jackson, Sarah; Wible, Becky; Mc Neil, Mary Ann; Gross, Charles; Moore, Sabra; Woman’s Studio Workshop; Rose, I.; Bonagura, Joan; Ierubino, T. Anton; Mc Grady, Colleen Bennett; Palaia, Franc; Lee, Cecil; Neaderland, Louise.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.2 No. 4, 1984. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Editorial by Luise Neaderland. Includes work by the following artists: Jones, Edward Powis; McLure, Steve; Thomson, Kathleen; Sun, May; Moore, Claire; Katchen, Michael; Funck, Zella; Wolbier, Joan; DeSando/ Demarest; Ilika, Margit; Smuda, Gail; Gifford, J. Nebraska; Kaplan, Zena Rachel; Becker, Millie; Turchin, Gary; Hoffman, Michelle; Forster, Claire; Malzenski, Charles; Gould, Karen; Stetser, Carol; Minoy; Gifford, J. Nebraska; McLean, Desmond; Cohen, Ryosuke; Jackson, Sarah; Lee, Cecil; Turbett, Tom; Siegel, Judy; Jarvis, David; Gifford, J. Nebraska; Cracker Jack Kid; Stuckey, Rebecca; Wible, Becky; Egger-Schlesinger, Anna; Minoy; Jackson, Sarah; Gaynes, Robin; Cranston, Meg; Resnik, Susan; Berry, Carolyn; Weisz, Florence; List, Larry; Neaderland, Louise; Memec, Vernita; Whitesell, Steve; Rose, I.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.3 No.1, 1984. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Editorial by Luise Neaderland. Includes work by the following artists: Turchin, Gary; Schwartz, Allan; Jones, Ed Powis; Ofer, Chana; Bleus, Guy; Bamber, Gail W.; Jackson, Sarah; Reed, Joe; Minoy; O’Donnell, Dennis; Ilika, Margit; Black, Byron; Beckman, R.S.; Fornari, C. L.; Turbett, Tom; Taussig, Arthur; Neaderland, Louise; Gifford. J. Nebraska; Berry Carolyn; Mc Clure, Steve; Hoare, Tyler; Goodfriend, Penelope; Curtiss, Betty Ruth; Sipos, Joseph; Katchen, Michael; Aitkin, Al; Letbetter, Dennis; Kellner, Tana; Kalmbach, Anna; Dickson, Stewart; Kellner, Tana; Kalmbach, Anna; Rosenberg, Marilyn; Sipos, Susan; Gould, Karen; Torchia, Dick; Straus, Sandy; Dot’s D.ovan-W; Gaynes, Robin; Egger-Schlesinger, Anna; Reinitz, Janet Braun; Racklin, Rebecca; Kissane, S.F.; Forster, Clare; Bechtol, Nancy; Humphrey, Mitzi; Blurr, BuZ; Koury, Mary Ann; Rose, I.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.3 No.2, 1984. Small oblong quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. This issue with ‘large postcard size’ prints. Includes work by the following artists: Birge, Pricilla; Sun, May; Padma Press; Weisz, Florence; Taussig, Arthur; Ilika, Margit; Becker, Mildred; Smuda, Gail; Jackson, Sarah; Rosenberg, Marilyn; Jarvis, David; Wolbier, Joan; Schreiber. Martin; Straus, Sandy; Hovde, Laurence; Langer, Pat; Lincoln, Jan; Ohno, Dona.; Dickson, Stewart; Kidd, Mary Jane; Siegel, Judy; Schwartz, Allan; Humphrey, Mitzi; Wible, Becky; Gould, Karen; Reed, Joe; Gifford, J. Nebraska; Mason, Starke; Racklin, Rebecca J.; Minoy; La Follette, Curtis K.; Grimaldi, Vince; Beckman. R.S..; Neaderland, Louise; Jones, Ed Powis; Ofer, Chana; Fornari, C.L.; Moore, Claire; Turbett, Tom; Jacobs, Meriam; Goodfriend, Penelope; Perkins, B.L.; Cardella, Joe; Gould, Karen; Rose, I.; Forster, Claire; Donovan, Mary F.; Campbell Clayton; Stuckey, Rebecca; Curtiss, Betty Ruth.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.3 No.3, 1985. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Gifford, Jessie Nebraska; Jones, Ed Powis; Leaycraft, Cathy; Gallagher, Jean; Jarvis, David; Minoy; McLure, Steve; Ondo; Reed, Joe; Siegel, Judy; Jackson, Sarah; Jernigan, Candy; Siegel, Judy; Humphrey, Mitzi; Turbett, Tom; Fornari, C. L.; Ilika, Margit; Neaderland, Louise; Smuda, Gail; Neaderland, Ralph; Weisz, Florence; Rose, I; Kake Productions; Wible, Becky; Blurr, BuZ; Moore, Claire; Funck, Zella; Perkins, B.L.; Seigel, Judy; Hoare, Tyler; Stetser, Carol; Grimaldi, Vince; Shestack, Victoria; Van Hart, Linda; Berry, Carolyn; Starke; Langer, P.; Ohno, Dona.; Ledbetter, Dennis; O’Donnell, Dennis; Padron, Daisy; McLaughlin, Kevin; Rosenberg, Marilyn; Friedlander, Charlotte; Kidd, Mary Jane; Cohen, Ryosuke; Gould, Karen.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.3 No.4, 1985. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Hine, Dirk; Braun-Reinitz, Janet; Friedlander, Charlotte; Foster, Mae Lee Thomson; Powis-Jones, Ed; Shulman, Seth; Brofsky, Miriam; Padron, Daisy; Leaycraft, Cathy; Boudreau, Marik; Reed, Joe; Gallagher, Jean; Neaderland, Louise; Ilika, Margit; Minoy; O’Donnell, Dennis; Lyman, Craig; Dunn, Lloyd; La Follette, Curtis; McLean, Desmond; Lee, Cecil; Turchin, Gary; McLure, Steve; Wible, Becky; Becker, Millie; Taussig, Arthur; Dickson, Stewart; Birge, Pricilla; Dunn, Joseph M.; Gaynes, Robin; Forster, Claire; Resnik. Susan; Humphrey, Mitzi; McLaughlin, Kevin; Langer, Pat; Scott, Victoria; Turbett, Tom; Bolyard, David; Hoffman, Michelle; Kissane, S.F.; Bernhardt, Curtis; Divers, Circque; Dayhoff, Kevin; Davidson, Laura; Smuda, Gail; Dapogny, David.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.4 No.1, 1985. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Moore, Sabra; Mason, T. Starke; Glackmeyer, Pierre (Mr. Postman); Kake Productions; Taussig, Arthur; Shulman, Seth; Lincoln, Jan; Forster, Clare; Ciani, Piermario; Cesanelli, Valeria; Modica, Rosario; Moretti, Cinzia; Pagliara, Roberto; Trebbi, Mauro; Vannozzi, Pierluigi; Belletti, Fabio; Friedlander, Charlotte; Baroni, Vittore; Leaycraft, Cathy; Richardson, Mary Dee May; Scott, Victoria; Grimaldi, Vince; Lyman, Craig; Ofer, Chana Neaderland, Louise & Ben; Butler, Russell; Bolyard, David; Turbett, Tom; Dickson, Stewart; La Follette, Curtis; Hoare, Tyler; Smuda, Gail; Stetser, Carol; Cairns, Phyllis; Bowza, Keith(Minoy); Bucchieri, Marco; Brofsky, Miriam; Dunn, Joseph; Stuckey, Rebecca; Rosenberg, Marilyn; Neiman, Carol; Forster, Clare; O’Donnell, Dennis; Berry, Carolyn; Walker, Maggie; McLean, Desmond; Jarvis, David; Dapogny, David.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.4 No.2, 1985. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Davidson, Laura; Jernigan, Candy; Bonus, Ioan; Cairns, Phyllis; Torchia, Dick; Jones, Ed Powis; O’Donnell, Ellen; Moore, Claire; Fornari,
C.L.; Friedlander, Charlotte; Leaycraft, Cathy; Levin, Helen; Seigel, Judy; Dunn, Joseph; Stuckey, Rebecca; McLaughlin, Kevin; Bowza, Keith; Gould, Karen; Gaynes, Robin; Hoare, Tyler;
Jackson, Sarah; Turbett, Tom; Neaderland, Ralph; Forster, Clare; Neaderland, Louise; Neiman, Carol; Kamins, Jeannie; Dot’s D.ovan-W; Humphrey, Mitzi; Dapogny, David; Birge, Pricilla; Lee,
Cecil; Geismar, Jarg; Becker, Millie; McLure, Steve; Stetser, Carol; O’Toole, Owen; Butler, Russell; Smuda, Gail; Berry, Carolyn; Brofsky, Miriam; Dunn, \ Lloyd

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.4 No.3, 1986. Oblong quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Hoare, Tyler; Ofer, Chana; Langer, Pat; Forster, Clare; Moore, Claire; Taussig, Arthur; Kidd, Mary Jane; Funck, Zella; Stetser, Carol,;
McLure, Steve; Frcka-Ttea Norita; Thomson, Kathleen; Stuckey, Rebecca; Grimaldi, Vince; Patterson, Clayton; McLean, Desmond; Neiman, Carol; McNeil, Mary Ann; Jackson, Sarah; Hoffman, Michelle; Zwehl-Burke, Pamela; Foster, Mae Lee Thomson; Gould, Karen; Zimmerman, Walter; Richardson, Mary Dee May; Wright, Marsha; Moore, Sabra; Friedlander, Charlotte;
O’Donnell, Ellen; Dunn, Joseph; Berry, Carolyn; Neaderland, Ralph; Scott, Victoria; Mr. Postman; Rosenberg, Marilyn; Lee, Cecil; Bonus, Ioan; Leaycraft, Cathy; Jones, Ed Powis; Torchia,
Dick; Beckman, Bob; Weisz, Florence; Schulman Seth; Turbett, Tom; Minoy; Walker, Maggie; Lyman, Craig; Cairns, Phylis; Neaderland, Louise; Cologne, Ann; Yacoby, Dorrit; Smuda, Gail;
Busby, Lilian; Mansaram, Panchal; Jarvis, David; Bolyard, David, F.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly V.4 No.4, 1986. White card board box with pasted on label containing orignal works by 37 xerographic artists.

- First edition. Includes works by: Phyllis Cairns; Kathleen Thomson; Freya Zabitsky; Michelle Hoffman; Pat Langer; loan Bunus; Demarest-De Sando; Mitzi Humphrey; Mr, Postman; David
Jarvis; Claire Moore; Kathleen Derzipilski; Marilyn Rosenberg; Charlotte Friedlander; Carol Stetser; Katie Cairns; Panchal Mansaram; Millie Asher; Florence Weisz; Louise Neaderland;
Joseph Dunn; Candy Jernigan; Mary Richardson; Dick Torchia; Mary Ann Mc Neil; Carolyn Berry; J. Nebraska Gifford; Clare Forster; Ed Powis Jones; Sharon Kissane; Tim Good; Walter Zimmerman;
Fruit Basket Upset; Sarah Jackson; Pamela Zwehl-Burke; Rebecca Stuckey; Jarg Maria Geismer

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.5 No.1, 1986. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work the following artists: Stuckey, Rebecca; Bishop, Barbara; Davidson, Laura; Cairns, Katie; Neaderland, Louise; Bonus, Ioan; O’Donnell, Ellen; Wright, Marsha;
Neaderland, Ralph; Cairns, Phylis; KAKE Productions; Leaycraft, Cathy; Jones, Ed Powis; Stuart, Keith; Berry, Carolyn; Mc Lean, Desmond; Wolbier, Joan; Jernigan, Candy; Wood, Mark;
Dot’s D.ovan-W; Fornari, C.L.; O’Toole, Owen; Springer, Homer; Gessert, George; Friedlander, Charlotte; Jarvis, David; Asher, Millie; Smuda, Gail; Taussig, Arthur; Langer, Pat; McLean, Desmond; Partanen, Heino; Fruit Basket Upset; Zimmerman, Walter; Lincoln, Jan; Partanen, Heino; Detamore, Diana; Rose, I; La Follette, Curtis; Minoy; Good, Tim; Birge, Pricilla; Langer, Pat;
Minoy; Steg, J.L.; Jernigan, Candy; Dunn, Joseph; Cairns, Phyllis; Leaycraft, Cathy; Jones, Ed Powis; Friedlander, Charlotte; Berry, Carolyn; Mansaram, Panchal; Wolbier, Joan; O’Donnell,
Ellen; Wood, Mark; Dot’s D.ovan-W; Fornari, C.L.; Rose. I.; O’Toole, Owen; Springer, Homer; Mansaram, Panchal; Stuart, Keith; Bonus, Ioan; Lincoln, Jan; Stuckey, Rebecca; Dunn, Joseph;
Cairns, Katie; Davidson, Laura; Neaderland, Louise Odes; Birge, Pricilla; Good, Tim; La Follette, Curtis; Neaderland, Ralph; Jarvis, David; Wright, Marsha; Steg, J.L.; Zimmerman, Walter;
Gessert, George; Asher, Millie; Smuda, Gail; Bishop, Barbara; Taussig, Arthur; Detamore, Diana

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.5 No.2, 1986. Oblong quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work the following artists: Ursplung, Will; McClure, Steve; Neaderland, Louise; Bishop, B. L.; Ilich, Gregory; Epperidge, Terry; Funck, Zella; Asher, Millie; Powis-Jones, Ed; Oliver, Annie; Birge, Pricilla; Crawford, Clair; Wright, Marsha; Patterson, Clayton; Springer, Homer; Gessert, George; Jackson, Sarah; Minoy; Malick, Rainer; de Mingo, Rufino; Iberico; Wible, Becky; Humphrey, Mitzi; Mr. Postman; Tisa, B. J.; Jernigan, Candy; Barber, Allen; Cologne, Ann; Partanen, Heino; Neiman, Carol; Langer, Pat; Jarvis, David; Stetser, Carol; Neaderland, Ralph; Wolbier, Jean; Shulman, Seth; Berry, Carolyn; Bolyard, David; Becker, Millie; Ohno, Dona; Scott, Victoria; Bonus, Ioan; Brofsky, Miriam; Friedlander, Charlotte; Museum fur Fotokopia; Forster, Clare; Shulman, Susan; Moore, Sabre; Smuda, Gail; Shapiro, Norman; Ofer, Chana; Gifford, J. Nebraska; Cairn, Phylis.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.5 No.3, 1987. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Rosenberg, Marilyn; Shapiro, Norman; Fruit Basket Upset; Denis, Denise; Ohno, Dona; Rosenblum, Ilith; Mc Clure, Steve; Dickson,
Stewart; Dunn, Joseph; Kissane, Sharon; Bolyard, David; Leaycraft, Cathy; Snapp, Marcy; Jackson, Sarah; Berry, Carolyn; Breton, Sylvie; Hubbell, F. Marbury; Elliott, Liz; Scott, Victoria; Walker, Maggie; Brofsky, Miriam; Langer, Pat; Grimaldi, Vince; Winchester, David; Kake Productions; O’Connell, Carol; Bishop, Barbara; Asher, Millie; Cairns, Katie; Busby, Lilian; Gessert, George; Malick, Rainer; Patterson, Clayton; Friedlander, Charlotte; Epperidge, Terry; Cologne, Ann; Neaderland, Louise; Neiman, Carol; Iberico; Oliver, Amie; Minoy; Good, Tim; Zimmerman,
Walter; Brady, Lady; Hoare, Tyler; Springer, Homer; Weisz, Florence; Demarest, Sharron; Powis-Jones, Ed; Mc Neil, Mary Ann; Stetser, Carol; Shulman, Sarah; La Follette, Curtis; Shulman,
Seth; Bonus, Ioan; Neaderland, Ralph; Wolbier, Joan; Lincoln, Jan; de Mingo, Rufino; Cairns, Phylis; Mc Lean, Desmond.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.5, No.4, 1987. Printed quarto size card board box that contains a 24 page catalogue + all the contributions loosely laid in.

- First edition. Contributions: Rose, I.: A Book of Dreams & Invocations; Roberts, P.S.: An International Alphabet; Humphrey, Mitzi: Kaleidoscope; Smuda, Gail: Homage to Duchamp; Cairns, Katie: In Transit; Weisz, Florence: Reaganart Totem #3; McLure, Steve: Monroe People #2; McNeil, Mary Ann: Stitches; Lincoln, Jan: Trees; Breton, Sylvie: I want you; Mansaram, Panchal:
Conversation Between Two Birds; Moore, Sabra: We Would Go To the Wash; Gifford, J. Nebraska: Iconogrpahy of Romance; Epperidge, Terry: Fit to be Tied; Dart, Steven: Aww Please,
Close the Door; Asher, Millie: dotdotdot; Shulman, Seth & Sarah: Xerox Wallet; Forster, Clare: She Sat Beside Her Own Window; Jarvis, David: Aert Postiche Foed’Kopiewerk; Morse, Yve:
Mewsings by Kate; Snapp, Marcy & Schaefer: What is it again that I want?; Patti; Winchester, D.L: Blue; Zwehl-Burke; Pamela: Pre-Doodled Pad; Scott, Victoria: Rocks; Friedlander, Charlotte:
New Additions; Fruit Basket Upset: Mable; Jackson, Sarah : For Those Who Care; Cairns, Phyllis: I Wait; Shapiro, Norman: Deleted; Berry, Carolyn: Now You See Her; Stetser, Carol: Leather Fashion; Neaderland, Ralph: Power and Money and Sex; Springer, Homer: The Sun is But a Morning Star; Oliver, Amie: Red; Mr. Postman: VoicesCounterpoint; Gessert, George: The Iris Project; Bunus, Ioan: Appendix; Stuckey, Rebecca: Visuals for the Hearing Impaired; Malich, Rainer: Originals, Landscapes, and Falsifications; Neaderland, Louise: Straitjacket.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.6, No.1, 1987. Printed card board portfolio with printed label containing all contributions.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Asher, Millie; Gromek, Eve; Watkins, Tom; Bishop, Barbara; Thomson, Kathleen; Cologne, Ann; Euphemisms; Stuckey, Rebecca;
Cairns, Phylis; Fruit Basket Upset; Nissim, Barbara; O’Toole, Owen; Oliver, Amie; Roberts, Sarah; Elliott, Liz; Becker, Millie; O’Donnell, Ellen; Lee, Cecil; Partanen, Heino; Smuda, Gail; Friedlander,
Charlotte; Leaycraft, Cathy; Hoare, Tyler; Denis, Denise; Torchia, Dick; Scott, Victor; Neiman, Carol; Rogers, Pamela; Partanen, Heino; Jones, Ed Powis; Jarvis, David; Taussig, Arthur;
Urbons, Klaus; Anonymous; D’Arte, Steven; Neaderland, Louise Odes; Higgins, Janet; Ilika, Margit; Good, Tim; Guiliano, Annette; Zimmerman, Walter; Jackson, Sarah; Bonus, Ioan; Langer,
Pat; Ziemer-Chrobatzek, Wolfgang; Springer, Homer; Morse, Yve; Hubbell, F. Marbury; Funck, Zella; Snapp, Marcy; Stuart, Katie; Neaderland, Ralph; Mr. Postman; Weisz, Florence; Malick,
Rainer; Koppang, Randy.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.6, No.2, 1987. Printed wrappers that contain all contributions. Loose as issued.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Torchia, Dick; Becker, Millie; Stuart, Keith; Lee, Cecil; Barbot, Gerard; Stuart, Katie; Forster, Claire; Galaxy Ver Batim; Leaycraft, Cathy;
Morse, Yve; Whipple-Foote, E.; Cairns, Phylis; McNeil, Mary Ann; Roberts, P.S.; McGalliard, Kelley; Stuckey, Rebecca; Zwehl-Burke, Pamela; Elliott, Liz; Maggi, R.; Cairns, Dana; Malick,
Rainer; Jones, Ed Powis; Stetser, Carol; Gromek, Eve; Wolbier, Joan; Watkins, Tom; Walker, Maggie; All; Shapiro/Szabo; Humphrey, Mitzi; Winchester, Dave; Moore, Claire; Roberts, Sara;
Jackson, Sarah; Minoy; Kissane, Sharon; Asher, Millie; Bishop, Barbara; Iberico; Offene Gallerie; McLure, Steve; Bonus, Ioan; Springer, Homer; Jarvis, David; Oliver, Amie; Postman, Mister;
Grimaldi, Vince; Neaderland, Ralph; La Follette, Curtis; Berry, Carolyn; Neaderland, Louise

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.6, No.3, 1988. Narrow quarto. Triptych pouch that contains all contributions. Held together with a red ribbon. All together in sealed transparent plastic

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Springer, Homer; Wollsclheid, Achim; Partanen, Heino; Bonus, Ioan; Jarvis, David; Thomas, L.; Foster, Mae Lee Thomson; Guiliano,
A.; Fruit Basket Upset; Malick. Rainer; Shapiro/Szabo; Smuda, Gail; Roberts, Sarah; Stetser, Carol; Nigrin, Albert Gabriel; Jones, Ed Powis; Neaderland, Ralph; Asher, Millie; Taussig, Arthur;
Berry, Carolyn; Neiman, Carol; Bell-Tait, Carolyn; Gilbert, Sharon; Snapp, Marcy; Bolyard, David; Cairns, Phylis; Shulman, Sarah; Foster, Claire Chandler; Scott, Victoria; Whipple-Foote, E.;
Winchester, Dave; Roberts, P.S.; Morse, Yve; Oliver, Amie; Harp, Steve; Ziemer-Chrobatzek, Wolfgang; Humphrey, Mitzi; Neaderland, Louise; Walker, Maggie; Mister Postman; Koppang,
Randy; Leaycraft, Cathy; Kake Productions; Lee, Cecil; Bishop, Barbara.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.6, No.4. 1988. The Third Annual Bookworks edition. White card board box with pasted on spine label containing a 20 page catalogue + all contributions. Loose as issued.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Neaderland, Louise: Pocket Nude; Dickson, Stewart: Dow Jones Hits 6000; Watkins, Tom: The Gentleman Farmer; Lee, Cecil: Thinking
in Things; Zwehl-Burke, Pamela: Dots; McNeil, Mary Ann: Oh, Woe; Forster, Clare: My Town Your Town; Green, Shirley: The Yawn; Moriarty, Laura: Wallpaper; Good, Tim: Calendar; McLure,
Steve: Dance, Dance; Mansaram, Panchal: Birds and Bees; Jackson, Sarah: Snapshots; Stetser, Carol: Copy Art; Partanen, Heino: Homage to the Goddess; VerBatim, Galaxy: Flowers;
Moore, Sabra: One for the Road; Mr. Postman: This Side Up; Neaderland, Ralph: Album; Springer, Homer: User’s Guide to Nature; Wirth, Karen: Apocrypha Primer; Kaeseberg, Norman:
Enjoy Yourself; Fruit Basket Upset: Mona and Mara; Regen, Stephanie: These Inhabitants;; Guiliano, Annette: Psalm 23; Cairns, Phyllis: Painters Pose; Smuda, Gail: Bird; Bishop, Barbara:
Alphabet Book; Asher, Millie; Generic Foods Save You Money; Carins, Jenifer: 3 at the Beach; Berry, Carolyn: Convergent Devolution; Gessert, George: A Bit of Jade; Jarvis, David: Catalog
of Reaganart; Weisz, Florence: A Rural Romance; Walker, Maggie: Poison America; Gilbert, Sharon: Oral Calculations; Oliver, Amie: In Search of the Eternal Flame; Leaycraft, Cathy: Open
Roads Empty Nest; Neaderland, Louise: Bone Ritual; Elliott, Liz: Gratiae; Welling, Carolyn: Book of Beasts; Roberts, P.S.: Elbow Room; Shulman, Seth & Sarah: Apparatus for an Impression;
Stuckey, Rebecca: Mutations; Minoy: Canon PC25 Copy; Neaderland, Louise: Earth’s Memories; Morse, Yve: Feather of Bright Promise; Higgins, Janet: Head On?; Nigrin, Albert Gabriel:
King; Diotallevi, Marcello: Tic Tac Jones; Powis-Jones, Ed: The Adventures of A; Roberts, Sara: Horse; Wright, Marsha: The Rolling Stones; Paradigm/Shapiro & Szabo.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.7, No.1, 1988. Oblong folio. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Becker. Millie; Higgins, Janet; Forster, Claire; Bell-Tait, Carolyn; Winchester, Dave; Thomson, Kathy; Jackson, Sarah; Smuda, Gail;
Kake Art; Oliver, Amie; Koppang, Randy; Berry, Carolyn; Roberts, Sara; Cairns, Jennifer; Springer, Homer; Walker, Maggie; Partanen. Heino; Minoy; Fruit Basket Upset; Zimmerman, Walter;
Kedayhoff; Foster, Mae Lee Thomson; Diotallevi, Marcello; Good, T.E.; Bonus, Ioan; Harp, Steve; Weisz, Florence; Jarvis, David; Jones, Ed Powis; Funck, Zella; Walker, Maggie; Becker,
Millie; Winchester, Dave; Forster, Claire; Higgins, Janet; Thomson, Kathy; Roberts, Sara; Neaderland, Louise; Relin, Elizabeth; Cairns, Phylis; Cairns, Jennifer; Regen, Stephanie; Mansaram, Panchal; Blakemore, Sally; Diotallevi, Marcello; Cairns, Phylis; La Follette, Curtis; Bolyard, David; Lincoln, Jan; Springer, Homer; Blakemore, Sally; Nigrin, Al; Neiman, Carol; Roberts, Pat; Mansaram, Panchal; Bolyard, David; Fitzgerald-Stasa; Regen, Stephanie; Weisz, Florence; Smuda, Gail; Neaderland, Ralph; Green, Shirley; Harp, Steve; Koppang, Randy; Relin, Elisabeth;
Roberts, Pat; Neiman, Carol; Nigrin, Al; Green, Shirley; Berry, Caroline; Jarvis, David; Funck, Zella.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.7, No.2, 1988. Small quarto. Manilla portfolio with illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Green, Shirley; McNeil, Mary Ann; Koppang, Randy; Walker, Maggie; Foster, Mae Lee Thomson; Nigrin, Al; Wolffe, Benita; Blakemore,
Sally; Winchester, Dave; Leaycraft, Cathy; Becker, Millie; Moriarty, Laura; Relin, Elizabeth; Zwehl-Burke, Pamela; Asher, Cris; Gessert, George; Scott, Victoria; Neaderland, Ralph; Mansaram,
Panchal; Fitzgerald-Stasa; Neaderland, Louise; Ziemer-Chrobatzek, Wolfgang; Partanen. Heino; Taussig, Arthur; Roberts, Sara; Springer, Homer; Kaeseberg, Norman; Humphrey, Mitzi;
Mr. Postman; Marquette, Renee; Bonus, Ioan; Diotallevi, Marcello; Berry, Carolyn

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.7, No.3, 1989. Green portfolio with pasted on title. Contains on theinside two pouches in which all contributions are held.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Marquette, Renee; Morse, Yve; Compton, Ken; Dickson, Stewart; Dickson, Cecil; Lee, Cecil; Walker, Maggie; Springer, Homer; Burtner,
Carol; Whipple-Foote, Elizabeth; Jones, Ed Powis; Neaderland, Ralph; Berry, Carolyn; McLure, Steve; Gifford, J. Nebraska; Postman, Mr.(Glackmeyer); Rose, I; Smuda, Gail; Nigrin,
Al; Cairns, Phylis; Knight, Inara; Welling, Carolyn; Shapiro, Mimi; Roberts, Sara; Funck, Zella; Ziemer-Chrobatzek, Wolfgang; Wolffe, Benita; Wood, Reid; Jackson, Sarah; Relin, Elizabeth;
Humphrey, Mitzi; Stetser, Carol; Bishop, Barbara; Jarvis, David; Stuckey, Rebecca; Cairns, Jenifer; McNeil, Mary Ann; Neaderland, Louise; Blakemore, Sally; Neilson, Dorothy; Gold, Susan.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.7, No.4, 1989. The Fourth Annual Bookworks edition. White card board box with pasted on spine label containing a 12 page catalogue + all contributions. Loose as issued.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Jarvis David: Camberwell Green Magistrates Court; Leaycraft Cathy: The Marriage of Cathy Leaycraft and Daniel Ira Shapiro; Forster
Clare: My Eye; Torn Apart: Side; Ricketts Liese: A Death at Home; Weisz Florence: Safety Pin Collection; Stasa Marcella: The Story of Me and Marcella; Partanen Heino: Infarktism of the
Art; Rose I.: Heart Conditions; Zwehl-Burke Pamela: Beauty is Political; Zella: Cat; Roberts P.S.: Nine to Nothing ; Lee Cecil: Orchard; Bunus Ioan: SOS Transylvania; Burtner Caryl: Oblation;
Harroff William: My Confession; Regen Stephanie: Spin; Mr. Postman: 4x4; Wirth Karen: Geographical Terms; Gilbert Sharon: Green the Fragile; Gifford J. Nebraska: Auto Optic/Auto
IQ; Jackson Sarah: You Can Quote Me; Zimmerman Walter: Tectonics and You! A Workbook; Bolyard David: Diamond; Neaderland Louise: Revelations; Roberts Sara: Wild Flowers I Have
Known; Marquette Renee: Numbers; Wood Reid: State of Being; Neaderland Ralph: Waiting Now Waiting Forever; Diotallevi Marcello: Girl; Gold Susan Winter Bog; Relin Elizabetha: Darn
Sock; Holtz Sheila: Nectar; Shapiro Mimi: A Journal/A Journey; Powis-Jones Ed: Palm Leaves; Moore Sabra: Place/Displace; Morse Yve: A Marine’s Life His-Story; McNeil Mary Ann: Apples;
Humphrey Mitzi: Gnome; Welling Carolyn: Amy’s Dolls Go for a Walk; Yerian-Ezell Phoebe: Snails I Have Known and Loved; Dane William: An Antique Geography Book; Nigrin Albert
Gabriel: A Network that Never Sleeps; Winchester D.L: Our newest product; Walker Maggie (Maggot): Walnut.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.8, No.1, 1989. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Wolffe, Benita; Stasa, Marcella; Roberts, Sara; Jones, Ed Powis; Akenbrandt, Mary; Arndt, Diane; Bolyard, David; Morse, Yve; Berry, Carolyn; McLure, Steve; De Witt, Rita; Wood, Reid; Rose, I.; Silvia, Pete; Neiman, Carol Heifetz; Thorstensen, Shelley; Mansaram, Panchal; Gold, Susan; Leaycraft, Cathy; Ezell, Phoebe Yerian;
Zimmerman, Walter; Koppang, Randy; Springer, Homer; Neaderland, Louise; Holz, Sheila; Roberts, P.S.; Minervini, Vincent; Weisz, Florence; Humphrey, Mitzi; Jackson, Sarah; Burtner,
Carol; Prez, James; Becker, Millie; Neaderland, Ralph; Lee, Cecil; Relin, Elisabeth; Stetser, Carol; Nigrin, Albert Gabriel; Zwehl-Burke, Pamela; Winchester. Dave

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.8, No.2, 1989. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Wood, Reid; Neaderland, Ralph; Jones, Ed Powis; Smuda, Gail; Roberts, Sara; Prez, James; Eisenberg, Susan Emery; Frenkel, Steve;
Schillawski, Barbara; Springer, Homer; Stetser, Carol; Marquette, O./Osborne, J.; Humphrey, Mitzi; Becker, Millie; Neiman, Carol Heifetz; Ziemer-Chrobatzek, Wolfgang; Stasa/Rome; Boyer,
Diana; Ricketts, Liese; Shapiro, Mimi; Rose, I.; Bolyard, David; Diotallevi, Marcello; Nigrin, Albert Gabriel; McLure, Steve; Silvia, Pete; Asher, Millie; Thorstensen, Shelley; Mc Neil, Mary Ann;
Holz, Sheila; Scott, Victoria; Thomson, Kathy.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.8, No.3, 1990. Oblong quarto, Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Jackson, Sarah; Marquette, Renee; Shapiro, Mimi; Koppang, Randy; Burtner, Carol; Roberts, P.S.; Rose, I.; Harroff, William; Relin,
Elisabeth; Moore, Sabra; Schillawski, Barbara; Wirth, Karen; Gilbert, Sharon; Silvia, Pete; Morse, Yve; Burton, D.; Leaycraft, Cathy; Winchester, Dave; Minervini, Vincent; Wood, Reid; Sauer,
Christine; Springer, Homer; Neaderland, Ralph; Stetser, Carol; Dantzic, Cynthia Maris; Welling, Carolyn; Thorstensen, Shelley; Partanen, Heino; Roberts, Sara; Stasa, Marcella; Powis-Jones,
Ed; Lee, Cecil; Cairns, Phylis; Smuda, Gail; Prez, James; Nigrin, Albert Gabriel; Ramieri-Hall, Naomi; Neaderland, Louise; Eisenberg, Susan Emery; Blaine, F. Mathew; Smith-Romer, Helene;
Gold, Susan; Mansaram, Panchal; David, Dada; Foster, Mae Lee Thomson; Weisz, Florence; Becker, Millie; Mr. Postman.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.8, No.4. The Fifth Annual Bookworks edition. White card board box with pasted on spine label containing a folded sheet with the table of contents + all contributions. Loose as issued.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Leaycraft, Cathy: The Demise of Lobster Dan; Webb, Susan: Life Flows; Wirth, Karen: Parental Advisory; Zwehl-Burke, Pamela: Beholding;
Partanen, Heino: A Man Today; Humphrey, Mitzi: Victorian gents’ armchairs; Burther, Caryl: Mixed Metaphors; Roberts, P.S.: Untitled; Thorsten, Shelley: Listen to Your Body; Prez, James L.: Okay Ready, Wait!; Taylor/Stasa: Obscurity; Shapiro, Mimi: Dreams; Thomson, Mae Lee: Life Patterns; Diotallevi, Marcello: Love Tale; Gilbert, Sharon: Urgent Life; Boyer, Diana: Rootless; Silvia, Pete: Dead Artist’s Diary; Wood, Reid: More States of Being; Welling, Carolyn: Desire; Blaine, F. Matthew: Center Can Not Hold; Schillawski, Barbara: Explore; Morse, Yve: I Like Television Because; Winchester, Dave: It Was Conceived; Sauez, Christine: Contaminated Goddess; Dadadavid: Margaret Mitchell Comes to Honesdale; Springer, Home: Artists’ Hands Book; Gifford, J. Nebraska: The Soviet Party: The God that Failed; Berry, Carolyn: The Great Gold Crested Silver Speckled Sparrow Trailing Stars; Burton, D.: Evolution ‘90; Cairns, Phyllis: See No Evil; Moore, Sabra: Generate; Yerian-Ezell, Phoebe: One of These Things; Smuda, Gail: How To Become a Famous Woman Artist in the 90’s Board Game Rule Book; Minervini, Vincent: Futur; Marquette, Renee: Myths; McNeil, Mary Ann: Fish; Neaderland, Louise: Farewells; Roberts, Sara: Modern Motors; Dantzic, Cynthia Maris: The Spider’s Adventure; Gold, Susan: That the stone is an.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.9, No.1, 1990. Oblong quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Winchester, Dave; McLure, Steve; Gifford, J. Nebraska; Manners Franklin; de Vallance, Brendan; Mansaram, P.; Silvia, Pete; Dantzic,
Cynthia Maris; Neaderland, Ralph; Worthyn, Delight; Beck, Brian; Dantzic-Rehbock, Anita; Chang, Rodney; Opt, Jeff; Bell-Tait, Carolyn; Stetser. Carol; Schillawski, Barbara; Gold, Susan;
Wood, Reid; Sauter, Carole; Becker, Millie; Bacon, Pat; Gilbert, Sharon; McNeil, Mary Ann; Eisenberg, Susan, Emery; Shapiro, Mimi; Neaderland, Louise; Marquette, Renee; Blaine, Mathew;
Welling, Carolyn; Neaderland, Louise; Springer, Homer.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.9, No.2, 1990. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Blaine, F. Mathew; Leaycraft, Cathy; Nigrin, Albert Gabriel; Bolyard, David; Bolyard David; La Follette, Curtis; Wirth, Karen; Beck,
Brian; Smuda, Gail; Springer, Homer; Ramieri-Hall, Naomi; Koppang, Randy; Becker, Millie; Neaderland, Ralph; Stetser, Carol; Foster, Mae Lee Thomson; Ries, Martin; Burtner, Carol; Lee,
Cecil; Neaderland, Louise; Relin, Elizabeth; McNeil, Mary Ann; Winchester, Dave; Partanen, Heino; Dantzic, Cynthia Maris; Shapiro, Mimi; Sauter, Carole; Schillawski, Barbara; Gold, Susan;
Dahmen, Jens-Helge; Jones, Ed Powis; La Follette, Curtis; Rabideau, Lee; Partanen, Heino; Dahmen, Hans-Helge; Gold, Susan; Schillawski, Barbara; Sauter, Carole; Burtner, Caryl; Rabideau,
Lee; Winchester, David; McNeil, Mary Ann; Leaycraft, Cathy; Yee, Evelyn; Bell-Tait, Carolyn; Koppang, Randy; Wood, Reid; Shapiro, Mimi; Dantzic, Cynthia Maris; La Follette, Curtis; Wirth,
Karen; Beck, Brian; Smuda, Gail; Springer, Homer; Ramieri-Hall, Naomi; Foster, Mai Lee Thomson; Stetser, Carol; Neaderland, Ralph; Becker, Millie; Berry, Caroline; Dantzic-Rehbock, Anita;
Eisenberg, Susan Emery; Relin, Elizabeth; Witte. Mary Stieglitz; Dantzic-Rehbock, Anita; Silvia, Pete; Humphrey, Mitzi; Wood, Reid; Berry, Carolyn; Bell-Tait, Carolyn; Yee, Evelyn; Manners,
Frank; Jones, Ed Powis; Witte, Mary S.; Nigrin, Albert Gabriel; Silvia, Pete; Humphrey, Mitzi; Eisenberg, Susan Emery; Leaycraft, Cathy; Ries, Martin; Neaderland, Louise; Neiman, Carol H.;
Lee, Cecil; Manners, Frank; Blaine, F. Matthew.

The I.S.C.A. Quarterly, V.9, No.3, 1991. Quarto. Ringbound.

- First edition. Includes work by the following artists: Mathews, Joan; Morse, Yve; Diotallevi, Marcello; Shapiro, Mimi; Lee, Cecil; Zwehl-Burke, Pamela; Stasa, Marcella; Scott, Victoria;
Leaycraft, Cathy; Springer, Homer; Stangroom, Jonathan; Opt, Jeff; Henry, Dana; Dantzic, Cynthia, Marie; Schillawski, Barbara; Rabideau, Lee; Kraz, Mike; Witte, Mary Stieglitz; Stetser. Carol; Freid, Carolann; Lee, Cecil; Marquette, Renee; Smuda, Gail; Nigrin, Albert Gabriel; Roberts, P.S.; Trumbo, Jean; Silvia, Pete; Koppang, Randy; Wilkins, Glenn; Blaine, F. Mathew; Neaderland,
Louise; Lohner, Harold; Throm, Andy; Partanen, Heino; La Follette, Curtis; Wood, Reid; Gold, Susan; Moore, Sabra; Bower, Joseph; Silvia, Pete; Jones, Ed Powis; Koerper, Kathy; Berry, Carolyn; Becker, Millie; Zwehl-Burke, Pamela; Henry, Dana; Mathews, Joan; Dantzic, Cynthia Maris; Winchester, Dave; Koppang, Randy; Trumbo, Jean; Jones, Ed Powis; Diotallevi, Marcello; Neaderland, Louise; Gaylord, Susan


- All first editions published in 200 copies each. Most contributions numbered and signed.

euro 2.400

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ivre de

ivre de

039. Jungmann Jean Paul (ed.)

L’ivre de pierres. J.-P. Jungmann avec la collaboration de J. Aubert, A. Stinco and Tonka

Paris: Aérolande, 1977 - 1983.(all published). All extra large folios.

Nr. 1. 1977, 102 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

Content: L’Ivre d’Encres, par Tonka, 1977; L’Utopie est insaisissable, par Hélène Bleskine; Récit autour d’une ruine future sur la colline de Chaillot, ou le bel aujourd’hui (première partie), par Jean-Paul Jungmann, 1977; Un forum au cœur du Paris révolutionnaire. Le projet de Théâtre des Arts de Charles de Wailly, 1798, par Daniel Rabreau; Les jardins de l’Ourcq et le Palais des Thermes de la Villette (première partie), par Jean Aubert, 1977; Projet pour le temple de Saint-Hubert au Châtelet, par Ivan Theimer, 1977; Projet pour un nouveau quartier (une ville dans la ville) dans la ville de Paris en l’an 1976 sur les lieux des anciens abattoirs de la Villette, par Léon Krier; De l’espace tropologique : un premier crayon de mausolées pour la place de la Concorde, par Jean-Jacques Lequeu, le 15 janvier 1815, restauré par Philippe Duboy.

Nr. 2. 1978. 94 pages, illustrated throughout. Printed wrappers.

Content: Tonka: Une Seule voix; Jean Aubert: Le Square des Egoutiers; Jean-Max Albert - Dominique Richir: Acronisia mutikos; Monique Mosser: L’apparaître de la ville. Cahier 1/Daniel-Ange Rabreau: L’apparaître del a ville. Cahier 2. ; Jean-Paul Jungmann: Récit autour d’une ruine future…; Francis Martinuzzi: Le désert de Retz…; Isabelle Auricoste + Michel Vernes : Le Jardin à la ville.

Nr. 3. 1978. 109 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

Content: Tonka: Déraisons de l’architecture; Jean Aubert: Fond de grisaille sur fondu enchaine; Jean Paul Jungmann: Ecrire un projet; Tonka: La Malédiction des Halles: une Cœur prétendu… ; Aurelio Cortesi : invention et dessin pour le quartier des Halles…. ; Tamas Zanko : Opéra des Halles, projet scénographique… ; Jean Criton : Phénomène de parthénogenèse architecturale au Forum des Halles ; Gérard Diaz : série de caprices en hommage a J.B. Piranèse ; Jean-Paul Jungmann : La gare vers l’est.

Nr. 4. 1983. 102 pages. illustrated throughout. Printed wrappers.

Content: Alain Vulbeau : Le Rouge et le vert - mais que font-ils donc à la Villette ?; Jean Paul Jungmann : La place de la Concorde - les nouveaux tracés d’une place fondatrice ; Monique Mosser, Stèles a la mémoire de paysages perdus - les obélisques d’Ivan Theimer ; Peter Wilson : Projet pour un pont dans la ville de Paris - le Pont des Arts ; Alain Loiselet : Suit d’images pour l’usage d’un monarque assassiné - la chapelle expiatoire du square Louis XVI a Paris ; Jean charbonnier et dominiqe Bugnon : Le Theatre de l’Arsenal a la Bastille ; Patrick Bracco + Elisabeth Lebovici : Description des fêtes données par la ville de paris a l’occasion du mariage de madame Luise-Elisabeth de France…..


- First editions. Nr. 1. 1977, Signed by J.P. Jungman on title page.

euro 500

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040. Bloom Rara, Dante Goffetti, Bruno Sanguanini, Riccardo Scarbi, Mizio Turchet. (editors) Thereza Bento, Riccardo Bertoncelli, Cristina Cazzaniga and Luigi Melano.

KING KONG International: Periodico di cultura visiva. An electric magazine of visual culture.
Nos. 1-2 (all published).

Milano: Edizioni Galleria Breton, 1972. Texts in Italian. (English summaries at the end of no. 2).

N.1. Gennaio 1972. Tabloid size, 16 pages (printed in blue) in selfwrappers. Illustrated throughout.


N.2. Giugno, 1972. Tabloid size, 16 pages (printed in blue and green) in self wrappers. Illustrated throughout.



-First editions.

euro 1.800

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041. Kostelanetz, Richard.

Numbers: Poems and Stories.

Brooklyn: Assembling Press, 1976. Tabloid format, 24 pages printed on newspaper stock. Self wrappers. Folded once, otherwise very good.


- First edition. With acknowledgements and notes by Richard Kostelanetz. All pages printed with numbers. The titles of pages or group of pages are: short fiction; ambiguity, times perceived; numerations; olympian progress; multiples; combinational rotations; fun; self-portrait and two thousand fifty-six.

euro 40

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042. Hornick, Lita (editor) – Leroy Jones (contributing editor)

Kulchur. nrs. 16- 20 (the last five issues of 20 issues published)

New York: Kulchur Press, 1964-1966.

Kulchur 16. Volume 4. winter 1964-65. Small quarto, 103 pages. Cover and picture portfolio by Al Held.

Summary: Leroy Jones: Two Poems; Robert Creeley: in conversation with Charles Tomlinson; Jack Hirschman: Constellations; Nicolas Calas: Excercises; Andy Warhol: Interviewed by Gerard Malanga; Martin Williams: A season by the Set; Charles Boultenhouse: Theatre Living and Dead; Rochelle Owens: Elga’s Incantation; Soren Agenoux: The Gruesome Operative Contradiction Functioning in civilized Living from 1923 through 1963: Wallace Thurston: The Films of Charles Boultenhouse; John Keys: Letter to Robert Kelly; Book reviews by George Economon, George Bowering, Carolyn Kizer, Allan Kaplan, Ted Berrigan, Gerard Malanga, Kenneth Irby and Ron Padgett; Jazz by Mack Thomas.

Kulchur 17. Volume 5. Number 17. Spring 1965. 104 pages. Cover: Robert Indiana. Die (1 panel of diptych Eat-Die), O /C, 72” x 60”, 1962, collection of the artist, photograph by courtesy of the Stable Gallery. N. Y.

Summary: Nicola Calas: The Image; Carl Belz: Pop Art. New Humanism and Death; LeRoi Jones: Corregidor; Clayton Eshleman: from the Poemas Humanos of Cesar Vallejo; John Fergus Ryan: A Decent Interval; Ron Padgett: Sound and Poetry; Theatre Chronicle by Matthew Andrews; Film Chronicle by Charles Boultenhouse; Book Reviews by Kenneth Irby, Ted Berrigan, Ron Padgett, David Meltzer & Gerard Malanga

Kulchur 18. Volume 5. Number 18. Summer 1965. 104 pages. Cover: Photograph of Knox Martin with detail of painting. Edge, bv Minoru Niizuma

Summary: Morgan Gibson: Highlights from an Interview with Paul Goodman on The Empire City; Charles Boultenhouse: Stan Brakhage on The Art of Vision; Robert Ashley: Part of an Interview with Morton Feldman; Margaret Randall: Thoughts on the Poetic Line; Knox Martin: Picture Portfolio; David Ross: Ipe; Ruth Krauss: Poem-Plays; Felix Pollak: Soirees; Joe Brainard: Sunday, July the 30th, 1964; Armand Schwerner: Wallace Stevens: The Movements within the Rock; Art Chronicle by David Antin; Theatre Chronicle by Matthew Andrews; Bob Charbon: Without Malice; Book Reviews by Fielding Dawson, Ted Berrigan, Margaret Randall. John Sinclair and Ron Padgett.

Kulchur 19. Volume 5. Number 19. Autumn 1965. 104 pages. Cover: James Mitchell
Summary: Ron Padgett: Bill;Ted Berrigan: A Boke; Tom Veitch: Yoga Exercises; Ted Berrigan: Art Chronicle; Ron Padgett:

Pere Ubus Alphabet (vowels); Armand Schwerner: Wallace Stevens: The Movements Within the Rock (concl); James Mitchell: Picture Portfolio; Dick Gallup: Two Scenes from The Bingo; Theatre Chronicle by Matthew Andrews; Film Chronicle by Yale M. Udoff ; Book Reviews by Ted Berrigan, John Sinclair, Margaret Randall, Clayton Eshleman, Gerard Malanga, George Bowering; Morgan Gibson, Aram Saroyan, Douglas Blazek & Kenneth Irby.

Kulchur 20. Volume 5. Number 20. Winter 1965. 104 pages. Cover: Photograph of James Waring by John Palmer

Summary: Ted Berrigan & Ron Padgett: Big Travel Dialogues; Gerard Malanga: Interview with James Waring; John Palmer: Photographs of the James Waring Dance Company; Ron Padgett & Joe Brainard: Go Lovely Rose; Ted Berrigan: Sonnets; David Ross: Poems; Armand Schwerner: Prologue in Six Parts; Ellen Maslow: A Discussion of Several of Creeley’s Poems; Margaret Randall: The Ritual, Antonioni; Art Chronicle by David Antin; Book Reviews by Fielding Dawson, David Meltzer, Margaret Randall, Jack Marshall, George Bowering, David Ross, Ted Berrigan, Thomas Clark & Ronald Caplan; Film Review by Yale M. Udoff


- All first editions. Kulchur - a little magazine focused on cultural criticism and later a small press, was an important publisher of avant-garde poets, particularly poets associated with what became known as the New York School. Starting with Kulchur 7, the magazine was run by Ms. Hornick as managing editor, but supported by an editorial board of LeRoi Jones, Gilbert Sorrentino, Frank O’Hara, Joseph LeSeur, and Bill Berskon. This general arrangement lasted for five issues before Hornick took over the sole editorship of the magazine starting with Kulchur 7 and lasting through the magazine’s final issue, Kulchur 20.

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043. Lurdes Castro, Jan Voss, Gonçalo Duarte, Christo, José Escada, João Vieira, René Bertholo e Costa Pinheiro. (editors)

KWY #6. revisita de artes plastics.(1 of the 12 issues published in Paris from 1958 - 1963.)

Paris: Junho de 1960. Small quarto, 32 pages. Wrappers after work by Gonçalo Duarte.


- First edition. One of 500 copies. Summary: Manuel de Castro: O Pinto de Monstros; Sebastião Fonseca: Ver Pintura; José Escada: Serigrafias Originais; Alfredo Margarido: Deformação e desagregação ne Pintura Contemporânea; Antonio Saura: Duas Notas; Michel Tapié: Antonio Saura. With original silk screens by Gonçalo Duarte (2), José Escada (3) and Antonio Saura (1, folded in 3). Contributions by

euro 600

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044. Polke, Sigmar (illustrator)

Lettre international. Heft 5, 2. Vierteljahr, Sommer 1989.

Berlin; Lettre international, 1989. Tabloid size peridodical, 98 pages illustrated throughout of which 18 illustrations by Polke.


- First edition.Summary:Pierre Reverdy: Die Freiheit der Meere; Michel Foucault: König Ödipus: Der Mann, der zuviel wußte; Michel Abensour : Saint-Just und der revolutionäre Heroismus; Jan Kott: Die Guillotine als tragischer Held; Maria Janion/Remigiusz Forycki: Das Phantasma des abgeschnittenen Kopfes; J. Hobsbawm: Vom Entstehen einer bürgerlichen Revolution; Köhler: Maskenspiele - Zur politischen Kunst des Opportunismus; Norberto Bobbio * Die Französische Revolution und die Menschenrechte; Bohumil Hrabal: Latente Euphorie; Umberto Eco: Vom offenen Kunstwerk zum Pendel Foucaults; Ryle: Die Straße nach Abyei; Bruce Chatwin: Der Putsch; Viktor Jerofejew: Der kleine Papagei; Thomas Asperger • Sicherheit und Feigheit - Der Käfer im Brennglas; Paul Ricoeur: Der Skandal des Bösen; Libuse Monikovä : Mozart - Szenen aus der Geschichte der Pietät; Nancy Huston • Zwei polarisierte Sterne - Zu Sylvia Plath und Ted Hughes; Federman: Notwendigkeit und Unmöglichkeit, ein jüdischer Autor zu sein; Weisskopf : Zur Entstehung des Universums 86 Jörg Jeremias: Eine Antwort und ein Schweigen; KOMMENTARE ABRIEFE; Michael Oppitz: Erinnerung an Bruce Chatwin; Pastior: Oder manchmal auch Übersetzen; Michael Nerlich: Abschied von Heinrich Mann!; Korrespondenzen: Michael Ignatieff (aus London) I Giulio Giorello (aus Mailand). Gedichte von Breyten Breytenbich, Joseph Brodsky. Michael Covino, Amal Dunkol, Raymond Federman, Sylvä Ftscherovä, Ted Hughes, Samih al-Kasim. Oskar Pastior, Adrienne Rieh, Joseph Simon, Jaroslav Seifert.

euro 60

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045. Guy Schraenen (editor)

Libellus. A monthly mail-art publication. 1-12 (all published).

Antwerp: International Cultureel Centrum, oct. 1980 - oct. 1981. All issues quarto size. A near mint complete set.

1. oct. 1980, 4 pages in self wrappers. this first issue is mainly an invitation to participate….’dear friend, you are invited to participate to the one year mail-art project. this project will en by a tremendous mail-art event….’ loosely laid in a blue sheet with a stamp of the I.C.C.

2. nov. 1980, 8 pages. contributions by gunther ruch, guillermo deisler, christoph machete, todorovic, gruppo texto poetic, cavellini, pawl petasz, damasco ogaz, dan barber, mario lara, b.p.m van noorden, gabor tooth, ulises carrion, angelika schmidt + a list of names and dates on which mail has been received by cavellini, timm ulrichs, jochen geez, herman de tries, stempelplaats, le soleil noir, john furnival, peter below, guillermo deisler, jurgen olbrich, dick higgins, henri chopin, robin crozier and many others.

3. dec. 1980, 8 pages. special issue mail art invitations. mail art contra tutti; mail-art exhibition dortmund; the one man exhibition (vittore baron); freak festival (stempelplaats); florida in cleveland mail art show; antwerp mail art festival… + list of received mail among which: igor derision, simon vinkenoog, vittore baroni, juan j. agius, a.o.

4. jan. 1981, 8 pages. contributions by leonhard frank such, piotr rypson, peter below, gabor tooth,teresinka pereira, dick higgins, herman de tries, gunther such, valves silva an others + list of received mail among which guy blues, hetty huisman, horst tress, gabor tooth, pierre garner, hubert kretschmer, valerie export, anna banana, michael gibbs, maurizio nannucci, g. galantai, william xerra, gruppo text poetico….

5. feb. 1981, 8 pages. contributions by robert filliou, c.a. cavellini, g . deisler, j.o. olbrich, gabor toth, herman de vries, martha dermisache, richard kostelanetz, ben vautier, timm ulrichs, a schmidt, ray johnson, maurizio nannucci, guy schraenen

6. march 81, 8 pages. contributions michele perfetti, rose avery, e.a. vigo, e.f. higgins III, j van geluwe, klaus groh, lourdes castro, j & györgy galantai i, falves silva, tom winter and others. recived mail from robert joseph, harry ruhe, umbrella, klaus groh, pier van dijk, robin crozier, arno arts, m.c. glasmeier….

7. april 1981, 8 pages. contributions by jospeh huber, ko de jonge, gabor toth, george brett, m. todorovic, cavellini, ruedi schill, an more..

8. may 1981, 6 pages, two of which are 2 sheets of stamps, one printed in red, the other in blue. the stamps are by richard c., b. botnoir, s. laszlo, r. crozier, j.o. olbrich, r. joseph, e.f. higgins III, j. johnson, william xerra, j. elsasser, art foot ‘81, grupo puzzle, m. avau, t. winter, michele perfetti, t. arpad, g. brett, r, saunders, g. tooth, v. baron, w.g. stikker, eilsa tan, l. spiegelman and others.

9. jun 1981, 8 pages. with announcement of the Antwerp International Mail Art festival to be held from 25 sept. - 1 nov, 1981. + contributions by lon spiegelman, ray johnson, arno arts, vigo - marx, g. offringa, vagner dante veloni, baron, cracker jack kid, d. ogaz and others.

10. jul 1981, 8 pages. special issue made and mailed in belgium: contributions by via pacquee, j vandenbroucke, claes voordeckers, danny davos, jan hertoghs, luc deleu, guy bleus, daniel dewaele, j. de koninck, jonas wille, a.m. van kerckhoven, lorenzo gatti, hugo gypens, jonas wille, jaques keguenne marie.lise gondry and others..

11. aug 1981, 8 pages. contributions by ben, j.c. guilaumon, ferro, gabor toth, henri niotou, rolf staeck, jean-paul thendt, j.h. kocman, castao de magalhaes, wulle, j.a. sarmiento, ulises carrion, gallingani, bill gaglione + a contribution by Mohammed centro di communicazione ristretta.

12. oct. 1981. printing the list of all artists that were present at the ‘atnwerp mail artists encounter’ held on october 3 and 4 ‘81. (metallic avau (b), christian balmier (f), b.f.f.b. (b), guy bleus (b), bart boumans (nl), boudewijn buckinx (b), ulises carrion (nl), ko de jonge (nl), luc deleu (b), lucia del sasso (gb), danny devos (b), gabriele donder-langer (d), henk fakkeldij (nl), ron huiskamp (nl), hetty huisman (nl), clemens jongma (nl), robert joseph (nl), ka-mail (nl), ginny lloyd (usa), niels lomholt (dk), valcarcel medina (e), albuquerque piendes (p), p.nieuwenhuysen (b), peter paalvast (nl), ria pacquee (b), rolf schuber (nl), tomasz schulz, (pl),rod summers (nl), aart van barneveld (nl), c. van der borght (f), sonia van der burg (nl), pier van dijk (nl), eric van der wal (nl), johan uan geluwe (b), annemie van kerckhoven (b), a.m. van oosten (nl), kees u. (nl), jonas wille (b), wulle konsumkunst (d))+ a list of ‘participants by mail to the encounter’


- First editions. In the first issues of Libellus (papillon in fr.; pamphlet/ flyer in eng.) we read about this well defined project by Schraenen: “Libellus will be published between now and next September. The 12 issues of Libellus will be part of a Festival catalogue which you will receive….All the activities you are invited to participate to mentioned in this issue of Libellus will be realized and exposed during the Festival next September’

euro 850

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046. Mack, Heinz.

Mackazin. Mack Szene / Mack Seen / Mack-a-zine. Die Jahre 1957-67. Text in English, French and German.

Mönchengladbach: Self published, 1967. Distributed by the Howard Wise Gallery, Denise Renée, Galerie Schmela etc. Folio, un paginated, (116 pages), numerous illustrations in black and white. Illustrated wrappers. Tiny bump to bottom of spine otherwise fine.


- First edition of this Mackazine, published on the occasion of a ZERO exhibition in New York City. Sperone Westwater published the second number of Mack's Mackazin in 2011.

euro 160

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047. Michael Kustow (editor)

The Magazine. of the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

No.1. London: ICA, April 1968. Quarto, 36 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers


- First edition. Contents: Herostratus. Don Levy’s experimental feature film; The Obsessive Image exhibition briefing; preview of writers’ read-in; Where I’m At/Where It’s At; Tilson, Cook, Price, Scott; New Music, New Ears by Michael Chanan. “see not with, but through the eye/hear with, but through the ear”; Theatre Life: Julian Beck Credo.

euro 30

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048. Bertini, Gianni.

MEC. (nr. 2 of 2 published).

No. 2. aprile 1971. Milano: Self published, 1971. Small square quarto, 18 pages printed in red and green. Illustrated wrappers.


- First edition. Contributions by Gianni Bertini, J.F. Bory, Henry Chopin, Francois Dufrene, Gappmayr, Jochen Gerz, P.A. Gette, Kitasomo Katuè, Ugo Locatelli, E. Miccini, Eugenio Miccini, Clemente Padin, Fernando Millan, Claudio Parmiggiani, Salvatore Passarella, Michele Perfetti, Gerald Rocher, Shimizu Toshihiko, Maurizio Spatola, T. Stefanoni, Takahashi Shohachiro, Jiri Valoch + several advertisments of other vial poetry magazines.

euro 200

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049. Schuster, Jean. (Directeur)

Medium. Communication surréaliste. Nouvelle Série.

Paris: Editions Arcanes, novembre 1953 – janvier 1955. Nouvelle Série 1-4 - all published – a very fine set)

Nouvelle Série 1. Novembre 1953. Quarto, 16 pages, illustrated throughout. Front wrapper by Simon Hantaï.

Sommaire; Le eul vivant, par Georges Goldfayn et Gerard Legrand; Defense de mentir, par Benjamin Peret; Savoir Aimer suffit, par Andre Breton; Au decrochez-mi ca, par Jean Louis Bedouin.

Nouvelle Série 2. Fevrier 1954. N° Paalen. Quarto, 32 pages, illustrated throughout. Front wrapper by Paalen.

Sommaire: L’IMAGE SUR LE MUR conte chinois. Trad. W. Paalen; LE BRUIT DES TENEBRES parRobert Benayoun; EN PLEINE SANTE par René Alleau; DEUX LETTRES DE PIERRE LOUYS, précédées d’un hommage par Gérard Legfrand; LE DICTIONNAIRE DU DIABLE (extraits) d’Ambrose Bierce. présenté par Robert Benayoun; PAILLASSE ET SON ROQUET CHERI par Benjamin Péret; DIAMANT DES APPARITIONS par José Pierre; ZIG-’ZAG par Robert Benayoun; DU NOUVEAU SUR Mme DE MONTREUIL par Nora Mitrani. INVITATIONS A: LA SOIREE DES PROVERBES, interview de Georges Schehadé par Michel Zimbacca. - « PENTHESILEE » de Kleist, interview deJulien Gracq par Nora Mitrani; LE SENS DE L’AVENTURE par Jean -Louis Bédouin; L’UN DANS LAUTRE par André Breton; HAUTE MEDIATION, par Jean-Louis Bédouin et Gérard Legrand; MOOD TO BE WOOED, par Georges Goldfayn; A LA FOSSE COMMUNE par François Vaiorbe; ORIENT A DESORIENTER par Adrien Dax; SPECULATION, ERREUR ET PREHISTOIRE; SAVOIR AIMER DELIVRE par André Breton; ARTICLES DE BAZAR ET DE FOI par Jean-Louis Bédouin; INTERVIEW DE MAX ERNST SUR L’ALLEMAGNE par Jean Schuster; ENCORE UN PETIT MOMENT, S’IL VOUS PLAIT, M. LE BOURREAU, par Gérard Legrand; RBVSR A HAUTE VOIX par Jean-Louis Bédouin; LES DENTS COURTES par Jean Schuster; FACE A LA MEUTE.

Nouvelle Série 3. Mai 1954. N° Svanberg. Quarto, 64 pages, illustrated throughout. Front wrapper by Svanberg.

Sommaire: Andre BRETON: Hommage à Max Walter Svanberg; Pierre VENDRYES : Surréalisme et probabilité; François VALORBE : A tout romper; Gérard LEGRAND : Les S.S. partout !; José PIERRE : L’Oiseau en proie aux miroirs; Adrien DAX : Interview de Malcolm de ChazaI; Charles ESTIENNE : Libre champ aux signes; Robert BENAYOUN : L’œil spectral. ◊ L’AFFAIRE GURDIIEFF. Jean-Louis BEDOUIN : Force et faiblesse de la volonté de puissance; Interview de Jacques Bergier; Interview de Louis Pauwels; René ALLEAU : Un étrange Courrier du cœur. ◊ Charles FLAMAND : Message de la Haute Forêt ; Gérard LEGRAND : Fragment de la lettre au Comte ◊ René ALLEAU : De la Splendeur; Jérôme CARDAN : Mon Génie familier ◊ Benjamin PERET : Sa Vie; Jean SCHUSTER : Tout de même, tout de même I; Georges GOLDFAYN : Règle du jeu; Nora MITRANI : Dyptique de l’amour et du sang-froid; Gérard LEGRAND : La Campagne d’un curé de journal ◊ Achim d’ARNIM : Le Coq de bruyère (fragment). Présentation et traduction de Michel ARNAUD.
◊ EN MARGE DU DERNIER NUMERO DE LA REVUE METAPSYCHIQUE; René ALLEAU : Psychanalyse et alchimie; Gérard LEGRAND : Le Ciel vert sombre au loin se soulève; Raymond ABELLIO : Métapsychique et phenomenology ◊ André PIEYRE de MANDIARGUES : Le Meneur de fantômes; Alberto SAVINIO : Miss Caoutchouc; Drame de l’après-midi - Entre deux Saisons ◊ José PIERRE : Main d’ombre; Robert BENAYOUN : Sigmund Freud ou l’homme de passion ◊ L’UN DANS L’AUTRE; André BRETON : Incidences de « l’Un dans l’autre >;Lettre de ]ean BRUNO, Nouveaux éléments du dictionnaire unitaire « l’Un dans l’autre » (J.-L. BEDOUIN, A. BRETON, Elisa BRETON, G. GOLDFAYN. W. PAALEN, B. PERET, J. SCHUSTER, Anne SEGHERS, TOYEN); Jehan MAYOUX et Jean SCHUSTER : Zéro sur la question; Lettre de Jean-Claude HEMERY sur l’objection de conscience • Réponse de Gérard LEGRAND.

Nouvelle Série 4. Janvier 1955. N° Wifredo Lam. Quarto, 64 pages, illustrated throughout. Front wrap er by Wilfredo Lam.

Sommaire: Benjamin PERET: Wilfredo Lam; André BRETON : Du surréalisme en ses œuvres vives ◊ Andrien DAX : Actualité de l’art-celtique; Jean MARKALE: Mystères et enchantements des litteratures celtiques ◊ Lancelot LENGYEL: La découverte de l’Art celtique -bouleverse l’ histoire de l’Art occidental ◊ Gérard LEGRAND: P.M.F. = 1788 ? ◊ Robert BENAYOUN: Le chandail d’Einstein; Charles FORT : Le livre des damnés ◊ Benjamin PERET: Noyau de la Comète ◊ Jean-Louis BEDOUIN: Eros et l’instinct de mort; Hans PRINZHORN: August Neter ◊ René ALLEAU: Des fictions et des jeux - Une lettre de Marcel DUCHAMP ◊ Aimé PATRI: Généalogie fabuleuse de la raison; Jean-Louis BEDOUIN: Au plein midi de l’éclair; André BRETON: Le pont suspendu ◊ Eugène IONESCO: Une victime du devoir; Charles FLAMAND: La ville mystère; Eugène CANSELIET: Introduction aux douze clés de philosophie ◊ SITUATION DE LA PEINTURE EN 1954. Enquête dirigée par Charles Estienne et José-Pierre; Charles ESTIENNE: Bâtissez sur le sable; José. PIERRE: Les prunelles sont mûres; Simon HANTAI et Jean SCHUSTER: Une démolition au platane; Edvard MUNCH: Alpha et Omega.


- First editions.

euro 260

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050. Götz, K.O. (ed.)

META. (Nos. 4, 5, 6 (+ dummy), + 8. = 4 of 10 published).
Moderne Kunst und Poesie. Monatszeitschrift für zeitgenössische experimentelle Kunst und Poesie.

Frankfurt am Main: Meta Verlag, febr. 1951- april 1953. Oblong small quarto's.

No. 4. Febr.1951. Junge Maler und Poeten in Paris. 8 pages in self wrappers. Articles:'Paris 1945-1951' by Ludwig von Dŏry, 'Pariser Ausstellungen' by U. Bluhm + 'Premier Salon Inernat. Du Jazz, Paris, Dez. 1950' by Olaf Hudtwalcker; poems by Paul Mayer, Francis Bott, Marc Clarac-Serou, Edouard Jaguer. Illustrated works by Henry Nouveau, Francis Bott, Henri Goetz, Matta and Tajiri. Front cover illustration after Francis Bott. On inside rear page advertisements for periodical Cobra 5 + announcement for exhibition Shinkicsi Tajiri in the Frankfurter Zimmergalerie Franck.
Loosely laid in a 2 page insert on pink stock with poems by Edouard Jaguer, Max Clarac-Serou and Paul Mayer.

No. 5. März 1951. Junge Maler u. Poeten in England. Articles :'Abstrakte Malerei in England by Crieff Williamson; a letter (Zum Titelbild:,Cape Family'from Peter Lanyon to K.O. Götz; poems by Crieff Williamson, Maurice Carpenter, and William Gear. Illustrated works by Charles Howard, Alan Davie, William Gear and Stephen Gilbert. Front cover illustration after Peter Lanyon. On inside rear page advertisements for periodical Cobra 5 + announcement for exhibition Constant in the Frankfurter Zimmergalerie Franck. Loosely laid in a 2 page insert
on faded green stock with poems by Peter Lanyon, William Gear, Maurice Carpenter and Crieff Williamson.

No. 6. Juli 1951. Junge Maler und Poeten in Holland. 8 pages in self wrappers. Poems by Lucebert (fragment) ; Jan Elburg Elegie (fragment); Bert Schierbeek (Fragment aus dem Roman 'Jazubel. Illustrated works by Constant, Theo Wolvenkamp, Eugène Brands, and Anton
Rooskens. Front cover illustration original hand colored woodcut by Ger Gerrits.
Added: a 12 page stapled dummy for this issue. The pages are loose and stapled together. The larger part of the last pages 13 + 14 is missing.
The paper stock is the same as used for nrs. 4 and 5, while the actual no. 6 is printed on a more glossy stock. The choice of the images in this dummy is the same, but the font style is a different one. Two short pencil notes.
- The title of the poem of which a fragment is taken from Lucebert is: 'Mediatie op een mond vol builenbal'.

No. 8. April 1952. Kunst und Poesie aus Österreich und Dänemark. 12 pages in self wrappers.
Articles: Steen Colding 'Avantgarde-Kunst in Dänemark' + Wilhelm Freddie 'Aus dem Kommentar zu dem Film 'Gegessene Horizonte'; Poems by Hans Weissenborn, Michael Guttenbrunner, Max Hölzer, Paul Celan and Ove Abildgaard. Illustrated works Edgar Jené, Maria Lassing (3), Kurt Weber, Wilhelm Freddie (2) and Sven Dalsgaard. Front cover illustration after Maria Lassing and Thomas Arnel. With hand colored intervention on front wrapper.


- The poem by Paul Celan published here is a 'Separater Erstdruck'.

About Gotz: "Nach dem Krieg lebte Götz mit seiner Familie bis 1950 in Königsförde bei Hannover. … Seine nach dem Krieg, ab 1949/1950 persönlichen Kontakte nach Frankreich ließen ihn schnell zu einem der wichtigsten Mittler zwischen der deutschen und der französischen Kunstszene werden, denn Paris war zu dieser Zeit noch das wichtigste Zentrum für moderne und abstrakte Malerei. In Paris hatten 1948 einige belgische, niederländische und dänische Künstler, darunter Asger Jorn, Constant, Karel Appel und Corneille, die Künstlergruppe CoBrA gegründet. Die Gruppe war durch die Pariser Ausstellung auf Götz aufmerksam geworden, so dass er 1949 CoBrA-Mitglied wurde und an der ersten Cobra-Ausstellung (Exposition Internationale d'Art Experimental) in Amsterdam teilnehmen konnte und bis zur Auflösung der Gruppe 1951 einziges deutsches CoBrA-Mitglied war. Um zeitgenössischer Kunst und Literatur ein Forum zu bieten, gab er ab 1948 für fünf Jahre die kleine Zeitschrift META (von Metamorphose) heraus, in der er moderne Kunst und moderne Lyrik, unter anderem von Paul Celan, abdruckte."Wikipedia.

euro 1.500

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051. Lévis-Mano, Guy (editor)

Minutes. Premier cahier décembre 1930.

Cahiers de littérature et d'art par Guy Lévis-Mano, paraissant tous les deux ou trois mois. (nr. 1 of 7 published)

Paris: GLM, 1930. Quarto, 16 pages (loose as issued), 5 illustrations. Printed wrappers.


- First edition. One of 187 numbered copies. Saint Eustache par Leo de Vries; A L'ame noire par blaise Allan; Soldat Vert-Pale par Guy Levis-Mano; Poemes par Edouard Caen and illustrations by Klein.

euro 200

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052. Kriwet, Ferdinand.

Mixed Media. Interdisziplinär Mediumfreudig. Künstlerzeitung.

Düsseldorf, März 1969, Nr. 0. (all published).

Tabloid size, artist paper, 12 pages printed in red and black, numerous illustrations. Small tears towards edges but all together a very good copy.


- First edition.

euro 60

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053. Cook, Peter (editor assisted by Rebecca Collings and Andrew Herron)

New Eter.(nr 3 of a total of 6 ? published)

Malmö: Wadstein, 1971.

nr. 3. White printed A4 envelope containing one page with letterhead ‘New Eter? + the printed names of R.Flexner, P.A. Gette, Fr. Janicot and P. Skelbye; one lineated page with heading ‘Processus de creation’ and ‘object’ + the name Flexner; one illustrated page by P. Skelby; one page with a reproduce photograph; one page with a pasted on postcard ‘Lyon – Bords du Rhône, station de Nébria (Eunebria) picicornis Fabr. 1946’ by P.A. Gette.


- first editions

euro 100

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054. Springfield, Susan - Halley Peter.

New Observations # 17 (now # 129 and trying to stay alive)

Science Fiction Issue. In conjunction with the exhibition “Science Fiction” at John Weber Gallery, September 17 - October 8, 1983. New York: New Observations Ltd., 1983. Quarto, un paginated, (104 pages), numerous illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Some discoloration front cover, otherwise fine


- First edition. Summary: Peter Halley: Introduction; Still from “Things to Come (1935); Alan Jones : Science vs. Fiction; Laurie Simmons; Stills from Blade Runner; Yura Adams; Dwight David; Ilona Granet; R.M. Fischer ; Taru Suzuki; Robert Horvitz: Remarks to the Conference on Satellites and Telecommunications, School of Visual Arts, 1983; Peter Fend; Richard Prince: The Perfect Tense (from “Why I Go to the Movies”, published by Tanam Press, NYC); Anonymous photograph of the N.J. Meadowlands Area; Reese Williams: Excerpt from the book “Figure Eight”; Robert Smithson: The Establishment (courtesy Nancy Holt); Robert Smithson; Jon Friedman; Edward Rankus: Still from the videotape “Naked Room” (courtest Video Data Bank); Max Almy: Still from the videotape “Leaving the 20th Century”; Edward Rankus / John Manning / Barbara Latham; Still from the videotape “alienNATION”; Still from the movie Road Warrior; Barbara Kruger.

euro 90

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055. Kostelanetz, Richard.

Numbers: Poems and Stories.

Brooklyn: Assembling Press, 1976. Tabloid format, 24 pages printed on newspaper stock. Self wrappers. Folded once, otherwise very good.


- First edition. With acknowledgements and notes by Richard Kostelanetz. All pages printed with numbers. The titles of pages or group of pages are: short fiction; ambiguity, times perceived; numerations; olympian progress; multiples; combinational rotations; fun; self-portrait and two thousand fifty-six.

euro 30

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056. Niggl, Thomas, Christian d'Orville - Heimrad Prem. (ed.)

Omnibus News 1.

München: Self published, 1969. Text in German and English. Thick quarto, un paginated (around 300 pages - printed on different and different colored stock - includes several fold-out pages) numerous illustrations, some of which in two or three colors. Printed brown wrappers. Light damage to top and bottom of spine, otherwise fine.


- First edition. One of 1500 copies. The assemblings for this publication were generally printed or mimeographed by the contributors themselves. Contributions by: Albrecht D, E. Eric Andersen, Michael Badura, Bread and Puppet Theater (Schumann, Whiteside & Spevac), Nicole Braun, Stanley Brouwn, Jörgen Brynjolf, Bruno Demattio, Herbert Distel, Otto Dressler, Wolfgang Felisch, Christel Fischer, Jochen Gerz, Klaus Heider, Dick Higgins, Michael Heininger, Irma Hunerfauth, Jorg Immendorf, Milan Knizak, Edward Krasinski, Gerhard Merz, Peter Mardersteig, Peter Midnight, Manfred Mohr, Thomas Niggl, Hermann Nitsch, Heimrad Prem, Arnulf Rainer, Joachim Schmettau, Werner Schreib, Harvey Spevak, K.B. Schauffeln, Karin Schneider-Henn, Klaus Staeck, Timm Ulrichs, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, Elena Whiteside, Hans-Peter Zimmer and others.

euro 260

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057. Laszlo Carl (ed.)

Panderma. Eine Zeitschrift von Carl Laszlo.

Doppelnummer 7 + 8.

Basel: Panderma Verlag, 1966. Almanach 1966. Square folio, un paginated. Illustrated wrappers.


- First edition. Summary: Hundertwasser: 35 Tage Schweden + several short texts by Laszlo on Leger, Henri Trouillard, Manierismus, die Silberne Sechziger Jahre, Computografie etc…
Loosely laid in an Original silk screen print by Vasarely, Müller-Brittnau + original linocut by Köthe. Laid in also an announcement of an exhibition in the (op) art galerie in Esslingen with an illustration by Geissler; a one page copy of a text written by Laszlo to the Lehmans Verlag concerning a – neo-fascist - book “der gesteuerte Kunstverfall”; a one page critical text by Laszlo (1966) Dada – Neo Dada.

euro 150

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058. Marranca, Bonnie – Gautam Dasgupta (editors)

Performing Arts Journal. New York: Performing Arts journal, 1977-1978.

A run of 9 consecutive issues (1 double issue) of PAF in very fine condition.

Volume I. Number 3. Winter, 1977. 154 pages. Numerous illustrations. Printed wrappers.

Summary: W. Stuart McDowell: A Brecht-Valentin Production: Mysteries of a Barbershop; Bettina Knapp: Nathalie Sarraute: A Theatre of Tropisms; John Howell: Art Performance: New York; William Kleb: Art Performance: San Francisco; Anthony McCall: Interview: Formalist Cinema and Politics; John E. Bowlt: Constructivism and Russian Stage Design; Stephen Benedict Hugh Southern: Dialogue: Funding and the Arts; Richard A. Falk: Comment: Lillian Hellman’s Scoundrel Time; Daryl Chin, Carol Rosen, and others: Books in Review; Joseph Chaikin: Interview; Jean-Claude van Itallie: PLAY: A Fable.

Volume II. Number 1. Spring 1977. 151 pages. Numerous illustrations. Printed wrappers.

Summary: Augusta Boal : Political Poetics: A Social History of Drama; Florence Falk: Bread and Puppet: Domestic Resurrection Circus ; Peter J. Chelkowski: Ta’ziyeh: Indigenous Avant-Garde Theatre of Iran ; Harold B. Segel: Fin de siecle Cabaret ; Dan Ronen: Theatre as Structures of Experience ; Raymonde Temkine Rosette Lamont Jane Boutwell. SPECIAL SECTION: Patrice Chereau ; Jill Silverman : Comment: Merce Cunningham on Broadway; Ruby Cohn and others : Books in Review ; Daniel C. Gerould: Vasilii Aksyonov: Contemporary Russian Playwright ; Vasilii Aksyonov : PLAY: Your Murderer

Volume II. Number 2. Fall 1977. 125 pages. Numerous illustrations. Printed wrappers.

Summary: John Howell : No To Homogenized Dancing ; SPECIAL SECTION. American Experimental Theatre: Then and Now ; Susan Sontag. Interview: On Art and Consciousness ; Carrie Rickey : Fassbinder and Altman. Approaches to Filmmaking ; Mimi Cisolfi D’Aponte : Presepi: A Neapolitan Christmas Ritual ; Richard Kostelanetz : Text-Sound Art: A Survey. SPECIAL REPORT. European Festivals and Performances ; A. H. Saxon, and others : Books in Review ; Edward Bond. Play. Stone.

Volume II. Number 3. Winter 1977. 150 pages. Numerous illustrations. Printed wrappers.

Summary: lohn Willen: Erwin Piscator: New York and The Dramatic Workshop ; Michael Toteborg: Franz Xaver Kroetz: The Realistic Folkplay ; lames Leverett: Iowa Theatre Lab: Rite of Passage; Arnold Wesker : Interview: On Playwriting ; Theodore Shank: Political Theatre in England ; Philip Class: Notes: Einstein on the Beach ; Richard Kostelanetz : Text-Sound Art ; Florence Waren. SPECIAL REPORT: Petipa and Bournonville ; Martin Esslin, and others : Books in Review. Maria Irene Fornes : Interview ; Maria Irene Fornes : Play: Fefu and Her Friends.

Volume III. Number 1. Summer/Spring 1978. 119 pages. Numerous illustrations. Printed wrappers.

Summary: Sally Banes: The Art of Meredith Monk; Harold Clurman Stanley Kauffmann: Dialogue: Theatre in America; Georges Balassa: A Psychoanalytical Model for the Stage; SPECIAL SECTION. Theatre of the Ridiculous: An Introduction; Gerald Rabkin: Kenneth Bernard and John Vaccaro: A Collaboration; Bonnie Marranca: The Plays of Ronald Tavel: A Survey; Charles Ludlam: Interv iew; Jill Silverman, and others: Books in Review; Martin Esslin: Contemporary Austrian Playwrights; Wolfgang Bauer: Play: Shakespeare the Sadist.

Volume III. Number 2. Fall, 1978. 127 pages. Numerous illustrations. Printed wrappers.

Summary: Theodor Adorno: On Commitment; John Howell: Kenneth King: Dancer/Choreographer; Kenneth King: Interview; Daniel C. Gerould: Andrei Bely: Russian Symbolist; Andrei Bely: The Jaws of Night; Ronald Jenkins: Topeng: Balinese Dance Drama; Lee Worley: Interview: On Acting; Theodore Shank: Squat Theatre; Lenora Champagne, and others: Books in Review. SPECIAL SECTION:The Making of a Trilogy. Elizabeth LeCompte: An Introduction; Spalding Gray: Playwright’s Notes; PLAY : Rumstick Road.

Volume III. Number 3. Winter 1978. 167 pages. Numerous illustrations. Printed wrappers.

Summary: David Vaughan : Merce Cunningham; John Ashbery: Interview; Violet Ketels; SPECIAL SECTION: Odön von Horväth ; Theodor Adorno: On Commitment ; Alma H. Law: Meyerhold; Daniel C. Gerould: Valerii Briusov: Russian Symbolist; Valerii Briusov: The Wayfarer; Jules Aaron: Anthropology and Theatre; SPECIAL REPORTS: Festivals ; Dance/Theatre/Film: Books in Review; Malcolm Hay - Philip Roberts: Howard Brenton: Introduction and Interview; Howard Brenton: The Saliva Milkshake.

PAJ 10/11. ‘The first nine issues of the journal were listed by volumes and numbers, before we changed to a new system in 1979 with the shorter numbering as PAJ 10/11’.



- First editions.

euro 180

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059. Hamilton Finlay, Ian (editor)

POOR.OLD.TIRED.HORSE. (6 of the 25 issues published)

Edinburgh/Coal Town of Callange/Lanark: Wild Hawthorn Press, n.d.-1967.

Number 11. Lollipop Number. Edinburgh: The Wild Hawthorn Press, n.d. Quarto, 4 folded pages, printed in blue and yellow. Contributions: Horace translated by Ronald Johnson, Robert Simmons, Ann McGarrell, J.F. Hendry, Guillaume Apollinaire translated by Edwin Morgan, Renyo Laurano translated by Edwin Morgan, Christian Morgenstern translated by Astrid Gillis, Kurt Sigel translated by J.F. Hendry, Michael Shayer. Illustrations by John Picking.

Number 13. Edinburgh: The Wild Hawthorn Press. Small quarto, 8 pages in self wrappers. Contributors: Mary Ellen Solt, Guillaume Apollinaire translated by J.F. Hendry, Marvin Malone, Lorine Niedecker, Jerome Rothenberg, Ronald Johnson, Ian Hamilton Finlay - semi-idiotic poem -, Nicole Rabetaud. Loosely inserted a folded sheet with announcement of – a new series of poem/prints - (Pierre Albert-Birot, Franz Mon, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Ferdinand Kriwet, Joh Furnival and V. Vasarely, Ernst jandl and Augusto di Campos).

Number 20. Coal Town of Callange: Wild Hawthorn Press, n.d.. Quarto, 8 pages in self wrappers. (1966) Contributions by : Ian Hamilton Finlay + drawings by Peter Lyle. Inserted a folded sheet with announcement of new address and new publications + ‘still available’.

Number 22. Charles Biederman: An Art Credo.Lanark: The Wild Hawthorn Press, n.d.. 8 pages in self wrappers, 2 photographic illustrations. Contributions: Charles Biederman. Typography by Philip Steadman. Loosely laid in, announcement sheet for ‘art as the evolution of visual knowledge’ by Charles Biederman.

Number 24. Stonypath: The Wild Hawthorn Press, (1967). Small quarto, 8 pages in self wrappers. Concrete Poetry at the Brighton (’67) Festival. Contributions by Graham Keen (photographs). Designed by Alistair Cant. Illustartions after Claus bremer’s ‘ein text passiert’; Eugen Gomringer ‘wind constellation’ ; Ian Hamilton Finlay ‘Purse-net poem + sailor’s cross; Hansjorg Mayer ‘typographical colums + images from Five Vowels – directed by John Furnival; Stephen Bann, Amber sands + sea sails in the distance Three Graces by Kenelm Cox. In original addressed manila envelope.

Number 25. Stonypath: The Wild Hawthorn Press, 1967. 8 pages, folded. In original addressed manila envelope. One Word Poems. Design and Calligraphy by Jim Nicholson. 8 pages in self wrappers.Contributions: Ronald Johnson, Edwin Morgan , George Mackay Brown , Eli Siegel , Jerome Rothenberg , Alkman translated by Guy Davenport , Hugh Creighton Hill , Stuart Mills , Pedro Xisto, Alan Riddell , Martin Seymour-Smith , Kenelm Cox , Giles Gordon , Douglas Young , Edward Lucie-Smith , Stephen Bann , Dick Steeler , Astrid Gillis , Oswald de Andrade, Ernst Jandl, Gael Turnbull , Aram Saroyan,, Jonathan Williams , Ian Hamilton Finlay.


- First editions.

euro 360

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060. Zachary, Frank – George S. Rosenthal (editors) - Alexey Brodovitch (Art Editor)

Portfolio. nos. 1 + 3 (2 of 3 issues published)

A Magazine for the Graphic Arts

Cincinnati: Zebra Press, 1950

Volume 1, Number 1. Winter 1950. Folio, un paginated, numerous illustrations in black and white and in color. Illustrated wrappers. Near fine with just some minor traces of cracks towards the edges due to the delicate quality of the black cover stock. In original mailing carton designed by Brodovitch. Carton with faint coffee stain, otherwise near fine.

Portfolio. The Annual of the Graphic Arts.

Summary: Giambattista Bodoni (with tipped-in Bodoni type specimen sheet); Design From the Mathematicians; E. McKnight Kauffer: Poster Designer; Xerography. New Visual Effects with Powder and Electricity; Trademarks by Paul Rand (with folded Paul Rand trademark insert) ; Giantism: USA; The Good Looking Package ( with inserted 20 page booklet with giftwrap paper samples); Saul Steinberg; Photography in Fashion: Irving Penn and Richard Avedon; News Portfolio: Possibly the most appealing section of this issue with design examples by Paul Rand, Alvin Lustig, Herbert Matter, A. M. Cassandre, Jean Carlu, Raymond Loewy….

Number 3. Spring 1951. Folio, un paginated. Silk-screened paper over boards. Spine cracked, but present (in most cases missing).

Summary: Ben Shahn; Cartier-Bresson in the Orient: 13 photographs; French Marble Papers: (sample sheet bound in); Calligraphy (with four pages sample bound in); Stereoscopy (3-d glasses inserted); Jackson Pollock; Hobo Signs; Alexander Calder; Skira’s Books (with tipped-in plate) Astronomical City; Robert Osborn. Photographs by Hans Namuth, Herbert Matter and Isamu Noguchi.


- First editions. Loosely laid in a one page reproduced typed letter on original two color letterhead designed by Paul Rand + ‘Business Reply card’ printed in dark orange designed also by Paul Rand. The reproduced typed letter is dated February 1, 1950 and addressed to ‘Dear Sir:’… The letter is not complete, there must at least have been a second page…

euro 980

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061. Paoli, Edoardo

Quaderni Vitrum.

Milano: a cura del CISAV, 1960-1967. Numeri monografici, supplementi della rivista “Vitrum”. All 8 issues folio size (+ all published) An unprecedented source of architectural structures, interiors and building details of the sixties. A very nice set, except for a transparent tape at the bottom of issue one and 3 repaired tears in the bottom and rear cover of issue 8.

n. 1. gli “edifici scolastici” dalla scualo materna all’universita Numero Unico. 1960. 148 pages, illustrated throughout.

Scuole, oggi e domani by A Cassi Romelli; L’Illuminazione naturale nelle scuole by S. Martorana. Most examles of school and university buildings in the US. Examples by Neutra, Adolf Bayer, the Smithons, Saarinen etc...

n. 2. diaframmi e muri divisori. trasparenti e traslucidi. Supplement of the Rivista Vitrum, 1960. 104 pages. illustrated throughout.

Divisori, ieri e oggi by Edoardo Paoli. Examples of dividing walls, mostly in office buildigns, banks, laboratotia and hospitals.

n. 3. gli ‘edifici ospedalieri” ospedali, cliniche, case di cura, sanatori. Supplement to number 122 of the Rivista Vitrum, 1960. 184 pages, illustrated throughout.

Attualita dell’edilizia ospedaliera by A. Cassi Ramelli. With examples of hospitals in Rome, Pisa, Milano, but most examples of hospital buildings from the United States

n. 4. vani scali e parapeti. transparenti e traslucidi. Supplement to number 128 of the Rivista Vitrum, 1961. 108 pages, illustrated throughout.

Giu e su ....nel tempo by Edoardo Paoli. An impressive collection of stairs, stairways (Karl Otto, Neutra, Ponti, Jacobson, Nervi, Pfau...)

n. 5. gli “edifici sportivi” palazzi dello sport, stadi, piscine, palestre. Supplement to number 132 of the Rivista Vitrum, 1960. 116 pages, illustrated throughout.

Sport: uomini e impianti by E. Cassi Romelli. With a detailed view on the Pallazo dello Sport in Rome (P.L. Nervi), furthermore detailed documentation on sportschools, soccer stadia, swimming pools....

n. 6. gli ‘ingressi’. pensiline e bussole trasparenti e traslucide. (shelters + entree halls) Supplement to number 140 of the Rivista Vitrum, 1963. 116 pages, illustrated throughout.

Proteggiamo gli Ingressi by Edoardo Paoli. numerous examples of entree halls and shelters in Italy, Great Britian, US, Germany.

n. 7. gli edifici alberghieri. alberghi, ristoranti e motel. Supplement to number 146 of the Rivista Vitrum, 1964. 167 pages, illustrated throughout.

Evoluzione dell’edilizia alberhiera by A. Cassi Ramelli. with hundreds of groundplans + black and white and color photographic images of hotels, restaurants and motels, most examples from Italy, but also from the USA, Venezuela, Canada, Austria, Germany, Belgium The Netherlands, ...( Bodon, Maaskant, Skidmore.., Neutra...)

n. 8. specchiere e specchi. appesi, nel mobile e tecnici. Supplement to number 159 of the Rivista Vitrum , 1967. 192 pages. illustrated throughout. This issue with three repaired tears at the bottom of rear cover and the last three pages, otherwise fine.

Summary: Evoluzioni dello Specchio by Edoardo Paoli; Idee di Richard J. Neutra sugli specchi. With hundreds of images that doucment how mirrors are used in houses, businesses, public puildings and commercial fairs - most images are taken in the major Italian towns, some also of busiensses in Brussels, Kassel + Los Angeles.


- First editions.

euro 420

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062. Korot, Beryl - Ira Schneyder.

Radical Software: The TV Environment.

Volume 2, number 2. (of a total of 11 issues published)

New York: Gordon & Breach, Science Publishers, Inc., 1973. Quarto, 64 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrapper. Light soiling to wrappers + former library stamp on front wrapper.


- First edition. Issue by Billy Adler, John Margolies, Van Schley and Ilene Segalove. Summary: The President; News; Talk Shows; Game Shows; Dennis James; Situation Comedies; Bill Gray; The Anderson; Baseball; Football; Wrestling; Women on TV; Soap Operas; Louis Priven; Commercials; Eddie; Religion; TV Stars’ Homes; TV Stuff; TV Watchers; TV Salesman; TV Serviceman; TV Rental Man; US; Our Pets and For Sale.

euro 60

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re nudo




re nudo

063. Valcarenghi, Andrea (editor)

Re Nudo. Rivista di controcultura e controinformazione.

Milano: dec. 1970 - ott 1973. 7 early issues of the most important italian countercultural magazine. All folio size except for nr. 6 that has been isssued in a somewhat smaller format; all issues are illustrated throughout (cartoons, photographs, drawings ) and printed in ‘rainbow’ colors. All issues are in very good - fine condition.

numero 2, gennaio / febbraio 1971. 24 pages. sommario: trattare i compaani da nemici vuoi dire porti sulle stesse posizioni del nemico / dove a s. vittore / della savia: lo accusa da porto azzurro / taranto: bambini in rivolta / sono tutti d’accordo per metterci fuori legge / aveva ragione « nonna «camilla / come si castiga un - maoista / il re spogliato / israele: godi delle nostre vittorie con la kodak a colori / polonia: si nascondono dietro il rosso per colpire il rosso / young lords / i kabouter / conosci amsterdam / a sinistra in piazza, a destra sul letto /

numero 4, aprile 1971 - anno ii. 16 pages. sommario: creare due, tre, molti “re nudo” / la strage dei testimoni i gli imputati del 25 aprile dal carcere /w la comune di parigi / e se la patria chiama ditele che ripassi... / controgiornale rosso (quello che non dice la stampa borghese) / brigate rosse: comunicati nr. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 / la autocritica dei weathermen / bambini si nasce, matti si diventa / dove a istambul

numero 6, giugno / luglio / agosto 1971 - anno ii. 15 pages. sommario: per un modo nuovo di fare politica / creare strutture alternative / una scelta di campo / comuni subito / lettera aperta da una comune mistica della sicilia / ovada: i contadini dell’underground / istanbul katmandù: tutto per un viaggio in india / recensione di play power / compagno difenditi (ultima parte) dall’inferno di volterra / scuola rossa in zona garibaldi / meglio tardi che mai / ma « servire » chi? / vogliamo disporre liberamente del nostro corpo / amfetamina droga fascista / bob dylan / il nuovo western/

numero 7, settembre 1971 - anno ii. 15 pages. sommario: compagno, cambiamo la vita / un passo avanti / le comuni proletarie / la comune: base rossa nel partiere / la donna come oggetto / le strutture del p.c.i. e le nostre / per un modo nuovo di fare musica / cosa è il « movimento » / sulla miniscissione: chiudiamo l’argomento / acido: dieci consigli per i principianti / per i porci e gli sciacalli sesso e droga è l’accoppiata vincente / renudofestivalpop / nuovo capitale nuova musica / risposta alla lettera aperta della comune mistica / appello da ceylon: qui la lotta continua / cosa serve l’esercito / soldato difenditi (prima parte) / tutto per un viaggio in pakistan /

numero 9, novembre / dicembre 1971 - anno ii. 16 pages. sommario: il potere nasce dall’erba e dal fucile / vogliamo tutto / underground new / provocano la vecchia talpa / compagni soldati, poveri cristi / bambini mani in alto (2) / notarnicola: il bandito è diventato comunista / spettacolo new trolls: insalata anglo-americana / intervista con g. jackson /

numero 16, (novembre / dicembre) 1972 - anno iii. 16 pages. sommario: contro l’ideologia e la cultura borghese / assasini / come il sistema si serve degli agenti-hippy per reprimere meglio / lo spettcolo della societa / perche’ l’ambulatorio rosso.../ giuseppe chiari: una societa che sopprime la musica, fa si che l’unica musica sia la soppresione delle societa / un viaggio fra una logica orientale: la fame / (in this issue a reproduced photograph of bas jan ader short film - ‘i am to sad to tell you’ !!! /

numero 17, n.d. 1973 - anno quarto 15 pages. sommario: la marihuana è innocua la legge - no / lettera da massimo / secondo saremmo ridotti male? / emergenza ! per un fermo di un anno / la legge: come t’incastro l’hippy (oggi) l’extra parlementare (domani) /roma milano contro l’antidroga / l’arancia meccanica di g. andreotti / ministero grazia e giustizia ‘ la marijuna non fa male” / la rivoluzione e vita ? a londra si muore / l’ india e quello che sei / il fronte degli ipocriti / la confessione di paolo bugialli.../ da “abc” notizia gap / videotape / film / libri / dischi/ cosa fai il sotto armi ? levati che potresti farti male !/ non e’ il nostro programma: sono i pensieri di mao! /


- all first editions. ‘re nudo nasce nel novembre del 1970 interprete dei bisogni esistenziali del tempo di vita oltre le otto ore lavorative. era la rivista delle altre sedici ore trascurate dalla politica. sessualità, musica, droghe psichedeliche, festival, comuni, viaggi, erano le tematiche principali. re nudo era la rivista di riferimento, ponte tra la sinistra extraparlamentare meno ortodossa e il mondo freak alternativo più aperto al sociale?’

single issues euro 60

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064. Dienst, Klaus-Peter (ed. + calligraphy) and Rolf-Günter (ed.)

RhinoZeros. (nrs. 1 - 8 of 10 published)

Itzehoe: 1960 – 1965 ( All large octavos in self wrapper. Episode 1 with brown spots towards edge of the top right of all pages, nr 8 with light foxing and former owners stamp on front cover, otherwise fine copies.

1. Episode. 1960. 24 pages. Contributions by Jürgen Holm, Klaus Peter Dienst, Rolf Günter Dienst, Ezra Pound (translated by GiannaSelvani), Carl Pede, Peter Rühmkorf, Sigmund Sengefack, Hanno Breuhl.

2. Episode. 1960. 24 pages in. Back wrapper with a reproduction of a Jean Cocteau drawing along with his greeting to Rhinozeros. Contributions by Andreas Okopenko, Peter Rühmkopf, Alan Ginsberg (To an old Poet in Peru), Hassan Rudnik (Hommage a Allen Ginsberg), P. Jes Petersen, Hans Arp, Erasus Jonas, Lothar Brock, Samuel Becket, Klaus Peter Dienst, Dietmar Seele.

3. Episode. 1961. 36 pages. Back wrapper with reproduced drawing by Henry Miller. Contributions by Horst Bienek, Rolf Günter Dienst, Ernst Jürgen Dreyer, Peter Härling, Eva von Hoboken, Walter Höllerer, Dieter Hülsmanns, Hilke Krämer, Hans Joachim Leidel, Herny Miller (text and drawings), Dieter Wellershoff, Wolfgang Weyrauch, Rüdolf Wittkopf.

4. Episode. 1961. 36 pages printed in brown, red and green. Contributions by Konrad Boehmer, Jean Cocteau, Ingeborg Hansen, Manfred Peter Hein, Walter Höllerer, Anselm Hollo, Dieter Hülsmanns, Erasmus Jonas, Martin Kessel, Hans Joachim Leidel, Ernst Meister, Franz Mon, Andreas Okopenko, Hassan Rüdnik, Peter Rühmkorf, Dieter Wellershoff , Wolfgang Weirauch,

5. Episode. 1961. 36 pages. Contributions by David Ball, William S Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Robert Creely, Eduard Dorn, Larry Eigner, Theodor Ensline, Allen Ginsberg, Piero Heliczer, Anselm Hollo, Michael Horovitz, Dell Hymes, Michael Horovitz, Dell Hymes, Robert Kelly, Jack kerouac, Mike Mclure, David Meltzer, Peter Orlovsky, Marc D. Schliefer, Gary Schneider, Gael Turnbull, Philip Whalen.

6. Episode. 1962. 36 pages. Contributions by Oscar Ackermann, Horst Bingel, William S. Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, Peter Härtling (signed), Katja Hajek, Raoul Hausmann, Herbert Heckmann, Manfred Peter Heni (signed), Walter Hinderer, Anselm Hollo, Dieter Hülsmanns, Hermann Jandl, Hans-Joachim Leidel, Kurt Leonhard, Franz Mon, Gerhard Prager, Kuno Raeber, Arno Reinfrank, Werner Schreib, Eva von Hoboken, Dieter Wellershoff, Wolfgang Weyrauch, Ror Wolf.

7. Episode. 1962. 36 pages. Contributions by William S Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, Lawrence Durrell, Gunter Grass (signed), Klaus-Peter Dienst, Rolf-Gunter Dienst, Lawrence Durrell, Gunter Grass, Katja Hajek, Raoul Hausmann, Dieter Hülsmanns, Hermann Jandl, OM , Jürgen Ploog, Arno Reinfrank, Klaus Roehler, Eva von Hoboken, Reuwen Wasserman, Dieter Wellersdorf, Carl Werner.Loosley laid in an order card.

8. Episode. Special Jean Dubuffet. 28 pages. With reproduced images – la fleur du barbe - Oreilles gardées - + and text by Dubuffet + translated texts by Noël Arnaud + advertisements for Dumont, Le Minotaure, Berggruen, Daniel Cordier, Galerie Paul Fachetti, Carlo Cardazzo (Galleria del Naviglio + Galleria del Cavallino). Loosley laid in an order card.


- First editions.

euro 500

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065. Ehrenberg, Felipe - Mayor, David (+ Jean Clarence Lambert ) (ed.).

General Schmuck No. 5. Cullompton: Beau Geste Press, 1975. Quarto, un paginated (92 pages), numerous illustrationsand inserts. Printed wrappers.

- First edition. one of 550 copies. Contributions by Eric Andersen, Dick Higgins, Michael Gibbs, Felipe Ehrenberg, Robin Crozier, Kozlowski, Jiri Valoch, Takako Saito, et al. This issue entirely printed and bound by Takako Saito.

French Schmuck No.6. Cullompton: Beau Geste Press, 1975. Quarto, unpaginated (98 pages) numerous illustrations and inserts. Printed in two sections, the card wrappers of the back of one being the front wrappers of the other.

- First edition. With two sections part A. put together Jean Clarence Lambert, the “Dossier Francais” with contributions by Robert Filliou, Jean le Gac, Christian Dotremont, Marcel Broodthaers, Christian Boltanski, Alain Fleischer, Jochen Gerz and Emilio Galli + Lambert’s “Le Rachis dans son Ensemble”.The section: the “French Collection”, put together by Mayor and Ehrenberg with contributions from Ben Vautier, Alin Anseeuw, Bernard Anseeuw, Liu Gazes, Henri Chopin, Noel Dolla, Alain Fleischer, oland Flexner ,Jochen Gerz, Paul-Armand Gette, Gervais-Bernard Jassaud, Maurice Lemaitre, Jean Claude Moineau, Herve Wurz and others.

Teutonic Schmuck No.7. Cullompton: Beau Geste Press, 1975. Quarto, unpaginated, numerous illustrations and several inserts (a match a typewriter correction strip and an attached pouch to the rear cover in which the booklet Art-Impressions, by Klaus Groh). Blue wrappers with pasted on title label.

- First edition of this penultimate issue of Schmuck, published in an edition of 400 copies. Contributions by Gabor Altorjay, Ludwig Gosewitz, Klaus Groh, Rolf Hanees, Birgit & Wilhelm Hein, Dorothy Iannone, Hans Werner Kalkmann, Milan Kunz, Wolf Vostell, and others.

Japanese Schmuck No.8. Cranleigh: Beau Geste Press, 1976. Quarto, unpaginated (102 pages), numerous illustrations and several inserts.

- First edition. one of 500 copies. contributions by Taii Ashizawa, Kazumichi Fujiwara, Myor Hayashi, Kiichi Kkobayashi, Takehasi Kosugi, Kunimasa kuriyama, Yukimasa matsuda, Yutaka Matsuda, Yoshio Nakajima, AY-O, David Richards, Takako Saito, Shinkiji Tajiri, Shohachiro Takahashi, Yoshimasa Wada, Tatsuo Yamamoto and others.


- First editions. Fine.

euro 700

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schwarze botin




schwarze botin








schwarze botin

066. Classen, Brigitte (editor)

Die Schwarze Botin.

Berlin: Die Schwarze Botin, 1977-1984. (nr. 1, 3, 5 -17, 23 - a total of 16 nrs in 15 issues (nr 14, 15 being a double issue) - of 33 published?) All quarto size. Wrappers with just some minor use, but still fine. inside very fine.

no. 1. 1977. 36 pages, 9 illsutrations. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: Gedicht mit Perspektive; Schleim oder Nichtschleim, das ist hier die Frage / An Stelle eines Vorwortes / Einiges zu unserer Planung; Schnittmuster für zukunftsorientierte Frauen; Der Faschimus als höchstes Stadium banaler Herrschaft / Banales Klischee und Faschismus des Alltags / Das Monument. Denkmäler des banalen Patriarchats / Faschismus und Natur ; Die neue Innerlichkeit / Dekadenz mit Schlagobers / Der Sozialcharakter des süßen Mädels / Das süße Mädel und die Arbeit / Das süße Mädel und die künstlichen Blumen ; „Dann spürten wir den bösen Blick der Abstraktion" / Rezension des Heftes 5 der Frauenoffensive „Aufständische Kultur' ; Frauen gemeinsam sind stark / Interview mit Regina Krause vom Frauenbuchvertrieb in Berlin; Im Januar 1977 sollen 200 000 Frauen penetriert werden / Kleine Anmerkungen zu Alice Schwarzer Illustrations by Max Ernst, G. Goettle, J. Thorak, G. de Chirico and Sarah Schumann.

no. 3. April 1977. 42 pages, 6plates and several text illustrations. Summary: Brief der Schwarzen Botin an die Teilnehmerinnen des Münchner Frauenkongresses(Frühjahr 1977); Pornographie als Verherrlichung patriarchaler Gewalt ; Alltäglichkeiten, der Rede wert Meine Intellektuellen Freunde (Gedichte, Karin Huffzky) ; Das akademische Geschlecht / Bemerkungen zur Sexualästhetik (Roswitha Kaever); Der Mann (Gedicht, G. Drüten); Das normale Liebesleben / Bemerkungen zur Psychoanalyse; Die Guten gehn im gleichen Schritt (Branka Wehowski); Gegen das „feministische" Bilderverbot (Rita Bischof); Die Sprache der Körper (Marianne Wex) ; Sarah Schumann : Vom Mythos zu den Freundinnen (Ilse-Marleen Stoessel); Himmelschlüssel Dorothea Hörauf (Ginka Steinwachs); Paula (Elfriede Jelinek). Illustrations by Gabriele Goettle, Meret Oppenheim, Eva Hesse, Marianne Wex, Sarah Schumann; Ginka Steinwachs.

no. 5. Juli 1977. 42 pages, 6 illustrations and several text illustrations. Summary: Die kluge Else (Gerburg Treutsch-Dieter) ; Die Gewalt des Normalen (Barbara Freymuth); Der Terrorist ist schuld (Sonja Immermann); Annäherungen (Sarah Schumann); „Ich habe eine furchtbare Lust nach verbotenen Augen!" (Gisela von Wysocki); Durch die Wüste (Maria-Antonietta Macciocchi); Aus einer Vorlesung über die Tragödie (Elisabeth Lenk); Die schlafende Riesin (Christa Reinig); Lysistrata 75 oder: Frauen proben den Aufstand (Ginka Steinwachs); Lippenblütlerinnen unter dem Gesetz / über feministische Diskurse in Frankreich: Luce Irigaray, Helene CiXous, Catherine Clement, Julia Kristeva (Annette Runte); Auszug aus den Hexentexten von Unica Zürn. Illustrations by : Max Ernst, Gabriele Goettle and Unica Zürn

no. 6. Januar 1978. 44 pages, 8 illustrations and several text illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. . Summary: Casanova (Gabriele Goettle); Der unheimliche Säugling (Ute Boose); Una donna(Beatrice Brauckmann); Nora (Elfriede Jelinek); Herbarium der Lüste(Branka Wehowski); Madame X (Ginka Steinwachs); über die Wünsche (Gisela v. Wysocki); Schwachsinn(Brigitte Classen); Theorie der Weiblichkeit(Eva Meyer); über Kurz oder Lang (Gabriele Goettle); Stille Post(Roswitha Kaever). Illustrations by Gabriele Goettle ; Berenice Abbot and the Catchpenny Prints.

no. 7. April 1978. 37 pages, 9 illustrations and several text illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: Grit oder das Fest oder was man so nennt (Elfriede Gerstl); Ein neuer Intellektuellen-Typ: der Dissident (Julia Kristeva); Die Heilige Familie in der Damenbibliothek (Gabi Dietze); Der Geist aus der Flasche — die Welt aus der Wand (Gabriele Goettle); Eine Mutter reist nach Stammheim (Isolde Eckle, Ute Frank); Arsenikblüten: Tagebuch (Danielle Sarrera); Gedanken über mögliche Formen feministischer Anarchie(Gabriele Goettle); Blut und Boden und das Tausendjährige Reich (Christa Reinig) Illustrations by :Gabriele Goettle, Edith Lechtape and Sarah Schumann.

no. 8. September 1978. 38 pages, 7 illustrations + text illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: Krankheit als Metapher (Susan Sontag); Edith Lechtape (Nelly Caballero, Christiane Lenoble, Nicole Walter); Berechtigte Fragen (Elfriede Gerstl); Verschobene Räume / An verschiedenen Tagen Rom-Berlin (Sarah Schumann); Unerbittliche Liebe (Gabriele Goettle); Udo / untersuchungen zu udo Jürgens liedtexten (Elfriede Jelinek); Der Wolf und die Frau (Christa Reinig) Die Sprachdiebinnen (Dorothea Muenk); Die Herrschaft des Phallus im Delta der Venus (Gabriele Dietze); 2 Jahre Schwarze Botin. Illustrations by Edith Lechtape, Gabriele Goettle, Ulrike Ottinger.

no. 9. Dezember 1978. 39 pages, 6 plates + text illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: off limits belvedere (Heidi Pataki); Der Vergleich / Finale (2) / Vielfältig ja! (Karin Kersten); guten abend - eine montage (Friederike Mayröcker, Ernst Jandl); Existenzphilosophie Wandervögel (Gabriele Goettle); ,,Dankesworte der Preisträgerin" (Elfriede Jelinek); Die Ballade von den drei wichtigsten Männernund dem Personenkreis um sie herum (Elfriede Jelinek); Ismen (Gabriele Goettle); Lore und die andern (Brigitte Classen); Und ewig rauschen die Binsen (Gabriele Goettle); Theweleit-Phantasien (Christa Reinig); Handapparat (Roswitha Kaever); Offener Brief an Carlo Aymonino (Margrit Kennedy); Die Behinderung der Emanzipation der Frau durch die Wohnung und die Möglichkeiten zur überwindung (Myra Warhaftig); Bücher die uns aufgefallen sind . Illustrations by Gabriele Goettle and Martine Carol.

no. 10. März 1979. 39 pages, 11 illustrations + text illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: „La Traversee du Temps Perdu"(Dorothea Muenk); Was die Welt zusammenhält / Aus dem Leben gegriffen (Liesl Ujvary); Die Schattenspender (Gisela Eisner); Tele-Visonen (Gabriele Goettle); Die Zeit der Weiblichkeit (Christa Reinig); Dem Redakteur A. Zensiert (Ursula Krechel); Frohnatur (Brigitte Classen); Vierte Poetikstunde im Gehen (Ginka Steinwachs); Frauengedichte aus der Provinz (Heidi von Plato); Körpersprache oder „Körper" der Sprache? (Eva Meyer); Verführung zur Gedankenlosigkeit (Gisela von Wysocki); Was Gott zusammenfügt; Literatur, die uns aufgefallen ist. Illustrations by Gabriele Goettle and Ulrike Ottinger.

no. 11. Juli 1979. 40 pages, 10 illustrations. Ilustrated wrappers. Summary: Eine Katzengeschichte (Greta Knutson); Allahs Rippe (Maria-Antonietta Macciocchi); Interview der Schwarzen Botin mit Helmut Schmidt (Gabriele Goettle); Das erkaltete Mütchen (Heidi Pataki); Haute Culture (Brigitte Classen); Misone und Mnemosyne: Verheerungen durch Kultur (Marie-Simone Rollin); Interview der Schwarzen Botin mit Maija Tabaka Grazien (Ginka Steinwachs); Ansprache zur Verleihung des Kunstpreises der Stadt Basel(Meret Oppenheim); Literatur, die uns aufgefallen ist. Illustrations by Greta Knutson, Edith Lechtape, Antoine Weber, Gabriele Goettle and Maija Tabaka.

no. 12. Oktober 1979. 37 pages, 15 illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: Das Pop-Papp-Party-Projekt (Gisela Eisner); praxis (Heidi Pataki); Die Ausgesperrten (Elfriede Jelinek); Verkündung des Rahmens (Heidi von Plato); Eine Zierde für die Literatur Heidi Pataki); Eine Kuckucksländer Legende (Greta Knutson); Die Witwen (Christa Reinig); Textaufgaben (Marianne Garbe); Horror vacui (Jaques Hamelink); Literatur, die uns aufgefallen ist. Illustrations by Gabriele Goettle and Greta Knutson.

no. 13. Dezember 1979. 38 pages, 7 plates. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: Comic. Elisabeth Kmölninger; vögelfrei, eine Spruchsammlung. Elfriede Gerstl; Der Weihnachtsmann. Helga Förster; adonisgärtlein Heidi Pataki; geht seltsame Wege. Patricia Highsmith; Zärtlichkeit. Elisabeth Kmölninger; Das nennt man saftig. Marie-Simone Rollin; Skulpturbild (1979). Edith Lechtape, Antoine Weber; Eine unbefleckte Empfängnis. Gabriele Goettle; nekrophilie (variation). Heidi Pataki; „Gloria" Elisabeth Kmölninger; Andererseits; Lydia Christensen; Metamorphose. Greta Knutson; Emma. Elfriede Jelinek; Schwarze Botin Nr. 1 -12 Autorinnenverzeichnis und Themenverzeichnis; Unglaubliche Sauerei. Elisabeth Kmölninger; Literatur, die uns aufgefallen ist; Das Kind des Jahres.

no. 14/15. 59 pages, 6 illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: Besser einen Heinrich; Texte über Spanien(Laure); Vorspiel — Annäherung an eine andere Schreibweise (Eva Meyer); über Luce Irigaray (Sibylle Klefinghaus); Mythenrezeption oder die Suche nach dem Ursprung (Sibylle Klefinghaus); Frauen und Recht oder vor dem Gesetz sind alle gleich (Gunda Schumann); Der Fall von Nichts (Maren Seil); Das Haar (Erna Wobik); Frauen! Woher nehmen? Feminismus heute (Heidi Pataki, Illustrationen Elisabeth Kmölniger); Die Zerreißprobe (Gisela Eisner); Literatur, die uns aufgefallen ist. Illustrations by Vignettes par Grandville, Elisabeth Kmölniger

no. 16. 37 pages, 5 illuatrations. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: Misere im Paradies (Marie-Simone Rollin); Unsere kleine Herde (Heide Kraus-Weygandt); „Warum ist das Chaos weiblich"? (Gerburg Treusch-Dieter); Die Magie der Großstadt, Marieluise Fleißer (Gisela von Wysocki); „Getaumel in den Räumen des äthers" Karoline von Günderrode und Friedrich Creuzer (Ursula Krechel); Literatur, die uns aufgefallen ist. Illustrations by: Elisabeth Kmölniger + Eve aus der Kathedrale von Autun

no. 17. 40 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: Weihnachtlicher Wald; Bombenstimmung; Das Jahrhundertereignis; Ps. Erdbeben ; Christi Geburt ; 1 Kreuz für die ganze Familie; Mausefalle ; Zeitangabe ; Bücherliste; Frohe Weihnacht : Drawings by Elisabeth Kmölniger. Texts: Gabriele Goettle (Die Texte sind eine Montage aus Zitaten.)

no. 23. Juni 1984. 42 pages, numerous illustrations. Illustrated wrappers. Summary: Textesüße Fülle (Heide Pataki); Krankheit oder moderne Frauen. Wie ein Stück. (Elf riede Jelinek); Wie finde ich wieder Stand und leiste so Widerstand (Ginka Steinwachs); Stimmübung für eine Eselin (Marie-Simone Rollin); Das weibliche Alibi (Christa Reinig); Wiederkehr aus dem Schweigen''. Zum Fall, ,Franza" von Ingeborg Bachmann (Marianne Schuller); Mit dem Radaugott um die Welt (Meret Oppenheim); Dort oben in jenem Garten (Meret Oppenheim); „Sehen und gesehen werden/Mythem Frauenakt" (Neda Bei, Liesl Ujavary); Automatische Schwertlilienfelder (Mona Winter); Faso doble (Nicole Gabriel); Im Staub dieses Lebens (Franchise Buisson); Julia Kristeva, „Histoires d'amour" (Annette Runte); I was to be I am (Futur links, 2. Station geradeaus) (Annette Runte); Trister Rosenquist (Melanie Heinz); Mein Tod (Kathy Acker, übers, v. Martina Siebert); HOMINI. Versand schöner Männer zu nützlichen Zwecken; Totgesagte Erotik oder ein Buch ohne Melodie (Heidemarie Stegmann-Meißner); Institut MUTTER ERDE — Frauen begraben Frauen; Literatur, die uns aufgefallen ist Ausweisung (Katharina de Fries). Illustrations: Et nous aussi nous serons meres; car . ..! Michel Joseph Lequeux (2); Tables d'Hötes, Stanislao Lepri (8); Crime et chätiment (Auszug), St. Lep-ri (11); Ich weiß nicht, wie man die Liebe macht, Unica Zürn (18); Luxor (20); Signifier la chose dissimulee" (23); La surface de Moebius ouAvant d'etre separcs, Michel Desimon (24); Photo eines Hundes vor dem Spiegel (27); Schrottplatz (30); Machine a draguer vue en Perspective (32); Homme allonge, Botero; Tableau d'apres un cadavre exuis, Meret Oppenheim (36); Eclipse (Auszug), Toyen (38); Wenn die Musen . . ., Hannah Hoch (39); Begräbnis erster Klasse, Clovis Trouille (41)


euro 240


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067. Bense, Max + Elisabeth (ed.)

Serielle Manifeste 66. (6 of 12 issues published)
Schriften für Literatur, bildende Kunst und Musik herausgegeben von der édition Gallerie Press- St. Gallen: Gallerie Press, 1966. Manifest II, III, IV, V, VI and VII. All issues quarto size and published each subsequent month of the year 1966. Front cover illustration by Max Bill.

Manifest II: Antonin Artaud. 6. Januar 1945, Brief an Dr. Latrémolière. Tutuguri der Ritus der schwarzen Sonne. 8 pages.

Manifest III: Augusto de Campos/ Decio Pignatari / Haroldo de Campos. Programm der konkreten
Poesie. Renate Kübler. Brasilianische Intelligenz - eine cartesianische Reflexion. 8 pages.

Manifest IV. Eugen Gomringer. Manifeste und Darstellungen der konkreten Poesie 1954-1966, mit einem Vorwort von Rüdiger Wagner.

Manifest V: Gernot Bubenik. Didaktische Texte - didaktische Bilder. 16 pages, 6 plates.

Manifest VI: Claus Bremer. Das aktuelle Theater. 16 pages.

Manifest VII: Pierre Garnier. Éléments d'un theâtre. 3ème manifeste du spatialisme. 16 pages.


- All first editions. Each issue 1000 numbered copies published.

euro 200

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068. De Jong, Jacqueline (ed.)

The Situationist Times. (nr. 4 + 5 of a total of 6 issues published)

Paris: Self published, 1962-1967.

No. 4. Thick quarto, 184 pages among which 2 fold out pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Edges slightly scuffed, still fine.

- First edition. Contributions by Lech Tomaszewski, P. Simondo, M. Bucaille, W. Lietzmann, H. L. C. Jaffé, Aldo Van Eyck, Kalevalla, Lars-Ivar Ringbom, H. C. Doets, Julius Schwabe, G. R. Hocke, F. Kafka, Gaston Bachelard, James Joyce, Eduard Mazman, Gordon Fazakerley, Peter Schat, Lodewijk de Boer, Albert Seelen, Gerard van den Eerenbeemt, Rudi van Dantzig, Kees van Iersel and E. Meter Plant.

euro 250

The Situationist Times. International Edition.

No. 5.
Thick quarto, 220 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Fine.

- First edition. One of 1600 copies. Summary: letter Luc d’Heusch; Mind and Sense by Asger Jorn; Der Kleine Bootsmann (17th century Danish poem); Art and Orders by Asger Jorn; Regular forms of closed non-orientabe surfaces by Lech Tomaszewski; Extract from Het Verleden van Oost-Europa by Dr. Z. R. Diettrich; Extract from Topology by Patterson; Cosmogonie annulaires, Port d’Anneau and Structure d’Anneau by Max Bucaille; Von den Polyeder zu den gekrümmten Flächen by Professor W. Lietzmann; Origin et généologie d’Anneau by Max Bucaille; Forgotten knowledge of the universe in the children’s hopscotch by Virtus Schade: L’infini du doigt by Max Bucaille; L’anneau retrouvé - folk tale from Kashmir; Cercles mysterieux by Max Bucaille; Ringsleken en Ringrijden - Children’s game; Noeds et dénouments by D. G. Emmerich; Die Legende des Heiligen Oswald; Cinétisations by Pol Bury; What goes up still goes down by Dr Narlikar and Professor Fred Hoyle; Kreisen, Kreissegementen und Wellenlinien usw. by F. van der Waals; Die Parabel des 3 Ringe (Nathan der Weise) Gotthold Ephraim Lessing; Some mathematical aspects by H. C. Doets; Tournures by D. G. Emmerich; Venus de l’île by Mérimée; Extract from the Opera The Labyrinth by Peter Schat; Drawings b Karl Pelgram; Poems and drawings by Jim Ryan; No happy returns for me by E. Mazman.

euro 350


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069. Rothenberg, Jerome + David Antin

Some/thing. No. 1, 2, 3 + 4-5. (all published).

New York: Hawk's Well Press - first 2 issues, thereafter published by the editors, 1965 – 1968. A fine set.

Volume One. Number one. Spring 1965. Octavo, 64 pages printed on white and red stock. Stiff wrappers. Cover drawing by Amy Mendelson.

- First edition. Summary: Aztec Definitions: Found poems from the Florentine codex 1 (Translations by Charles E. Dibble & Arthur J. O. Anderson); Jerome Rothenberg: Sightings & Further Sightings; Paul Blackburn; The Net of Moon; David Antin: Definitions for Mendy; Diane Wakoski : The Ice Eagle; Jackson Mac Low: The Presidents of the United States of America; David Ignatow: Says the Person; Anselm Hollo: The Numbers Within; Armand Schwerner: Genius is not a gift, etc.; George Dowden Two Poems; Pauline Chatterton: George, you're wicked because; Rochelle Owens: Homo (Act One); Silence/Noise.

Volume One. Number two. Winter 1965. Octavo, 66 pages, 2 plates. Stiff wrappers. Cover sculpture by Robert Morris.

- First edition. Summary: George Brecht: Dances, Events & Other Poems; Rochelle Owens: The Queen of Greece; David Antin: From The Black Plague; Theodore Enslin: Forms C; Margaret Randall: The Apple; Ted Berrigan: Dancing; Carolee Schneemann: Meat Joy; Jerome Rothenberg: Charred Beloved, & Other Poems: Clayton Eshleman: The Flyer; Frank Kuenstler: Poems; David Franks: The Dream; Jackson Mac Low: The Friendship Poems; Diane Wakoski: Blue Monday; Bravo! Bravo!

Volume Two. Number 3. Winter 1966. Octavo, un paginated (80 pages), 1 double page and several text illustrations. Cover by Andy Warhol. Part of top of front and rear wrapper attached to first and last pages (as usual). Still an unusual nice copy.

- First edition. Summary: Jeremy Rothenberg: Child of an Idumean Night; Anselm Hollo: From Iron Mountain; David Ignatow: February 7, 1965; Kathleen Fraser: November in the year of war; Allen Ginsberg: Who be kind to; Jackson Mac Low: Marines defend burning of village; Carol Berge: Days near the Atlantic; David Levertov: A note to Olga (1966); Armand Schwerner: The violence around us; Charles Bukowski: Drawing of a band concert on a matchbox; Frank Kuenstler: Letter; Neil Myers: Vietnam I; Gerard Malanga: She was growing but had time for him; Dick higgins: Six considerations of the angel; Theodor Enslin: Forms XCIII; Game event I; Paul Blackburn: The Judgment; Game Event (II); Margaret Randell: Viet Nam: a prologue; Rochelle Owens: For, behold the day cometh…; Robert Vly: Vietnam; George Economou: Orange light over blue expression; Robert Kelly: Relativities; James Tenny: 2nd Thermocouple; Robert Duncan: Earth's winter song; Philip Corner: Up to 7 juxtaposed and; David Antin: From trip through a landscape.

Numbers 4 & 5 . Summer 1968. Octavo, 119 pages. Stiff wrappers. Cover sculpture by George Maciunas.

- First edition. Summary: Armand Schwerner: Tablet Two / Tablet Three; David Antin: Autobiography 2; Larry Eigner: Six Poems; Jerome Rothenberg: The Brothers Russell Edson / The Delicate Matter / The Pattern / The Toad Father / The Ending; Gerard Malanga: The Unholy Terrors / The Long Shirt; D Alexander: Poem; John Taggart: The Drum Thing; Jackson Mac Low: Tall Plant of Generality; John Tagliabue: from Part of a Ghost Story; Clayton Eshleman: On Mules Sent from Chavin; Anselm Hollo: Two, for Tara; Michael Silverton: Silver Dollar; Spencer Holst: Twenty – Three; George Dowden: Landscapes 1 & 6 / Landscape 8; Carol Berge: Fear: A Formal Descant; Allan Kaprow: Fight David Ossman: 30 Ways of Love-Making / IV Amulets : Charms, Really: Margaret Randall: Five Poems; Diane Wakoski: The Diamond Merchant; Paul Evans: The Heat of Insects / Factory Incident, & Revelation / One Way to Fly; Eleanor Antin: Two Poems: Leonard Neufeld: Two Poems; Gary Snyder: Sand; Paul Blackburn; At the Well;Jerome Rothenberg: "Doings" & "Happenings": Notes on a Performance of the Seneca Eagle Dance along with the Scenario for Gift Event III, Based on Its Orders; Philip Corner: Poor Man's Music.


euro 1.500

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spazio altern

070. Bais, Nassinm Scanzio, (direttore responsabile)

Spazio alternativo. Notizario mensile d’Arte e Cultrura.

Biella: March, 1977. Anno 1. N. 2. Quarto, 26 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.


- First edition. Summary: Mostre in Italia; Centre National d’Art et de Culture: George Pompidou by Allesandro Monteforte; Dodici artisti una situazione by Germano Celant; Arte povera by Jean Christophe Amman; L’arpa, il violino, la cornamusa, eccetera by Bruno Marzi. Full page photographs of Giovanni Anselmo, Alighiero Boetti, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Mario Ceroli, Luciano Fabro, Jannis Kounellis, Mario Merz, Giulio Paolini, Pino Pascali, Giuseppe Penone, Michelano Pistoletto + Gilberto Zorio.

euro 30

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071. Demarco, Richard - Peter Diamond - Karl Ruhrberg.

"Strategy: Get Arts"

Edinburgh: Forth Studios, (1970). Tabloid size catalogue, 44 pages, illustrated throughout.Except for some minor foxing to the top of front wrapper, a very fine copy.


- First edition. Published on the occasion of the Edinburgh International Festival August 23 to September 12, 1970. Participating artists: Alvermann, Bernd und Hilla Becher, Beuys, Böhmler, Brecht, Brüning, Christiansen, Döhl, Filliou, Gerstner, Graubner, Heerich, Iannone, Kagel, Klapheck, Knoebel, Kohlhöfer, Kriwet, Mack, Mommartz, Morgan, Palermo, Polke, Reusch, Richter, Rinke, Rot, Ruthenbeck, Spoerri, Thomkins, Uecker, Walther, Weseler, Wewerka.

“In 1970 the Richard Demarco Gallery in collaboration with the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf organised the groundbreaking exhibition, Strategy: Get Arts. This celebration of art from Düsseldorf was held at the Edinburgh College of Art during the Edinburgh International Festival. Demarco visited West Germany in January 1970 and soon after plans were developed for the exhibition. He had been drawn to Düsseldorf as a number of artists he respected including Günther Uecker and Heinz Mack (who had exhibited at the Richard Demarco Gallery in 1966), Konrad Klapheck and Joseph Beuys were all living and working in the city. Demarco had first encountered Beuys at Documenta IV in Kassel in 1968. He wrote in the catalogue to Strategy: Get Arts of a simultaneously “most disturbing and most beautiful” memory of that exhibition. Düsseldorf had been dubbed the “Paris of the Rhine” by Time magazine and Karl Ruhrberg, Director of the Städtische Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf, wrote in the Strategy: Get Arts catalogue that the city had “never been as fresh and lively, as critical and restive as it is today.””

euro 450

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072. Reichardt, Jasia (editor)

Cybernetic Serendipity. the computer and the arts.

Studio International special issue.

London: Studio International, 1968. Folio, 104 pages, illustrated throughout. Stiff illustrated wrappers by Franciszka Themerson. Some light spots on cover and light bump to lower right corner, but overall - near fine copy.


- First edition of this c’atalogue of an exhibition entitled ‘Cybernetic Serendipity’, dealing broadly with the demonstration of how man can use the computer and new technology to extend his creativity and inventiveness, held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Nash House. The Mall, London S.W.1 August 2-October 20, 1968. Organized by Jasia Reichardt in collaboration with : technological adviser Mark Dowson / music adviser Peter Schmidt / exhibition designer Franciszka Themerson.’ Summary of the catalogue: Introduction and acknowledgements; Contributors; Norbert Wiener on cybernetics; Notes on cybernetics and digital computers; SAM; Highlights of the history and technology of computers from 1890 to the present; Glossary; Bibliography; Computers and music; Computer projects; Computer-programmed choreography; Machines and environments; Computer poems and texts; Computer paintings; Computer films; An architectural project; Computer graphics.Loosley laid in an 8 page illustrated folder of Science Systems. materials and services for the advancement of Education: The WFF’N Proof ctalogue + a 4 page stapled WFF’N Proof newsletter.

euro 300

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073. Leisberg, Alexander . Heinz Rehn.

Vernissage. Kunst Kritik Kontakte. (the first 20 issues of which 4 double issues).

Baden-Baden: Agis-Verlag, 1960-62. Bound in 2 volumes. Volume I with10 issues, 1960; Volume II with 10 issues 1961/62. Both volumes in half cloth binding with illustrated paper over boards. Front covers sunned, otherwise fine in original publisher's binding.

nr. 1, februar 1960. 8 pages. Summary: Hans Arp Macht Dampf in Allen Gassen; Ende des Tachismus - Klecks ex!; VIIIe exposition internationale du surrealisme…

nr. 2, märz 1960. 8 pages. Summary: Kunst bis aufs Messer: Lucio Fontana; Chrachoune; Ist Grieshaber ein rechthaber?…

nr. 3, april 1960. 8 pages. Summary: Bernard Buffet; Kunst ohne Federlesen: Hans Hartung; All around Yves / All about Yves…

nr 4, mai 1960. 8 pages. Summary: Hans Richter film rechter malt linker hand; Augusto Giacometti…

nr 5, juni 1960. 8 pages. K.O. Gotz Reife(n)schwünge; Kreuz und Nacht zu den "übermahlungen" von Arnulf Rainer…

nr. 6, august 1960. 8 pages. Summary: Die Fidelen Castros der XXX. Biennale in Venedeig; Stelen aus Stahl; Manifest gegen nichts..

nr. 7, september 1960. 8 pages. Summary: DADA in Bieder'meierrahmen; Der Merzbau - Pantheon des Dadaismus; Collage-Hommage a Kurt Schwitters;…

nr. 8, oktober 1960. Summary: Macht Mathieu des Rennen?; SPUR verläuft sich in Manifesten…

nr 9-10, Nov. /Dez. 1960. 16 pages. Kunst + Kritik + Kybernetik = Max Bense.

volume II
1/II, februar 1961. 8 pages. Summary: Tobey to be or not to be - that is the question; Ting-Ting-Tinguely

2/II, märz april 1961. 8 pages. Summary: Kricke zieht Kreise; Fac-Werke der Anstraktion (Pierre Soulages);…

3/II, 1961. 8 pages. Summary: Auf der Höhe des Erfolgs: Sonderborg; " Distel und Schmetterlinge" (Otto Dix)…

4/II, 1961. 8 pages. Summary: Mauerbrecher in Form (el): K.F. Dahmen; Unisono der Künste?..

5-6/II, 1961. 16 pages. Summary: Alte Leier - Junge Kunst; ZERO vor 40 Jahren;..

7-8/II, 16 pages. februar 1962. Summary: Marcel Duchamp und der Abstieg der neuen Realismus; Avantgarde 61…

9-10/II, mai-juni 1962. 16 pages. Summary: Stuttgarts Traum - modernste Stadt im europäischen Raum…


- All first editions of this nicely designed early avant-garde magazine.

euro 250

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074. Moore, Stephen - Jacobs, Jessica (editor)

WORDWORKS. Volume III no. 1 + 2, june 1980.

San Jose: Wordworks, 1980. Tabloid size art paper.

nr.1. january 1980. 32 pages, illustrated throughout. Graphics Tom Bonauro.

nr. 2. june 1980. 14 pages, illustrated throughout. Cover design Tom Bonauro, back cover design Gregory Miller & Tom Bonauro.


- First editions.

nr.1 Summary: Kaleidoscope. A television interview - Danny McGuire, Susan Carlson-Chavez; Ken friedman. A continued interview (first part published in WORDWORKS no. 6); Mike Crane: Three Poems; Reality Lost in Los Padres national Forest by Devon Debree; Exhibition lists....

nr. 2. Summary: Rachel Rosenthal. An interview by Elaine Ginsberg; H.J. Weeks: The Rainbow Show or what is the Crock full of?Martha Rosler: A New Found Career; Laurie Andersen: an interview; Ann Healy: an interview; Paul Lake: Poetry; Michael Laurence: Poetry.

euro 60

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075. Gräf, Manfred - Adelheid Gräf - Joachim Ickrath - Gabriele Ickrath - Friedemann Rehm + Francoise Rehm

ZAAZ. Monatschrift. Nr. 1, 2, 3, 4 + 7/8 (6 of 8 issues published)

Berlin: arbeitsgemeinschaft ZAAZ, 1966.

Nr. 1. January 1966. Tall quarto, un paginated (12 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 1500 copies.

Nr. 2. Februar 1966. Tall quarto, un paginated (16 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 2000 copies.

Nr. 3. March 1966. Tall quarto, un paginated (20 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies.

Nr. 4. April 1966. Tall quarto, un paginated (16 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 770 copies.

Nr. 7/8. August 1966. Tall quarto, un paginated (32 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 1000 copies.


Here a short text by Heinz Ohff about the ZAAZ work group:


Berlin, Donnerstag, 21 Juli 1966
Suche nach Ordnung und Klarheit Zur Arbeit der Berliner Gruppe “ZAAZ” Der Name der Arbeitsgemeinschaft, in dem zweimal der Anfangs und zweimal der Endbuchstabe des Alphabets vorkommt, klingt, als sei er synthetisch hergestellt, was er wohl auch ist: ZAAZ. Unter ihm geben sechs junge Berliner Graphiker und Maler ein Heft heraus, das sie einmal im Monat erscheinen lassen und selbst finanzieren. Die Auflage (500 Stück) wandert aus der Alvenslebenstraße 7, dem Sitz der Sechs, schon in alle Welt bis nach USA. Bislang sind 6 Hefte erschienen. Man ist weit über Berlin hinaus auf Manfred Gräf, Adelheid Gräf, Joachim Ickrath, Gabriele Ickrath, Friedemann Rehm und Francoise Rehm aufmerksam geworden. “ZAAZ” ist keine Zeitschrift, obwohl das Heft so aussieht, mit farbigem Umschlag, Titel und Rückenklammern. “ZAAZ” ist eher so etwas wie eine fortlaufend publizierte Ausstellung, wobei der Einzelkünstler zurücktritt. Selbst die winzigen geometrischen Zeichen am Fuß der Blätter, die jeweils eine Seite in Anspruch nehmen, sind fortgefallen. Man arbeitet gemeinschaftlich, wie in einem technischen Zeichenbüro. Für die geometrisch fundierte Graphik, die sie pflegen, hat sich das Schlagwort “Op-Art” eingebürgert, optische Kunst. Es trifft , wie alle Schlagwörter, nicht ins Schwarze. Wem die Gruppe “ZAAZ” nachspürt, verrät sie in einer ihrer sparsam inmitten der Graphik veröffentlichten programmatischen Texte. Sie sucht eine “gesetzmäßig entfaltete Harmonie”, der sie mit Lineal, Zirkel und mit allen Techniken der Serie nachspürt, mit den Hilfsmitteln mit denen man auch Brücken und Häuser entwirft. Sie sind graphische Architekten. Sie bauen Harmonien aus Linien, Blöcken, geometrischen Entsprechungen und deren Wiederholungen. “Die damit gefestigte Gemeinschaft fordert Disziplinierung”, hieß es im zweiten Heft. “ Das macht sie stark ihre Äusserungen spontan von sich zu geben. Die Konsequenz ihrer Handlung ermöglicht ihnen, die Ergebnisse ihrer Arbeit sofort nach dem Entstehungsprozess monatlich zu veröffentlichen. Das zunächst unvernünftig Spontane in ihrer Handlung wird durch die Bewusstwerdung zur vernünftigen Arbeitsmethode, die sie in die Gesellschaft fügt.” Ein idealisches Ziel. Bewusst wird angeknüpft an jenen “Kulturkreis mathematischer Disziplin”, der sich “zwischen Granada und Samarkand” erhob und erhebt. Neben der geometrischen Arabeske des Islam ist aber auch Mondrian ein Ahnherr. “ Die vereinzzelte künstlerische Suche nach Ordnung und Klarheit wächst nach der Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts zur tragenden Geistesströmung.” In der geometrischen Verfestigung der Harmonie wird eine Möglichkeit gesehen, der Zeit eine ihr entsprechende Kunst zu geben, die Ordnung und Klarheit walten lässt. Dass sie nicht mehr aus Einzelstücken, aus “Originalen” besteht, sondern gemeinsam erarbeitet, in der Gemeinsamkeit der gedruckten Publikation vorgelegt wird, dürfte dabei kein Notbehelf sein, sondern geradezu ein Symbol. Die , wie die ZAAZ-Leute schreiben, “noch nicht in moderner Sicht und Drucktechnik publizierte Erhabenheit der durchgeistigten Linienführung in der keltischen Kunst, auf die sie sich ebenfalls berufen, ist ja auch nicht in Form signierter Einzelkunstwerke überliefert. Der Versuch eines Brückenschlags von der archaischen zur technischen Geometrie ist mehr als nur interessant. Das kleine Bauhaus in der Alvenslebenstrasse gehört zu den lebendigsten Experimentierzellen in der gegenwärtigen Berliner Kunstlandschaft.

euro 160

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076. Crumb, Robert.

Zap Comix. no. 0., 1.,2., 3., 5.

San Francisco: Apex Novelties, 1967 – 70. Quarto’s, black and white illustrations.Illustrated stapled wrappers. All issues near mint.


- All first editions, except for the 0 number, which is a second edition (no page numbering).

euro 250

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m. mussio 'il grafico dimenticato'
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