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Tiegel & Tumult
VU / Le Document



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Olbrich, J. O. - Luth, W. (editors)

Tiegel & Tumult. Nr. 1-25 continued as: No news. 26- 41 (all published). Kassel: 1986-1999. Published in quite some different formats: in book format, in card board boxes, bags, cans, plastic suit case, just wrapped, in plastig bags, in paper bags, in toilet bag, etc., that contain numerous objects, ready mades and original art works and numerous sort of prinet material. This magazine having u ties to fluxus, (with signed contributions by Ann Noël, Emmet Williams, Ay-O, Böhmler, Daniel Spoerri.....), but also to mail art and visual poetry, presents itself as an archive of 'the era of printed materials'.

- First editions. Tiegel & Tumult was published in an edition of 150 copies, while No-News was published in between 60 and a 100 copies. Some of the cooperating artists are: Chuck Stake, Eric van Scooten, George Jappe, Emmet Williams, Michael Heckert, Axel Gallun, Bernard Heidsieck, Arno Arts, Ann Noël, Niall Monro, Boris Nieslony, Vittore Baroni, Achim Schnyder, Heta Norros, Bruce McLean, Wilhelm Koch, Norbet Klassen, Rainer Resch, Claus Böhmler, Franz Josef Weber, Die Zwei, Rainer Selg, Martin Rindlichsbacher, Cesar Figueirido, Reinhard Niβle, Udo Idelberger, Ay-O, Franzobel, Walter Dahn, Jens Carstensen, Volker Hildebrandt, Hartmut Andryczuk, Jorg Matthies, Daniel Spoerri etc.

#1. Druck-Ausgabe/Print issue. 1986. Visual Guest: Wolfgang Hainke. Small quarto, 40 pages with printed material on different stock, paste on's etc. Printed wrappers. In pouch attached to the inside of the rear cover 2 postcards by Wolfgang Hainke + cut of triangular piece of top left corner.

#2. Linien-Ausgabe/ Line-issue. 1986. Visual guest: Chuck Stake, black paper covers with issue identification on cover wrapped with white twine; stapled. Printers’ make ready sheets. In pouch attached to the inside of the rear cover 2 postcards by Chuck Stake + cut of triangular piece of top left corner.

#3. Spiel-Ausgabe/Play-issue. 1986. Visual guest: Eric van Scooten; pastel felt covers made from recycled materials with journal name and /150 printed in black; stapled. Collaged pages. In pouch attached to the inside of the rear cover 2 postcards by Eric van Scooten + cut of triangular piece of top left corner.

#4. Recycle-Ausgabe/Recycle- issue. 1987.Visual guest: Georg Jappe; paper covers, stapled with a disk attached by ribbon. Collaged & folded pages. In pouch attached to the inside of the rear cover 2 postcards by George Jappe + cut of triangular piece of top left corner.

#5. Genuss-Ausgabe/Pleasure-issue. 1987. Visual guest: Emmett Williams. Collaged pages plus large stamped text: Show this/your work and shut up! Issue number (5) in green paint. Signed and dated by Emmet Williams on first page. In pouch attached to the inside of the rear cover 2 signed postcards by Emmet Williams + cut of triangular piece of top left corner.

#6. Presse-Ausgabe/Press-issue. 1987. Visual guest: Michael Heckert ; paper covers “Heimat & Welt” printed on cover; stapled. Newspaper sheets. In pouch attached to the inside of the rear cover 2 postcards by Michael Heckert + a 16 page booklet with on the right hand page wax seal stamps - one of 250 numbered and initialed copies + a cut of triangular piece of top left corner.

#7. 3 d-Ausgabe/3 d-Issue. 1988: Materialausgabe Zur 3. Dimension Links Dann Wieder Rechts. Visual guest: Axel Gallun. Green thatched wallpaper over brown cardboard box with stencils on the inside filled with various objects. (a small Wunderkammer !). Loosely laid in envelope with one postcard and one metal 'postcard size' silhouette of a nude female body (numbered in pen) + a cut of triangular piece of top left corner.

#8. Sicht-Bild-Ausgabe/Image-Frame-issue. 1988. Visual guest: Bernard Heidsieck. One folded printed vellum sheet + 2 illustrations that look like labels that used to be pasted on wooden orange crates + envelope that contains a printed and folded postcard. All together held in metal handbag frame that is kept in a white printed envelope.

#9. Pop-Ausgabe/Pop-issue. 1988. Visual guest: Arno Arts. paper covers; stapled. Cut-up and collaged posters. In pouch attached to the inside of the rear cover 1 signed postcard by Arno Arts + one signed paper covered match box that contains pencil shavings + cut of triangular piece of top left corner. Held together with white terry cloth headband + button attached.

#10. Bis-hier-Ausgabe/Until-now-issue. 1988. Visual guest: Ann Noël. 1 cardboard leporello (white outside, gold colored inside with triangular cut-outs and small thermometer on front cover. Inside with 2 attached small plastic pouches that contain each a playing card + 2 crystal paper pouches that contain 2 leporellos with small size copies of the former T+T issues, while the other pouch contains 12 reproduced cards that were published in former issues, one no-comment postcard + 2 postcards by anne noel, both signed in pencil, while one is also colored by hand. Furthermore an attached larger plastic bag that contains an original print.

#11. Schachtel-Ausgabe/Boxed-issue. 1989. Visual guest: Niall Monro. Silkscreened cardboard box that contains all sorts of printed matter: photographs, tickets, invoices, a folded poster and so fort.

#12. Hüllen-Ausgabe/Cover-issue. 1989. Visual guest: Boris Nieslony. Stiff folded cover printed on the inside, that contains a card board piece of part publicity with three pasted on envelopes: two envelopes contain each 4 postcards, the third contains printed matter. Green printed wrap around band.

#13. Offizielle-Ausgabe/Official-issue. 1989. Visual guest: Vittore Baroni. Green a4 size portfolio that contains three pasted in booklets, playing cards, a pasted in sealed bag and so fort. On the front wrapper a pasted on flower basked shaped sewing kit.

#14. Heimat-Ausgabe/Home-issue. 1989. Visual guest: Achim Schnyder. Folder made of recycled carpet padding with insect pin attached, wrapped in a pair of nylon pantyhose.

#15. Stein-Ausgabe/Stone-issue. 1990. Visual guest: Heta Norros. Printed brown cardboard box (39.9 x 10.7 x 5.7 cm) containing a colored print, signed in pencil, a printed piece of cardboard, wood wool and a marble object.

#16, Koffer-Ausgabe/Case-issue. 1990. Visual artist: Bruce McLean. Printed blue plastic brief case (31.5 x 34.5 x 7.1 cm), a celebration box of issues 1-16 containing “Denken: Ja” catalogue; 2 magazines (Kulturell Kassel - artists kunstmagazin) with various articles on T &; T; plus 17 prints (signed and numbered) by Wolfgang Hainke, Chuck Stake, Eric van Scooten, Georg Jappe, Emmett Williams, Michael Heckert, Berbard Heidsieck, Arno Arts, Ann Noél, Niall Monro, Boris Nieslony, Achim Schnyder, Vittore Baroni, Heta Norros, Bruce McLean, Wolfgang Luh and Jürgen O. Olbrich.

#17. Bügeleisen-Ausgabe/Steam-iron-issue. 1990. Visual guest: Wilhelm Koch. 2 bottom parts of a steam iron attached with 2 cramps that contains a printed booklet. All together folded in a a piece of black rubber that fits into an orange drawstring cotton bag (34 x 25 x 7 cm).

#18. Hemd-Ausgabe/Shirt-issue. 1990. Visual guest: Norbert Klassen. A sheet of postal stamps, prints of animals, one 'installation print', and closed envelope pasted on larger envelope that contains small posters published by daily magazines. All together in zippered plastic pouch (4.2 x 25.9 x1,7 cm) in the shape of a man’s collared shirt.

#19. Palast-Ausgabe/Palace –issue. 1991. Visual guest: Rainer Resch. White cotton bag (57.9 x 26.7 x 1.6 cm) that contains in a seperate pouch a sliding rule; and in the main pouch a book with pasted in illustrations. In another pouch attached to the inside of the rear cover 8 post card size prints from the series 'my home is my caste' + cut of triangular piece of top left corner.

#20. Archiv-Ausgabe/Archive-issue. 1991. Visual guest: Claus Böhmler. Card board box “LEITZ Hänge-Sammler ALPHA”(28.7 x 33.8 x 16.5 cm) with pasted on label that contains one 'prepared' hanging folder with pasted on 'AlphaAnalle', signed and dated in pencil by Claus Böhmler. + one card board box that contains some letter dice, a coffee container, two textile spools, a cork, a key etc. + a burlap piece of tissue that prints 'gutenberg' + 26 crystal paper bags, each lettered with a letter of the alphabet containing an object: a glass negative, a label, a pair of glasses, a toy pig, a piece of colored tissue, a piece of a chequer game and so fort. One of 150 numbered copies.

#21. Sammler-Ausgabe / Collectors edition. 1991. Visual Guest: Franz-Josef Weber. 3 hefte s 3 magazines: 21/1 &, 21/2 & VG. Not to be opened in a public place! Nicht offentlich auspacken und lesen! All 3 in sealed plastic bag (32.5 x 24 x 3.1cm).

# 22. Mensch-ärgere-Dich-nicht / Ludo. 1992. Visual guests: W. Luh & J. Olbrich. Silk screened card board box (22.2 x 27.1 x 9.5 cm)that contains plastic plates, an egg cup, 2 wrapped books, a printed envelope with all sorts of printed matter, a sealed envelope and so forth.

#23. Speisenkarte-Ausgabe / Menu card edition. 1992. Visual guest: Rainer Selg. Oversized “menu” shaped book what seems to be composed of leftover printing material (46.1 x 19.7 x 1.1 cm) with numerous pasted in labels of wine bottles, a postcard, a loosely inserted menu card (kostlichkeiten schnell gezaubert) and a loosely inserted pair of '3D' glasses Plastic pouches filled with paint of attached to front cover.

#24. Konserven-Ausgabe / Canned edition. 1992. Visual guest: Martin Rindlisbacher. Mixed media in metal can (24.4 x 16.5 diameter cm).

# 25. Das Buch - The Book. 1992. Quarto, un paginated, Red cloth with gold printed title. The first part of the book seems to be made of leftover printer's material, while the second part contains original contributions (collage, cut out, paste on's, photocopies etc.) by Wolfgang Hainke, Chuck Stake, Bernard Heidsieck, Arno Arts, Niall Monro, Heta Norros, Ann Noël, Norbert Klassen, Wilhelm Koch, Vittore Baroni and Jürgen O. Olbrich. One of 100 numbered copies. Each contribution numbered and signed.

Continuation as NO NEWS:

# 26. Stewardess-Ausgabe. / Stewardess edition. 1993. Visual guest: Cesar Figueiredo. card board box (31 x 22.5 x 5.7 cm) with pasted on label that contains some magazines, an original collaged booklet by Figueiredo, a ruler, ring bound printed material, brochures, a crystal paper bag with labels, an envelope with postcards and invitations and so forth. Plus announcement that "Tiegel & Tumult" stoppt. " 26 -No New" started. Jürgen Olbrich ist hierbei alleiniger Herausgeber. One of 75 copies.

# 27. Culture Bag. 1993. Special Guest Brian May. Floral zippered cosmetics bag (19 x 29.8 x 8.5 cm) containing: postcards documenting performance by “The Nomads” at the “Caravan Conference” 1993 in Nürnberg with portrais of Geoffry Hendricks, Martin Rindlisbacher, Jurgen Olbrich, Ann Noël, Norbert Klassen, Arno Arts, Wolfgang Hainke, Christian Gurtler, Niall Monro, Martin Rindlisbacher, Hubert Sommeraur, Wilhelm Koch, Niall Monro, and Emmett Williams, a photograph, a dental piece, and several small objects, a 36 page booklet 'Nomad', a folded page with printed names and signatures of all participants. One of 60 copies.

#28. Story-Ausgabe / Story-edition. 1993. Visual guest: Reinhard Nißle. Printed paper shopping bag containing all types of printed material with pasted on labels, images, cut outs, bound in a sheet of braille printing, a magazine, an envelope with colored postcards, a folded diaper with an original publication 'journal des communes' (1871), a booklet wrapped with a piece of a super 8 filmstrip with pasted on label signed and dated by Reinhard Nißle. One of 100 copies.

#29. Kupfer-Institut-Ausgabe / Cooper Institute Edition. 1994. Visual guest: Udo Idelberger. Two large black metal clips that keep together approximately 100 green index cards (all related to iron or copper products) + one clip that holds together 6 original photographs , another set of index cards, a folded and printed plastic bag, several types of envelopes from the Deutsches Kupfer Institut, a crystal paper bag with colored slides, an envelope with postcards and invitation + an index card stamped and signed by Udo Idelberger. All together in a printed (from the Deutsches Kupfer Institut) plastic bag. One of 80 copies.

#30. Put finger in. 1984. Visual guest: AY-O. ; Printed 'Moyco Dental Wax' card board box (15.6 x 26.9 x 8 cm) containing a great number of folded card board containers, all related to the pharmaceutical industry. A great variety of printed paper boxes packed in “Moyco Dental Wax” box. One of 75 copies, signed in pencil by Ay-O on top of box.

#31. No records. 1994. Visual guest: Franzobel. Black printed port folio conatining a heeft of animal labels, an electrical circuit diagram, some pages with pasted on photo corners, several large size photographs, a little booklet 'Franzobels Enten' - cartoons and texts by Franzobel.. price tags, a printed envelope with postcards and exhibition announcements, and so fort. Portfolio with clipped on photograph of a computer and yellow printed wraparound band.

#32. documenta-Ausgabe / documenta-edition. 1995. Visual guest: Walter Dahn. Four bottoms of discarded card board boxes (from the Documenta Kassel) with attached labels with the names of Roel d'Haese, Gerald Minkoff, Kurt Muhlenhaupt and Asger Jorn that contain one sealed envelope, 2 pieces of broken wooden carpenters rulers, 2 attached sealed bags with Documenta IX entree tickets one little pharmaceutical card board box that contains colophon + one cigarette box that contains a wrapped object. One 77 copies. Four bottom parts held together with to rubber bands.

#33. UNIWAX-Ausgabe / UNIWAX-edition. 1995. Visual guest: Jens Carstensen. Printed transparent plastic drawstring bag that contains, two squeeze tubes with ski wax, an apparatus for ski-waxing, several postcards, a cd (4 Tapeten). One of 88 copies.

#34. Feel and see. 1995. Visual guest: Volker Hildebrandt. Black plastic back that contains one small abstract painting, a great number of small index cards, a set of small pieces of indexcards with handrwitten words, an invoice pad, an envelope with 'instruction for use' folders, a crystal paper bag with 'Suddeutsche' lottery tickets, a booklet by Volker Hildebrandt: 'Begleitheft zu der BTX Ausstellung. Welcome to Hotel Rasputin', and a sealed envelope. One of 75 copies.

#35. ärzte-Ausgabe / Doctor's edition. 1996. Visual guest: Harmut Andryczuk, 1996. AGFA-GEVAERT Röntgen-Materialen envelope (27 x 37.5 x 2.9 cm) that contains a 16 page artists book by Andryczuk, numbered and signed in pencil , 5 colored slides, an oblong 'zahnärtzliches untersuchungsheft' (from Karin Winter, 1955), a window envelope with several postcards a photograph, some printed colored pieces of paper etc., some 'lieferscheinen' for a pharmacy, a folded architectural building plan, a 'Handbuch der Biologie' + a large size X-Ray photograph of a human chest. and so forth. One of 70 copies.

#36. Katalog-Ausgabe / Catalogue edition. 1996. Visual guest: Jörg Matthies. A library copy of the '9. Farbige Wohnfibel'. A square octavo, 192 pages with stamped library card in rear, 2 publications from 'intourist (siberien + sowjet moldawien), a catalogue made by Matthies on the occasion of an exhibition of the magazine T & T, in the exhibition in the 'Kreisbibliothek Etin from June 6 July 5 1996. Furthermore a printed plastic bag that contains several post cards and invitations for exhibitions + 10 black and white photographs. All kept together with a colored string. One of 79 copies.

#37. “The Game”. 1997. Visual guest: Norbert Klassen. Large plastic Migros shopping bag that contains a large card board box with a blue plastic mould pasted on top cover, that contains several sets with postcards and other cards held together with a rubber band, a set of imitation money, four pasted in match boxes, a transparent bag with 2 dice and some ludo pieces, a printed envelope that contains some exhibition announcements + a large size price banner. Furthermore a very large original colored building plan for a four door cabinet in which is folded a Taiwanese daily paper + the 'Berner Finanzspiel'. One of 80 copies.

# 38. No title. 1997. Visual guest: Daniel Spoerri. Lukullus. Die erste Kundenzeitung des Deutschen Fleishandwerks. 'verschlimmbessert 1997 von ' Daniel Spoerri. This altered'15 pages butchers periodical is signed and numbered by Spoerri. 'Altered' (verschlimbessert) in the sense that he pasted a suggestion for 'Brotsuppe' in an advertisement on page 5. Furthermore and envelope with several postcards and exhibition announcements. All together in printed large brown envelope.

#39. No title. 1997. Visual guest: Stefan Kurt. A round metal cookie tin with instant camera pasted on top, that contains a 5.25 inch computer disc, a voltage detector screwdriver, a cassette tape box containing little wooden and plastic objects, a wrapped object, a pack of playing cards + approximately 60 color slides. One of 90 copies..

#40. Körper/Bodyausgabe. 1998. Created by J. Olbrich. White printed shopping bag that contains a printed t-shirt, a folded magazine with dress clothes patterns + and embroidery stitch guide + a long narrow envelope that contains a post card and an exhibition announcement, a little fashion magazine and some other exhibition announcements. One of 80 copies.

#41. No title No date. Blue-grey cardboad container that contains: a sewing set, a book of poetry by spence selby, a button 'jesus liebt dich', a happy new years card by arno arts, a mail art publication, a booklet of drawings by Chris Winkler, an artist book 'la morte del libro' by Erica Moira Pini, several mail art flyers and small posters, original art works, photo copies, a portfolio with 'photocopy art'. contributions by Hartmut Andryczuk, Theo Breuer, Paulo Bruscky, David Diotallevi, Vasilios Mavreas Ehel, Devis G., J. Lehmus, Serge Segay And Guido Vermeulen; a plastic bag with magnetic tape with 'insect songs' + several larger size envelopes of written postcards, exhibition announcements and more adressed to Jürgen Olbrich or the 'no-institute + note that the concept of the magazine/edition changes again.

euro 5.000

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