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056. Nauman, Bruce.

Parkett No. 10 Bruce Nauman. Text in German and Englisch.

Zürich: Parkett Verlag, 1986. Small quarto, 162 pages amonag which a 15 page insert by A.R. Penck ,(der verborgene kampf/the secret battle), printed on red stock, numerous illustrations in black and white and in color. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Collaboration Bruce Nauman with contributions by : Jeanne  Silverthorne, Patrick Frey, Rein  Wolfs, Chris Dercon and Robert Storr. Furthermore articles on Hanne Darboven, Enzo Cucchi (Mario Diacono) and soforth.

euro 100

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057. Blum, Peter (ed.)

Parkett No.21. Collaboration Alex Katz.

Zurich: Parket Verlag, 1989. Quarto, 151 pages, numerous illustrations in black and white and in color. Illustrated wrappers. Fine.

- First edition. Articles by Lisa Liebmann, John Russell, Brooks Adams, Alex Katz and Francesco Clemente a discussion between), Michael Krüger and others.

euro 50

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058. Spoerri, Daniel (Rédacteur en Chef et garçon de courses)- Kichka Baticheff (Rédactrice permanente a mi-temps).

Le Petit Colosse De Symi. The Nothing Else Review. Mensuel, ou peu s’en faut. Nos. 3 (of 4 published).

Basel/Zurich, 1967. Small quarto, 32 pages. Slight discoloration towards edges, otherwise vey good.

- First edition. Contributions by: Daniel Spoerri: ‘Dissertation sur le ou la Keftédès’ ou ‘Réflexions sur le prémâche’ ou ‘comment parler boulettes et non art’ avec ‘une excursion imprévue sur le sang.

euro 60

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059. Jaguer, Edouard (dir.)

Phases. Nr. 3. Cahiers internationaux de documentation sur la poésie et l'art d'avant-garde, novembre 1956.

Paris: Phases,1956. Quarto, 40 pages, numerous illustrations, among which 2 bound in illustrations by Jacques Herold and Corneille on colored stock. Illustrated wrappers. Front wrapper by Raoul Hausmann.

- First edition. With texts by Geroges Henein, Gherasim Luca; Roland Giguere, Fedor Ganz, Boris Rybak, Raoul Hausmann, Hundertwasser, Ilmar Laaban, Andre Poujet, Ingemar Gustafson, Jaques Charpeier and Edouard Jaguer. Illustrations by, among otheres: Hérold, Arnal, W. Lam, Corneille.

Phases. Nr. 10. Onzième Année, Septembre 1965. Paris : Phases, 1961. Quarto size magazine, 79 pages, numerous illustrations, among which 4 tipped in colored plates. Illustrated wrappers. Front wrapper by Ladislav Novak. Very minor bump to bottom right corner.

- First edition. With original lithographs (27 x 21 cm) by Wilfredo Lam and Jean Pierre Vielfaure + one original woodcut by Remo Martini. Texts by Julio Cortazar, Edouard Jaeger, Frantisek Smejkal, Vera linhartova, Kurt Seligmann, Ladislav Novak and others. Illustrations by Enrico Baj, Jindrich Styrsky, Toyen, Karel Teige, Frantisek Muzika, Josef Sima, Kurt Seligmann and others. e.a.

euro 80

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plus minus

060. Rona, E.

+ - 0 (Plus Minus Zero) Anno VII, Numéro 28. Novembre 1979. Périodique Trimestriel.

Genval: E. Rona. 1979. Folio, 39 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers.Very good.

- First edition. With a 2 page article on Fluxus International & Co, a traveling exhibition; an article by Ben: Fluxus a Nice; a five page documentation on fluxes with short biographies, dates etc.; a 2 page article on Stephan Themerson... and more.

euro 30

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061. Lara, Diego (dir. grafico) - Armero, Gonzalo (editor)

Poesia. Revista ilustrada de Informacio Poetica. no. 9.

Madrid: Ministerio de Cultura, 1985. Quarto, 134 pages printed on different colored stock, numerous illustrations. Tyopgraphic wrappers. A fine issue of this beatifully produced magazine.

- First edition. Indice : OCHO MÁXIMAS DE SéBASTIEN CHAMFORT TRANSCRITAS POR SAMUEL BECKETT (Traducción de Vicente Molina Foix) ; EL VORTICISMO (Presentación: Kevin Power. Traducción de Manuel Brito y Marta Sánchez); Rosa Chacella. POESÍA DE JUSTO ALEJO; Justo Alejo Océanos. MONUMENTALES REBAJAS (separata facsímil - ); Joao Cabral de Meló Neto. DOS PARLAMENTOS (Traducción de Gabino-Alejandro Carriedo); CONVERSACIÓN CON LOUIS ARAGÓN (Conversación mantenida por Jean Fernández y Patrick Kobuz. Traducción de Julia Escobar) ; LOS CÁNONES ENIGMÁTICOS DE JUAN DEL VADO' (Presentación: Luis Robledo) ; Pedro De Orellana. EL CANCIONERO DE ANA YÁÑEZ (Presentación: Miguel J. Monteserín) ; UNA PANORÁMICA DE LA POESÍA CHILENA ACTUAL (Recopilación: David Turkéltaub). Loosely inserted in the rear of the magazine Justo Alejo Océanos'. MONUMENTALES REBAJA, a 36 page bboklet printed on reddish stock.

euro 80

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Praxis. Vol. 1, No. 6. (dedicated to John Lennon) Last of 6 nrs. issued.

Chicago: Jackson Gray Graphics, Inc., 1980. Quarto, 98 pages loose as issued. illustrated throughout. Stiff glossy wrappers with pasted on sticker. Very fine with flex in mint condition.

- First edition. Summary: A bedside talk with the Cramps at the Tropicana Hotel; from The Poem as Essay Gerard Malanga; Alter Ego; Start/Stop Gap: Wild Bill; Roden Crater Project; Stainless Pornography; Black and Blue; Secrets; Joy Division; The House of Beauty; Abstraction Tensed and Tempered; Brian Shaney; Things we've Learned in America; Helium Kid in Space mountain; Tuxedo Moon / Urban Leisure; Bouncin' and Behavin'; Brave Guy; Klaus Nomi; End Zone; Eighty-Eyed-Spy; Pere Ubu; Parish Flash; Brian's; Psychedelic Furs; The humiliated generation; B-52's (flip book, being 4 pages on heavy stock with thirty cut-out cards that create a B-52's flip-book) + 7'' Flexi of Tuxedomoons Urban Leisure Suite Part IV.


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real free

063. Stoop, Olaf and Martin Beumer (editors)

Real Free Press No. 1.

Amsterdam: Real Free Press, 1971. Newspaper size, 20 pages in self wrappers, illustrated throughout. Cartoons by Bud Fisher, (inlcuding interview with..); Harrison Cody; Percy Crosby + T.S Sullivant.

Real Free Press No. 4. Amsterdam: Real Free Press, 1971. Newspaper size, 24 pages in self wrappers, illustrated throughout. Cartoons by Robert Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, a centerfold drawing by Rupert v.d. Linden ( 'Inleiding bij een stripgeschiedenis van het anarchisme door Rudolf de Jong - strips taken form the French 'Pilote')

The first issue of the Real Free Press was of November 1968 - the business died around 1980. The height of the Underground Press. Hippie time. Run by Olaf Stoop and Martin Beumer, it grew out of the Provo scene and was the only publishing house I know of that ran on dope money. Their shop was affectionately known as boek en dopie among the clientèle. In the start, it was weed, but later this changed to cocaine, which took away all the fun: They never produced much after the Blue Lady really took over. The end really came when Olaf got busted in 1978, just about when we left Holland.

euro 40

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re nudo











re nudo


064. Valcarenghi, Andrea (editor)

Re Nudo, Rivista di controcultura e controinformazione.

Milano: dec. 1970 - ott 1973. 22 consecutive issues of the most important italian countercultural magazine. All folio size except for nr. 6 that has been isssued in a somewhat smaller format; all issues are illustrated throughout (cartoons, photographs, drawings ) and printed in 'rainbow' colors. All issues are in near fine condition.

numero 2. gennaio / febbraio 1971. 24 pages. sommario: trattare i compaani da nemici vuoi dire porti sulle stesse posizioni del nemico / dove a s. vittore / della savia: lo accusa da porto azzurro / taranto: bambini in rivolta / sono tutti d'accordo per metterci fuori legge / aveva ragione « nonna «camilla / come si castiga un - maoista / il re spogliato / israele: godi delle nostre vittorie con la kodak a colori / polonia: si nascondono dietro il rosso per colpire il rosso / young lords / i kabouter / conosci amsterdam / a sinistra in piazza, a destra sul letto /

numero 4. aprile 1971 - anno ii. 16 pages. sommario: creare due, tre, molti "re nudo" / la strage dei testimoni i gli imputati del 25 aprile dal carcere /w la comune di parigi / e se la patria chiama ditele che ripassi... / controgiornale rosso (quello che non dice la stampa borghese) / brigate rosse: comunicati nr. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 / la autocritica dei weathermen / bambini si nasce, matti si diventa / dove a istambul /

numero 6, giugno / luglio / agosto 1971 - anno ii. 15 pages. sommario: per un modo nuovo di fare politica / creare strutture alternative / una scelta di campo / comuni subito / lettera aperta da una comune mistica della sicilia / ovada: i contadini dell'underground / istanbul katmandù: tutto per un viaggio in india / recensione di play power / compagno difenditi (ultima parte) dall'inferno di volterra / scuola rossa in zona garibaldi / meglio tardi che mai / ma « servire » chi? / vogliamo disporre liberamente del nostro corpo / amfetamina droga fascista / bob dylan / il nuovo western/

numero 7, settembre 1971 - anno ii. 15 pages. sommario: compagno, cambiamo la vita / un passo avanti / le comuni proletarie / la comune: base rossa nel partiere / la donna come oggetto / le strutture del p.c.i. e le nostre / per un modo nuovo di fare musica / cosa è il « movimento » / sulla miniscissione: chiudiamo l'argomento / acido: dieci consigli per i principianti / per i porci e gli sciacalli sesso e droga è l'accoppiata vincente / renudofestivalpop / nuovo capitale nuova musica / risposta alla lettera aperta della comune mistica / appello da ceylon: qui la lotta continua / cosa serve l'esercito / soldato difenditi (prima parte) / tutto per un viaggio in pakistan /

numero 9, novembre / dicembre 1971 - anno ii. 16 pages. sommario: il potere nasce dall'erba e dal fucile / vogliamo tutto / underground new / provocano la vecchia talpa / compagni soldati, poveri cristi / bambini mani in alto (2) / notarnicola: il bandito è diventato comunista / spettacolo new trolls: insalata anglo-americana / intervista con g. jackson /

numero 16, (novembre / dicembre) 1972 - anno iii. 16 pages. sommario: contro l'ideologia e la cultura borghese / assasini / come il sistema si serve degli agenti-hippy per reprimere meglio / lo spettcolo della societa / perche' l'ambulatorio rosso.../ giuseppe chiari: una societa che sopprime la musica, fa si che l'unica musica sia la soppresione delle societa / un viaggio fra una logica orientale: la fame / (in this issue a reproduced photograph of bas jan ader short film - 'i am to sad to tell you' !!! /

numero 17, n.d. 1973 - anno quarto 15 pages. sommario: la marihuana è innocua la legge - no / lettera da massimo / secondo saremmo ridotti male? / emergenza ! per un fermo di un anno / la legge: come t'incastro l'hippy (oggi) l'extra parlementare (domani) /roma milano contro l'antidroga / l'arancia meccanica di g. andreotti / ministero grazia e giustizia ' la marijuna non fa male" / la rivoluzione e vita ? a londra si muore / l' india e quello che sei / il fronte degli ipocriti / la confessione di paolo bugialli.../ da "abc" notizia gap / videotape / film / libri / dischi/ cosa fai il sotto armi ? levati che potresti farti male !/ non e' il nostro programma: sono i pensieri di mao! /

- all first editions. 're nudo nasce nel novembre del 1970 interprete dei bisogni esistenziali del tempo di vita oltre le otto ore lavorative. era la rivista delle altre sedici ore trascurate dalla politica. sessualità, musica, droghe psichedeliche, festival, comuni, viaggi, erano le tematiche principali. re nudo era la rivista di riferimento, ponte tra la sinistra extraparlamentare meno ortodossa e il mondo freak alternativo più aperto al sociale?'

single issues euro 50

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065. Bremer, Uwe - Ali Schindehütte - Johannes Vennekamp - Arno Waldschmidt (editors)

Rixdorfer Illustrierte Zeitung: Nr 1. (all published)

Berlin: Werkstatt Rixdorfer Drucke, 9. Mai 1972.9. 10 loose pages (64,5 x 50 cm) with original signed woodcuts (4 full page) held together with orginal printed wooden newspaper holder. Fine.

- First edition. One of 250 numbered copies. Published on the occasion of the 1972 Munich Olympiade. With: "Eine Auswahl aus dem Werk des Baron de Coubertin" Redaktion Horst Tomayer. Signed by Horst Tomayer + 3 original woodcuts (among which 1 full page) signed and dated by Uwe Bremer; 3 woodcuts (among which 1 full page) signed by Arno Waldschmidt; 2 woodcuts (among which 1 full page) signed by Johannes Vennekamp + 2 woodcuts (1 full page) signed by Ali Schindehütte.

euro 450

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066. Steiger, Dominik - Brus, Günter.

Die Schastrommel (Nr. 1.-7. 1969-1972; Nr. 8.a,b,c.1972; Nr. 9-12. 1973-1974 7 from 1975 Die Drossel)
12. Biometrische Texte 1 - 147.

Stuttgart / London/ Reykjavik:Edition Hansjörg Mayer. 1974. Small quarto, 190 pages, illustrated throughout. Wrappers and title page by Brus. Tiny tear to right side of front wrapper, otherwise fine.

- First edition. One of 500 copies.

euro 150

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067. Ehrenberg, Felipe - Mayor, David. (ed.).

General Schmuck. No. 5.

Cullompton: Beau Geste Press, 1975. Quarto, un paginated (92 pages), numerous illustrationsand inserts. Printed wrappers.

 - First edition. one of 550 copies. Contributions by Eric Andersen, Dick Higgins, Michael Gibbs, Felipe Ehrenberg, Robin Crozier, Kozlowski, Jiri Valoch, Takako Saito, et al. This issue entirely printed and bound by Takako Saito.

euro 150

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068. Ehrenberg, Felipe - Mayor, David and Jean Clarence Lambert (ed.).

French Schmuck No.6.

Cullompton: Beau Geste Press, 1975. Quarto, unpaginated (98 pages) numerous illustrations and inserts. Printed in two sections, the card wrappers of the back of one being the front wrappers of the other.

- First edition. With two sections part A. put together Jean Clarence Lambert, the "Dossier Francais" with contributions by Robert Filliou, Jean le Gac, Christian Dotremont, Marcel Broodthaers, Christian Boltanski, Alain Fleischer, Jochen Gerz and Emilio Galli + Lambert’s "Le Rachis dans son Ensemble".The section: the "French Collection", put together by Mayor and Ehrenberg with contributions from Ben Vautier, Alin Anseeuw, Bernard Anseeuw, Liu Gazes, Henri Chopin, Noel Dolla, Alain Fleischer, oland Flexner ,Jochen Gerz, Paul-Armand Gette, Gervais-Bernard Jassaud, Maurice Lemaitre, Jean Claude Moineau, Herve Wurz and others.

euro 130

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069. Ehrenberg, Felipe - Mayor, David and Jean Clarence Lambert (ed.).

Teutonic Schmuck No.7.

Cullompton: Beau Geste Press, 1975. Quarto, unpaginated, numerous illustrations and several inserts (a match a typewriter correction strip and an attached pouch to the rear cover in which the booklet Art-Impressions, by Klaus Groh). Blue wrappers with pasted on title label.

- First edition of this penultimate issue of Schmuck, published in an edition of 400 copies. Contributions by Gabor Altorjay, Ludwig Gosewitz, Klaus Groh, Rolf Hanees, Birgit & Wilhelm Hein, Dorothy Iannone, Hans Werner Kalkmann, Milan Kunz, Wolf Vostell, and others.

euro 125

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070. Ehrenberg, Felipe - Mayor, David and Jean Clarence Lambert (ed.)

Japanese Schmuck No.8.

Cranleigh: Beau Geste Press, 1976. Quarto, unpaginated (102 pages), numerous illustrations and several inserts.

- First edition. one of 500 copies. contributions by Taii Ashizawa, Kazumichi Fujiwara, Myor Hayashi, Kiichi Kkobayashi, Takehasi Kosugi, Kunimasa kuriyama, Yukimasa matsuda, Yutaka Matsuda, Yoshio Nakajima, AY-O, David Richards, Takako Saito, Shinkiji Tajiri, Shohachiro Takahashi, Yoshimasa Wada, Tatsuo Yamamoto and others.

euro 150

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071. De Jong, Jacqueline (ed.)

The Situationist Times. No. 4.

Paris: Self published, 1963. Thick quarto, 184 pages among which 2 fold out pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Edges slightly scuffed, still fine.

- First edition. Contributions by Lech Tomaszewski, P. Simondo, M. Bucaille, W. Lietzmann, H. L. C. Jaffé, Aldo Van Eyck, Kalevalla, Lars-Ivar Ringbom, H. C. Doets, Julius Schwabe, G. R. Hocke, F. Kafka, Gaston Bachelard, James Joyce, Eduard Mazman, Gordon Fazakerley, Peter Schat, Lodewijk de Boer, Albert Seelen, Gerard van den Eerenbeemt, Rudi van Dantzig, Kees van Iersel and E. Meter Plant.

euro 250

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072. De Jong, Jacqueline (ed.)

The Situationist Times 5. International Edition.

Paris: Self published, 1964. Thick quarto, 220 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Fine.

- First edition. One of 1600 copies. Summary: letter Luc d'Heusch; Mind and Sense by Asger Jorn; Der Kleine Bootsmann (17th century Danish poem); Art and Orders by Asger Jorn; Regular forms of closed non-orientabe surfaces by Lech Tomaszewski; Extract from Het Verleden van Oost-Europa by Dr. Z. R. Diettrich; Extract from Topology by Patterson; Cosmogonie annulaires, Port d'Anneau and Structure d'Anneau by Max Bucaille; Von den Polyeder zu den gekrümmten Flächen by Professor W. Lietzmann; Origin et généologie d'Anneau by Max Bucaille; Forgotten knowledge of the universe in the children's hopscotch by Virtus Schade: L'infini du doigt by Max Bucaille; L'anneau retrouvé - folk tale from Kashmir; Cercles mysterieux by Max Bucaille; Ringsleken en Ringrijden - Children's game; Noeds et dénouments by D. G. Emmerich; Die Legende des Heiligen Oswald; Cinétisations by Pol Bury; What goes up still goes down by Dr Narlikar and Professor Fred Hoyle; Kreisen, Kreissegementen und Wellenlinien usw. by F. van der Waals; Die Parabel des 3 Ringe (Nathan der Weise) Gotthold Ephraim Lessing; Some mathematical aspects by H. C. Doets; Tournures by D. G. Emmerich; Venus de l'île by Mérimée; Extract from the Opera The Labyrinth by Peter Schat; Drawings b Karl Pelgram; Poems and drawings by Jim Ryan; No happy returns for me by E. Mazman.

euro 350

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073. Boatto Aldina, Alberto (dir.) Progetto grafico di Magdalo Mussio.

Senzamargine 1. (all published)

Roma: Lerici, 1969. Small quarto, 73 pages, of which one 6 page fold-out, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Very fine.

- First edition. Texts by Giulio Carlo Argan: Arte come contestazione"; Alberto Asor Rosa: Vendere liberta; Filiberto Menna: Con allegria e con rabbia; Tommaso Trini: Lavoro libidico 1; Achille Bonito Oliva: Ipotesi per una animazione dei vivi; Germano Celant: Sensorio, sensazionale, sensitivo, sensibile, sentimentale e sensuoso; Alberto Boatto: Approssimazione Duchamp. Illustrations by Jean Pierre Raynaud, Wolf Vostell, Gilberto Zorio, Walter de Maria, Emilio Prini, Filiberto Menna, Dennis Oppenheim, Richard Long and others.

euro 100

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074. MacNair, Andrew (director) - Craig Owens (editor) - Massimo Vignelli (design)

Skyline. The New York Architecture and Design Calendar.

New York: The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, april 1978 april 1980. The first 9 and 4 subsequent issues from the monthly IAUS publication that was published from 1978 - 1983. All tabloid size, illustrated throughout and in fine condition.

nr. 1, april 1, 1978. 8 pages. Summary: Le Corbusier's Drawings; Louis I.Kahn's travel Sketches; James Stirling and O.M. Ungers: Five Museum projects; April Calendar of Exhibitions, Lectures and Events; Projects by Alice Aycock; Photographs by Judith Turner; The New York Subway Map Debate; The Birth of Radio City Music Hall.

nr. 2, may 1, 1978. 8 pages. Summary: Richard Meier's Atheneum; Philip Johnson and the AT&T Building; Architecture: Service, Craft, Art; Positions III Symposium The Rhode Island School of Design; May Calendar of Exhibitions, Lectures and Events; Le Corbusier at Syracuse.

nr. 3, june 1, 1978. 8 pages. Summary: Wright's Return; Haines Lundberg Waehler; Pope + Pei; Report from Ithaca; 1978 Exxon National Exhibition; Bridgemarket; June Exhibitions, Lectures and Events Calendar .

nr. 4, august 1, 1978. 8 pages. Summary: Peter Cook/Ron Herron: Arcadias/Insertions; Alvar Aalto and the International Style; SKYLINE on Skyline; Skyline Calendar August Exhibitions, Lectures and Events. Piranesi in Washington; Picturesque Pop; The Importance of being Ugly; Quarta Roma: Report from Rome.

october, 1978, 12 pages. Summary: James Wines on S.I.T.E.; Martin Pawley on Speculation; William Ellis on Flushing Meadow; Skyline Calendar October Exhibitions, Lectures and Events.

december, 1978, 12 pages. Summary: Art for Art's Sake: The Museum's of I.M. Pei; On Venturi I: Drawing as Polemic; December Exhibitions, Lectures and Events.

january, 1979, 12 pages. Summary: Lauretta Vinciarelli; Vienna Moderne; Gandelsonas and Agrest; January Exhibitions, Lectures and Events.

april 1980. 20 pages. Summary: Noguschi's Landscapes at the Whitney; Luis Barragan Visited by Joseph D'Urso; Raymond Lowey's Industrial Lifestyle; Coy Howard's Los Angeles Viewpoint; Ilya Chasnik and the Suprematist Idea; The Once and Future Park.

euro 250

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075. Higgins, Dick (editor)

The Something Else Newsletter. Volume 1, No. 12, February, 1970. Quarto, 4 page foldout printing Camille Raps.

- First edition. Camille Raps (pseud. for Higgins) reporting about the Cologne bookfair/Kunstmarkt.

The Something Else Newsletter. Volume 2, No. 4, September, 1972. September, 1972. Millerton: Something Else Press, 1972. Quarto, 4 page foldout, featuring a text by Dick Higgins: "Why Do We Publish So Much Gertrude Stein?".

The Something Else Newsletter. Volume 2, Number 5, September, 1972 West Glover: Something Else Press, 1972. Quarto, 4 page foldout, featuring a text by Dick Higgins: "Seen, Heard and Understood".

- all first editions.

euro 30 e.a

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076. Perrin, Olivier (directeur) - Gilles Quénant (rédacteur en chef)

Spectacles. Revue Trimestrielle des Arts de la Scene.

№1. Revue trimestrielle des arts de la scène. Mars 1958. Quarto, 83 pages with numerous photographs and drawings. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Sommaire : L'heure Dostoïevski : Dostoïevski prophète du XXe siècle, par Albert Camus / Dostoïevski dramaturge, par Nina Gourfinkei ; J'ai choisi « l'Idiot », par Gabriel Arout/ Mon Oncle, film de Jacques Tati ; Pour un T. N. P. de la Danse, par André Coffrant et Jean Robin ; Dufilho dans « Phèdre » ; Théâtre de France (Sélection 1957-1958) : Deux poètes (Audiberti et Schehadé) / Les gagnants (« le Journal d'Anne Frank ») / Comment Pascale Audret est devenue Anne Frank, par Marguerite Jamois / Les courageux / Pirandello plus accessible / Racine / Molière et Robert Hirsch ; Mon destin et la Danse, par Serge Lifar ; L'amour et son destin, chez le marquis de Cuevas ; Le rendez-vous Manqué de Françoise Sagan ; La Rentrée des Ballets de Paris de Roland Petit ; La Décentralisation Théâtrale ; Le Théâtre de Province attend des Architectes, par Jeanne Laurent ; Roger Planchon a Villeurbanne : Situation de Roger Planchon, par Roland Barthes / Du Théâtre de la Comédie au Théâtre de la Cité / (« Henri IV» de Shakespeare et« Paolo Paoli »d'Adamov), par Frédéric Towarnicki.

№2. Revue trimestrielle des arts de la scène. Juillet 1958. Quarto, 79 pages with numerous photographs and drawings. Illustrated wrappers. Front wrapper with drawing by Saul Steinberg.

- First edition. Sommaire: La Tragédie du Langage. Comment un manuel pour apprendre l'anglais est devenu ma première pièce, par Eugène Ionesco; Ionesco Des « Chaises » vides... à Broadway, par Frédéric Towarnicki ; Goha le Simple de Jacques Baratier et Georges Schehadé ; Festival An XII Dramaturgie à ciel ouvert, par Yves Florenne ; Jean Vilar, Jean Marchat, Jean Le Poulain, André Reybaz, Henry Soubeyran, Jean Deschamps, Albert Camus plaident pour le plein air (enquête de L. Laisner) ; Les Festivals de France 1958. Programme Aix-En-Provence et Mozart, par Gabriel Dussurget ; Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme a L'écran La Comédie-Française au cinéma, par Jean Meyer ; Rosy Varte et Raymond Devos ; L'évolution Du Jeu De L'acteur I. Le jeu intérieur Raf Vallone : l'Art de ne pas « jouer la comédie » / Marlon Brando et Montgomery Clift / Raymond Gérôme au cours du Vieux-Colombier, par Leone Laisner Les Théâtres de Papier, par Jacques Chesnais ; Le Centre Dramatique de l'est : Un centre de créations, par Morvan Lebesque Journal d'un comédien en tournée, par Jean Bolo ; Le Concours De « Spectacles » Spectacles Du Monde : Les cirques de Pékin, et de Moscou par Yves-Bonnat / Le Bolchoï à l'Opéra / L'American Ballet Théâtre / Les acteurs au Théâtre des Nations / Cinq actrices révélées au Festival de Cannes.

№3. Revue trimestrielle des arts de la scène. Décembre 1958. Quarto, 83 pages with numerous photographs and drawings. Illustrated wrappers. Front wrapper with drawing by Christian Bérard.

- First edition. Sommaire: Don Juan , indispensable et grandiose nigaud, par Jaques Audiberti Mozart tel qu'il se rêvait Requiem pour Don Juan, par Yves Florenne ; Migueu Manara, Don Juan touché par la grâce, par G.I. Zidonis ; Mon « Don Juan », par Henry de Montherlant ; Don Juan, Esprit Fort, par Roger Vailland ; La Loi, film de Jules Dassin ; Daphnis et Chloé à l'Opéra, par André Boll ; Le maquis des jeunes réalisateurs, enquête et reportage d'Annie Descendres ; Retrrospectacles Les Theatres de Paris font peau neuve, par René Briat: La Renaissance/ Les Bouffes-Parisiens / La Gaîté-Montparnasse ; Les etapes d'une mise en scène Théâtrale (Douze Hommes en colère), par Leone Laisner ; Molière De Tananarive A Dakar Notes sur une tournée de l'ex-T. U. F., par George Pierre ; Les cours d'art dramatique, par L. L Tania Balachova René Simon Le Concours De « Spectacles » (Oscar de l'Elève Comédien).

№4. Revue trimestrielle des arts de la scène. Avril, 1959. Quarto, 73 pages, numerous photographs and drawings. Illustrated wrappers. Front wrapper with drawing by Bernard Daydé- Revue.

- First edition. Sommaire: Le droit de la Poésie, par Guy Dumur ; Lorsque cinq ans seront passés, de Lorca, ou La légende du temps, par Marcelle Auclair; Maiakovski, Dramaturge, par Nina Gourfinkel; La Punaise, - de Moscou à Paris, par Paul Nicandre ; Poiret et Serrault, « Chez l'Antiquaire », par Anne Fourny; Luchino Visconti, aristocrate révolutionnaire, par Jean-Pierre Vivet; Annie Girardot, par Leone Laisner; Ballets 59 : Les Ballets Tchérina, par M.-F. Christout / Le Ballet-Théâtre de Maurice Béjart ; On ne badine pas avec L'amour ou René Clair et Musset au T. N. P ; Les Possédés, d'Albert Camus; Spectacles Variés; Barrault au Palais-Royal : Histoire du Palais-Royal, par René Briat / D'Offenbach à Claudel (La Vie parisienne et le Soulier de satin), par Yves Florenne; Connaissez-vous la voie lactée, par Herbert Le Porrier; Christian Bérard, selon ses amis, par Paul-Louis Mignon.

A near mint set

euro 150

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077. Reichardt, Jasia (editor)

Cybernetic Serendipity. the computer and the arts. Studio International special issue.

London: Studio International, 1968. Folio, 104 pages, illustrated throughout. Stiff illustrated wrappers by Franciszka Themerson. Some light spots on cover and light bump to lower right corner, but overal a very good - near fine copy.

- First edition of this c'atalogue of an exhibition entitled 'Cybernetic Serendipity', dealing broadly with the demonstration of how man can use the computer and new technology to extend his creativity and inventiveness, held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Nash House. The Mall, London S.W.1 August 2-October 20, 1968. Organized by Jasia Reichardt in collaboration with : technological adviser Mark Dowson / music adviser Peter Schmidt / exhibition designer Franciszka Themerson.' Summary of the catalogue: Introduction and acknowledgements; Contributors; Norbert Wiener on cybernetics; Notes on cybernetics and digital computers; SAM; Highlights of the history and technology of computers from 1890 to the
present; Glossary; Bibliography; Computers and music; Computer projects; Computer-programmed choreography; Machines and environments; Computer poems and texts; Computer paintings; Computer films; An architectural project; Computer graphics.Loosley laid in an 8 page illustrated folder of Science Systems. materials and services for the advancement of Education: The WFF'N Proof ctalogue + a 4 page
stapled WFF'N Proof newsletter.

euro 300

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von arend

078. Wangler, Wolfgang (editor)

Symbol 36. herbert von arend tapisserie.

Köln: verlag der zeitschrift symbol, 1981. Quarto, 12 pages (one fold out page), 12 plates. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. One of 50 copies with original signed and numbered silk-screen (a variation on a drawing from 1932 'le jardin d'amour'. Von Arend studied at the Bauhaus from 1928-1932 under Josef Albers, Paul Klee and Kandinsky. With short biography and exhibition list.

euro 50

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079. Rober Hirsch (editor)

Total. eine macabre zeitschrift. Kunstbeilage von Prof. Paul Wunderlich. 4. jahrgang nr. 13.

Bremen: Self published, (n.d - late sixties) Quarto, 31 pages, numerous illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Contributions by diettrich kittner, raoul hausmann, roland neumann, peter paul zahl, dieter volkmann, arno reinfrank richard laus and others. With a double page illustration by Giger; a full page illustration by Pit Morell and front cover by H. Eisenmann; a loosely inserted and folded double page black and white print (auf kunstdruckpapier) by paul wunderlich; a folded 'Total' sonderdruck (special edition) with reproduced press clippings about articles that appeared after that one of the former' issues of Total had been refused by the Deutsche Post since images and text had been found to be "sittlich anstöβig" + loosley laid in subscription form.

euro 50

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TRA. New Artist Catalogue Summer 1982. The First Edition.

Tokyo: Tra Project, 1982. Folio size, 26 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Design Tabou. Here in original plastic bag with orange colored cassette tape.

- First edition. With Imao Hirano interview + The cassette tape features: A side: Hajime Tachibana "H"; "If"; "Piano Pillows"; "Alps"; Zazou "Primitive Eyes"; "Head"; "Music For Mounkbery's". B side: Spoil: Midnight Dry Music Story; Live At Mounkbery's: "Harlem Nocturne"; Interview.

euro 40

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081. Paul McCarthy, Janet Cardiff, Minerva Cuevas, Olafur Eliasson, Lee Mingwei

Trans > Arts. Cultures. Media No. 8.

New York / Sao Paulo, NY / Brazil : Passim, 2000. Small quarto, more then 200 pages. illustrated wrappers. In original publisher's shrink-wrap. Mint.

- First edition. This issue of Trans> incorporates a loose multiple by Paul McCarthy (27 x 21 cm). sheet of gum, with a silk screened image of an angry Santa Claus (based upon his "Tokyo Santa", 1996 ). Projects also by Janet Cardiff, Minerva Cuevas, Olafur Eliasson, (with scented pages with the scratch and sniff system) and Lee Mingwei. Texts by Hubert Damisch and Hans Ulrich Obrist. Essays by Dominic Molon, Nelson Brissac Peixoto, Jeremy Millar, Jens Hoffman.

euro 700

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082. Roberto di Marco, Perriera Michele, Testa Gaetano. (a cura di) Redazione centrale Nino Massari. Grafica e impaginazione Magdal Mussio.

Tropico 1. (all published) Materiali di azione e ricerca d'avanguardiaditore.

Roma: Lerici, 1969. Small quarto, 180 pages, with many typographical interventions and some illustrations. Typographical wrappers.

- First edition. Sommario: Carlo Vietti - Vladimiro Zocca: La Svolta Critica del Movimento Studentesco; Violenza e Guerriglia del Movimento Studentesco; La Pedagogia Della Violenza; Elio Di Piazza Napoli: I « Colonizzati » nel Movimento Studentesco; Giuseppe Pontiggia: Gli ultimi Giorni del Romanzo; Nino Massari da: De Anarchia; Grecia: La Violenza in Atto, due lettere dal Carcere; Luigi Gozzi da: Il Pane C'è'; Esercitazione Drammatica 1; Roberto Fracassini Politica e Sadismo; Manrico Fabbrico: Potere Culturale alla Classe Operaia; La Guerriglia Culturale Di Popolo; Walter Benjamin: L'autore Come Produttore; Aldo Rescio da: Critica Della Ragione Poetica; Renato Pedio da: Glare; La Miseria della Filantropia: Le Contraddizioni dell'Umanitaria; Luigi Cavani Società' E Pudore; La Democrazia Violenta; Alessandro Russo: Capitalismo Monopolistico e Controrivoluzione Mondiale; Mario Papini: Mat & Trad; Achille Bonito Oliva: Gesti Verticali e Sociale Corporale.

euro 80

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083. George Barth, Jean Pierre Girod, Umberto Maggioni and Roger Voser.

Trou. Numéro 1. (of 14 published)

Moutier : Editions de la Prévôté, 1979. Quarto,156 pages, 20 full pages illustrations + numerous text illustrations. Green illustrated wrappers. In original card board slipcase.

- First edition. One of 100 numbered copies with original signed and numbered aquatint by Jean Messagier and original signed and numbered ‘gauffrage’ by André Ramseyer. Trou was founded in 1979 by a ‘comite de redaction’ with George Barth, Jean Pierre Girod, Umberto Maggioni and Roger Voser. In this first issue: Jean Messagier, Roger Meier, Anne Cuneo and Andre Ramseyer. Other artists published in the later issues of Trou: Bram van Velde, Ch. Juliet, M. Butor, A. Voisard, M. Oppenheim, J-M. Lovay, F. Pajak, P. Sarto, J. Pache, B. Comment, G. Camesi, C. Bolle, J-B. Vuillème, C. Delarue, G. Cherpillod, F. Scianna, M. Chappaz, H. di Rosa...

euro 350

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084. Battock, Gregory, (ed.)

Trylon & Perisphere. Number 2. February 1978. (probably no more the 3 issues published)

New York: Transatlantic Steamship Travel Company. Quarto size periodical printed on news print paper, 32 pages,  illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Half inch tear at bottom of last three pages, otherwise very good.

- First edition. "New artist video" by Victoria Alliata; a poem from Ivan Karp; an article on the New Museum and its new director Marcia Tucker ALPHABET SOUP + an interview with Salvador Dali: NIET PIET (Piet Mondrian). Photographs by James de Sana.

Trylon & Perisphere. Number 3. Summer 1978.

New York: Transatlantic Steamship Travel Company. Quarto size periodical printed on news print paper, 36 pages.  illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. The center pages 17/20, (The Salvador Deli on 18-19) are missing.

- First edition. Four pages with photographs by Berry Morton Eckstein; "Sol LeWitt more or less", a report about the opening of the Sol LeWitt retrospective in MOMA; a report about a visit at an Eva J. Pape and Mario Amaya "lofting party"; "An Intimate look at rude & thin" by David Bourdon; De Kooning Bombs at the GooGoo (Guggenheim exhibit) + a report about a super - 8 festival in Caracas, Venezuela. On page 29, that prints in the center oft he page SPACE, a stapled notice that prints "jimmy de sana siassociates himself from this magazine due to obvious objections to the art direction."

euro 100

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typographica 8




085. Spencer, Herbert (ed)

Typographica 8, 13. (2 of 16 issues published in the second series) London: Lund Humphries, 1963 - 1967. All issues quartos, illustrated throughout and mostly printed on different stock. All in very fine condition.

Nr. 8, December 1963. 62 pages printed on different stock + one fold out page, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Illustrated dust wrappers.

- First edition. Summary: Josua Reichert: typography as visual poetry ; Chance by Barbara Jones, with seventeen photographs by Herbert Spencer; Art and Writing: an exhibition; The visual craft of William Golden Book review; A rich man's guide to Bingo by Anthony Clift; Paul Schuitema by Benno Wissing; Concrete poetry & Ian Hamilton Finlay by dom Sylvester Houedard; Three exhibition

Nr. 13, June 1966. 57 pages, illustrated throughout. Typographic wrappers. Illustrated wrappers.

- First edition. Summary: Tombstone lettering on slate by Frederick Burgess ; Hong Kong signs by Henry Steiner ; Aesthetic pattern programmes by Eckhard Neumann ; Type size: a system of dimensional references by Ernest Hoch &. Maurice Goldring ;Of the Just Shaping of Letters reviewed by James Sutton.

e.a. euro 150

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086. Czernich, Michael (editor)

UND nr 1 + 2 + . Zeitschrift für angebliche literatur & andere branchenunübliche kommunikationsformen. München: Maro-verlag, 1970.

nr 1, jan 70 Narrow octavo, 20 pages, numerous illustrations + advertisements for several publishing houses.

nr. 2, mai 70 Narrow octavo size folder containing the 29 pages magazine printed on yellow stock with numerous illustrations. + one printed advertisement sheet from the euphorion verlag.

- First edition of this early seventies poetry magazine. nr. 1: Texts by ulrich raschke, guntram vesper, josef wintjes, michael m. czernich, anfrid astel, benno käsmayr, tiny stricker and manfred bosch. nr. 2: texts by gerd wolter, manfred ach, helut zenker, lutz berger, thmas hr. niehörster, peter melzer and ulric raschke. 'Sozusagen studienbegleitend entstand der MaroVerlag, erst mit der Zeitschrift UND - »zeitschrift für angebliche literatur und andere branchenunübliche kommunikationsformen in dementsprechender aufmachung«, ab Frühjahr 1970 gab es Bücher.'

euro 60

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view dali

087. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

View. Vol. 1, No. 6. June, 1941. “through the eyes of the poets” (Dali) Editor: Charles Henri Ford. Tabloid size magazine, 4 pages + one loosely laid in page “View poets: folio 4” A little anthology from Chile, Japan, Scotland, the United States and Wales. Illustrations by Tanguy and Seligmann. Folded. Small quarter inch tear in the fold of front cover, otherwise very good.

- First edition. With Nicol Calas’ article: Anti-Surrealist Dali. I say his flies are ersatz”, and articles by Parker Tyler and Troy Garrison.Poems by Nigel Heseltine, Vincente Huidobro, Tom Scott, Thomas James Merton, Norman McCaig, Hugh Chisolm, Leo Isaacs, Sanders Russell, Jack Johnson, Robert Horan and Saburoh Kurado.

euro 200

order / info


088. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

View: The Modern Magazine. Series IV, Number 2. May / Summer, 1944. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

New York: View Inc., 1945. Quarto, 36 pages, numerous illustrations. Front cover illustration by Georgia O'Keefe. Light soiling, but a good copy.

- First edition. Contributions by Ossip Zadkine: The minotaur lost and found; Donald Windham: The eyes of Ulysses; Robert Grosseteste: On light; Charmion Wiegand: Ratgeb. furthermore articles on new poetry; the negro poets, jazz of this quarter and an installment on roussel's 'Impressions d'Afrique.

euro 60

order / info


089. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

View: The Modern Magazine. Series IV, Number 3. Fall, 1944. Ford, Charles Henri (editor) New York: View Inc., 1945. Quarto, 36 pages, numerous illustrations. Front cover illustration by Fernand Leger.

- First edition. Contributions by Gertrude Cato: The surprising man; Parker Tyler: The erotic spectator; Robert Melville: Three movies in the big game; Giorgio De Chirico: -three installments of his novel "Hebdomeros"; James Johnson Sweeney: Leger and his search for order; Pico Della Mirandola: on the dignity of man; contibutions by Charles Henri Ford, Florine Stettheimer, Leo Poch, Joan Doleska and Barry Ulanov.

euro 80

order / info


090. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

View: The Modern Magazine. Series V, Number 2. May, 1945. Tropical Americana presented by Paul Bowles. Ford, Charles Henri (editor) New York: View Inc., 1945. Quarto, 48 pages, numerous illustrations. Front cover illustration by Wilfredo Lam.

- First edition. Contributions by Paul Bowles, Parker Tyler, Edouard Roditi, Bertrand Flornoy; a photographic scrap book by Rudolph Burckhardt and translations from the Tarahumara by Ramon Sartoris.

euro 80

order / info


091. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

View: The Modern Magazine. Series V, Number 3.October 1945. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

New York: View Inc., 1945. Quarto, 26 pages, numerous illustrations. Front cover illustration by Morris Hirshfield. Rear cover soiled towards spine and lower part of spine split, otherwise good.

- First edition. With contributions by Siegfried Reinhardt: Americana Fantastica (drawing); Marius Bewley: On the American Macabre; James T. Farrell: Lunch Hour: 1923; Florine Stettheimer: A Reminiscence by Henry McBride and other contributions by Nicolas Calas, Wallace Stevens, Pavel Tchelitchew, Parker Tyler, Lowell Naeve, Lou Harrison and others.

euro 50

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092. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

View: The Modern Magazine. Series V, Number 4. November 1945. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

New York: View Inc., 1945. Quarto, 21 pages, numerous illustrations. Front cover illustration by Leon Kelly. Rear cover lightly soiled, otherwise good.

- First edition. Contributions by Parker Tyler: I see the pattern of Nijinsky Clear; Francis Ponge: A new introduciton to the Pebble; Wallace Fowlie: The example of Max Jacob; William Harnett: American Necromantic by Edouard Roditi; Music - ruggles - ives - varese by Lou Harrison; Rouault, painter and moralis by Leon Kochnitzky, etc.

euro 50

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view masson

093. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

View: The Modern Magazine. Series V, Number 5. December 1945. Ford, Charles Henri (editor)

New York: View Inc., 1945. Quarto, 22 pages, numerous illustrations. Front cover illustration by Andre Masson.

- First edition. With contributions by Paul Bowles ‘Visions of the Comte de Permission’; Kurt Seligman ‘Heritage of the accursed’; Jean Ferry ‘ She Woke Me up So I Killed her.’

euro 70

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View. Vol. I, nrs. 1,2, 5 7,9, 10; Vol. II, nrs. 1,3,8; Vol. III nrs. 1,2,3. + a reprinted and updated issue of Vol.1, nr. 5 (14 issues of probably 28 published). (White, Robin Interviews by.)

Oakland: Crown Press Point, 1978-1986. Small quarto size magazine that prints in between 16 and 24 pages. Each issue with a portrait of the artist on the front cover + an irregular number of illustrations on the inside.

- First editions. Interviews with John Cage, Robert Barry, Daniel Buren, Tom Marioni (2x), Robert Mangold, Jannis Kounellis, Joan Jonas, Terry Fox, Laurie Anderson, Bryan Hunt, Brice Marden and Joyce Kozloff.

euro 150

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